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Back up data from Samsung Kies

Another powerful advantage of the program is that you will never lose the numbers of friends and acquaintances, as well as any data and settings from your phone.

Having created a backup copy of them in the program, you will be able to sleep peacefully and if something happens. quickly and easily restore. For this we go to

Checkboxes indicate what we want to save

And the data is saved in a special archive from which it can then be restored without problems.

And here you can drag the data back and forth as much as you like

By the way, you can save contacts to a computer to transfer them to a new phone in case of changing the device

Another plus from using Samsung Kies is in paragraph

you can download toys and programs for free.

I. especially for those who do not want to “suffer” with the program, but prefer to use Windows Explorer. you can just close Kies and forget about it. The phone will now be visible in the explorer, like a regular flash drive.

You can also throw a small driver into the system even without installing the program, from the manufacturers and the smartphone is recognized by the system when connected.

This driver (15 MB) is cut from the above program

Samsung Kies

And the thing is that the computer should only have the Samsung Kies program installed.

  • identify the phone by the system
  • make a backup copy of the phone book or whatever from the device
  • restore it all in case of erroneous deletion
  • easily and quickly edit contacts
  • check and install the latest firmware
  • download the mobile phone in full

Modern smartphones are powerful digital devices and, of course, they urgently need to be friends with a computer. let them communicate well.

Let’s already download the latest version of Samsung Kies via a direct link from the manufacturers website, see in pictures how to connect a Samsung phone to a computer and how to work in this easy and convenient program.

How to edit contacts in Samsung Kies

We get a complete list of the phone book. Pay attention to the tabs

Click on the contact and edit it in the window that appears on the right

After editing. be sure to click on the checkmark at the very top of the window (near the cross), otherwise the changes will not be saved.

You can also quickly find duplicate contacts and merge them with one click of the mouse. To do this, right-click on any contact tyts

Thus, we easily and quickly put things in order in the phone book. though it’s more convenient than poking at the smart screen?

With music, photos and videos, I think you will figure it out yourself. everything is also easy and simple there

You can listen directly or move audio files, for example.

Samsung Kies will connect your phone to your computer

Today we will talk about how to connect a Samsung phone to a computer and what it will give us.

samsung, phone, connect, computer

People buy smartphones from this manufacturer, run home, connect to a computer in order to pump their audio-video-photo files into them and they will face a wall of misunderstanding by the Windows operating system of this expensive device.

Where do you think they run to after that? On the Internet (and to me). I analyzed the frequency of requests for a month on this issue and received hundreds of thousands of them. I could not think that this is such a global problem. So today I decided to talk about her easy solution.

Download Samsung Kies

Name of the program (utility): Samsung Kies
Manufacturer (author): Samsung®
Status: Is free
Category: Smartphone
Installer (archive) size: 68.6 Mb
OS support: Windows XP, 7,8,10
Interface language: English Russian …
Security: No viruses
Similar programs: Samsung SideSync

The program is designed to support smartphones of the Galaxy lineup with the operating system BEFORE Android 4.3. If you have a Galaxy smartphone / tablet with Android 4.3 or higher, use Smart Switch.

Fix Problem With Computer Cannot Recognize the Samsung Galaxy S7

Don’t be intimidated by the size of the program. it flies on a PC with the speed of a bullet, literally.

Where is it now without consent to the license?

The installation started and at the end its window disappeared. don’t touch anything, wait a minute

Go to the “Tools”. “Settings” menu and change the location of the service folder from the system drive to the data drive, for example “D”

We connect the smartphone to the computer using a cable


That’s it for today. now you know how to connect your Samsung phone to your computer.

Why can’t my computer see my Samsung Galaxy phone via USB?

It’s no secret that the Samsung Galaxy has a microSD card slot for more storage. However, some users still additionally transfer pictures, music and videos to a computer or laptop. But what to do if the computer does not see the Samsung Galaxy via USB?

Make sure to connect the device as a “storage device”

This is very important, as most phones are connected to a computer for recharging. If so, the computer may not see it as the melon transfer is temporarily unavailable. Go to notifications and see if there is a selection icon for USB. If yes, then consider that the problem has already been resolved.

All you need to do is click on it and select “Storage Device”. If this is the first connection, then the installation of the drivers will take some time. But if you do not have such an icon, try the following:

  • Disconnect USB from Samsung.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Wait 20 seconds.
  • Turn it on.
  • Connect the cable again.
  • Check if the icon with options appears.

If not, go to the next step.

Drivers for connecting Samsung to a computer via USB

First, in order to recognize a smartphone like the Galaxy S, the computer needs all the necessary drivers. Usually, when a device is connected to a computer, it immediately finds it, but if the correct drivers are not installed, this may not happen.

Drivers are special programs that help you communicate between your phone and your computer. Most often they can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. If the computer does not recognize your Galaxy S7, immediately go to the Samsung website and download the drivers. Here is the link to the Galaxy S7 / Edge support page. Mac owners will have to install Android File Transfer in order for your Mac to communicate with your phone.

There is an alternative: you can simply download Smart Switch and install the program on your computer, thus making file sharing easier. It comes with all the necessary drivers, so after installation you can rest assured that your computer will recognize your device, and file sharing will cease to be a problem.

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Make sure the USB cable is not damaged

By inspecting the cable, you can check for visible damage. If not, try charging your phone with it. Inside the cable there are wires responsible for both charging and data transmission.

By charging the phone with it, you can understand whether it works or not. If there is damage, the phone may not charge, especially if some wire has come off.

Another way to check is to use a different cable. If the phone works with it, then the native cable is simply broken. If this is really the problem, then you need to replace the old cable with a working one.

Connect your phone to other USB ports on your computer

Just connect your phone to your computer with a charging or data cable. If the phone remains invisible, try plugging it into a different port. Try one port after another to see if this was the problem.

What to do if Samsung Galaxy is not recognized by the computer?

Usually, when you connect a smartphone to a computer, it detects it and installs all the necessary drives. After a few seconds, the device is recognized. However, this is not always the case. There are times when the computer sees a device but cannot recognize it. As a result, you cannot transfer files either there or back.

If at the moment you are faced with this problem, then here’s what you need to do:

Why can’t my computer see my Samsung Galaxy via USB?

If your computer does not see the Samsung Galaxy when connected with the included USB cable, then you will have to troubleshoot problems in the computer itself. If you know that other computers can see the phone, the problem may be in the USB port.

If this is not the problem, then the problem may be with the cable or the port for charging the phone has become loose. With all of this in mind, here are a few steps to help fix this issue:

Reasons for not connecting your phone via USB

The whole complex of reasons for the problem that the PC does not see the smartphone through the USB cable, I would divide into hardware and software, and below I will list each of them, in parallel providing instructions on how to fix it. But before using the methods I have indicated, try restarting your computer and smartphone. this does not help as rarely as it seems. This problem mainly occurs with devices from Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, LG and Fly.

The computer does not see the phone via USB, but it charges

There are no drivers for the phone on the computer

Although, usually, a computer with the latest OS detects and sees a smartphone via USB without problems, the opposite cases can also be observed. Try to look for a driver for your smartphone on the network, sometimes a driver may come up for similar models of this brand.

The phone may not be recognized by the computer due to viruses

It is trite, but all kinds of virus programs can block work with external mobile devices. Try to check your computer with Dr. Web CureIt !, in some cases it can help.

Why the computer does not see the phone via USB, but is charging

Many users, when trying to connect a phone to a computer using a USB cable, are faced with the fact that the computer does not recognize the connected gadget. The connected device is charging, while there is no access to the smartphone itself and its internal content. I also encountered this synchronization problem, and in this material I will tell you why the computer does not see the phone via USB, and I will also share various methods for solving this issue.

Phones are connected via USB to computer

So why does the computer not see the phone via USB, but is charging. hardware reasons

The USB cable is damaged. It often happens that the cause of this dysfunction is damage to the USB cable itself. Cables of little-known or “non-name” manufacturers do not have a large margin of safety, and can fail literally in a couple of months from the start of operation, and as a result, the computer will not detect the connected phone.

In addition, even the most reliable cables from global brands are susceptible to stochastic damage. they can be accidentally damaged during use, can be chewed by pets or spoiled by children. Therefore, first of all, inspect your USB cable for the likelihood of mechanical damage, and, if the external cable is intact, try using it to connect your device to another computer. If the device is not recognized on another PC. try replacing the cord.

The USB port on the computer is damaged. The USB ports used in a computer are also susceptible to various mechanical damage, including damage to the USB controller as well as the south bridge of the motherboard. Try to insert the cable into a different USB port, but if this does not help to fix the connection of the phone to the PC, follow the further tips.

Check if the USB port on the computer is damaged

The cable jack on the phone is damaged. Has water entered the socket of the smartphone or is it damaged? If yes, then it needs to be replaced.

Turn off the battery, pull the battery out of it for a few seconds, then turn it back, and turn on your device back.

If the problem of detecting the mobile device by the computer is not resolved, reset the settings

If, until now, your computer does not see the phone via USB, resetting the smartphone settings using a Hard Reset should help. Go to the settings of your phone, select the “Backup” menu item, and in it select “Reset data”.

But I warn you right away that you will lose your files and settings located in the internal memory of the phone (files on the SD card will remain intact), so this item should be used only as a last resort!

The computer does not see the phone via USB. software reasons

After describing the hardware reasons, we will list the main software reasons, if your computer still does not recognize a cell phone connected with a USB cable, follow the further instructions.

We work with the settings. We go into the settings of our device, select “Memory” there, click on the three dots at the top (Properties), select “USB-connection to a computer” and put a tick in front of “Media device” (“USB drive”). If you have a checkmark in front of using USB as a modem, uncheck it.

USB connection settings to computer on Android

Windows Update (to download drivers for your phone) and New Device Discovery must be enabled on your PC. Remember to unlock your phone when connected to your computer, this is important.

If you are a conservative and have Windows XP, download the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) for XP from the Microsoft website and install it on your computer.

If your USB port drivers are missing, the computer may not see the phone. If the drivers for the USB ports are dysfunctional, the latter simply stop working. To fix this problem, install USB drivers from the “native” driver disk to your PC’s motherboard, or download the latest drivers from the motherboard manufacturer’s website.

Also, due to some reason, the power may be turned off for a number of ports.

  • Go to the “Power” section (Control Panel. Hardware and Sound. Power Supply);
  • Select “Set up a power plan” next to the power plan you are using;
  • Then click on “Change advanced power settings”;
  • Find “USB Settings” in the list that appears, click on the plus sign opposite;
  • And then on the plus sign next to “Parameter for temporary disablement of the USB port”;
  • Change the setting to Disabled for both mains and battery power;
  • Click “Apply” and “Ok”.

The device drivers have flown. Go to “Device Manager” and see if there is a question or exclamation mark in the item “Portable Devices”.

Check if your device is there and make sure it is working properly by right clicking on it and clicking Properties. If it is not there, or you have doubts, uninstall the driver, disconnect the phone from the computer, and then turn it back on, and let the system install the driver again. This can help solve the problem that the smartphone does not connect via USB to the computer.

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Also, it will not be superfluous to enter the website of the manufacturer of your smartphone and download the latest drivers for it to your PC (for example, for Samsung there is a special software called Samsung Kies).

Install update KB3010081 (KB3099229). Windows 10 owners may need to install update KB3010081, which is responsible for working with Windows Media Player. This player is directly related to the normal operation of the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) service, so download and install the update data.

Also, a common reason may be an unreliable build of the OS itself on a PC. Only rearranging Windows to a more working version will help here.

Custom firmware is inoperative. The desire of many fans to play with the firmware for their Android device can do them a disservice in the form of the device’s failure to work normally with the computer. Try restoring the standard firmware or recovering from a backup (if available).

How to connect your phone to a public Wi-Fi network

In order for the phone at home to be able to connect to a wireless network, you need a router. It can be a laptop or a computer with a WI-FI adapter. The main advice: do not be lazy to put a high-quality password on the network and enable the WPA2 security type. You should not strive to be a good neighbor, this is fraught with many problems from running out of traffic to problems with the law if a dishonest person connects to your network.

It is enough to set up the connection once, in the future the phone will automatically find the home network.

The phone does not connect to Wi-Fi and the computer is connected

This suggests that the problem is not with the router or provider, but with the device itself. Although, the communication channel may be clogged and the router simply does not support a large number of devices. Try turning off the Internet on your computer or laptop and only connect from your phone.

The simplest solutions to the problem: restart your phone. If it doesn’t help. remove the network. To do this, go to the list of available WI-FI, by long pressing the screen next to the name of your network, call the drop-down list and click the “delete this network” button (option: “forget the network”). Together with it, all settings will be deleted: the remembered IP-address, DNS and other parameters. Then find the network you need again and connect to it by entering the password.

If this does not help, find in the “Settings” of your phone the item “Reset mobile Internet settings, WI-FI, Bluetooth”. It can be located in the “System” section or in the “Additional functions”. Reset settings, restart your phone and try to connect again.

All in vain? Download an anti-virus application to your phone and test it. Malicious software can intentionally block Internet access or disrupt access due to certain settings.

Wi-Fi is connected, but says “no internet access

There are several reasons. First: the router is really not connected to the network at the moment or is working with errors. It needs to be rebooted. you can ask the staff about this when it comes to a restaurant or cafe. Or do it yourself: we recommend disconnecting the power cord for 2-3 minutes, at the same time checking whether the Internet and ethernet cables fit tightly into their cells.

Second: you are too far from the router, and it simply “does not reach” your device. Try to move. If this happens at home, move the router to a different location. perhaps there is some obstacle in the transmission of the signal.

Third, you have not completed your network connection. In many public networks, a mandatory requirement is user authentication on a special page that comes out after you click on the “connect” button. You may have prevented the page from opening. In this case, find the network in the list of available ones, click on it and select “Delete”. Reconnect and wait for the start page to open, where you will need to enter your phone number and the password that will come to it. If the page does not open automatically, go to your phone’s default browser and try opening any page. a window for authorization should appear.

Fourth: The date and time are set incorrectly in the phone. Check settings, enter correct data.

Fifth: There are problems with the IP address. Go to the list of networks and click on the one you need with a long press. Select “Change network”, then. “Advanced settings”. Here, in the IP setting parameter, set the value “custom” and enter 192.168.1.X (where X1) (make sure that this data suits you by looking at the label on your router. There will be sure to indicate its IP address. The phone address will be those the same numbers, except for the last one.Choose it to your taste.)

Sixth: It is possible that despite the free network, the Internet is distributed only to the IP / MAC addresses of devices specified by the administrator, i.e. you won’t be able to connect without meeting the administrator.

Seventh: Perhaps the connection is being blocked by a “security program”: a firewall or antivirus. Try turning them off.

Writes “saved”, but there is no connection, authentication error

If you are trying to connect to a public network in a restaurant or airport, for example, then the explanation can be very simple and offensive for you: the router’s connection limit is simply exhausted, it cannot cope with the number of devices that attacked it, eager to get into the network. This often happens in crowded places: at holidays, concerts. Any channel has a limit, and feeding the phones of thousands of voracious users can be difficult. Or an old router is installed and the phone simply does not support its settings. It is difficult to solve the problem in this case, it remains to wait or look for another network.

Also, a public network can be protected by a password and you do not know it or you enter it incorrectly. Try to talk to local employees, maybe they will reveal a secret for you, even if it is not a public network for all customers.

If we are talking about a home network, this error may indicate a freeze of the router. In this case, it can be reanimated by simply holding down the reset button or disconnecting it from the power for a couple of minutes.

If the error persists, go to the settings of the router through your computer (by entering the IP address of the device in the address bar of the browser), check that the encryption type is WPA-2, the DHCP server is enabled. And yes, make sure you enter the correct password. on the router and on the phone. Even if it seems to you that you remember it by heart and there can be no problems with that. Sometimes, during the dialing process, an error may occur and you will not even know what character is in it: just change the password and try to log into the network again.

Also check the date, time and region settings on your phone and router. Their mismatch can lead to devices blocking each other.

Solved: Dex Not Working With Windows 10. Samsung Community

Disconnect and then reconnect the USB cable while your computer is running Samsung DeX for PC.

Once your mobile device is recognized by your PC, “Samsung DeX” will be connected. The message “will appear on the notification bar of the mobile device, and then the Samsung DeX home screen will appear on the PC screen.
If you can’t see the Samsung DeX home screen even after reconnecting the USB cable, try the following:

※ Corporate and public PCs usually have their own security software, so you cannot connect to them via USB, if you cannot connect to PC via USB, please contact the administrator of the respective PC

I ran Samsung_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.exe and reinstalled the drivers. It didn’t help, but I rebooted my computer and I guess it took. The next time I connected my phone, the app started automatically, the red exclamation marks now rotated and then connected.

Ah I just realized that Dex also recognizes my touchscreen gestures. Very good.

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View solution in original post

Try reinstalling Samsung Galaxy driver on computer

Those Windows users who have just installed Samsung drivers may find it necessary to uninstall the device before it can be detected. You need to follow these steps:

  • Hold the Windows button and press R to invoke the Run command.
  • Type “devmgmt.msc“ and press “Enter“.
  • Select “Other devices” or “Portable devices”.
  • If the list contains “Samsung_Android” or “Unknown device” with a yellow icon (!), Right-click and select “Uninstall“.
  • Right click on the “Device Manager” window and select “Scan for hardware changes”.

Basically, after installing the necessary drivers or programs, everything should work. But if the problem is not that the device is not recognized by the computer, you need to look for another way.

Interesting: Samsung Galaxy slows down, glitches and freezes, what should I do? | Why Samsung’s sensor doesn’t work?

So, what to do if you have installed the drivers and the computer still does not see the Samsung Galaxy?

At first. “Does not see” is not the same as “does not recognize”. Therefore, we always ask readers to describe the problem as accurately as possible in order to provide the most appropriate solution. For example, here is one of the “confusing” posts on this topic

“I can no longer transfer photos to my computer because it does not recognize the device. I don’t know what I did or what I didn’t do, but before that the computer immediately recognized the phone and I immediately dumped files and photos. And now he just doesn’t see him. I plug in the phone, but he doesn’t see. You can help me?”

You see, at first our reader uses the term “recognize”, and then writes that “the computer does not see it,” that is, the computer “does not detect” the connected device. In this case, you should try to correct the fact that the computer does not see the Samsung phone. What I can recommend is to change the USB connection. And here’s how

Android OS crash or viruses

In this case, cleaning the phone with an antivirus, resetting the settings to the factory settings, or flashing it completely can help.

As you can see, there can be a lot of options as to why the connected Samsung phone is not on the computer, so you need to be patient to find a solution. We hope you succeed!

Check the charger socket

At a minimum, you need two cables to clarify if the problem is with it. If the computer still can’t see Samsung, it’s time to check the charger port.

The connection may not be possible, or some debris, fiber, or dust has gotten into the connector. The flow of compressed air will help get rid of the latter, but if the connection is loose, you need to go further.

If the contacts of the charging socket are in order and there is no dirt, connect the cable and check if the contact has come off. If the cable is inserted correctly and the connection is not interrupted when it moves, then everything is in order.

Otherwise, you will have to purchase a cable that fits the port perfectly. If a new cable does not help, then your device has much more serious problems.

Connecting a smartphone to a PC and transferring information is very easy. But on a Mac, this will require a special application, since the operating system does not support “alien” devices on Android.

Additional software allows you to transfer files up to 4 GB, this limitation can cause problems for users. To move significant amounts of information, you can use cloud storage, although the whole procedure will take a lot of time due to long synchronization.

How to solve a problem

First, you need to make sure that you are using a working cable for the connection. The easiest way is to charge your phone with the same cord. If the device is charging, then the problem is definitely not in the cable.

The second point that users often overlook is the wrong connection type. When a person connects a smartphone to a PC, a notification appears on the screen of the mobile device, offering to choose one of several types of pairing:

  • charging only;
  • cameras;
  • media device and so on.

The default is “Charge Only”. With this connection, the Android smartphone simply receives energy from the computer. Check your pairing settings and select “Connect as Media” or “USB Drive”. Only in this case, the PC will see the Samsung Galaxy A3 phone as a full-fledged storage medium.

If, when you connect a mobile device to a PC, nothing happens at all (the gadget does not even charge), you need to check the functionality of the USB interface on the computer. For example, you can insert a USB flash drive or connect a mouse.

Physical problems (cable or connector breakage) can only be solved by replacing components. And in a situation where you choose the correct type of connection (media device) and use serviceable accessories, faulty drivers become the cause of the error.

Samsung s10 s10 s9 s8 s7 note 9 note 10 not connecting to pc not connecting to pc

As a rule, they are installed automatically the first time you pair your smartphone and PC. The software is loaded only if there is an Internet connection. If you do not connect to the network, the drivers will not be loaded. Therefore, it is recommended to check Internet access.

You can check the operability of the drivers as follows:

  • Open Device Manager (WinR and then enter devmgmt.msc).
  • Find MTP device or phone name in the list.
  • Double click with the left mouse button.
  • Click “Update Driver”.
  • Select “MTP USB Device”.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Wait until the drivers are reinstalled.

If the smartphone is not displayed in the device manager, it makes sense to enable developer mode on the Android gadget:

  • Open phone settings.
  • Go to the section “For Developers”.
  • Activate function.
  • Click “Default USB Configuration”.
  • Select the “File Transfer” value.

When none of the suggested tips helps, the only way out is to reset your smartphone. This operation is performed if the owner of the device suspects that the pairing is missing due to the presence of viruses.

  • Open settings.
  • Go to the “Recovery and reset” section.
  • Click “Reset settings”.

After the operation is completed, all files will be deleted from the mobile device. In order not to lose important information, it is recommended to create a backup beforehand.

Damaged USB cable

A faulty cable cannot always be seen immediately. Very often, the charging wire can fail without obvious external signs. The reason for this is the low-quality devices that the market is teeming with.

To test the functionality of the USB cable, just connect it to another computer, and for greater reliability, to another phone. If these actions did not give a result, then the wire needs to be replaced.

How not to face a problem in the future

So that the situation does not repeat itself in the future, and the Samsung Galaxy A3 phone always sees the computer, follow a few simple tips:

  • Use only complete accessories for connection. Don’t buy cheap cables.
  • On the phone, set the parameter “Media device” or “USB storage”.
  • When pairing for the first time, do not forget to install the drivers and update them if necessary.

Compliance with only three rules will once and for all save you from problems when connecting your phone to a computer.

If all of the above tips did not help, then

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