Samsung has poor call hearing

Edifier TWS 5: if the sound is lost, the buttons do not work, the audibility is poor, etc.

The indicator blinks blue, the sound disappears, the player control does not work during a conversation. we read about these wireless Edifier TWS 5 problems and how to fix them in this post.

if Edifier TWS5 has lost sound

  • check if the headphones work at all;
  • check the volume level (the sound can simply be turned off);
  • check the status of the headphones’ connection to the smartphone or reconnect them in a new way (for this, you need to delete the current Bluetooth pair in the smartphone settings and then reconnect the headphones);
  • check that the headphones are within the range of the smartphone’s Bluetooth module (no further than 10 m) and / or that there are no obstacles and interfering devices between them (microwave oven, WI-FI router, etc.).

poor audibility during conversation

  • we check the signal quality of the mobile network;
  • check that the headphones are within the range of the smartphone’s Bluetooth module (no further than 10 m).

charging problems Edifier TWS 5

  • the indicator glows red (instead of blue). the headphones are discharged, so we just put them on charge (put them in the case, and if it is also discharged, then we charge together with the case);
  • during charging, the red indicator goes out. probably, one or both headphones are incorrectly positioned in the sockets of the case. check, correct;
  • we also recall that if the headphones have not been used for a long time (5-7 days or longer), then they automatically switch to “sleep mode”, therefore, before using them again, they also need to be recharged for at least 30 minutes, and only after that Edifier TWS 5 “wakes up”, the indicator turns red and the headphones go into normal operation.

Edifier TWS 5 stopped working player control buttons

If the connections to the smartphone, the headphones do not respond in any way to pressing the remote control buttons of the main functions of the player in the smartphone (Pause, Play, Switching tracks), then first of all we check that the smartphone supports the AVRCP profile (Audio / Video Remote Control Profile). we google the model specification. If the buttons worked and then stopped, then we just try to restart the smartphone and then reconnect the headphones to it (delete the current Bluetooth pair in the smartphone settings and create a new pairing).

Samsung phone has no sound

If your Samsung phone does not have sound when making a call or conversation, then the reason for this could be:

  • Ingress of moisture. The most common reason for not playing sound on Samsung flagships. this is the device falling into water or being in high humidity. Whether it is possible to eliminate the cause or not, only the master can say. If, after thoroughly drying the device, the sound still does not play or does not play correctly, then contact a Samsung expert.
  • Damage to speakers. A fall or even a slight shock can cause malfunctions of the speakers, which in Samsung smartphones are most often located in the weakest points of the phone.
  • Incorrect work of plugins. Incorrectly installed or viral player. these are the reasons why you will not be able to listen to your favorite song on your phone.
  • The presence of a factory defect. this option should also not be ruled out right away. It is not necessary that the marriage manifests itself immediately. Perhaps the presence of a malfunction will become noticeable after a long period of operation. To eliminate the breakdown, you should find the defective part and replace it with a working analog.

Usually, even the most serious audio problems on smartphones can be solved by replacing the damaged part.

Question. Answer

The sound was lost during the conversation. The microphone works, the speaker works with the speakerphone, it works through the headphones, and when I call without turning on the speakerphone or headphones, I can not hear anyone. What could be? Thank you

Good day, Anna. The problem may be in the speaker or audio codec.

The speaker does not work at all and the hearing speaker does not always work. How much will the repair cost.

Good day, Ivan. Repairs will cost 2500.

It wheezes that you can’t even hear me or the caller.

How to fix any phone microphone / Microphone is not working / no body can hear me on call

Good day, Vyacheslav Kulikov. Bring it to us for diagnostics.

No sound. I bought it a year ago. I took it to the repair, they said that the flexible fee, needs to be changed, and that this is a manufacturing defect.

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Good day, Natalia. Can be repaired at a cost of 2500.

The problem is that when you call, the microphone does not work and nothing is heard as soon as it switches to speakerphone, the microphone immediately turns on.

Hello Maxim. Motherboard repair will cost 2500.

Good afternoon, Constantine. Repairs will cost 2500.

When making a call and talking, there is no sound, the music player does not play.

Good day, Milana Alekseevna. Repairing the motherboard will cost 2000-2500, a typical malfunction for this model.

Good afternoon, Eugene. Replacing the battery costs 2000-2500.

How much will it cost to fix the call sound and volume ?

Hello Bogdana. Approximately 1500-2000.

Hello. Samsung Galaxy a50. No sound in games, no sound through headphones either. But if you play the same game, but through the Parallel Space program, then there is sound. I would be grateful for a hint on how to solve the problem.!

Good day, Yaroslav. Try to do a factory reset.

Sound does not work during conversation and music

Good day, Alina. Polyphonic speaker problem.

Hello Samsung a51 brand new everything works fine only with incoming calls on WhatsApp the microphone does not work on outgoing calls Thanks a lot in advance

Good day, Semaya. You should contact the seller for warranty.

The sound does not work on the spoken speaker, 3.5 jack and microphone. When you click on a specific area, everything starts to work.

Hello Nikita. Bring it to us for inspection.

Hello! Absolutely everything works. The sound is normal and when talking, media and notifications and system messages are also all right. The only thing is, there is no sound when someone calls, there is no ringtone, just vibration.

Good afternoon, Svetlana. Bring it to us for diagnostics.

When I call, I can’t hear anything, and the other person can’t hear me either, and the music doesn’t work without headphones

Good afternoon, Daria. Bring your smartphone for diagnostics, we will figure out what the problem is, we will guide you on the cost of repair.

During a call, the interlocutor does not hear me, and no sound is heard when recording a voice message.

Good day, Polina. Microphone problem, estimated cost of repair 2000.

A drop of fat has entered the top speaker. With each call, the audibility of the interlocutor faded away, after it wheezed, now it is not audible at all. Guidance on price and speaker replacement.

Good day, Nikita. Speaker repair will cost 1500.

And if there is no sound at all?

If you do not completely hear the interlocutor on the phone, then there are several culprits of the problem:

  • there was a break in the loop or its contact, which is responsible for the sound of the speaker, or its coil is torn;
  • if the phone fell, then one of the reasons why the interlocutor may not be heard on the phone is a break on the main board of the mobile phone or smartphone;
  • the microcircuit or elements that ensure stable uninterrupted operation of the phone may fail.

In all these cases, you just need to contact the master for help.

How to solve the above problems?

If the phone is incorrectly configured, you just need to increase the volume of the earpiece speakers. This method is the simplest.

If the passages along which the sound travels are clogged, then opening the case of a mobile phone or smartphone, thoroughly cleaning it and, if necessary, replacing worn-out parts will help. Elimination of the problem is not as elementary as increasing the volume, so if you do not have sufficient qualifications in solving such issues, it is better to give the phone to a service center.

If the coil of the spoken speaker is out of order, then it is only necessary to completely replace the defective part. Without experience in this type of repair work, it is better not to take on this matter, entrust the repair to an experienced specialist.

I can’t hear the interlocutor on the phone: we solve the problem

Recently you bought a brand new mobile phone and immediately decided to call and tell all your friends and acquaintances about the successful purchase? But here’s the bad luck, as soon as the interlocutor picked up the phone, interference, clicking began to be heard from the speakers of the device, and the voice of the subscriber was practically inaudible? Do not despair, this article will help you solve this situation.

Why is there interference??

The reasons that entail a malfunction in the operation of a mobile device are quite numerous and varied. Situations due to which you cannot hear the interlocutor on the phone are:

  • incorrect volume settings of the device, it is possible that your device is set to the minimum volume of audio playback in the earpiece speakers;
  • the sound paths of the phone are clogged. Anything can clog them, for example, dust;
  • there was a short circuit in the speaker coil or it is burnt.

For all of the above reasons, it may be very difficult for you to hear the interlocutor, but the voice will sound.

samsung, poor, call, hearing

Can’t hear sound on my Samsung Galaxy phone

One of the reasons for the poor performance of the device can be a software glitch. The option to fix the phone could be a full reset of all data to factory settings. During this process, all information contained on the smartphone will be erased, including the application that disrupts its normal operation.

Also, the reason may lie in the microphone of the device. In order to understand what is happening to him and how to fix the accessory, you should come to the service center and show the master the faulty mobile phone.

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If at school you received A’s in computer science and are good at firmware, then one of the options for solving the question of why you can’t hear your interlocutor on your Samsung phone is to reflash the device. But this must be done with great care: there is a considerable risk of making a mistake and getting a lifeless brick instead of a normally working mobile phone. If there is no confidence, it is better not to experiment, but to ask for the service of a qualified programmer who understands such things.

samsung, poor, call, hearing

How to increase the volume in the engineering menu of the Samsung Galaxy S8

One of the main parameters of a modern smartphone is good sound. There are several ways to improve volume and quality, from using Android built-in settings to passcodes and specialized apps. Detailed instructions below.

I can hardly hear the interlocutor on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8: reasons and solutions to the problem

Cellular communications are the main means of communication today. Phones are an absolute blessing if the device is working properly, and we live in a region with a good signal.

But what to do if the interlocutor is hard to hear in the receiver. we will talk about this in this article. Consider all popular cases and find ways to solve this problem for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 smartphones.

Problem Act
If you have difficulty hearing a voice with a certain subscriber Try calling someone else. Perhaps he is the only one whose speech you can barely understand. And in this case, you have nothing to eliminate. Problems are either in his phone or in the cellular operator, whose services he uses. Contact him in another way and notify your friend that the problem is on his side.
If you do not understand the speech of all the subscribers you are trying to call First you need to restart your mobile device. To do this, there is a special button on the top or on the side of the case. It must be pressed and held until the shutdown confirmation window appears.

Try to adjust the sound not only with the buttons on the phone case, but also optionally.

To do this, go to the settings and select “Sound” or “Sound Profiles”.

Standard settings

A quick way to figure out how to adjust the speaker volume is to use the standard phone settings.

  • Go to the “Settings” menu on your device, find the “Sounds” section.
  • In the window that opens, the volume of the ringtone, alarm clock, etc. is adjusted.
  • Drag the slider to the right to increase the volume, and to the left to decrease the volume.
  • In the same window there is a function to mute the sound, change the ringtone and other audio parameters.

Using a secret code

Using the passcode will change the factory speaker volume settings. To do this, go to the engineering menu. With it, it becomes possible to adjust more positions than in the standard settings.

It is possible to use engineering settings using a secret code.

Steps for adjusting volume using a secret code:

Cell Phone In-Call Low Volume Fix

  • Go to the “Calls” menu and enter the access code in the field for the phone number.
  • For Chinese-made devices, codes ### or ### are suitable. For Samsung. ###.
  • After entering the access code, press the call button.
  • The engineering menu will appear on the screen.
  • Select the “Hаrdwаre Testing” section. If the button doesn’t work when you select, use the right gesture.
  • Another menu has appeared in front of you. In it, select the item “Audiо”.

In this section, you will see four options for editing the volume:

  • Normal Mode. sound coming directly from the speakers.
  • Hеаdsеt Mode. Editing the sound on headphones.
  • LoudSpeaker Mode. adjust the volume when answering the speakerphone.
  • Headset_LoudSpeaker Mode. the sound level during a call in headphones.

After selecting the desired item, two fields with numbers will open. The first field is responsible for the current state of the volume, the second for the final level. For regulation it is necessary to fill in the first item and press the button “Set”.

Reasons for poor sound quality on Samsung Galaxy S8 devices

Experienced craftsmen say that most often such problems are associated with software malfunctions or due to mechanical influences on the device (drops, shocks, condensation or moisture penetration). To fix the problem, first check the device settings and change them if necessary. Most modern gadgets are equipped with such additional sound functions as “Noise reduction” and “Improvement of the subscriber’s voice”.

However, as practice shows, these “improving” the sound capabilities, only exacerbate the situation and cause problems in the form of extraneous noise, gurgling and other sounds that muffle and distort the voice of the caller.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 9 S8 S9 S10 Volume Is Low EASY FIX. UNDER 5MIN

In many cases, when the listed phone options were disabled, the sound problems disappeared. Therefore, before heading to the workshop, check the settings, disable the “Noise reduction” and “Improve the subscriber’s voice” options, reboot the device and check if the problem is resolved. Another option for troubleshooting is setting the preferred network type. If you cannot install the network yourself, contact the specialists for help.

Sound problems on Samsung Galaxy S8 can also occur after installing updates, to fix them you need to perform a system reset. Do not forget to save all the necessary files before doing this, as the procedure will erase all information from the phone. In order to perform a system reset, go to the settings menu, find “General reset”, set a checkmark opposite the “Clear internal storage” item and press the “Reset phone settings” button. An alternative to a general reset can be flashing a mobile device using FlashTool. The listed troubleshooting options help in most cases related to software glitches and errors.

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It’s another matter if the device has been dropped into water, wet, or simply flooded with liquid. The lack of sound in such situations will be associated with moisture penetration into the case, and to solve the problem, you will need to thoroughly dry the device, and ideally diagnose for other problems associated with the formation of oxides on the contacts and metal elements of the device. And finally, if the interlocutor does not hear you well during a call, then the speaker or microphone may be out of order.

Communication problems

Sometimes problems with mobile communication can cause such a malfunction. Nothing can be done here, you just have to wait for the operator to fix the problem. It will also not work to check such a malfunction, since it may not occur during calls to all numbers, but only to some.

In addition, it is worth checking the signal quality. If the smartphone shows that the signal is very weak, then this may also be the cause of the malfunction.

Checking the volume

Often, users do not pay attention to the volume settings, as a result of which the interlocutor may not be heard, or heard, but very quietly.

The easiest way is to press the volume rocker up during a call, after which a slider for the call volume settings will appear on the screen. It should be checked that it is set to the maximum.

In order not to call several times to different people, you can call the mobile operator, and while the robot talks about the items in the voice menu, you can perform the necessary manipulations.

It is also worth noting that on newer versions of Android, the conversation sound can be adjusted from the menu. To do this, at any time, press the volume rocker up or down. On the right side of the window that appears, a gear icon or three equalizer bands will appear. select it. After that, a menu will be expanded, where you can change the “Conversation” slider, which is responsible for the volume.

If instead of the settings, there is a small triangle, then changing the desired parameter in this way will not work.

Restarting your phone and updating

First of all, in case of any malfunctions, you need to restart your smartphone or phone. Sometimes the operating system crashes, drivers may freeze, or other applications start to crash.

Restarting the smartphone completely resets the current accumulated errors and cleans up temporary system files. After rebooting, you should check if the speakers are working.

If this does not happen, you should check for official updates (depending on the model, the instructions may differ slightly):

  • Turn on Wi-Fi if it’s off.
  • Go to device settings.
  • We find the item “About device”.
  • Select the item “Download updates manually”.

If updates are found, you should install them and restart your phone again.

technical issues

Everything is simple here. if none of the methods gave a result. It was not possible to restore the work, and to localize the cause. It is best to contact a service center, since there is a high probability of breakdown.

There can be many reasons for a breakdown, including just talking once under a “light” rain so that moisture gets into the device, or a drop falls on the speaker.

Also, the cause can be any falls, debris and dust, as well as high humidity in a room or apartment.

Close the proximity sensor with your finger

In some modern devices, especially in a low price category, the proximity sensor can junk. Namely, you can accidentally turn off the microphone with your ear.

To check, during a conversation, you need to put your finger on the sensor and remove it again, and then tap on the microphone icon.

Cleaning the speaker

A very simple way to correct poor audibility during a conversation is to take a cotton swab, moisten it with alcohol and gently wipe the speaker. The main thing is not to overdo it and just moisten the stick so that it is slightly damp.

Otherwise, liquid may enter the device and damage the phone.

Sound check in test menu

To eliminate problems with the software, you can use the engineering menu.

To get there, just type # on the keyboard. This is a combination for Samsung. For each device, the menu interface and the code itself are different, but in general the procedure is almost identical, only the location of the menu items differs.

After entering the menu, just press the Speaker button to test the device’s functionality.

Checking the headphone jack

In some phone models, such problems can be caused by contamination of the headset connector. Sometimes dust and debris gets there. If he closes the contacts, the phone will “think” that a headset is connected and will transmit sound to it. And since the headphones are not connected, the caller will not be heard either.

In this case, it is enough to blow out the connector or insert the headphones into it, and then remove them again.