Scanner does not work on HP printer

What will fix the situation?

To eliminate this unpleasant situation, simply set your own printer as the default printing device. Then the system will automatically use it for work. You can do it this way:

  • In the search bar, enter the phrase “Printers” and open the application for managing these devices.
  • In the list that opens, find the device you are using and right-click on its shortcut.
  • As soon as the context menu opens, put a marker on the line “Use as default”.
scanner, does, work, printer

This should solve the problem of why the printer is not working and not printing. However, keep in mind that if there are several devices for working with paper, you still have to choose one of them every time.

Why the printer is not working: causes and solutions

The reasons for the failure of the printer, as well as other complex electronics, are many factors. They can appear as a result of improper operation by the user, wear of various parts, or a violation of the stability of operation (voltage drops, etc.)

This material will discuss the reasons why an HP printer or any other model does not work. There will also be solutions for many faults.

Connection error

A fairly common and even trivial mistake that leads to the termination of the printer. Sometimes users may not connect the wires correctly. Sometimes they just forget to plug the power cord into the outlet. At the same time, other errors related to operation from the network can also become the culprit of the malfunction.

Software problem

Another reason for the inoperability of the printer is the driver. If this is your first time connecting your device to the network, chances are they are completely missing. The same when configuring the device with a newly installed operating system.

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Alternatively, the drivers could have become quite outdated, and therefore it is no longer possible to ensure stable operation of the printer.

Conflict at work

Another option for why the printer does not work after installing new cartridges. If, after changing the original part, a conditionally suitable one was installed, then such defects may appear as:

  • various stains remain during printing;
  • complete absence of paint on paper;
  • faded result.

All this is a symptom of incompatibility between the printer itself and the new cartridges. The best option. try to find original.

Removing dried paint

This is quite common. Occurs when the printer has not been used for a long time. You can clean the outlet using a special utility that is installed on all modern models of printing devices. The process can be started through the toolbox in the printer application. Most often it can be found under the name “cartridge cleaning”.

During cleaning, a special pump is started. It propels ink under pressure through the inlet of the cartridge. As a result, air or dried ink is released.

If the device model is old enough, then this process will have to be performed manually.

How to fix the freeze?

To fix this problem, you need to look at the queue itself and remove the processes that interfere with the work. You can do it this way:

  • enter the word “printers” in the search bar;
  • select the required section in the list of results;
  • after switching to a new window, click on the line with the name of your device for printing (it will be on the right side of the screen);
  • after activation, three buttons will appear, one of which will offer to open the print queue; activate it;


If the printing equipment is not used very often, but suddenly it stops working, try cleaning the nozzles inside. Indeed, very often the reason for this behavior is nothing more than drying paint on these parts. In this case, your HP printer does not print in black.

Do not be afraid. The nozzles are cleaned with alcohol and a cotton pad. Wipe them off and then let dry. Then start testing the printer. Users say that on most printing equipment, the nozzles have to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, it will soon refuse to work.

It’s not that

Also, problems can be observed in the case of using low-quality printed materials. This also applies to ink and cartridges, and even paper. Often HP printer does not print in black due to incorrect selection of components for this venture.

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To avoid problems, it is enough to simply buy exceptionally high-quality materials, as well as components identical to those inserted into the equipment. If there is a suspicion that you bought something incorrectly, then it is enough to take the printer to a service center for diagnostics. There, the theories put forward will quickly be confirmed or refuted. So you shouldn’t panic when the equipment does not print in black.

Damage to the print head

The first option, which is quite common. this is a damage to the print head in the printer. In this case, even a new cartridge will not work with the equipment. True, it can be difficult to diagnose the problem.

Your HP 3525 printer does not print in black? Then it’s time to take your equipment to a specialized service center. Tell us about your suspicion of a head malfunction. If the “diagnosis” is confirmed, then you will be offered a choice of several options for the development of events. First. replacement of a broken part (often malfunctions can be corrected), second. buying a new printer.

Don’t panic. Damage to the print head is very common. And it’s not a fact that the HP printer does not print in black precisely because of this. If you first want to exclude simpler reasons, then you should postpone the visit to the service center for a while.


The last reason the HP 5510 printer does not print in black (or any other model). it is a computer problem. In particular, drivers for printing equipment. In this case, it is best to reinstall them. Anyway, reinstall the drivers immediately after the first manifestations of problems with the printer.

HP printer does not print in black. what to do?

Very often, users are faced with the fact that the HP printer does not print in black. In truth, some people immediately panic. But you shouldn’t do that. Perhaps everyone who has a printer at all faces this kind of problems. But why is this happening? What to do in this case? Let’s try to understand our today’s difficult question.

Poor refueling

Sometimes, as practice has shown, printers refuse to print even after ink of the corresponding color has been “poured” into them. In our case, black. This can be caused by a lot of problems. But often this is nothing more than a poorly conducted process. What is it about?

scanner, does, work, printer

You or you have not fully inserted the cartridge into the equipment or poorly sealed the existing one. In this case, everything is fixed extremely quickly and easily. Insert the cartridge firmly into the printer. Until a light click. If you were “pouring” ink into the already inserted equipment, then you will have to take adhesive tape and stick it tightly on the “injection” site. So you can fix the situation with the printer’s refusal to print in black.

After completing the steps, try to check the functionality of the equipment. Often, you will no longer be bothered by problems with printing documents for some time. But this is not always the case. Your HP 3525 printer does not print in black? What to do. do not know? Then it is advisable to check some more rather interesting options for the development of events. And only then make a conclusion about the breakdown of the printer as a whole.

No paint

The most commonplace. this is when the printer runs out of ink at all. With all this, the computer may not inform the user about this event. Then the HP 5525 printer does not print in black. What to do? By the way, this applies not only to the listed models of printers, but to all printing equipment. When it runs out of paint or has already run out, you will have to collect it and install it in the device.

Quite often, the cartridge is simply replaced. This is done either independently or in service centers. In addition, some models of printers require direct refilling of an already inserted cartridge using a specialized syringe and ink. This procedure is carried out at home mainly.

After refilling the cartridge, shake the equipment a little and check. HP 5510 printer is not printing in black (or any other model)? Then the reason is not at all in the paint. The problem is resolved? Great, keep an eye on how much black ink you have left.


The next scenario is great for home remedies. If the HP 5525 printer does not print in black, what to do. don’t know, but you don’t want to carry the equipment (not only 5525, but also other models) to the service center, then you can independently check what happened.

Try to print a test document. Did not work out? Although the settings show there is black ink in the printer? Then try using a specialized printer flush solution. Drop it onto the print head and wait a little. After cleaning up, try again. Happened? Then you no longer need to puzzle over why the printer does not print in black. HP or whatever. no matter. The main thing is that the problem is found and fixed.

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But what if rinsing the head does not work? Of course, look for the reason for this kind of behavior somewhere else. Let’s try to figure out what else can cause this phenomenon.

HP printer does not scan, but prints

There are tons of problems that can arise with your printer. One of them is the situation when the printing device does not scan. It is quite difficult to independently identify the cause of the problem, since it can be not only in the printer itself, but also in the computer or the communication system between them.

Try the following guidelines to get started. It is quite possible that you can solve the problem quickly and on your own, without resorting to the help of specialists. The first thing to do is to make sure that the printer is set up correctly and that all cables are connected as needed.

Why does my HP printer scan but won’t print?

So what if it doesn’t scan the MFP? First of all, pay attention to the computer, which, together with the device for printing, must be turned off, then disconnected from both devices the power cable. Wait about a minute, and after reconnecting power, turn on both devices. By doing this, the memory of the computer and the multifunction device will be cleared, allowing the multifunction device to operate normally.

If the printer generates an error code of any kind, then it is advisable to eliminate them.

Most MFPs can scan in service mode. For some models, a set of the following actions may become the entrance to the desired mode:

  • Turn off the MFP.
  • We hold down the “Reset” button and then we hold down the “Power.
  • We release the button “Reset.
  • 2 times the Reset button.
  • We release the button “Power.

In the event that the MFP prints but does not scan, you will have to reset its settings. Also, this method will help in solving the following problems: the printer does not copy, has stopped responding to user commands.

You should reset the settings from the device menu or using special software. In addition, the device may stop scanning due to a breakdown of the power supply. most models are connected to the electrical network using a similar part, just like mobile phones. You can solve the problem by purchasing and installing a power supply unit with similar characteristics.

Driver change

If the previous measure did not help, then you can try changing the driver in the printer properties on the “Additional, select another driver” tab. Or completely remove the device driver, turn off and remove the USB cable. Then reboot. After loading the PC, turn on the printer, plug in the cable (preferably in another connector). After that, the installation wizard should appear, where you must specify the location of the driver. Didn’t appear. install the driver manually.

Is the device detected incorrectly, that is, it is visible in the system, but in Windows it is not identified by model? However, it is connected to the computer and turned on. You need to go to the device manager and open the line of your printer, then right-click. update the driver and specify the desired.

Photo element is out of order

Check first if the photo element of the scanner is working. To do this, open the scanner lid (most will emit a light immediately after the lid is opened. If not, try some scan or copy action). If the scanner does not work in the MFP, it is better to contact the specialists of the appropriate level to fix the malfunctions, since this is a very significant disruption to the operation of the MFP, it can entail consequences if some electronics burned out there.

Scanner software for HP printer

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