Samsung scx 4200 does not pick up paper

Samsung SCX-4220

  • Device printer / scanner / copier
  • Print type black and white
  • Laser printing technology
  • Placement tabletop
  • Application area small office
  • Number of pages per month 10000
  • Print speed 18 ppm (b / w A4)
  • Maximum A4 size
  • Maximum resolution for b / w printing 600×600 dpi
  • First print out time 11 sec (b / w)
  • show all

Specifications Samsung SCX-4220

Main characteristics

Device printer / scanner / copier
Print type black and white
Printing technology laser
Accommodation desktop
Application area small office
Number of pages per month 10000

a printer

Print speed 18 ppm (b / w A4)
Maximum format A4
Maximum resolution for b / w printing 600×600 dpi
First print out time 11 s (b / w)
Warm-up time 42 s


Scanner Resolution 600×2400 dpi
Sensor type contact (CIS)
Standards support TWAIN, WIA
Maximum original size A4
Scanner type tablet
Shades of gray 256
Scanner Resolution (Enhanced) 4800×4800 dpi
Maximum scan size 208×297 mm
Color depth 24 bit


Changing the scale 50-200%
Maximum number of copies per cycle 99
First copy out time 11 sec
Maximum copier resolution (b / w) 600×600 dpi
Copy speed 18 ppm (b / w A4)


Cartridge / Toner Type SCX-D4200A Black Standard Yield Cartridge
Resource b / w cartridge / toner 3000 pages
Number of cartridges one
Printing on: cards, transparencies, labels, glossy paper, envelopes, matte paper
Paper density 64-163 g / m2

Additional Information

Power Consumption (Standby) 70 watts
The weight 10.4 kg
Standby noise 38 dBA
OS support Windows, Mac OS
Power consumption (during operation) 350 watts
Information display LCD panel
Dimensions (WxHxD) 409x232x362 mm
Noise during operation 53 dBA

Check with the seller for the exact characteristics.

After working for 12 years and having printed more than 12,500 sheets and changing 2 cartridges (flashing does not count), some mechanical problems began to appear that can be solved. For the rest, for home use, for its price, it is simply gorgeous. And by the way, I have never cleaned myself. And among other more expensive firms and models, there are also disadvantages, so how lucky. The same Samsung SCX-4220 lived with some users several times less. But I think it’s because of how to handle technology.

It is already the fifth (if I am not mistaken) year: if I have to change for something else, I will be very upset. Faithful helper.

The old woman still works and even manage to print a LOT on her in one sitting. But you need a break of at least 3-5 minutes. When it heats up, it captures 2-3 sheets at once and “stalls”. paper jams. You have to open / close the case cover and then the printer automatically pushes the paper. When I print a lot, I open the back cover to minimize this jam. The paper then does not come out from the front, but from the back. There are fewer jams because of this joke) When you print double-sided sheets and a lot, it is advisable after you have printed one side, then let them lie down. Maybe they are electrolyzed and therefore also capture 2-3 leaves at once. Also, when jams need to be avoided, but you need to print a lot, and the printer is already hot, then do this: printing is in progress, as the printer grabbed the third sheet, slightly open the paper compartment, check if they are lying, or the top is raised there. If it is raised, then adjust your hand to the desired position :))) Bottom line: a hemorrhoid model for a large volume, it is better not to buy it anymore, especially since only used ones remain, most likely. The model is old, in the past it has proven itself well, but now is not its time. I think I’ll change it when I get it at the end. Yes, and the volume of the cartridge is not very large. It costs about 1600-1800 rubles. Better to take more voluminous.

Disgusting model. At work, I come across dozens of different all-in-one printers. I stupidly took this model home. I have never met a more unsuccessful and capricious device.

I do not know how much this all-in-one printer justifies its price, and how competitive it is in comparison with others. Perhaps you can choose something better for the same price. But the device itself is good, it performs all the declared functions without problems.

Suitable exclusively for home use, and even then no more than a couple of sheets three times a year. Apparently, it is not designed for a heavy load. After six months of use, it began to warm up for a very long time. After printing, it very quickly hibernates again, so that the next time it starts to print, it starts to warm up again. At some point after the next refueling, I stopped seeing the cartridge. By Google, I found out that the matter is in the chip. Which must either be stitched or changed. The all-in-one printer itself is not flashed, it remains only to “have fun” with cartridges. But why should I, an ordinary user, know all these subtleties about chips, firmware, etc.? And I had to find out them, and then run to the specialists several more times. But who needs this crap if I just want to get a normal, more or less stable device for a small office with the need to print / copy 5-10 pages per day. It is a pity that this device is not one of those. One torment with him. Compared to HP. did not even stand next to it for any parameters.

all-in-one printer is not the best, but considering the fact that he worked with us for about 3 years in an average office. that’s pretty good. However, the cartridges were found to be very free flowing. the whole interior is covered with toner. About a year after the purchase, it began to warm up for a very long time (probably about a minute) before printing the first page. Three years later, a gearbox and something else welled up. We examined it for repair. and said that everything was in disrepair and it was time to write it off.

changed the cartridge. the old one began to get dirty. and lo and behold, the new week did not work and began to fill the insides of the printer with toner. what the hell?

On Windows 7 Pro x64, the driver did not get up at all. Windows 7 is legal, all updates are installed automatically. I print from a virtual machine under Windows XP 32bit, and then printing occurs after a series of manipulations to restart the all-in-one printer, restart Windows XP, and distort the Print Spooler service. horror. In fact, it only works flawlessly as a copier, with constant printing and scanning problems. In Windows XP there is a “SCX-4200 Series” driver from 03/15/2013.

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Canon printer does not take paper

In many Canon inkjet printers, the pick roller is located deep in the printer and is very difficult to reach for cleaning. Disassemble the printer to clean the pick roller.

In addition to the Canon Top Feed Pickup Roller, jams often occur when foreign objects enter the printer. Small objects are pulled under the carriage and get stuck there. To remove you need to disassemble the printer and remove the guides with the carriage (“rails”).

Epson printer does not take paper

Foreign objects entering the paper path are common with Epson printers. Small objects are drawn into the slot under the carriage and get stuck there. You have to disassemble the entire printer to get to these closed places. Less often, there is a breakage or contamination of sensors. paper passage and sheet width.

Epson top feed printers are characterized by poor paper grip due to dirty feed roller and multi-sheet grip due to faulty peel-off roller. A malfunction of the roller may consist in a breakage of the spring, which creates resistance to rotation.

The printer picks up multiple sheets

If the printer takes several sheets at once, then usually this is due to the fact that the brake pad does not provide the necessary friction. The reasons may be: greasy, worn out, the brake pad of the printer has come off. You just can’t stick an elastic band there. friction may be too strong and the last sheet will not be captured.

Different printers and all-in-one printer have different sizes of brake pads, but you can always find the right one.

Sometimes the printer takes a second sheet due to a malfunction of the solenoid, but this is a completely different malfunction.

Printer does not take paper

This article discusses the reasons why the printer does not pick up paper.

Inkjet printer does not pick up paper

If laser printer lacks paper feed is a minor problem, inkjet all-in-one printers and inkjet printers are usually serious.

However, here you need to distinguish between the jam message and the actual paper jam. In inkjet printers, the jam message often has nothing to do with the paper. Jam message appears when the printer is unable to complete or proceed with an operation.

Inkjet printer picks up and feeds paper

If an inkjet printer drives paper without printing, the cause could be:

  • wrong feed
  • dirty or defective paper width sensor

An incorrect feed (too slow or too fast) means that the paper sensor did not detect it in a certain short period of time. The system immediately gives a command to remove the sheet from the path. Solution: cleaning or replacing the pick roller.

For quality printing, the PW sensor must accurately detect the position and width of the sheet in order to perform borderless printing, for example. If the sensor does not see the paper, the printer is instructed to remove this sheet and drives it out. Solution: cleaning or replacing the PW sensor. paper width sensor. The sensor is located at the bottom of the carriage in the depth. It is very difficult to get to it.


In HP inkjet printers, this breakdown can be caused by breakage:

  • pendulum switching mechanism
  • encoder gears of the main shaft of the printer
  • printer service station
  • gears of the overhead reducer
  • rear shaft gears
  • gear shift mechanism

Learn more about jams in HP inkjet printers here.

In inkjet printers Epson, Canon, Brother, breakdowns of the paper path occur much less often, the reasons are completely different.

Typical Paper Pickup Problems for Top Feed Inkjet Printers:

  • foreign objects entering the printer
  • the printer takes several sheets at once

Laser printer or all-in-one printer does not pick up paper

The most common failure when repairing printers and all-in-one printers is when the printer does not pick up paper.

You can hear the Samsung printer trying to take paper, the paper feed roller is rotating, but the paper does not feed.

This is most often the fault of the rubber pickup roller, which can be worn away or covered in dirt or toner.

If it is dirty, then the problem is solved by cleaning. But, as a rule, dust is erased after several passes on new paper. If the roller is “bald”, or the rubber has ceased to be soft and hardened, then no amount of wiping will help.

If the paper feed roller is worn out, you need to replace it. You need to estimate the amount of work for each specific printer. For example, to replace the rubber roller in the all-in-one printer SCX-4200, you need to remove the bottom iron cover along with the board, remove the side cover, remove the gear assembly, release the drive gear and remove it. Replacement costs 1,500 rubles. together with the cost of spare parts.

If the HP printer does not pick up the paper in the feed rollers, the plastic hook, which looks like a flyer, may break. Gluing will not help, since the load in this place is large and the glue will not be able to provide the required strength. The whole node needs to be changed.

Another option in which paper does not pick up in the printer is a malfunction of the take-up reel with the peel-off pad in the lower tray. The separation platform is made of rubber, its purpose is to slow down the lower sheets. If paper is pressed against the edge, it will not feed from the tray. The entire assembly needs to be replaced.

Why Samsung SCX-4200 won’t pick up paper?

In either case, you are right. Malfunctions arise both as a result of serious malfunctions, and because of minor errors that can be eliminated on your own, quickly, without resorting to the help of specialists, which will save you time and money.

Here are some tips to help you diagnose your printer first. Perhaps among them you will find a solution for yourself. If this is not enough, and you are in doubt to try other methods, including disassembling the device, contact the service center.

Samsung SCX-4200 printer cannot see paper tray

The problem is with printers with 2 or more trays. a different tray is set by default in the device settings. Therefore, the printer does not pick up paper from the tray from which you expect.

Usually, the printer, not finding paper in one, looks for it in another tray, but if the settings specify to use a specific tray, the printer will try only it. And there should not be a ban on the rest. the printer will still work with only one. Change the number (name) of the tray in the paper feed settings.

Capturing paper in the printer

Something is stopping the paper feed mechanism from picking up the paper, or the sheets are not stacked flat or not all the way. If you slightly pull out the paper tray, then the pick-up device simply does not reach the sheets.

The problem can be hidden, and literally, inside the tray. Check for any foreign objects in the paper tray, it could be anything like trash, accidentally caught paper clip, etc. For example, there might be a pen cap between the stack of paper and the outer wall of the printer. After inserting the sheets into the tray, they rest against something and do not reach the roller. the roller does not reach them.

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Printer does not pick up paper Samsung scx 4200

Refinement of the paper feed unit using the example of the all-in-one printer Samsung SCX-4200

What to do when a banal replacement of a roller does not give a positive result?

In most cases (we exclude a little experience and crooked hands), this is due to the wear of some paper feed units and replacing one roller does not give a result. Consider the refinement of these nodes.

First of all, we pay attention to the separation unit, namely to the metal bar of the brake pad

Secondly, we look to see if the tray mounts have worn out:

will be weak and will move slightly when the paper is picked up / the roller is turned

You can swap the left and right fasteners in places, fortunately, this allows, because they are identical

If this is not enough, you can deepen them a little for a firmer grip on the tray. For example, using a toothpick or a small piece of plastic

Next, we look at the gripping axis, namely, at its base

Do not change the reason, because this is the body of the device

I propose to restore the base of the axle bushing Here is the will of imagination, the main thing is not to overdo it, so that the bushing does not rotate too tightly, otherwise, we will get a characteristic trust of the paper clutch.

Again, we take a small piece of metallized tape

(depending on how much the base is eaten). Necessarily along the clutch! Add lubricants

Don’t forget to clean the feed and registration rollers

Let’s start disassembling. Tip: when removing the parts of the all-in-one printer one by one, lay them out on the table neatly, do not throw everything in a heap. then it will be easier to figure out what to put back.

On the back of the all-in-one printer, unscrew the four self-tapping screws.

Disconnect the wire, remove the back cover.

Remove the side covers. The upper latches are released first, then the lower ones.

Start removing the side covers, it is better with these latches. shown in the photo below.

Disconnect the wire from the sensor from the left cover.

We remove the scanner unit. Before removing the unit, disconnect the shiny ribbon and two wires coming from the scanner.

The scanner unit is not fixed in any way (i.e. not screwed on with self-tapping screws), we remove it by first lifting the front edge, then the rear.

Now we unscrew the four self-tapping screws and remove the top cover.

Fix a Printer Pickup Roller( Paper Feed Set ) Samsung SCX-4300 / SCX-4600 เปลี่ยนลูกฟีด

Let’s remove the fusing unit (“fuser”, “stove”). Disconnect two wires coming from the stove.

We unscrew the four screws. The top two are not immediately visible, you need to look.

The fuser can now be removed. It can be easily removed, gently pull it towards you. Be careful not to break the tab in the middle of the stove on a part on the main board. If your task was to gain access to the stove, the disassembly can be completed, if not, we continue.

Next, remove the laser unit. We unscrew one self-tapping screw and remove the plug.

Unscrew the four self-tapping screws holding the LSU.

Disconnect the two wiring harnesses going to the laser unit. We handle the laser unit very carefully. since this is the “heart” of the device, we do not throw, we don’t give birth, we don’t touch the glass with dirty hands.

If you need to repair a long warm-up and / or double vision / triple print. remove the transfer (circled in green below in the photo) a roller to replace or clean it.

Let me remind you that you need to clean it as follows: rinse it thoroughly under running water (it can be a little warm, not hot) with soap, wash the toner and soap out of it with high quality, put it in a warm (not hot) place to dry for about a day.

If the device has the following symptoms: a long warm-up when turned on or before printing with a long idle time, ghosting / tripping of the image when printing, sometimes there is also a faint print, you should refer to the recommendations from the article “Faint printing and long warm-up in printers and all-in- one printer Samsung and Xerox “. The photo below shows the transfer roller or, as it is also called, the transfer shaft.

If the machine stops picking up paper, the problem is either in the pick-up roller or in the development of the seat of the roller axle sleeve. If the pickup roller is worn out, you need to either clean it or replace it. You can clean it with alcohol acetone. I dilute sirt and acetone in a ratio of 3: 1, respectively, and thoroughly wipe the rubber with this solution, as if trying to loosen it. it helps for a while if there is no new roller at hand.

If cleaning / replacing the pickup roller does not help, the seat of the roller axle bushing may be to blame. But more on that later.

We remove the capture roller. Turn the device upside down, disconnect the wire coming from the fan.

Unscrew ten self-tapping screws (sometimes less, I came across machines after a mountain of repairmen who left 4-5 self-tapping screws here).

Unscrew two more self-tapping screws and carefully lift and slide the bottom cover towards you (if the device is located as in the picture below).

Unscrew the six self-tapping screws from the side that hold the gearbox. Don’t lose the green wire with terminals.

Disconnect the wire. The gearbox often needs cleaning and lubrication. Inspect the gears. if toner has adhered to them, clean it. For this I use a cheap toothbrush with stiff bristles.

Samsung SCX-4200 Fix paper jam error

Unscrew the three self-tapping screws. Remove the protective cover.

Pay attention to the location of the moving and stationary parts of the gear (circled in green). Take her off.

Further, shifting the entire axis to the left, remove the capture roller.

Now about the renovation. The feed roller is rotating, no paper is fed. You can hear it by the sounds. the video several times tries to grab the sheet, but it doesn’t suffice and the device freezes. Replacing or reading the capture roller is ineffective. This is most often due to wear on the roller axle bushing seat:

It is treated as follows: A metal plate of suitable thickness is glued to the worn out place. Before gluing, it is necessary to process the edges of the plate from burrs, otherwise there will be a rapid wear of the axle sleeve. For these purposes I use a worn out dispensing blade from the same SCX-4200. and the thickness is suitable and the blade lasts for a long time :-).

We clean or change the gripper roller, if necessary, we repair the seat of the gripper roller axis bushing.

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Assembly is done in reverse order.

It is better to start looking for any problem small. If you are looking for an answer to the question why the Samsung SCX-4200 printer does not pick up paper, then most likely you expect to receive information about serious problems, not paying attention to simple things.

The pickup roller in the printer does not fire

Roller wear in the printer

Wear is not uncommon for devices such as a printer. The roller and other items affecting the paper pickup are physically defective and must be replaced. Self-repair is also possible if you are familiar with the printer device.

Not enough paper in the printer

To grab the paper and start the printing process, at least one sheet is enough in the tray. There are situations when the printer does not pick up 1 sheet. The fact signals about malfunctions of the capture device. The problem is often solved in a simple way. put more sheets in the tray.

Paper feed problems

Make sure the input tray is not full. The input tray can hold up to 250 sheets of paper, depending on paper thickness. Use only recommended paper. Pull the paper out of the input tray, flex it, or fan it to separate the sheets. Paper may stick together in high humidity.

Multiple sheets of paper cannot be fed at the same time.

There may be different types of paper loaded in the input tray. Load only one type, size, and weight of paper. If a paper jam occurs when loading multiple sheets, clear the jam.

Remove obstacles inside. The paper is loaded incorrectly. Remove paper from the input tray and load it correctly. There is too much paper in the tray. Remove excess paper from the input tray. The paper is too thick.

There is too much paper in the input tray. Remove excess paper from the tray. Use the manual feeder to print on specialty media. The paper is of the wrong type. Remnants of paper have accumulated inside. Open the front cover and remove any debris.

Transparencies stick together in the paper exit area.

Use only transparencies specifically designed for laser printers. Remove transparencies as soon as they come out.

Envelopes do not feed correctly into the machine.

Check the position of the paper guides on both sides of the envelope.

Copying problems

Copies are too light or too dark.

Use Density to darken or lighten the background of your copies.

samsung, 4200, does, pick, paper

Mowing line, smudges, or other imperfections appear on copies.

If these defects are present in the original document, select a lighter background for the copies using the Darkness option. If the original does not have these defects, clean the Scanning Unit.

Place the original document face down on the exposure glass. Make sure copy paper is loaded correctly.

The product prints blank pages instead of copies.

Place the original document face down on the exposure glass.

samsung, 4200, does, pick, paper

Replace the paper in the input tray with a fresh ream of paper. Indoors with high humidity, do not leave paper inside for a long time.

Fan the stack of paper to separate the sheets, and flip it over in the tray. Replace the paper in the tray with a new one. Check the position of the paper guides and adjust if necessary. Make sure the correct weight of 75 g / m2 paper is loaded in the tray. We recommend using high quality paper. Check the machine for torn pieces of paper after clearing the jam.

Toner is low even though fewer copies have been printed than it was intended for.

The original documents may contain pictures, shaded areas, or thick mowing lines. For example, printing letterhead, newsletters, brochures, and other similar documents uses more toner. The device may be turned on and off very often. The exposure glass cover may not close during copying.

Display Messages

Status or error messages appear in the SmartPanel window and control panel. The following table describes the meanings of the messages and how to resolve the issues. Messages and their transcripts are listed in alphabetical order.

When contacting technical support, please provide the service representative with the information in the message.

Unplug the power cord and plug it back in. If this does not solve the problem, contact technical support.

Paper Jams in the Input Tray Feed Area.

Paper Jams in the Fuser Area or Manual Feeder.

Paper Jams in the Paper Exit Area.

A job that was running before the power failure must be re-executed.

Unplug the power cord and plug it back in. If this does not solve the problem, contact technical support.

Take it out and shake it gently. This will temporarily restore print quality.

In the area of ​​the fuser unit

The fuser area becomes hot during operation. Be careful when deleting.

1 Open the front cover and remove the cartridge.

2 Remove the jammed paper by gently pulling it straight out.

3 Replace and close the front cover. Printing will resume automatically.

Troubleshooting other problems

The table lists some of the problems and how to fix them. Try to fix the problem according to the prompts. If the problem persists, contact technical support.

Troubleshooting Samsung SCX-4200

Scanning Problems

The document must be on the platen glass with the scanned side down. There may be insufficient memory to scan the document. Check if the document can be scanned using the prescan function. Decrease the scan resolution. Check if the USB cable is connected properly. Make sure the USB cable is working properly. Connect another cable that you know is good. Replace the cable if necessary. Check if the scanner settings are correct. Check the scan settings in the configuration window of SmarThru and make sure the scan job is being sent to the correct port (for example, LPT1).

Scanning is too slow.

Check if the product is printing received data. If so, wait until printing is complete before scanning your document. Images are scanned more slowly than text. In scan mode, the data transfer rate is slower because a large amount of memory is required to analyze and reproduce the scanned image. Enable ECP mode in the BIOS settings of your computer This will improve performance.

A message is displayed on the computer screen:

“Port is in use by another program” “Port is disabled” “Scanned data is being scanned or printed. Please try again after the current job completes. “Invalid handle” “Scan error”

Data may be being copied or printed. Please try again after completing these jobs. The selected port is already in use. Restart your computer and try again. The cable is not connected correctly, or the printer is turned off. The scanner driver is not installed, or the operating system settings are incorrect. Make sure the device is properly connected and powered. Then restart your computer. The USB cable is not connected properly or the device is turned off.