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Suspect number two: power supply

The next obvious question is: how do you get energy? If a USB cable is connected to the laptop, then your phone will charge very slowly, and there is nothing surprising here. Likewise with Qi wireless charging, which we know from new flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S9, Sony Xperia XZ2, Pixel 3 and LG G7. Although Qi technology is cool in itself, this coolness is achieved at the cost of charging speed.

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Wall Chargers. Always the Fastest.

It is best to plug your phone directly into an electrical outlet via a wall outlet. However, even this can be problematic, especially if you are in an old building where the wiring may be dilapidated. If you think this is not normal, change to a different outlet (and then call an electrician).

Suspect number three: charger problems

For a triple effect, if it’s not your power source or cable, chances are it’s the adapter you’re using that is causing the battery to charge slowly. There is a good reason every manufacturer provides a dedicated USB adapter for every phone they make.

The difference in smartphone chargers can include different parameters of voltage, wattage, amperage, etc. This is why it is better to stick to the adapter that came with the phone, or at least take a look at the fine print in the instructions and replace it with another adapter of the same type.

Suspect number one is your cable

The first suspect in a slow charging case should always be your USB cable. Considering our careless handling of our USB cables, it’s no surprise that my phone generally can’t charge faster.

The USB cable should be checked first.

Very often, USB cables are bent, twisted, coiled, crushed by the wheels of the chairs. in general, they are subjected to harsh handling: all this is not very good for maintaining a reliable connection and the passage of electricity. Be sure to check the cable ends: they can very easily become clogged with dust or dirt.

Cables are poorly protected from physical wear and tear, and the USB connector itself also wears out and may not behave properly when plugged into a phone. If the cable that came with your device is no longer reliable or you just lost it, beware of buying the cheapest options online. Higher quality cables consist of copper wires (some cables include cheaper aluminum and other metals that are also short-lived) and a thicker rubber wrap around the wire, making the cable more resistant to damage.

common reasons your phone charges slowly

Is your Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S6 charging slowly? Your iPhone 6 or Note 5 doesn’t charge as quickly as it used to?

Regardless of whether you have a phone from Sasmung or LG, Huawei or Xiaomi, this problem affects every device after a while, and usually for the same reasons. In this article, we will explain to you why your smartphone charges slowly and what you can do about it.

You are probably familiar with this situation: you have a romantic date scheduled for the evening, and you got home late from work, and you believe that there is a high probability that your battery will not last all night, and you only have 15 minutes to charge. Plus, you have the feeling that your battery always takes much longer to charge than everyone else, and you’re sure that 15 minutes won’t be enough. So what’s the deal? Why Your Battery Won’t Charge Fast?

Now we will point you to the main culprits of the problem, and how you can act in such a situation.

Suspect number four: the phone itself

Alas, this happens very often. If you are sitting and wondering why it takes so long to charge the Galaxy S6, it may be due to the fact that after many years of use, such a smartphone is very worn out. The new processors not only support fast charging, but the new phones themselves also come with very powerful chargers. For example, the Galaxy S6 can be used for up to 4 hours after being connected to such an adapter for 10 minutes.

Other phones that support fast charging will have a lightning flash on the chargers that come with them, possibly along with output voltage and amperage numbers. Your phone can also become a home for junk, so check the microUSB port and make sure the small plate inside the port isn’t bent when you look there. Your battery may be defective, too, so it’s worth remembering how old it is. At least one of the benefits of older phones is a removable battery, so if you can remove it, consider replacing it if it can charge normally for whatever reason.

After all, time spares nothing in this world. If your phone is old, it’s time to admit it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Suspect number five: is it you?

This is also true, albeit contested. you most of all hinder the fast charging of your phone if you can’t keep it out of your hands. If time is of the essence, it’s best to leave your phone alone. Pointlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed, watching how the percentage of the battery goes nowhere, and in such a situation, no one will be to blame but you.

So leave your phone alone while you are charging it, turn off Wi-Fi / data / Bluetooth, or better yet, turn off your device completely. This will be the best way to quickly charge your phone: turn off the device, connect to the original charger and take a break from your digital life (or, if necessary, go to the computer). For at least 15 minutes.

How long does it take to charge your phone? How do you usually charge your phone? Let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Choice of accessories

If you look at the accessories for phones five years ago, it is easy to see that the power supply often has a charge (current) of 1 Ampere. Later, blocks with increased power began to appear, and in modern gadgets from the Galaxy A and S series. A70, S8 and above, you can see the most powerful chargers. The reason is the appearance of the fast charging function. It is achieved through increased current flow and it is wrong to assume that this works with any accessory. Sometimes the power supply and cable included in the kit are not designed for quick replenishment of capacity and the necessary accessories are sold separately.

If a proprietary charger cannot be used, then you should not just replace accessories from a third-party smartphone or buy the most inexpensive options. They are highly likely to do a poor job, for example, the phone will remain discharged, although it shows that charging is in progress. The reason is that the current that flows through the incomplete accessory is enough only for minimal actions, and the device cannot send something “to the stock”. A similar situation is often observed if, while charging, you play or watch videos on YouTube, you do not have to be surprised that the charge remains in one place in this case.

Also, do not charge a modern mobile phone, especially if it is an expensive device like Samsung A80 from the USB connector. they are not designed to recharge the capacious batteries of modern phones. But, if you find a Type-C connector in your laptop or PC, then feel free to connect the appropriate cable. this is a new standard with increased current supply, which is able not only to read data, but also to power the phone.

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If the Samsung phone does not charge from the charger, I will tell you why and we will fix it together

Good time, my regular blog readers and subscribers! Often, users of mobile technology are faced with the fact that their device does not charge. Sometimes the device does not display the charging process, and in other cases the indication is present, but the capacity in fact remains unreplenished or the battery gains 100%, but quickly sits down. Why Samsung Phone Won’t Charge, I’ll Explain in This Article.

Physical reasons

The first thing that comes to mind when the smartphone does not charge from the charger is a broken cable, block, or the gadget’s connector itself. In this case, it is worth checking everything. An important point. you should not check the functionality of the cord by pulling it out of the power supply and plugging it into the laptop. Due to insufficient voltage, the new Samsung models. A50 and above may not receive power or do it too slowly, which will make the user think about damage to the cable. Ideally, you should take a power supply and cable from a similar Samsung gadget. If they are not available, third-party accessories with the same parameters on the adapter will do.

Checking the cord, power supply and connector does not give unambiguous answers about the presence of physical damage. Sometimes the reason lies in a burned-out power board or microcontroller. He realizes that the battery capacity is full and stops supplying current. This node is extremely important in the phone. if it is broken, then the device may think that the battery is discharged and does not turn on, but in fact it is full, or vice versa. the battery does not charge although the capacity is at zero. It is really impossible to establish whether the matter is in the internal nodes in the home environment. Having tried the methods listed below and not finding a solution, you should contact the service.

It is important to know that degradation is characteristic of any battery. This term implies that during use, the battery gradually deteriorates. it charges slowly and autonomy decreases. If the phone is more than a year old, and it began to charge for a long time, but the power supply and cable remained complete, then 100% of the reason is in the battery. it should be changed.

Software problems

What to do if Android Samsung does not charge from charging or does it slowly, but you have established that the cable and the unit are working properly. The reasons for this behavior may be in a damaged battery, but sometimes it lies in the software. For proper charging, you need to unload applications from the memory, if there are a lot of them there, reduce the brightness of the screen. If the device is synchronized with something via Bluetooth, then you need to temporarily turn it off, a similar situation with access to the network via Wi-Fi and LTE.

It will not be superfluous to look into the smartphone’s power settings. Look for the item “battery” and make sure that the maximum performance mode is not activated. By itself, it is more needed by gamers, but even without it, a good device provides a comfortable work. If you have power saving, then activate it, but first go and check what it is, sometimes the processor hard cuts off the work of applications, and you will face the fact that you will no longer receive notifications. You will eliminate slow charging this way, but you will get other problems. Power saving mode is not always useful.

Do not forget that any running applications are a drain on battery power. If you closed all the software, but the phone still sits down quickly and does not fill the battery, then the reason may lie in viruses. Do not neglect antiviruses, but if you do not use them constantly, then make it a rule to completely check the memory of the device with some frequency. perhaps cleaning will solve the problem with slow charging or its absence.

Many users are wondering why the phone does not charge up to 100 percent. Technically, this shouldn’t happen at all. If you see that the device has reached 99% and then nothing happens, then everything is working as it should. In modern mobile technology, battery protection is implemented. when it is full, the phone stops being powered directly from charging, as this leads to rapid wear and tear and forcibly cuts off the current supply. This is possible with branded accessories, so this is another reason not to change them for cheap Chinese counterparts. over, in the modern world it has been established that for long-term battery operation, it should be kept between 20 and 80% of its capacity, that is, you should not discharge and charge it completely.

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What to do if it doesn’t work

If the above methods did not help, and you did not find external defects on the battery or USB port, the cause of the problem may be system failures.

Battery Calibration

You can solve the problem by calibrating the battery.

  • Fully discharge the device (you can speed up the process by playing a video or a game).
  • Connect your smartphone to the charger and leave it connected for several hours.
  • Wait until the display shows a notification that 100% charge is available. After that, disconnect the gadget from the power supply, simultaneously turning on the system.
  • If after switching on the phone does not show 100% charge, then restart it.
  • Discharge the phone completely again and reconnect it to power.

This will calibrate the battery. We do not recommend performing this action more than once every 2-3 months, as otherwise it may lead to battery wear.

The main reasons and solutions

There are a number of reasons why a gadget doesn’t charge well. The problem can be either a physical breakdown of the USB input, or a malfunctioning battery or incorrect system settings. Let’s look at each of the reasons for very slow charging.

The recommendations from the article are relevant for all models of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, including:

  • J4;
  • A5;
  • A7;
  • A10;
  • A50;
  • A51 and others.

Safe mode startup

By turning on the phone in safe mode, you can determine if the device has a program due to which the system writes notifications about slow charging.

  • Disconnect your phone.
  • Hold down the power key until the company logo appears.
  • Release the power button and at the same time hold down the volume down key.
  • Do not release this button while the smartphone is booting in Safe Mode.

While in safe mode, you need to find the problematic application and remove it from the device’s memory.

Battery malfunction

Another common cause of slow charging is reduced battery life. According to statistics, a standard battery works correctly for 500 charge-discharge cycles. about 2 years. If this indicator is exceeded, the battery may take longer to gain charge and lose it faster.

This problem is especially relevant for owners of 3-4-year-old gadgets. But do not rush to draw conclusions, because the battery on the phone or tablet may malfunction after 1-1.5 years in case of intensive use.

We also recommend removing the back cover and inspecting the physical condition of the battery. If it has slight swelling or any other defects, the battery must be replaced with another one.

Charger problem

  • use of a non-original charger. Most users, when the factory charger breaks down, in order to save money, buy non-original chargers. In them, the current strength is often below the recommended values, so the gadget may charge slowly. In turn, chargers with excessive amperage can damage the battery;
  • physical damage to the cable or adapter. Take a good look at the charger for damage. If normal inspection does not reveal any malfunctions, it is necessary to check the functionality of the charger elements. To do this, connect another cord to the power adapter and put the gadget on charge. Perform a similar procedure, if necessary, with the charging cord.

Dirty USB input or plug

The first thing to do is inspect the USB port of your smartphone for contamination. If there are particles of dust or other debris on the contacts, clean them:

How to fix samsung phones with slow charge (WORKING 2019)

  • first, blow out the USB connector of your smartphone well (it is best to do this with a compressed air cylinder);
  • then use a soft bristled brush to clean the connector and blow again.

Repeat the same procedure with the plug from the charger, if it is also dirty.

Updating software or downgrading to a previous version

Updates to your phone can negatively impact your phone’s battery life. This is especially true when the old model is updated to the new version of “Android”. Fresh models are usually optimized for updates.

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If the reason lies precisely in this, then you can try to roll back to the previous version of the software. For starters, it makes sense to try a factory reset, as device manufacturers often recommend. This will help avoid data loss due to a different version of the operating system.

In the same way, the charging problem can be solved by installing a newer version of the software.

Turn off your phone

Applications often run in the background. Their use significantly affects the duration of the charging process. For example, if a browser is running, Skype and something else, then the smartphone will take much longer to fully charge.

You can turn off the device and put it on charge. So the process will go faster.

Charging from the correct source

Many people charge their gadgets from computers and laptops. They have a question: why is the phone charging slowly? The ports on the computer are too low. The phone will always charge much faster from the wall socket.

The problem may also be that an adapter is used from a completely different device, for example, from a headset, which is not intended for a phone at all. One often hears a complaint that Samsung phone is charging slowly. At the same time, users charge it using an adapter from other models. But all adapters supply different output voltages.

Replacing the cable

In the entire charger, the most fragile part is the cable. Due to constant bending, it quickly breaks down, as a result of which the phone charges very slowly. What to do? The easiest way to diagnose a damaged cable is to temporarily replace it with another one. In the event that the other cable with the device works as expected, then the original wire is faulty. If not, then the reason is not in him.

Battery Replacement

The battery life cannot last forever. After 4-5 years of use, its capacity is lost, which is why the phone is slowly charging. The more frequently the charging and discharging processes occur, the sooner the battery will deteriorate. If the battery stops working after just six months of use, then this is not normal. In this case, you should contact the seller.

Sometimes a defective battery can be easily identified after inspection. If it is swollen, it should be replaced immediately.

The main thing is safety

Do not charge your device near water or in extremely humid conditions, as well as in extremely hot conditions. You do not need to keep the device connected to electricity for too long. If it takes just three hours to charge, why leave it on recharge overnight? Because of this, over time, the phone charges slowly and discharges quickly.

If it becomes necessary to replace the wire or the charger itself, then you need to be careful, since cheap copies from Chinese manufacturers can be sources of danger. Recently, there has been an increasing number of cases of mobile phone fires due to poor-quality adapters.

Dust and debris in the charging port

Many people carry their gadgets in their jeans s, and they contain small fibers that can cause the phone to charge slowly. Masters very often come across just such an incident. What should you do if fibers or dust get caught in the connector? It can be brought back to normal by blowing compressed air from a can. You can use a powerful cold air dryer or a compressor. After cleaning, the phone starts charging normally.

Why is my phone charging slowly? What can be done in this case?

If your phone is charging slowly, then you should not think that the problem lies only in the charger or battery. In fact, the problem, as well as the solution, can be much simpler. What if my phone is charging slowly or not charging at all? What are the causes of this problem?

Weak power supply

This is the simplest possible reason for slow phone charging. You can easily check if this is the case by simply plugging the USB into a different adapter. If the charge is still not flowing, chances are that the outlet itself is not working. You can try charging your phone from a wall outlet in another room.

Absolutely all modern smartphones can be charged not only from a power outlet, but also from other devices, such as a computer or an external power bank via a USB port. But alas, if you are using a computer then your phone will charge very slowly. The point is that the output voltage will be too low. And that under ideal circumstances, any damage to the USB cable or ports could disrupt the meager power flow and take even longer to charge.

Likewise, if you’re using wireless charging, you’ll get a pretty slow charge. Nobody says wireless charging isn’t cool, but speed will have to be sacrificed.

Suspect number two: power supply

The next obvious question is: how do you get energy? If a USB cable is connected to the laptop, then your phone will charge very slowly, and there is nothing surprising here. Likewise with Qi wireless charging, which we know from new flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S9, Sony Xperia XZ2, Pixel 3 and LG G7. Although Qi technology is cool in itself, this coolness is achieved at the cost of charging speed.

Wall Chargers. Always the Fastest.

It is best to plug your phone directly into an electrical outlet via a wall outlet. However, even this can be problematic, especially if you are in an old building where the wiring may be dilapidated. If you think this is not normal, change to a different outlet (and then call an electrician).

Why does the phone charge very slowly Samsung Galaxy

Why is my Android charging so slowly? Why does the battery drain too quickly? These are very frequently asked questions on the Internet. Good smartphones come with powerful hardware and high-resolution displays that consume a lot of battery resources. In addition, there are a number of reasons.

Samsung Galaxy takes a very long time to charge. the main reasons

There are a lot of main reasons why Samsung Galaxy takes a long time to charge. Let’s go over them:

Old software

Slow charging is not only a hardware issue, but also a possible software issue. If the software crashes or is outdated, the phone also cannot consume power, and, accordingly, charge.

Also, if your phone has a problem with an old charger after you’ve updated your gadget to a newer version of Android, it is likely that your phone is not capable of working with it. Then you should consider downgrading to an earlier version of Android or purchasing a new charger.

Why is the phone very hot?

The reason may be the use of the wrong charger: non-native, out of order. In this case, more voltage may be supplied to the phone than it needs, and some kind of microcircuit will have to extinguish the excess, hence the heating.

Why the phone won’t charge to 100%?

Perhaps the reason that the phone charges slowly and cannot reach the cherished 100% in any way is that the charger is faulty. over, it does not have to be completely damaged, it is enough to bend or break the cable or a strong blow, after which one wiring began to move away.

How to properly charge your new Samsung Galaxy phone?

Tips on how to properly charge your Samsung smartphone

  • Charge your phone regularly.
  • Keep the charge in the range of 10-80% and you can extend the life of the battery at least 2 times.
  • Don’t leave your phone on a charge overnight.
  • Do not overheat the battery too much.

Why does my phone run out of power while charging?

The next reason why the phone runs out of power while charging is the oxidized charger connector. The reason is primarily moisture getting into the charger socket, for example, through wet hands or rain, perhaps water spilled near the phone and got on the contacts.

How to speed up the charging process of your phone?

Here are some helpful tips to help you charge your smartphone faster.

  • Charge your smartphone from the network
  • Use the native charger
  • Charge your smartphone at room temperature
  • Close all applications
  • Turn on airplane mode
  • Remove the cover
  • Should I turn off my smartphone to charge?

How to properly charge your phone for the first time?

A quick guide on how to charge your phone battery for the first time

  • Discharge the battery to zero before using it.
  • Then put it on charge until the charge level reaches 100%.
  • Unplug and use your smartphone as usual.

Why the car battery won’t fully charge?

When the generator is running, but not charging the battery, the reason may be hidden in the battery itself. Apparently it was completely discharged, which is called “zero”, then the voltage is less than 11V. Zero charge can occur due to sulphated plates.

Phone apps consume a lot of power

As a rule, these are separate processes showing advertisements that pop up with some games and applications. Download a good task manager, view all running processes, “kill” the most suspicious and watch the results.

Mechanical damage, ingress of moisture into the device

If the phone often fell, sank in water, then it is not surprising that there were problems with charging. Try to take good care of your device.

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Reasons for slow smartphone charging

Updating smartphone software

Most modern processors in devices support fast charging. If you notice that your friends have similar phones charging faster, then try updating your Android version to the latest available.

Damaged USB charger cable

Charger damage is the most common cause of long charging times. The thing is that in the process of careless use, the USB cable receives mechanical damage to the connectors and wires, which naturally affects the charging properties of the device.

Another point that I would like to draw your attention to is the use of a non-original charger. The original charger has a higher electrical conductivity, in contrast to the USB cable, and it is natural that when using the first, the phone charges much faster.

The solution to the problem is visual inspection USB cable or smartphone charger for damage. We recommend that you pay attention to the connector and to the fold, this is where the problem most likely lies.

Why did the phone take a very long time to charge

Why does the phone take so long to charge? This problem is relevant for the owners of every, if not the third, then the fifth smartphone owner. The problem of slow charging affects almost any phone model, be it a fancy iPhone X or a budget Fly or Alcatel. In today’s article, I would like to tell you about 10 possible reasons for slow charging of a smartphone and give diagnostic recommendations that will help solve this problem.

  • Your phone takes a very long time to charge. 10 main reasons
  • Damaged USB charger cable
  • Complete wear of the battery
  • Defective or poor quality AC adapter of the charger
  • Insufficient power supply
  • Phone apps consume a lot of power
  • Updating smartphone software
  • Factory defect or software failure
  • The battery has deteriorated as a result of improper charging the first time
  • Mechanical damage, ingress of moisture into the device
  • Blocked charging port on device
  • Reasons for slow smartphone charging
  • The phone takes a very long time to charge. what should I do? Practical advice
  • The phone takes a very long time to charge and discharges quickly
  • New phone takes a very long time to charge
  • The phone takes a long time to charge. what to do?

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy phone takes a long time to charge

Samsung Galaxy takes a long time to charge? This problem very often happens with owners of used smartphones, since new Galaxy smartphones are very rarely subject to factory defects.

To date, new models of Samsung Galaxy phones have introduced special accelerated charging technologies, which make it possible to replenish the device’s battery by 70% in just half an hour. However, for some reason, the declared capabilities do not always work, so now we will try to consider the difficulties that users may have.

Samsung Galaxy takes a very long time to charge. the main reasons

There are a lot of main reasons why Samsung Galaxy takes a long time to charge. Let’s go over them:

Why Samsung Galaxy discharges quickly and takes a long time to charge

If the Samsung Galaxy takes a long time to charge and quickly discharges, then the cause of this malfunction lies in two cases:

  • Malfunction in the smartphone software (installed applications and games consume a lot of energy)
  • The battery is defective (swelling, strong heating of the battery will tell you about this)

If in the first case, you can use special utilities to check the power consumption of your mobile device and fix errors. Then in the second it is necessary to replace the old battery with a similar new one.

Why a new phone Samsung takes a long time to charge

In most cases, the reasons for the long charging of the new Samsung Galaxy are:

  • Charger problems.
  • Battery problems.
  • Not enough current in the outlet.
  • Factory defect or software failure.
  • Mechanical damage, ingress of moisture into the device.
  • Problems with the charger connector.
  • The battery has deteriorated as a result of improper charging the first time.

I already told you how to check and fix these problems above at the beginning of this article.

What to do if the phone Samsung Galaxy takes a long time to charge

Before taking any action, you need to find out the cause of the Samsung Galaxy Slow Charging issue. Find out if it is related to the device itself or to the charging infrastructure (cords, connectors, power supplies). To do this, you need to measure the current consumed by the phone during the charging process. This can be done in two ways:

  • Hardware. Considering the tiny size of the contacts and their internal arrangement, it is very inconvenient to use conventional testers. It is best to purchase a USB tester and take a notoriously powerful power supply (say, 2000 mA) with a USB port. We connect in series the block-tester-cable-smartphone, and we look at the tester’s screen the current consumption.
  • Program. Less accurate, but simpler, no purchases required. Install the Ampere application from Google Play. In this case, you will see the charge current directly on the smartphone screen.

Next, we compare the measured current with the passport for your mobile device. If the parameters match, then the problem was with the old power supply or cable / connector. Or the smartphone is discharged too quickly due to “gluttonous” applications and the charging simply does not have time to “serve” it.

If the charging current is too low, even when using a known high-quality cable and a powerful source, you need to change the battery and / or contact the specialists who service the phones and repair them.

Try turning it off

Using heavy applications while charging will affect the duration of the charging process. For example, if you are chatting on Skype or playing games, the device will take longer to charge.

Therefore, put the device on charging in the off state or in airplane mode.

Try a different cable

The most fragile part of the charger is the cable. He constantly bends, which can damage him over time.

The easiest way to diagnose a damaged cable is to take another one and see if it works properly with your device. If so, you know the original charger wire is faulty. If not, then you need to look for a solution further.

Remember. safety first

Do not charge your gadget near water or in extremely hot or humid conditions. Do not keep the device connected to the charger for too long. Do not leave it to recharge overnight when it only needs 2-3 hours. This could damage the hardware.

If you want to replace the charger or the wire to it, be careful: cheap third-party adapters are quite dangerous. Recently, there have been many cases of mobile phone fires due to them.

The video below captured one of these cases:

Use a different adapter

You have ruled out the presence of problems with the cable, then you need to check the performance of the charging device itself. This is much easier if you can pull the wire out of the adapter. We have come across many chargers where USB ports were worn out due to endless plugging and unplugging of the cable.

Also check the charging / wire operation on other phones, as this will help rule out the possibility that this is a problem with your smartphone. In addition, you must make sure that the socket is working properly.

Bad contact

Very often the metal coating inside the USB port and micro USB has poor contact, either through a manufacturing defect or through cable wear.

All you have to do is turn off the device, remove the battery if possible, and clean the contacts inside with something like a needle or toothpick. Do this very carefully and carefully, then insert the battery and reconnect the charger. 9 times out of 10, that’s all you need to do.

What to do if your phone won’t charge properly

If your phone’s battery isn’t charging properly, don’t assume that the only problem is the battery or charging. Based on personal experience, the problem and the solution can be much easier than you think. If your smartphone or tablet is charging poorly or not charging at all, then check out 10 ways to fix these problems.

Charge from the correct source

Charging from a wall outlet will always be faster than from a computer, because its USB ports have too little power. Thus, the phone charges much faster from the outlet.

Also, the problem may be that you are using an adapter from another device, for example, from a Bluetooth headset, which is not intended for your gadget. This adapter does not supply enough current. In the case of the latest high-end smartphones, you may have a device that supports fast charging, but the adapter is not suitable.

Clean the charging port from dust and third-party fibers

Do you keep your phone in your jeans ? If so, then fibers may be the culprit: we have already lost count of how many times the fibers in our clothes were the cause of faulty charging.

How To Fix Samsung Phones With Slow Charge!! (This actually works)

You can also normalize the charging connector by blowing compressed air into it.