Satin Ribbon Printer

Satin Ribbon Printer

At first I wanted to acquaint my readers with the Corel Draw design program and show how I print on satin ribbons using it and a laser printer, but then I thought that you don’t need this, and the program is paid, so I will show in detail what wanted, but with the help of Microsoft Word on the example of version 2007.
1. In the new document, set the margins of our document by 1 cm on each side.

The absolute width is 5 cm. This is the width of the tape. Mine is exactly that size. You write here the width of your ribbon.

Here’s an inscription on the sheet that we should end up with:

If it didn’t work for you the first time, go to the “Label Format” again and fill in the “Absolute Height” column again 27.7 cm.
4. Print the resulting document. I got it like this:

Take double-sided thin transparent tape and glue two strips with the letter T, as shown in

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Now we need to prepare the layout for printing, so we put aside the piece of paper with the glued tape and go back to the computer.
For this workshop, I took an image from The Graphics Fairy blog:

Here are such cute butterflies. My printer is black and white, so I originally took the picture in monochrome too.
By clicking on the image, you can download it yourself.

Remove unnecessary text from the inscription in our document and insert there the butterflies previously saved on the computer:

The picture is inserted and automatically reduced to the size of the text box.
Next, to multiply it, we need to copy our butterflies, indent 2-3 lines and paste (CtrlV).

Then repeat indentation and insertion. There should be 3 pictures in the frame.

As you can see, the butterflies go close to the frame on top, and there is a lot of space below. To align the butterflies in the center, again click on the border of the inscription, go to the “Format of the inscription” and in the tab “Inscription” do the alignment in the center:

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Click OK. As a result, the butterflies are aligned in the center of the inscription, the frames disappear and we have a ready-made file for printing on a ribbon.

We insert our sheet with a ribbon into the printer, send it to print and voila!

The last and most painstaking step remains. remove the tape from the tape. Caution: DO NOT CRASH THE TAPE, otherwise the paint will peel off. I will try to show clearly how I shoot the tape. With the thumb and middle finger of your left hand, hold the paper firmly so that it does not bend following the ribbon.

And with the fingers of our right hand we hold the middle of the tape (at the place where the tape goes) and at the same angle as in the photo, we tear it off the sheet. Of course, you need to work with both hands at the same time, just while I show the position of one hand, I take pictures with the other.

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I apologize for the unpresentable look of my hands. allergy to cold.
The scotch tape remains on the paper and, if you torn it off carefully, then this sheet can be reused.

This is the result of a 50×277 mm ribbon.
I hope you enjoyed my master class.
This is my first lesson, so I’m not sure if I spoke 100% easily; I would like to get your opinion.
I wish you creative success!

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