Samsung Smart TV won’t connect to internet

Samsung Smart TV not connected to internet, fix

Samsung Smart TV. problems with WI-FI

Smart television is a relatively new invention, but it has already managed to firmly enter our lives. One of its drawbacks is dependence on the Internet, with which we have problems in our country.

Often, service centers are contacted by Samsung Smart TV users who cannot connect to the Internet. The reasons for this may be different, and each is solved in its own way. We will look at the most common ones.

There are not many reasons why Samsung TVs won’t connect to the internet. They are mainly related to:

  • firmware;
  • updates;
  • incorrect setting;
  • equipment problems.

It is easy to fix software problems on your own, but with a failed hardware you will have to contact the wizard.

“External” problems

The first step you need to take is rather trivial and funny: you need to turn the TV on and off. The method known to everyone really helps in a number of cases. Remove the wire from the outlet for 10 minutes to completely de-energize the TV, and then turn on.

If the problem persists after restarting, you will have to dig into the system. We check access to the Internet via WI-FI on Samsung Smart TV. This is done to determine if the inline module is working.

We go to the “Menu”. “Support”. “Contact Samsung”, or “Menu”. “Network”. “Network status”. We are interested in the line where the MAC address is specified. There must be a unique ID, if it is replaced by zeros or dashes, then the module does not work.

To make sure that it is broken, you need to create an access point on your smartphone yourself. Try to connect to it, if failed. the WI-FI module is definitely out of order.

If the connection succeeds, then the problem is not in the TV, but in the router, and it needs to be solved in a different way. Activate the DHCP server function and it will try to create a Connect with the TV.

A common reason a Samsung TV won’t connect to the Internet via WI-FI is a blocking by the provider. Contact him and clarify this information. For a number of reasons, it could block the IP address of the Samsung server.

The software is constantly updated, and while in theory it should improve the performance of devices, in practice this is not always the case. If WI-FI is not available on Samsung Smart TV after the next update, then it may not have been installed correctly. Try to install it manually via USB stick.

It is recommended not to update the firmware over the network at all, since due to a break in information or high ping, it may not be installed correctly. Such a preventive step will save you from many problems, not only with connecting your Samsung TV to the Internet.

The problem might be with the router software, not the TV. Find out if there have been any updates to your router. If you did, then be sure to install them. It is also worth trying to reset the settings to factory defaults. Problems often arise with routers provided by the provider. Replacing it can restore Connect.

The problem may be related to the Access Control feature. Disable it, or add the MAC address to the list of exceptions.

Service setting

If none of the above helped, and the TV does not see the router, then you will have to do manual configuration.

First, call the service menu. To do this, press “Info” on the remote control. “Menu”. “Mute”. “Power”. Go to the “Option” category, where you need to select the “Faktory Rezet” item.

The settings will be reset. Unplug the TV for a few minutes to exit the service menu. Then configure everything again.

Enter the public DNS server manually. Google has it or, Yandex has, or write down the router’s gateway address.

If none of these steps helped, then you cannot do without the help of a service center.

DNS errors

Sometimes replacing the existing DNS helps to correct the situation with the inoperability of the wireless Internet on the TV receiver. To change this parameter, in the network settings on the TV, you must manually register the existing DNS from Google. You can find out these values ​​in the search engine of any browser.

Resetting your TV

You can fix problems with Wi-Fi performance on Samsung TV after a full reset of the system settings. The process of moving to factory settings on a TV of this model is divided into the following stages:

  • Turn off the TV set.
  • On the remote control, alternately press the buttons “INFO”, “MENU”, “MUTE”, “POWER” in the specified sequence. You need to press in turn and quickly. After that, the Smart TV should start.
  • In the displayed service menu, switch to the “Option” line and press the OK button on the remote control to confirm the action.
  • In the new section, click on the “Factory Reset” parameter and make sure that the device has turned off.
  • Turn on TV again.

After carrying out the above manipulations and turning on the TV set again, it should work with the factory settings. Now you can reconnect to Wi-Fi, enter the password for protecting the access point.

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Factory Reset on Samsung TV

How to turn on Wi-Fi on a Samsung TV

Smart TVs can be connected to the wireless Internet via the built-in Wi-Fi module. This article will focus on ways to connect Samsung TV to Wi-Fi network.

Smart TV Samsung

  • How to know if your Samsung TV supports Wi-Fi
  • Connecting the TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi
  • Connection features depending on the Samsung TV model
  • If the TV does not connect to the Internet
  • Set Smart TV settings manually
  • Change the connection method
  • Entering the MAC address
  • Reboot equipment
  • Eliminate interference that affects signal quality
  • Automatic connection
  • Resetting your TV
  • Software Update
  • DNS errors
  • Connection speed control
  • Checking the connection
  • TV. router
  • Router. Internet
  • Connecting to Wi-Fi without DHCP
  • Useful Tips

Eliminate interference that affects signal quality

Sometimes the TV set cannot connect to the router via Wi-Fi due to poor signal. To stabilize the signal level, it is necessary to reduce the distance between the devices in question or install an additional repeater at home.

Set Smart TV settings manually

This process is carried out through the parameters of the TV in several stages:

  • Go to “Settings” of your Samsung TV.
  • Disable DHCP function.
  • Set network parameters manually. The user will need to fill in the fields “IP address”, “Subnet mask”, “Gateway”, “DNS server”. This information can be found in the web interface of your router.
  • Reboot the router and TV after performing such actions.
  • Make sure the problem is resolved.

Connection speed control

When using wireless internet, it is important to control its speed. Slow data transfer rates are usually caused by the following circumstances:

  • Low potential of the Wi-Fi router. Perhaps the router is not capable of delivering high Internet speed due to its technical characteristics. To correct the situation, you will need to replace the transmitter.
  • Serious load on the router. This happens when several devices are simultaneously connected to the transmitter, and the Wi-Fi channel becomes congested. To increase the speed, you need to turn off other gadgets.
  • Features of the tariff plan. Perhaps the user has an active tariff plan with a low data transfer rate, which is why the Internet is loading slowly.

Controlling the speed of a wireless connection is carried out in several steps, which will be described below.

Replacing DNS on Samsung TV

Connecting to Wi-Fi without DHCP

DHCP resolves dynamic IP forwarding issues. Disabling this protocol involves manually entering basic network parameters in the Samsung TV settings.

Note! This method of synchronization is not considered popular, since when entering parameters from the back of the router, many users have errors that prevent them from connecting the TV to Wi-Fi. You have to turn to the services of specialists in setting up network equipment.

How to know if your Samsung TV supports Wi-Fi

The easiest way to find out about the TV’s support for wireless transmission is by looking at its specifications. This requires:

  • Go online.
  • In the search bar of the browser, write the exact name of your model up to the last character.
  • Go to any site. It is advisable to use the first resource in the list.
  • Read the technical specifications of the device. If the TV supports Wi-Fi, then the word “Yes” will be written in front of the line “Wi-Fi support”.

Note! You can get acquainted with such information in the instructions that come with the device, or through the settings menu.

How to connect Samsung Smart TV to the Internet via cable and WI-FI. Step by step setup

Hi people! We continue the theme of building a media network for the home. This article will show you how to connect your Samsung Smart TV to the Internet. All settings will be carried out using the example of TVs 2012-2013 model years.

Why Samsung? Because TVs of this particular brand have very great opportunities in terms of setting up Smart TV (Smart TV) functions and working over the network. Therefore, we will do everything by their example.

Unfortunately, until now, the author of the article has not been able to personally see the 2014 TV menu. But I do not think that it is very different from those given in the article. Therefore, if you have just such a TV, read carefully and everything will work out.

By the way, even if you have a TV from another manufacturer, then after reading the article and understanding the main points, you can easily configure everything on your own. Let’s get down to business.

In this article, you will learn:

The scheme for connecting a TV to the Internet is quite simple and in most cases it looks like this:

Correctly configured TV network card, we connect with a cable to your home router, which, in turn, provides a constant connection to the Internet.

If the TV has a wireless WI-FI card, then the connection principle is no different. Configured wireless TV card, connect to the access point of the modem.

How to connect to a router (modem) using a network cable and WI-FI, as well as its step-by-step configuration, we discussed in detail in the article “How to configure a router to work in a media network”.

I strongly recommend this article to be carefully read, to understand the essence of the issue.

So let’s start connecting your TV to the internet. Select the appropriate instruction manual according to your TV model year:

Let’s look at the example of the UE40ES6100 model.

First of all, connect the network cable from the router to the LAN socket of the TV:

Then press the “MENU” button on the TV remote:

Here click the “Start” button. The TV itself will try to connect to the Internet:

Even if TV gave you a message about successful connection, click on “IP Settings” and specify the following:

  • IP Setting: Select “Enter Manually”
  • IP address: any value from to
  • Subnet mask: specify.
  • Gateway: The IP address of the router. In our case.
  • DNS Setting: Select “Enter Manually”
  • DNS Server: Enter your ISP, or.
  • Click OK

If everything was done correctly, you will receive a message like this:

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Green check marks in the screenshot above indicate a successful connection. Click the “OK” button to complete the configuration.

If instead of them you see red crosses, then something was done wrong. check everything again.

You connected your TV to the Internet with a LAN cable!

  • Before you start setting up the TV’s WI-FI connection, make sure that you do not have a LAN cable connected. Otherwise, the wireless setup menu will not open.
  • When you connect the TV to the Internet via WI-FI, later, various failures and freezes may occur (especially when using the IPTV service).

Press the “MENU” button on the TV remote control:

In the menu that opens, select “Network. Network settings”:

In the list of wireless networks, select your own (the one that was configured on the router), then click the “Next” button:

Enter the key to connect to your WI-FI network (access point key). Then select “Next”:

TV should inform about successful connection (provided that the “DHCP” function is enabled on your router).

In any case, do not pay attention to this, click the “IP Settings” menu item:

  • IP Setting: Select “Enter Manually”.
  • IP address: any value from to
  • Subnet mask: specify.
  • Gateway: The IP address of the router. In our case.
  • DNS setting: select “Enter manually”.
  • DNS Server: Enter your ISP, or.
  • Click “OK”.

Now press the “Retry” button again to update the connection with new parameters.
This completes the setup.!

First of all, connect the network cable coming from your router to the LAN connector of the TV:

Then press the “MENU” button on the TV remote control:

Specify “Network Type. Cable” and click the “Connect” button:

The TV will then automatically try to connect to the network. Wait for the connection check to complete and select “IP Settings”:

A menu will open with the ability to specify IP addresses. State the following here:

  • IP address setting: select “Enter manually”.
  • IP address: any in the range to
  • Subnet mask: specify.
  • Gateway: The IP address of the router. In our case.
  • DNS Setting: Specify “Enter Manually”
  • DNS server: the value of your provider, or specify.
  • Click the “OK” button to save the settings.

Now select the “Repeat” item to check the correctness of the entered settings:

If everything is done correctly, TV will inform you about the successful connection to the network. If it gives an error, check the correctness of the entered settings again.

At this step, the TV connection to the Internet is completed.!

(!) When connecting the TV to the Internet via WI-FI, later, various failures and freezes may occur (especially when using the IPTV service).

The principle of connecting a TV Samsung 2013 model year to the Internet via WI-FI is almost the same with the models of 2012, with the exception of the first steps.

Select “Network. Network settings” and specify “Network type. Wireless”:

Select your WI-FI access point configured on the router from the list. If suddenly the wireless network you need is not displayed, click the “Refresh” button.

All further steps are identical with the setup of 2012 Samsung TVs, with the exception of a slight difference in the appearance of the menu.

Therefore, in order not to repeat yourself, follow the link “How to connect a Samsung TV to the Internet via WI-FI (E-series)” and do everything by analogy.

At this point, the connection of your TV to the Internet via WI-FI will be considered complete.

As you can see, connecting your Samsung Smart TV to the Internet is quite simple. At least after reading this article, the desired settings can be made in five minutes.

If you still have questions, ask them in the comments. We will solve your problems together.

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Vitaly help !! in the IP settings, I did everything according to the instructions, but the Internet does not work (((writes: the local network is connected, but there is no Internet access. Check the DNS settings in the IP address settings or contact your Internet service provider to get Internet access. What to do.

Vitaly, and what mode is your router configured in: bridge, or router?

I will ask in another way: you start the Internet with a shortcut on your computer, or you have it all the time when the modem is turned on?

Then everything is clear. You need to set it up to router mode first. That is, so that the Internet appears when you turn on the modem. How to do this is described here:

Vitaly, thanks for the article. Help in another, please. After setting up the Media Home center in Nero, the Internet on the Samsung TV disappeared. Modem. in router mode. The Internet works on the PC. The TV says that the local network is connected, but there is no Internet access. thank.

Igor, if the modem operates in router mode, then the computer settings cannot affect it at all. I think that you need to look at the connection parameters of the TV itself. Check the DNS server, maybe there is something wrong.

Tell me what else DNS can be, except for all eights?

Pavel, four eights, this is a Google DNS server. His second server. You can also enter the DNS of your provider.

Thanks for the answer! I will try) P.S. Cool music video!! All day I listened to the song))

Please use it for health. And about the clip, it happens. Some thread of melody will fall into the head and that’s it, kapets. for a long time.

I am struggling with the problem: “the local network is connected, but there is no Internet access. Check the DNS settings in the IP address settings or contact your Internet service provider to get Internet access”.
The Internet is connected to the TV set on the trail. scheme: optics. xPON. cable. router DIR-300. cable. TV Samsung F6540. I do not use shortcuts to connect to an Internet. Wi-Fi is distributed from the router to the laptop. the Internet works, I tried it by cable from the router. works on a laptop. It does not work on the TV set either via Wi-Fi or via cable (and I tried to connect to xPON directly via cable or Wi-Fi, and to the router in both ways. Everything is the same). And the most offensive thing is that everything worked fine until I pulled out the network cable from the TV.
I overloaded everything in a different sequence, pulled the cables, switched them, etc.
P.S. I watch TV through the Internet, on some widgets everything works (nstreamevo), but I can’t watch YouTube.
Help pliz!!

I will add: I get IP and DNS automatically. Internet byfly. I tried to prescribe with my hands. Does not help.

It is precisely with the hands that it is necessary to prescribe. At the same time, do not forget to specify the IP address of your router in the “Main gateway” line. DNS specify Google.

Thanks for the answer. The TV set stood the night, earned it in the morning. How and why. no idea. Works on received IP and DNS automatically.

I do not understand, since some widgets are working, then the network is still there. I wrote to you already Above, try to set all the settings by hand, cancel the automatic setting.

Vitaly thank you very much! DNS introduced everything works

please tell me, how do you say, put the modem in router mode?)

This means that it needs to be configured to always be connected to the network. Olga, if you do not understand what this is about, then it will be easier for you to contact your subscriber department and you must be helped.

But what if the router cannot see the TV? Then how do the tablet and mobile see? I tried to search through the wps button, too, does not work. In the router selection window, only “Add network”
Thank you in advance!

Natalya, for a start, I would advise you to try all the options for setting ip-addresses in the TV settings. That is, immediately set the automatic assignment of IPs, and then, if nothing changes, set them manually. I think that in this case the problem lies in the parameters on the TV. Therefore, you need to go to the solution step by step.

Tell me why, after entering the IP address, the Internet turned on, but I can not enter. Writes: the request could not be completed?

Once again, the IPshnik was introduced, the telly shows that there is a network. Where you can’t enter now?

Hello Vitalik. Read articles and comments.
Smart still won’t connect to the Internet.
I made the options in order:
manually. writes to check the IP address in the settings or contact the service provider. (I registered all the options from the articles from your site, wrote the last three digits within the limits you specified. I did not find the option, called ByFly. entered their options, does not let them on the Internet).
DNS registered the same as on my PC is also Google eights (2 options from your article). For Google, writes about DNS errors.
Combined to connect IP automatically, and configured DNS manually. wrote about the failure of IP autotuning and that the DHCP server is enabled on the router (I have no idea what this is yet). The same is written if both IP and DNS are configured to automatically connect (failure and server on the router).

Is this a problem of the provider or Smart? There used to be the Internet. Worked in automatic mode. Then he disappeared, prescribed it manually and there is no more Internet, either manual or automatic ((((

Tatyana, you say that your network used to work in automatic mode. So now the computer has the Internet, or not? If there is, then something is wrong on the TV.

There is a network. So I’ll deal with the TV. Thank. And another question. SMARTs can be infected like a computer?

You know, you are not the first to ask about this. The answer is no, they cannot be infected with a virus. So don’t even think about it.

A useful site, everything is clear, accessible, thank you very much

Good day, Vitaly! Samsung TV UE32EH5307. I have this problem. The last update removed most of the applications. When I went to Samsung Apps to download applications again, I saw that there were no pictures on the application icons and the download was not taking place. For a month now, I have not been able to install a single application. Smart HUB also does not update in any way, although it tries every day. The internet connection is good, the rest of the apps work well. I changed my mind and tried a huge number of options, there is no benefit. So I turned to you. Maybe you can help me with your knowledge. thank!

Lesha, I can’t answer exactly what is the reason for this. Try a full reset of the Smart Hub and sign off here about the results. Also worth checking the exposed Hub region.

Vitaly, hello! I did dumps, I did everything, it didn’t help! But, miracles continue! I tried to set the DNS settings (once again) “manually” by setting I. oh-oh-oh heaven, earned. Having quickly installed all the applications I needed, I still wondered, was it really all in this? Difficult question, you need to find the answer! With fear of falling into a stopper again, I translate the DNS settings automatically, reboot and. miracle. everything works anyway. The second day, and it all works! What happened? How did you fix it? I still don’t get it! If someone can explain, I would be very grateful!

All the same, it was in the DNS. After two days of work, the pictures disappeared again. Immediately set the “eights” and everything worked again. But. noticed that the speed of loading and operation of applications is noticeably reduced. You put the machine gun and the speed increases. Maybe what other additional settings are needed?

Eights are Google’s dns servers. If it works slowly with them, try to set the values ​​of your provider.

Hello. Help me please. Every time I connect the TV to wi-fi, an error is issued: the local network is connected, but there is no Internet access. Check the DNS settings in the IP address settings or contact your service provider and the router fails. The Internet always works when the router is turned on. What to do?

Well, do what the TV asks you to do. Specify the DNS server in the IP address settings. For example, you can drive in Google, this is, or

Hello. Please tell me if the TV has a Smart TV. it can be connected to wireless internet, or you need a cable to connect?

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It all depends on the specific TV model. If it has a built-in Wi-FI module, then you can connect it wirelessly. If not, then use a wired connection. By the way, I personally recommend that you use the wire, it will work more stable.

Help, please, I don’t know what to do. Every time I connect the TV to wi-fi, an error is issued: the local network is connected, but there is no Internet access. Check the DNS settings in the IP address settings or contact your service provider and the router fails.
On laptop and phone, wi-fi works fine. I installed the DNS server and eights and my provider, but it still does not work. Samsung UE32J6300 AU TV.

Irina, first of all, look at which method of assigning ip-addresses you have chosen on your TV. It can be dynamic, that is, the addresses are set automatically, or static, manually. It is advisable to use the second method (manual) and check that the IP-address of your modem, which distributes the Internet around the house, is indicated in the “Main gateway” column.

Hello! I just can’t figure out how to access the Internet through the TV (((. I connected Wi-Fi through a router, and what should I do next ((

Now you need to connect your TV to the router’s wireless network. Go to setting up WI-FI on your TV. And you will be happy.

Good day. This is not the first time I have met the difficulties of people with Russification and the inclusion of smarthub on TVs of the new J and JU series. Somehow a couple of months ago I was lucky to unlock a JU series TV using a homemade remote control with one diode, but now I brought a new ue40j5200aw from Poland. In the case of JU, everything about Bosch was played by playing “INFO_FACTORY inv.wav” and “FACTORY FROM REMOTE”, which, in principle, proves the operation of the remote control, but in the case of the J series, it is not possible to open the local set in any way. I played quite a lot of variants of cm codes, unsuccessfully, there is no Russian, the hub is blocked. Help with kind advice, I will be very grateful.

Vitalik, in such cases you need to look for the factory remote control. What other options can there be. All my knowledge in this matter is laid out in the article.

And yet they succeeded in achieving success. The archive of CM codes contains both the entire recorded commands “INFO_FACTORY inv.wav” and separately recorded “INFOinv.wav” and “FACTORY inv.wav”. The fact is that the TV does not have time to respond to such fast impulses, you need to run INFO first and then FACTORY. Then the CM becomes expanded.

Vitaly, good afternoon and happy New Year and Christmas holidays.
I am not the first to contact you with a DNS problem. I tried all the recipes that were written in the comments above. Does not help.
What we have:
1. TV Samsung J5510.
2. XPON from ByFly (Minsk), a standard Promsvyaz router, which is given upon connection. All other devices (phone, laptop, Sony TV) see the Internet and connect without problems both via LAN and wi-fi.
3. Within three months from the date of purchase, no problems: TV was connected to the network and went online (both via LAN and wi-fi). The settings were manual with a registered IP, an exposed gateway and DNS from byfly (
4. Periodically (but not often) the TV set lost the Internet (ie I saw the network, but wrote that there was an error in the DNS). was treated by disconnecting and reconnecting to an outlet, replacing DNS, switching from a wireless network to a cable and back. Those. recipes helped.
4. 4 days ago (December 25), problems of a global nature began: the TV set lost the Internet and did not find it during the whole day (this was not the case before). I contacted the byfly technical support: once again I asked them the gateway and DNS addresses, everything was correct. Changing to Google’s DNS did not help, changing from wi-fi to cable did not help.
5. The next day (December 26) I found the Internet TV (the settings remained the same. I just turned on the TV in the morning and everything works). That is, the same miracle happened as for the others. But
6.Since December 27, the Internet has completely lost: no recipes help (other devices, including the second TV, work without problems).
Tell me, what other solutions are there? Should I do a factory reset (I just couldn’t find how to do it on the J-series, similar to how on other series: info-menu-mute-power?) Or are there some less radical options.

Zhenya, judging by your description, all the options were made correctly. If this is the case, it may be worth contacting a service workshop. What else could be the problem here? It seems to me that this is a malfunction of the TV itself. At least very much like it.

Good afternoon, Vitaly.
Thanks for the advice. I will contact the workshop after the holidays. Now I will try through technical support on the official website.
One more point, I did not immediately notice: I thought that the firmware was the newest, since auto-update was turned on. Now on TV firmware 1217. Firmware 1412 is posted on the official site. It is worth updating?

Victor, the problem has been resolved. In the simplest way (grief from the mind).
I contacted online support at the office. website: recommended doing a simple factory reset. Everything worked (although the notes say that everything except the network settings is reset, but nevertheless it helped.

Internet setup via WI-FI on LG Smart TVs

To enter the Smart TV settings menu for LG TVs, press the “Settings” button on the remote control. In the menu that appears, select the “Network” item. “Network connection”:

The following informational message will appear:

Click the “Configure connection” button. In the next window, click on the “List of networks” button:

A search for Wi-Fi networks will start, at the end of which you will see a list of available ones:

Attention! In cases when you need to manually set the parameters of the wireless network used (WPS, hidden SSID, etc.). click the “Manual setup” button

At the next stage, Smart TV LG TV will ask you to enter a password to connect to WI-FI:

After entering the security key, click “OK” and enter the configuration of the IP protocol parameters:

As a rule, if you connect to a home Wi-Fi router, the receipt of addresses is left in automatic mode. If you need to register a static IP address or specify a different DNS server, select the “Enter manually” option and enter your values. Press the “OK” button.

This information window indicates that the TV has successfully connected to the WI-FI network. Click on the “Finish” button and check access to the global web.

In the upper right corner, you should see a green wireless network icon, which indicates that LG Smart TV is successfully connected to the Internet via WI-FI.

Connecting Samsung Smart TV to WI-FI

To enter the Smart TV settings of Samsung TVs, you need to press the Menu button on the remote control. The following options menu will appear:

We select the “Network” section, and in it. “Network settings”. After that, the following window should start:

Mark with a green dot the type of network connection “Wireless network (shared)” and click on the “Next” button.
The TV should start searching for Wi-Fi networks and display a list of available for connection.

Choosing your home grid. After that, the system will ask you to enter the connection password:

If you have forgotten the security key, then this instruction will help. In case of successful connection of Samsung Smart TV to WI-FI, you will see something like this:

Click the “OK” button. After that, the TV should have Internet access.

Note: If you need to register an IP address or manually specify the addresses of DNS servers. click the “IP Settings” button and write the required values.

How to connect a Smart TV to the Internet via WI-FI

Smart TVs are actually a transitional option between old boxes for watching terrestrial TV channels and a computer. The word Smart itself implies “smart”, but still a TV. Now new generations of television receivers are appearing on the market, in fact, already endowed with intelligence in the form of a full-fledged operating system. For example, Sony on Android TV. Against their background, Smart TVs are becoming cheaper, which means more affordable. One of the main “chips” of any such devices is the ability to access the Internet through a home network to view video hosting sites such as YouTube or RuTube, visits to social networks Odnoklassniki,. and other portals. Therefore, today we will consider a question that is very common among the owners of such devices. how to connect a Smart TV to the Internet via the WI-FI network of a home router.
As part of this article, I will tell you about Samsung and LG TVs, which hold leading positions in sales in Russia. For Phillips TV owners, I recommend watching this article. link.

If the TV does not connect to the Internet

In this case, I would advise first to connect a laptop, tablet or phone to the same home Wi-Fi network and check access to the global web. This will immediately determine in which direction to look for a malfunction.
As a rule, one of the most common reasons is a disabled DHCP server on the router. To check this, you need to go to the web interface of the router and in the LAN section find the DHCP server settings and check that it is enabled (enable).

Smart TV does not work on TV: solution to all problems

It is hard for television to compete with the Internet in terms of the variety of video content, it is a known fact. But the situation is balanced by the Smart TV service. it actually allows you to use the TV for Internet surfing. The process of connecting it is simple, you only need an Internet connection and a minimum of effort to configure. But sometimes a problem appears. Smart TV does not work, which may be caused by several factors.

Mandatory reboot

If Smart TV is not showing, but the Internet is working, the next step is to reboot. It is likely that a memory failure has occurred that can be repaired in this way. To do this, turn off the router and TV, and then disconnect them. Wait a few minutes and turn it on again. If Smart TV does not start loading, you can clear the application memory, i.e. a kind of reboot:

  • Enter Menu.
  • Open the section “Settings” or “Configuration”.
  • Select “Clean up Internet Applications”.

In case of failure, it is recommended to call the provider and report the problem. If you are sure that the TV itself is to blame, you should continue to search for the problem yourself.

It is widely believed that with such errors, you need to reset the TV to factory settings.

However, this is a desperate measure. after a rollback, the system will have to be re-configured, because everything that the user created will be deleted. Before this operation, you need to check other possible options.

Updating the router firmware

Updating Smart TV firmware is a standard procedure, most users switch it to automatic mode. If the firmware is outdated, the service does not stop working, but crashes in applications. But other software. a router may become outdated, thereby depriving the TV of an Internet connection. It is not difficult to update it, it is only important to find out the model of the router and follow the simple instructions.

  • Download the latest software version for your router model from the Internet.
  • Connect the device to a PC via a LAN cable and open its web interface.
  • Before starting the upgrade, it is recommended to back up your data. the settings will be reset to the factory settings during the upgrade. To do this, open the path Advanced Settings. System Tools. Backup and Restore. Backup.
  • Open the “System Tools” section, select the “Firmware Update” item.
  • If the update is from a file, select “Local update” and specify the path to the file via the “Browse” button. If the update is online, select this mode.
  • Click on “Update”. the process will take a few minutes.
  • After completion, you need to check the result. for this, in the “System settings” check the software version,
  • Manually reset to factory settings: in step 3, the last item in the chain should be “Restore factory settings”.
  • Return to the user settings saved in the backup. for this use the “Recovery” section.

To carry out this procedure, you do not need an Internet connection, you only need to configure the web interface of the router on your computer.

Reasons why Smart TV may not work

Smart TV is a stable service, usually malfunctions in its work are easy to fix with proper diagnostics. Before proceeding to it, it is worth checking if there is an Internet in principle. It is likely that the Wi-Fi router has stopped sending out a signal, which is why the Smart TV cannot be turned on. Checking is simple. just connect any other device, smartphone, computer or laptop to the router. If they are unable to access the Internet, the problem is not with the TV. Otherwise, you need to move on to considering other possible causes.

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Factory reset

This procedure will delete all user information on the TV. from color settings to deleting compiled channels and downloaded applications. You will have to configure everything again, so this method is the last in the list of possible solutions to the problem.

To reset to factory settings, you need to go to the Menu through the remote control, where you can select either the “Self-diagnosis” and “Reset” (for Samsung), or “Advanced settings” and the “General” section (for LG). For other models, you need to look for a reset item in the same sections.

Software problems

As noted above, the firmware may become outdated on the TV. in this case, some applications will not work, while others will give out frequent crashes. The easiest way to find out if an update has appeared is from the TV itself. If for some reason you cannot enter the settings, you can update the firmware via a flash drive. To do this, it is formatted for the operating system of the TV, the update file (not an archive!) Is downloaded to it, then the flash drive is inserted into the TV connector and the update is started. It is much more convenient to run it through the settings of the TV itself. Below we will consider the procedure for Samsung TVs if Smart TV does not turn on on the TV.

  • Open Menu.
  • Select the section “Support”.
  • Click on the item “Software update”. If it is not available, disconnect the TV for a few minutes and try again.
  • Select the line “Update now” or “Update over the network”.
  • A search will be carried out for a new firmware version. If it is found, a dialog box about its installation will appear. Confirm Action.
  • Wait for the end of the installation process, then the TV turns off and on again.

This scheme is suitable for Samsung TV, but also for other brands. LG, for example, it is identical. It is important that the TV does not turn off during the update. this can lead to serious malfunctions.

Connecting to the network manually

Sometimes the reason for the failure of Smart TV may be an error in identifying the network connection. To fix the problem, you can try to enter the necessary data yourself. you can find it out from the contract with the provider. If the contract is unavailable or lost, you can call the technical support service and get the data from them.

To enter manually, you need to open the “Settings” in the Menu, then go to the “Configuration” section and the “Network Settings” subsection. A window will appear with several lines. in them you need to enter the provider information. After successful input, you need to restart Smart TV.

For Samsung and LG TVs, the following problem is typical: the Wi-Fi router works for all devices except the TV. A temporary solution to the problem will be the following action: in the “Network Settings” specify the value of the DNS server “”.

Smart TV does not work. Possible malfunctions and their elimination

Equipment manufacturers are trying in any way to facilitate the process of connecting and configuring their equipment. Smart TVs are no exception. It would seem that it is easier. they took it out of the box, plugged it into a DC network, connected it to the Internet and you’re done! But everything is not always as simple as it seems. In this article, we will determine why Smart TV does not work, the main problems with setting up and connecting the TV, and also show you how to fix them.

Connecting Smart TV to the Internet

The most common scheme for connecting home devices to the Internet is through a WI-FI router, into which a cable from your Internet provider is connected. Routers come in different models, colors and shapes, but the principle of operation is the same for all. to receive the Internet from the provider and transmit a signal to devices via WI-FI or cable.

The preferred method of connecting the TV to the router is cable. It is the cable connection that can provide the necessary speed for broadcasting streaming video. No matter how good your home WI-FI router is, you should know that the data transfer speed through WI-FI will definitely be lower than through a cable. The further the device is from the router, the older the router itself, the lower the speed.

And so, most likely you already have a router at home that “distributes” the Internet via WI-FI to all your devices. laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. Everything works fine and no problems arise. But when you try to connect the TV to the Internet through a router, problems begin to arise:

    As practice shows, about 35% of users do not remember the password for their WI-FI. How to be? Remember the master who set up the router, call him, ask for a password? Reset your router to default settings? There are simpler solutions. If the apartment has a laptop that has already been connected to WI-FI with Windows XP / 7/8/10 installed on board, then you yourself can easily spy on the saved password. To do this, just go to the Network and Sharing Center. Manage wireless networks. Properties of the WI-FI network we need. the Security tab and check the item “Display entered characters”

In the network settings, set the DNS server manually and set the value:

The settings window images may differ depending on the model:

Hardware problems with Smart TV

Sometimes it happens that the TV seems to be connected to the Internet, but still does not go into Smart. After making sure on the other device that the problem is not with the Internet connection, we begin to look for problems with the TV:

  • Technical work on the manufacturer’s servers. You just need to know that someday it may happen. Nobody will warn you about the start of work, and you will only know that everything is in order the next time you turn on the TV
  • Outdated Smart TV firmware is also a common problem. Usually, TVs are automatically updated via the Internet, but there are also crashes. Then you have to either start the update manually via the Internet, or download the update file to a USB flash drive and update from the flash drive. Old firmware can cause non-working apps like YouTube on Philips TVs. Attention! You only need to download the firmware designed specifically for your TV model! Installing the wrong firmware can harm your TV.
  • Hardware malfunction of the TV. If software errors can be corrected at home, then, in case of problems with the hardware, it is better to contact a certified service center (especially if the TV is under warranty).

We hope this article will help you at least a little with solving problems with Smart TV. Our experts are always ready to help you. Contact!

Reset network in Smart TV settings

The functionality does not exist in all receiver models of this manufacturer. It is found in modern versions of TVs, debugging takes place according to the standard algorithm:

  • To reset the system settings, you need to go to the menu and move to the “network” block.
  • The list contains the command “reset settings”, after its activation the equipment will return to the initial, factory settings.
  • The procedure ends with checking the availability of broadcasting.

Important! At the end of the reset, the system independently turns off the TV receiver. If the process does not go through automatically, the receiver is turned off manually.

After completing any repair manipulation, you must leave the TV inoperative for 10 minutes. Only after a short “rest” is access checked again.

Reset process

Samsung Smart TV can’t find Wi-Fi network

The problem with the inability to connect may be related to:

  • with incorrect parameter settings;
  • low-quality network equipment;
  • software glitch.

If the Samsung TV does not see Wi-Fi, then the issue is resolved by reinstalling the firmware. Experts advise not to use the built-in TV service, but to carry out the procedure through a USB flash drive, after downloading the program from the manufacturer’s official website.

The second option is to disconnect the TV set from electricity. After 15 minutes, the receiver will reboot and return to stable operation.

Important! If the simplest actions did not help, then you need to look for a more serious source of problems.

If the Internet does not work on TV

Sometimes communication with programs or the browser can be lost. The status check is carried out in the TV menu, the system can give several options:

  • “Connection not established”;
  • “Connection without access”.

The causes of malfunctions of the main equipment are searched using a phone or tablet. If the rest of the equipment has access, then the issue is resolved by restarting the TV receiver. After turning off the power, you need to wait 15 minutes and turn it on again. Reboot the router in parallel.

Displaying errors

What to do if TV does not connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi

The list of reasons why Samsung TV does not connect to Wi-Fi and shows an error is presented:

  • an incorrectly spelled or invalid password;
  • incorrectly entered data;
  • incorrect debugging of security and encryption of the wireless channel. you can clarify the information through the parameters of the router.

Steel work requires the router to use modern mode. n-format or mixed. It is necessary to check the DHCP server, which is automatically enabled by default. Sometimes the function is disabled during a system failure, after which the TV receiver is not able to re-integrate into the broadcast.

Sometimes secondary protection is connected on the devices. it is better to check the assumption. When installing a Wi-Fi amplifier, the equipment may try to integrate into it instead of the main equipment (this affects Keenetic, TP-Link, ASUS devices, etc.).

Important! If the TV receiver is able to connect to another grid (when distributing from a smartphone), the problem is that the router is not working.

DNS errors

After completing the above procedures and the problem that does not disappear, proceed to the next step. registering a static DNS server:

  • After logging into the IP, the DNS settings are manually entered.
  • The field is written “8888” or “8844”.
  • Then the “Control” section opens in the main menu, “Sub Option” and “RF Mute Time” are moved from it.
  • In the last block, the frequency of channel switching is set, the data is entered in milliseconds. Standard. “600”.

Important! The process ends with a hardware check. If the signal continues to disappear, a reboot of the hardware is required.

Samsung TV Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi. Ways to Solve the Problem

Buying a new receiver confronts owners with an issue where the Samsung TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi. There are several reasons for this problem. If you follow the instructions exactly, you can easily return the TV to working condition.

Login Problems

Samsung TV does not see Wi-Fi networks in the 5 GHz range

The absence or disabling of the old support results in the Samsung TV not seeing Wi-Fi at 5 GHz. The specified range gives a higher speed, after which videos, programs are easier to catch.

  • the TV receiver must support the 802.11ac standard for wireless broadcasting, you can check its availability through the technical support service or in the characteristics specified in the instructions;
  • dual-band equipment must have functionality that allows distribution at the specified frequency of 5 GHz.

If everything matches, then the problem is with the channel. After entering the menu, you need to choose one of four options: 36, 40, 44, 48.

Important! If the connection fails, you need to reset the grid or TV set.

One-stop solutions

Each TV receiver model has its own list of problems, which can be solved in accordance with the recommendations from the instructions. But there is a large list of universal solutions that allow you to independently find and fix the cause of failures when connecting or during operation.