Samsung transfer data to a new phone

How to quickly transfer data from an old phone to a new phone, to an SD card and a computer: step-by-step instructions with detailed explanations

Replacing the phone can be a serious problem for the user. On them, where the memory capacity exceeds 16 GB, the whole life fits: from personal to business. The vault contains business contacts, photos and videos, documents and other files that are difficult or impossible to recover.

Everyone will be delighted with a new phone, but it is difficult to use it without familiar applications and information. Modern technologies will help you quickly transfer the necessary files without wasting a lot of time. You can transfer everything from photos to WhatsApp messages. The necessary files will be transferred to another phone, except for the registry entries.

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Transferring Music

Modern users rarely store music files on their smartphones. For this, social networks or applications for listening to audio recordings are used. The most popular ones are:

  • Spotify
  • Deezer;
  • Music Play;
  • iTunes.

If the music library is stored in one of these applications, there will be no problems exporting. You just need to download the program on a new phone and log into your account.

If the files are stored on your phone, you will have to use one of the data transfer methods. It is best to transfer files through a memory card. If your old or new smartphone does not support an SD card, you will have to use the cloud storage. For this, there are both branded programs that are already preinstalled on the smartphone, and third-party applications. The most popular ones are:

  • iCloud is a proprietary utility from Apple that allows you to sync files from your smartphone;
  • Mi Cloud. an application on smartphones from the Chinese brand Xiaomi;
  • Google Drive. storage space for system backups on Android phones;
  • Yandex Disk. an application from Russian developers with 10 GB of free storage and the possibility of a paid expansion;
  • Dropbox is a third-party cloud that can host up to 2GB for free.

Music can be transferred to a new smartphone via a computer. To do this, connect the device via a USB cable and select the “Data transfer” connection type on your smartphone. After that, you just need to save the necessary files in a folder on your computer. Then disconnect the old mobile phone, and connect the new one to the cable. Paste the previously transferred files into the root folder of the smartphone.

By the way, this method will work with any type of content. Make sure both devices are connected to Wi-Fi before transferring data from phone to phone.

We transfer contacts, calls, SMS, photos and videos to your phone

Most of the information on the phone is stored on SD cards. However, they are not available on all models. Since the beginning of 2017, a fashion has appeared for flagships that do not provide for memory expansion. The most prominent representatives of phones without the ability to insert a memory card are the iPhone.

Apple phones have never been released with storage expansion in mind. Due to these features, data transfer causes a serious headache, especially if their volume exceeds 100 GB.

But thanks to special programs, phone owners do not even have to install additional software: you can transfer contacts, calls, SMS, photos and videos through the native utilities of the phone based on Android and iPhone.

Google account

The Android operating system was created by the American company Google, which provided a special program for storing data. With it, users will not have to take additional steps to access their files from any device.

To do this, you need to create an account. Often, owners of Android phones create it when the device is activated. If this was not done in advance, you can create a profile through the settings at any time:

  • Go to the “Settings” application (on phones of different companies, the names of applications and items are different, but remain logically similar).
  • Find the section “Users and accounts” and click on the plus or select the item “Add new account”.
  • Step by step fill in the opened fields: “e-mail”, “Name”, “Surname” and go further.
  • Come up with a new username. The main requirement is uniqueness. If the system has an account with an identical login, the error “This name is already taken” will be displayed. Also, the nickname will be linked to the @ mailbox, which is created automatically when registering an account. It will receive news related to Google. After confirming the username. go further.
  • In the window that opens, enter the password, which consists of at least 8 characters. If the password is missing at least 1 capital letter, number and special character, the program will generate an error. The resulting combination must be recorded in a safe place. It will be problematic to restore it, especially if the account is not tied to a phone number.
  • Enter the phone number and confirm it using the code that will come in the SMS. This step is not necessary, however, linking to the number makes the account more secure and will not allow intruders to change the password unnoticed.
  • The last step is to agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. After that, the Account is officially considered created and linked to the mobile phone.

The main advantage of using Google Account is the ability to synchronize phones and quickly transfer information between them. This can make it easier to switch from one phone to another. After downloading the backup on a new device, the necessary files will be downloaded automatically and displayed in the storage.

Synchronization is done on demand or automatically by downloading files at a specified period. To start offline system backups:

  • Go to the Settings app and look for Synchronization. This menu usually contains information about the profiles stored on the phone.
  • Find Google in the drop-down list. If this is the main account in the operating system, it is automatically displayed at the top of the list on some phone models. For example, in the MIUI branded system from Xiaomi, the Mi Cloud application will be displayed in the top, because it is this that is the main one for creating backups and transferring them from Android to Android.
  • The menu that opens shows the content types that are available for synchronization. The most frequently used ones are: “Documents”, “Contacts” and “Calendar”. Having set up an automatic download of information, the user just needs to log in to the new phone and enable synchronization. After that, all information saved in the cloud will be automatically loaded.

Transfer data from one iPhone to another

Like Xiaomi, Apple strives to put the convenience of its users first. When you activate your smartphone, iCloud sync is automatically turned on. This allows you to quickly transfer data from iPhone to new phone. It is important to ensure that there is enough space in the storage for all files, otherwise at a crucial moment it turns out that only part of the content is in the cloud. Manufacturers have provided for the possibility of expanding the volume, but any changes are paid.

To transfer files to a new IOS smartphone, the user does not have to do anything. It is enough to log in to another device and the system will automatically start downloading all iCloud content only if the smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi. Otherwise, it will offer to restart the process later, if there is a wireless network. This decision is justified, because downloading a large amount of information via 4G can take much longer.

Transferring applications

There are two types of programs stored on smartphones. The first one is installed via downloaded ARC files from third-party sources. This type of application is located in the phone’s storage, and you can transfer it to the SD card as described above. After moving them, you will have to reinstall them. the registry entries will remain in the system of the old phone, and only the installation files will appear on the new gadget. This type of program only works on Android.

The second type of files is virtually impossible to transfer. They are downloaded through official sources such as Play Market and App Store. Files of such programs cannot be transferred separately from the ARC phone.

However, there is good news for those who store a lot of programs on their phone. Android keeps a record of everything downloaded from the Play Store. Music, movies and games can be restored along with a backup by simply connecting to your account, as described above. Synchronization must be enabled for this. However, applications are slightly more difficult to restore: they will have to be manually downloaded again. To make this process as easy as possible, Google has created a My Apps & Games tab in the Play Store. There are 3 lists in this section:

  • “Updates”. programs installed on the phone that have new versions;
  • “Installed”. a general list of applications that are available on the phone;
  • “Library”. programs that have ever been downloaded.

It is guided by this list that the owner of a new phone will be able to completely restore the files of his ARC and immediately download them.

If the application is never installed again, you can simply remove it from the library. To add it back, just download it again using the search.

When transferring managers, for example, Viber to another phone, their entire history is loaded automatically from the backup versions saved on their official servers.

Attention! The presence of a SIM card does not affect the transfer of content to other smartphones. It doesn’t matter if there is an SD card in the gadget, if the files are transferred not through it.

All ways to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi (Mi Mover, Mi Drop, Mi account)

The Chinese brand Xiaomi cares about the convenience of its users. Even for data transfer, Xiaomi has provided many options that will save time and nerves.

The most popular among them is Mi Cloud. It is a cloud storage that permanently stores files from your phone. Recovery through this source is considered one of the easiest and fastest ways.

Mi Cloud is natively installed in all smartphones with MIUI shell.

To set up synchronization via Xiaomi branded cloud storage:

  • Go to the settings, find the “Accounts” section.
  • Find “Mi Account” and go to it.
  • If you are not signed in, log in using your e-mail or phone number.
  • After that, log into Mi Cloud.
  • In the application that opens, select the content types of interest and enable synchronization in them. If it is disabled for all file types, a message will appear at the top asking you to enable autosave. To avoid having to select individual data types, set up sync for all files with one click.
  • If you need, for example, only contacts and messages to be in the cloud storage, enable autoload for them optionally by going to the section of interest.
  • After the download is complete, connect to Mi Cloud on another phone and the files will be downloaded automatically.
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Another tool for transferring information is Mi Drop, which is available on all Xiaomi smartphones, where the MIUI proprietary shell is installed starting from version 7. To transfer files in this way, you will not need anything other than Wi-Fi. The program is focused specifically on data transfer, so there are no unnecessary functions in it. To transfer files to a new smartphone using Mi Drop:

  • Open the app on two phones.
  • On the main, select the files, including apps, that you want to transfer to your new device.
  • Click on the “Submit” button, which will start a search for nearby devices.
  • Confirm the file transfer on both smartphones and wait for the export to complete.

The third application with which you can switch to a new phone without losing information is Mi Mover. Like the previous utilities, it is already in the smartphone. The user does not have to download and configure anything. The main thing is, before transferring data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi, you need to make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on. At the same time, you can quickly transfer many files to another device in one action, along with a system backup.

Unlike previous methods, Mi Mover requires the simultaneous presence of two smartphones in close proximity, because to connect, you need to read the QR code. To transfer files:

  • Go to the Settings menu and find the Advanced section where Mi Mover is located.
  • Assign roles: recipient and recipient, respectively.
  • A QR code will appear on the recipient’s smartphone. To read it, you need a special application, which is already preinstalled on all Xiaomi smartphones released after 2017. The code is needed with the Honor smartphone-sender.
  • Wait for the process to complete.

Attention! An additional application is required to transfer files from iPhone to Xiaomi. You can use Google Drive file hosting. It is suitable for any operating system.

It is possible to transfer data from Xiaomi to computer and then transfer it to iPhone via iTunes. In this case, the scheme for downloading files from a smartphone will be similar to the above-described uploading content via USB.

Transfer Contacts to Xiaomi from SIM Card

The most common way to set up contacts on Xiaomi is by transferring from a SIM card.

  • The control menu should be launched first. To do this, you need to hold down the button, which is located under the screen on the touch panel and is indicated by three horizontal lines.
  • In the settings you need to select the line “System applications”, and in them. “Contacts”.
  • Here select the “Import / Export” section, then open “Import from SIM”.
  • After that, you should select the desired card (SIM1 or SIM2), from which you want to write off numbers.
  • A list of saved data on the SIM will appear on the screen. To copy several names, you need to hold down one line until the labels appear, then select the ones you need and select the “Move” option.

In the “Import” section, you can also transfer data to your Google or Mi account. In this case, the smartphone converts the information in the.vcf and.vCard formats.

The disadvantage of this method is that most sim cards do not have a lot of memory. Therefore, in this way it is possible to move too few numbers from the old phone.

Cloud transfer

The best way to transfer any phone data is to use the cloud from Xiaomi.

You will have to get a Mi account when you turn on your smartphone for the first time. This means that you are just one step away from the desired action. If suddenly (pah-pah) something unpleasant happens to you with the device, the memory fails, the processor dies, or maybe they just steal it, that is the only way to return the missing contacts. This is to use the company’s branded service.

What does all of this mean? And the fact that moving and preserving everything you need will not be difficult, and it will bring enormous benefits. When the new phone is linked to the old Mi account, when the synchronization is turned on, it will quickly download contacts from the cloud, you will not insert the SIM card yet, and the subscribers will already be in the phone’s memory. All of the above is true and possible for operations with a Google account. I advise you to duplicate your contacts and hide them in different places. You never know what can happen.

On computer

To save numbers from your Xiaomi phone on your computer, you need to do the following:

  • open the application for calls;
  • hold down the “Menu” button until the settings appear;
  • select the item “Import and Export”;
  • click on “Export to memory”, after which the message “The list of contacts will be exported to a file” should appear;
  • confirm the action with the OK button;
  • after the completion of the export, a corresponding notification should appear;
  • if everything was done correctly, the file 00001.vcf will appear in the root directory of the smartphone.

After completing the above steps, you can transfer contacts from the phone memory to your computer by copying the created file.


It is more difficult to transfer notes, if you want to get all the notes at once, without the need for individual selection and long fuss, I recommend using the Mi cloud to synchronize notes. But for this you need to log into the same Mi account on both Xiaomi and connect them to the Internet. How to do this is written in this instruction for creating a backup.

If you need to quickly transfer one or two notes, we will use the already familiar ShareMe, but we will do it from the Notes application. The fact is that the contents of the notes are not presented in the form of separate files or pictures, they are stored in their own format, which other programs do not understand and therefore their transfer is fraught with some restrictions, if we are not talking about a backup, the transfer in it takes place in full and without restrictions.

Launch “Notes”, then go to the entry that you want to transfer to Xiaomi.

QR code operations

Mi Drop

This feature is present on all Xiaomi devices, starting with MIUI 7 firmware and above. It is based on the wireless connection of two gadgets using high-speed Wi-Fi, which is many times faster than data transfer via Bluetooth.

  • photo, video and audio data;
  • APK documents and files;
  • contacts saved in the phone book.

You don’t have to download anything to use this feature.

The sequence of actions for using Mi Drop is very simple and looks like this:

  • We activate the function by clicking on its icon (a circle with an arrow, the pointer of which is directed to the center) in the drop-down top window;
  • Having found the file that needs to be transferred, click on it and hold it until a pop-up context menu appears with various options for action;
  • Among all the items we find “Send” and select it;
  • The main thing is to pre-enable the function on the recipient’s gadget so that the synchronization goes smoothly;
  • After confirming the action on both sides, we wait for a while until the data is transferred from one Xiaomi device to another.

The function is very practical, especially when there is a need to quickly transfer several files, but for more global purposes there are other options.

How to access Samsung Cloud

Then click Login followed by Add account add your Samsung account.

Note. For older Samsung models, you can click Samsung Cloud and Add Account instead.

Transferring Music

Modern users rarely store music files on their smartphones. For this, social networks or applications for listening to audio recordings are used. The most popular ones are:

  • Spotify
  • Deezer;
  • Music Play;
  • iTunes.

If the music library is stored in one of these applications, there will be no problems exporting. You just need to download the program on a new phone and log into your account.

If the files are stored on your phone, you will have to use one of the data transfer methods. It is best to transfer files through a memory card. If your old or new smartphone does not support an SD card, you will have to use the cloud storage. For this, there are both branded programs that are already preinstalled on the smartphone, and third-party applications. The most popular ones are:

  • iCloud is a proprietary utility from Apple that allows you to sync files from your smartphone;
  • Mi Cloud. an application on smartphones from the Chinese brand Xiaomi;
  • Google Drive. storage space for system backups on Android phones;
  • Yandex Disk. an application from Russian developers with 10 GB of free storage and the possibility of a paid expansion;
  • Dropbox is a third-party cloud that can host up to 2GB for free.

Music can be transferred to a new smartphone via a computer. To do this, connect the device via a USB cable and select the “Data transfer” connection type on your smartphone. After that, you just need to save the necessary files in a folder on your computer. Then disconnect the old mobile phone, and connect the new one to the cable. Paste the previously transferred files into the root folder of the smartphone.

Using the Yandex.Movement application

You can still move contacts from your IPhone using the Yandex.Move application, you can install it in the AppStore. After launching it, a dialog box will be displayed on the gadget screen, where the button for starting use will be located.

Important! The application will require the user to enter the Yandex account account data, then a digital code will be displayed on the screen, which must be used when transferring information to Xiaomi. Also, the application must additionally be installed on an Android smartphone, log into your account and in the “Settings” item activate the information transfer mode

For additional authentication, a digital password will be requested to move data from one device to another

Also, the application must additionally be installed on an Android smartphone, log into your account and in the “Settings” item activate the information transfer mode. For additional authentication, a digital password will be requested to move data from one device to another.

Note! It doesn’t matter which model of a particular brand of phone a person owns. Whether it’s the iPhone SE, 7 Plus or Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, Mi series gadgets, the approach remains the same everywhere

Samsung transfer data to a new phone

The purchase of a new means of communication entails, in addition to pleasant emotions from the acquisition, some difficulties associated with the need to synchronize all accounts registered from the old device with the new one, as well as transfer the phone book to it. A large number of people now use the WhatsApp messenger for business and personal communication, which raises the question of the possibility of transferring it to a new smartphone without losing important data from business correspondence or messages written by loved ones.

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The good news for users is that it is quite possible to transfer WhatsApp to a new device. The main problem is that the WhatsApp account is tied to a phone number, so the archive of messages can be restored only if the SIM card that was used on the old device is inserted into the new phone.

When transferring WhatsApp to another phone, you need to follow three steps, which will be detailed below:

This point is not difficult, because after the contacts are transferred from the old phone to the new one, WhatsApp will automatically detect which one has a similar application from the list and will include these people in the contact list. However, before installing WhatsApp on a new smartphone, you need to back up your message history. otherwise there will be nothing to transfer to your new device. Messages in WhatsApp are saved automatically once a day, only the archive storage locations can differ: it can be the iCloud cloud service (for Apple products), as well as a Google drive, an external memory card or the internal memory of the device.

When using an external memory card, the archive files are saved to the / sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases folder, when the specified data is stored in the internal memory, this is the WhatsApp / Databases folder. The archive files should be transferred to a new phone by placing them at the same address, depending on what method of data storage is used by the device.

  • Install WhatsApp app.
  • Moving message archives.

After completing the installation process and launching the program for the first time, you will need to enter a phone number, and then WhatsApp will ask you if data recovery is required. After confirmation, all messages will be transferred to the new device, but with one caveat. the transfer is only possible between the same platforms, i.e. You cannot transfer files, for example, from an iPhone to an Android smartphone. There is no way to solve this problem. the point is the difference between the file systems of these platforms, as well as the difference in file formats. In addition, you will not be able to transfer files if there is not enough space in the internal memory of the device or on the memory card. To restore archived files from cloud storage, you need an active Internet connection.

All these tips will make buying a new smartphone a pleasant experience, free from the problems arising from the loss of valuable data.

Good tools are half the battle

Many phone manufacturers offer free tools to copy data from one phone to another. Google Transfer Data Tool is designed specifically for transferring data to Pixel devices; Huawei Phone Clone, LG Mobile Switch and Samsung Smart Switch Mobile apps can be used to transfer data to their respective manufacturers.

There are also third-party tools like WebToGo X-Transfer. They offer the ability to copy address book, calendar data, music and photos from one device to another. I am relatively wary of most of these solutions, because I am not sure that my data will not be transferred to third parties.

Some apps require their own user accounts, such as calorie counting apps, online diaries, and games. When you install the app on a new device and log into your account, in theory, everything should work as it did on the old device. However, some apps have local settings that won’t sync. In this case, it is best to scroll through the settings in parallel on both devices and make sure that the same parameters are set.


Before you start transferring data to your new phone, you need to decide what you really want to transfer. Be sure to back up all your data to your computer, but don’t copy it all to your new device unless you want to unnecessarily clutter it up.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind sharing all of their information with Google, going from one phone to another can get pretty easy: sync all your data with your Google account, sign in to the same account on your new phone, say Google restore settings and you’re done. Unfortunately, this approach does not guarantee a flawless transfer. moreover, you may not notice that you are missing some data for even weeks.

Samsung Smart Switch 2020. Transfer ALL Your Data, FAST!

Old apps, new device

The cleanest way is to reinstall apps on a new device via Google Play. This can be done either through the Android app or remotely from the desktop.

But first, you need a migration plan. List all the applications installed on your old phone. Then evaluate them in terms of need: priority 1 is the “essentials” components such as messengers, browser and email client. In priority 2, you can add your favorite games, image editors. If you no longer want to use some applications, give them priority 0.

If the list is too long, I recommend using a spreadsheet: this makes it easy to reorder apps and flag their installs.

To install applications remotely, log into your Google account using your desktop browser, go to the Google Play application list, scroll down, open the application description in a new tab (Ctrl-click) and click the green Install button. Before clicking on “Install” you will be prompted to select a device from the drop-down list. There is only one inconvenience: Google Play will ask for your password every time you install an app. It gets tired.

Your apps may include those within which you made purchases. Some of them automatically transfer purchases to the new device, others have the option to “restore purchases” or similar. After you have installed all the applications you need on a new device, you need to transfer their settings.

Transferring WhatsApp data

It looks like WhatsApp only offers one way to transfer data: through a Google Drive backup. But there is another option, quite little-known. In the Settings Chats menu, click Chats Backup and create a local backup using the Backup button. If the copy is successfully created, the date after the “Local:” parameter will change to the current time.

Then copy the entire Media subfolder from the WhatsApp folder to the new device and copy the msgstore.db.crypt12 file from the Databases subfolder to the same name folder on the new device. Now insert your SIM card into your new device and launch WhatsApp. The application should detect the backup and prompt you to restore your settings.

Transferring data to a new phone

Given the events of this year, it is kind of a relief that the New Year is arriving right on schedule. Despite everything, the spirit of Christmas and New Years seems to be unwavering. It is enough to ask the couriers. Finds many gifts at the destination addresses of its addressees, one of the most popular of which is a new smartphone.

However, the joy of getting a new Android device can be tainted by the fact that you have to transfer data and applications from your old phone to fully use it. Unless you’ve outsourced all your data to Google, you’re faced with the challenge of setting up your new phone the way you want. There are several approaches to its solution, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages. Let’s take a look at them.

Data transfer

Attention! Do not open applications on a new device before transferring their data. When the application is opened, the process of initialization and creation of settings begins, which often makes it difficult to import old settings to a new device.

First, check if your new phone supports a local contact list, that is, an address book that doesn’t sync with your Google account or other accounts. If not, you can use MyLocalAccount. Install the app, log into Accounts in your phone settings, add MyLocalAccount and then link your contacts to this account.

To transfer your local address book, open your contacts on your old phone. In the section “Manage contacts” there should be a point for importing and exporting contacts. As a result, you will get a vCard file (.vcf), which can then be copied to a new device and imported into contacts. Select “MyLocalAccount” when asked where to save imported contacts.

Most third-party email and calendar apps offer export and import of settings, schedules and birthdays. Brave is one of the rare browsers to offer a sync method that doesn’t require a user account. Messengers such as Threema also offer different ways to transfer data. see the developer knowledge base for details.

Copying files to a new phone

I prefer to copy all data from my old phone to my computer and then copy it to my new device. This way you have three temporary copies of your data, and I like to have an extra layer of security.

However, this process can take longer than you are willing to spend on data transfer: after all, you want your new phone to work as quickly as possible.

There are several methods to transfer files and folders directly from one Android phone to another. Many Android devices offer Wi-Fi Direct mode for connecting two devices directly. Samsung’s Nearby Share technology offers the same, but is a little easier to work with. I often use the FX Connect FX File Explorer function. it connects two devices via WI-FI Direct with the ability to exchange their buffers. Total Commander offers a special WI-FI / WLAN plug-in that expands the network communication capabilities of phones even more: it connects two devices in such a way that they look like local paths. Meanwhile, the plugin interface is not very user-friendly.


You can also transfer contacts and any other information to a new phone via Bluetooth. Of course, this is not the fastest way to transfer data. However, if your home does not have high-speed Wi-Fi or USB cables, do the following:

  • turn on bluetooth on 2 gadgets. To do this, go to settings and click on Bluetooth. If it is not in the list, then open the “Wireless networks” section;
  • when the smartphones find each other, perform pairing by pressing the “Pair” button. If any of the smartphones is not located, make sure that it is switched to visible mode;
  • on the old gadget, find the required section, then click on the Share button and select the transfer via Bluetooth;
  • then select a new phone and click on the send button. On the target device, click “Accept”.

If the total weight of files is several gigabytes, then we recommend using another method, since the transfer via Bluetooth will take a long time.

Transfer using a memory card

You will need a file manager. You can use either the built-in or a third-party program (for example, ES Explorer). The algorithm is as follows:

  • open the file manager and select “Local storage”, then click on Internal Storage;
  • find the folder you want. Tap on it and hold it until the action window appears;
  • click “Copy”;
  • in the sidebar, click on the item “SD Card”;
  • now select the folder where you are going to transfer the data and click “Paste”.

In this way, you can transfer photos, music, videos and other files. When finished, insert the memory card into your new phone.

For transferring contacts, the principle of action is different:

  • on the transmitting smartphone go to “Contacts”;
  • click on the three dots and select “Import / Export”;
  • then select “Export to storage” and wait for the contacts to be copied to the SD card. In this case, a file of the vcf format will appear on the drive itself;
  • place the memory card in the receiving device;
  • open the “Contacts” section;
  • click on the three dots and go to the “Import from storage” section.
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After that, the contacts will be automatically transferred to the phone memory.

Dr. Fone. Switch

A Chinese program that allows you to transfer information from one Android device to another in just a couple of steps. Naturally, the application is also supported by Samsung smartphones. To transfer information, download the program and follow the algorithm:

  • on 2 gadgets, enable USB debugging mode. Now connect both gadgets to your computer. But before that, we recommend that you check if the computer has all the necessary drivers;
  • open the downloaded utility and click on Switch;
  • when the devices recognize each other, the display will show the icons of both smartphones and a menu in which you can select the information to be transferred;
  • select the data you plan to transfer (for example, transfer contacts, photos, etc.). But be aware that the utility cannot copy information from system programs and protected folders;
  • after selecting the files to transfer, click on “OK” and exit the application.

Unfortunately, the app also has its drawbacks. First, it is written entirely in English. And secondly, in the regular version of the program, no more than 10 files from each category can be transferred (for example, no more than 10 photos or audio).

Transfer Data from One Samsung Phone to Another

When buying a new phone, we first of all think about how to transfer all data from one phone to another. These actions can be performed both with the help of a special program, and via Bluetooth or using a computer. From the article, the reader will learn how to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung and what methods are suitable for this.

Transferring data through Google and Samsung accounts

One of the easiest ways to transfer information is to sync through your Google and Samsung accounts. The actions are as follows:

  • on the transmitting device, enter the settings and click on “General”;
  • then click on “Archive and reset” and click on the item “Archive”;
  • go back to the previous page and open “Accounts”;
  • in the list that opens, select “Samsung account” and click “Sync. all”;
  • After successfully transferring on your new phone, sign in with the same Samsung account. Automatic synchronization is available on Android, so after a while all the transferred information will be on the new gadget.

Important! When transferring through a Google account, the actions are almost identical, however in the fourth step you need to click on the Google icon.

Smart Switch

The manufacturer has developed a proprietary program for transferring data from Android to Android. It is suitable for both budget devices of the manufacturer (for example, A50 and A51) and for flagships in the face of the Galaxy S10 and S20.

This utility allows you to transfer data from your old phone to a new one via USB or Wi-Fi. You can also download the PC version and transfer data through your computer. The algorithm of actions for each version of Smart Switch is approximately the same.

  • Make sure both gadgets are turned on and have enough power to take action.
  • Smart Switch must be preinstalled on both smartphones (see the list of apps). If any phone does not have it, then download the utility in Google Play.
  • Open the program on both smartphones and click on “Send data” or “Receive data” (choose your own on each device).
  • Now on the old Samsung you will be prompted to choose the option for transferring information: wirelessly or via USB. When you select the first option, the phones will find each other and automatically connect. In the second case, you need to connect the devices together with a USB-C or USB-A to USB-C cable. Select Wi-Fi Transfer.
  • On the transmitting gadget, select all the information you plan to transfer: messages, photos, phone book, notes, etc.
  • After that, the device will notify you about how much the transferred data will take and how long the transfer will take.

Note! If your data exceeds 5-6 GB, we recommend choosing cable transfer to speed up the process. If information is transferred over Wi-Fi, be prepared for 20-30 minutes of waiting (depending on the speed of the Internet).

  • Select “Submit” and allow the transfer of information. We recommend not to touch both smartphones during the transfer: this will not only speed up the process, but also avoid data loss.

Smart Switch is a great way to transfer data that was missed by a backup to a new phone. But through the application you cannot transfer the settings of third-party applications, as well as the cache from applications and games.

Data transfer via computer

If the task is to quickly transfer data, then we recommend that you perform the steps using a computer:

  • connect the transmitting smartphone to the PC via a USB cable;
  • find your mobile phone in the “Computer” section;
  • from a computer, go to the built-in storage of a smartphone or to an SD card (depending on where the necessary information is stored);
  • copy data from the device memory and paste it on the desktop;
  • disconnect the old phone from the computer and connect the new gadget to it via USB;
  • drag the copied files from the desktop to the internal storage or to the memory card of the new phone.

As you can see, the method is quite simple. And if you have a more or less powerful computer, then all actions will take only a few minutes.

SHAREit. a program for transferring information to another smartphone

SHAREit is a handy application that allows you to transfer information between Android devices. Download it to Google Play on both phones and do the following:

  • make sure both gadgets are connected to the same Wi-Fi network;
  • on the sending gadget, select “Send”;
  • mark the folders you want to transfer and click on “Send” again;
  • confirm the transfer on the new device.

The transfer will start automatically. As soon as the actions are completed, all the necessary information will appear in the memory of the new phone.

Now you know how to transfer all data to a new smartphone. When choosing a transfer method, pay attention to the total amount of all information. If your data is less than 1–2 GB, the easiest way to do this is over the wireless network. If the amount of data is 5-10 GB, then to save time, we recommend connecting smartphones to a PC via USB.

dr. fone. Switch

A small utility from Chinese developers Wondershare that allows you to transfer data from one Android smartphone to another in just a couple of clicks. Of course, the program is compatible with Samsung devices.

    Enable USB debugging on both devices.

Then connect your Samsung devices to your PC, but before that, make sure that the correct drivers are installed on it.
Run other background. Switch.

Click on the “Switch” block.
When the devices are recognized, you will see an image like the screenshot below. On the left. the source device, in the center. the selection of the categories of data that need to be transferred, on the right. the destination device. Select the files you want to transfer from one smartphone to another and click “Start transfer”.

Be careful! The program does not know how to transfer data from protected Knox folders and some Samsung system applications!

As with Smart Switch, there are restrictions on the type of files that can be transferred. In addition, dr. fone. Switch in English, and its trial version allows you to transfer only 10 positions of each data category.

Methods for transferring data on Samsung smartphones

There are several ways to transfer information from one Samsung device to another. using the proprietary Smart Switch utility, synchronizing with a Samsung or Google account, using third-party programs. Let’s consider each of them.

Smart Switch

Samsung has developed a proprietary application for transferring data from one device (not only Galaxy) to other smartphones of its own production. The app is called Smart Switch and comes in the form of a mobile utility or software for Windows and Mac OS desktops.

Smart Switch allows you to transfer data via USB cable or Wi-Fi. In addition, you can use the desktop version of the application and transfer information between smartphones using a computer. The algorithm for all methods is similar, so let’s consider the transfer using the example of a wireless connection via an application for phones.

On Galaxy S8 / S8 and higher devices, the Smart Switch is integrated into the system and is located at “Settings”. “Cloud and accounts”. “Smart Switch”.

In the window for selecting the OS of the old device, check the item “Android”.

On your old device, click on “Connect”.

  • You will be prompted to select the categories of data that will be transferred to the new machine. Together with them, the application will display the time required for the transfer. Check the information you need and click “Send”.
  • Confirm receipt of files on the new device.
  • This method is extremely simple, however, using Smart Switch you cannot transfer data and settings of third-party applications, as well as cache and save games.

    Synchronization with Samsung and Google accounts

    The simplest possible way to transfer data from one Samsung device to another is by using Android’s built-in data sync tool with your Google and Samsung service accounts. This is done like this:

      On your old device, go to “Settings”. “General” and select “Back up and reset”.

    Within this menu item, check the option “Archive data”.

    Go back to the previous window and tap on “Accounts”.

  • Wait for the information to be copied to Samsung cloud storage.
  • On your new smartphone, log into the same account where you backed up your data. By default, the automatic sync function is active on Android, so after a while the data will appear on your device.
  • For a Google account, the actions are almost identical, only in step 4 you need to select “Google”.
  • This method, despite its simplicity, is also limited. you cannot transfer music and applications installed not through the Play Market or Galaxy Apps in this way.

    Google photo
    If you only need to transfer your photos, then the Google Photos service will perfectly cope with this task. It’s quite easy to use.

    • Install the app on both Samsung devices. Enter it first on the old.
    • Swipe right with your finger to access the main menu. Select “Settings”.
    • In the settings, tap on the item “Startup and synchronization”.
  • After entering this menu item, activate the synchronization by tapping on the switch. If you use multiple Google accounts, select the one you want.
  • On the new device, sign in to the account you turned on sync and repeat steps 1-4. After some time, photos from the previous Samsung smartphone will become available on the currently used one.
  • We have reviewed the most convenient methods for transferring data between Samsung smartphones. Which one did you use?

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