Scx 3400 printer how to get the cartridge

Compatibility table and pricing

Suitable for models Version in generator Suitable for versions
last two digits Cost RUB.
v3.00.01.10 06, 08, 10 200
v3.00.01.11 eleven 200
v3.00.01.12 10, 11, 12 200
v3.00.01.18 eighteen 200
v3.00.01.19 18, 19 200
v3.00.01.10 08, 10 200
v3.00.01.13 10, 11, 13 200
v3.00.01.17 17 200
v3.00.01.18 eighteen 200
v3.00.01.19 17, 18, 19 200

Firmware instructions

First you need to find out the printer data, namely the number of the crum and the version.

Fix printer firmware Samsung SCX-3400 SCX-3405 SCX-3405W

This model has many advantages, but the main disadvantage is protection against refueling. Chipped cartridges, after a certain number of copies the printer is blocked (on average 1500 copies) refuses to print, asks to replace the cartridge.

  • It is important to know.
  • Fix firmware 3400/3405/3407 Paid and available versions are listed in the table.
  • Binds to a chip (CRUM), which is only needed when updating.
  • It is made only for original chips, the native starter cartridge with which you bought the printer is best suited, even if it is already locked. There are many so-called “original” cartridges on the market, as a rule, Chinese compatible in original packaging, the chips in such cartridges are not original.
  • After the update, it will work without chips, the device will no longer be locked.

Find out the CRUM number and the current firmware version

Load five sheets of paper.
Press the buttons on the mfp [] [] [STOP] [-] [-] [STOP] [STOP] in sequence, the display will show [UC]. then press [] or [-] until [AA] is displayed and press [START].
The reports are printed on five pages. We need “Configuration” and “Supplies Information”.

Sample Supplies Information Report

The necessary data is highlighted in the pictures, click to enlarge.

3400, printer, cartridge

Example of a Configuration report

The necessary data is highlighted in the pictures, click to enlarge.

Flashing process

  • Download the received firmware files scx-3400/3405/3407, unzip to a separate folder.
  • Connect the mfp to the computer and turn it on, make sure that the device is detected in the system.
  • Important! Make sure the chip is present in the cartridge and not stuck.
  • Drag the file with the.HD extension to usbprns2.exe. example, a dos window will open where the data transfer process will be displayed with dots, the display on the printer will change.
  • The process takes about 1-1.5 minutes. At this time, it is not permissible to disconnect from the network, this will lead to the failure of the device. Wait for the machine to automatically reboot.
  • After rebooting, the printer will be ready, you can remove the chip.

Samsung SCX-3400/3405 firmware completed, you can start working, the mfp will no longer be blocked.

Who wants to save money, he chooses simple but reliable mechanisms

In addition to the standard modification of the “combine”, which can scan, print and make blueprints, the manufacturer presented models with Wi-Fi, built-in fax and LAN. However, the demand for these devices was so low that it was decided to keep only the base model on the shelves. And the manufacturer was right.

Oddities with the scanner in the MFP

The built-in scanner and software from the manufacturer are unique in the Samsung SCX 3400 MFP. Feedback from the owners confirms this fact. Everything looks natural at first. The software is installed without problems, the scanner is detected and scans very quickly, which is not surprising, because a CIS contact sensor with an optical resolution of 600×600 dpi is installed with support for TWAIN and WIA standards. But once the user dives into the capabilities of the software that offers high-quality photo scanning, problems appear. First, the scanning speed, which drops significantly. The improved resolution of the 4800×4800 dpi scanner, which the manufacturer claims, is achieved by software and cannot affect the scanning speed in any way. Apart from this, there is a big negative to the preservation of scanned documents. Was it difficult to use popular formats, including PDF batch scanning? Fortunately, a third-party VueScan application is available on the Internet, which will save the user from all problems with the scanner.

Package contents and appearance of the device

When you open the box with the Samsung SCX 3400 printer, the unpacking and assembly instructions lie open in the foreground and immediately catch the eye. In addition to the instructions, the device, the starter cartridge, the interface cable and the power cord, in the box the user will find several discs with software, digging into the contents of which he will find a lot of interesting things.

The device looks unattractive in appearance. For Samsung office equipment, this is quite acceptable, because the manufacturer is positioned on the market as an inexpensive device. Those who have used laser printers from other manufacturers will like the compartment for installing the cartridge. installation is done in a split second, without “dancing with a tambourine”, as is customary with HP and Xerox.

Decent savings on everything

As with any laser printer, it’s best not to talk about saving energy while printing. Where there is a stove operating at a high temperature, rapid heating is also required, therefore 310 watts per hour. quite natural expense. But in the ready mode, 30 W (while waiting for 1 W) for the Samsung SCX 3400 is a very economical indicator. In addition to electricity, the printer can save on toner, and for this you do not need to deal with driver settings, looking for the desired parameter. On the control panel of the device there is an “Eco Mode” button, which reduces toner consumption during printing by eight times. This functionality is very convenient when you find white streaks during printing, indicating the end of the toner. Do not forget that with constant economical printing, the photo drum quickly breaks down, so Eco Mode should not be used on an ongoing basis.

Consumables are the main source of income for manufacturers

Maybe in Europe and America, buying new cartridges for office equipment every month is considered the norm, but in the countries of the post-Soviet space this is equated to luxury. And what’s the point of throwing away a cartridge that is fully functional? Interesting MFP Samsung SCX 3400 is that any user can independently fill up the empty toner and continue to operate the cartridge for more than one year. In addition, you also need to remove the protection in the printer, which looks like a chip installed on the cartridge of the device. The principle of its operation is quite simple. the toner has run out, the chip is closed. The printer sees the state of the chip and refuses to print. This problem is solved in three ways, which depend on the printer firmware and cartridge modification.

  • If the chip on the cartridge is green, you can cover it with tape and the problem will be solved.
  • The problem can be solved by the firmware of the printer itself, which was collected by craftsmen and posted on the Internet. Firmware causes the printer to ignore the chip data.
  • Purchase of a universal chip for Samsung SCX 3400. A cartridge with this chip will constantly inform the printer that it is full.

How to refill Samsung scx 3400 cartridge?

and more users of office equipment tend to perform maintenance of devices on their own. Therefore, for many owners of Samsung devices, the question remains as to how to refill cartridges. Answering it, today we will tell you how to refill a Samsung scx 3400 cartridge, the structure of which is similar to the designs of Xerox Phaser 3020, WorkCentre 3025 consumables, Samsung MLT-D111S / D101S. This will allow using the refueling scheme for users of different devices (Samsung ML-2160/2165 and MFP SCX-3400/3405).

Before refueling cartridge Samsung ml 2160 or scx 3400, it is worth purchasing special kits, which consist of:

  • – Containers with paint;
  • – CHIP;
  • – Nozzles for a can of powder.

Now on sale there are chips similar to the original ones, which, upon reaching a limited number of prints, will not block the operation of the device, do not need firmware and allow you to use self-refilled cartridges without resetting the counter and reflashing.

But going back to refilling Samsung cartridges, it is worth noting that having purchased a set corresponding to your cartridge, having prepared the work surface and wearing gloves, you can proceed to the procedure.

Before refilling the Samsung scx 3400 / ml 2160 cartridge, remove 4 plastic caps from the right side of the cartridge and 4 from the left, cutting them off carefully with a utility knife. Using a screwdriver, release, slightly squeezing, the side cover fasteners to remove them.

You will be able to pay 30-50% less for light, depending on what kind of electrical appliances you use.

You should be especially careful when removing the lid with the chip on it, because this design is fragile due to its structure. Then the cartridge is “divided” into 2 parts:

  • 1. Reservoir for toner;
  • 2. Waste compartment.

Before refilling the Samsung cartridge, you will need to clean the corresponding compartment from the residues. Having removed the photocylinder, for which you will first need to move the metal axle to the side and free the gears from the seats. Having taken out the fotoval with the axis inside, remove, by prying with a flat screwdriver, and the rubber charging roller. By unscrewing the screws, the squeegee is removed and the remaining ink is wiped out or removed with a vacuum cleaner. Further, the structure is assembled in reverse order.

The next step is to refill the cartridge. And before refueling the Samsung scx 3400 cartridge, you should first disassemble the second part of the consumable. Therefore, at the beginning, the black gear is removed, and on the back side. a screw to remove the contact plate and the magnetic shaft. All components are cleaned with a soft cloth, and the magnetic roller is wiped from the outside with a cloth soaked in alcohol (isopropyl) to remove adhering toner, and its inside is carefully vacuum cleaned to remove paint residues.

Then a cleaned dosage blade, plates, magnetic roller with a small amount of conductive grease applied to the surface are installed. After pouring toner into the specially designated hole, seal it with a plug, then connect the two compartments, fasten them with side covers, fixing them with screws. At this stage, the CHIP is changed, after which the cartridge is ready for use.

Below is a video of the article:


Replacing the CHIP installed by Samsung to control printing and the amount of used toner is an update to the firmware of the printer or MFP, which ensures the operation of the machine, provided that the starter (original) cartridge is used. Usually, the starter cartridge is included in the set of purchased equipment, and after some time (after a certain number of issued prints) it stops working. Usually the situation looks like this: after printed 2000-6000 pages. (this amount is set by the manufacturer individually for each specific Samsung model) the printer is blocked and printing on it stops until the used consumable item is replaced with a new, original one with a CHIP.

To remove the lock and at the same time avoid buying an expensive original cartridge, the user of a Samsung printing device can contact a specialized company that will not only refill the cartridge, but also install an update for the normal functioning of the equipment.

Refueling procedure

Each refilling of a Samsung cartridge is a procedure to increase the working life of a consumable item. And in order for the working process to proceed without compromising the quality of the printed images, you need to purchase only high-quality toner (powder) for refueling, and also adhere to the technological instructions exactly. In addition, during the refueling of cartridges, if such a procedure is performed in service centers, specialists conduct an inspection and diagnostics of working parts, the condition of which depends on the functioning of the cartridge and the printer as a whole. over, provided by the specialists of the companies, the main field of activity is the refueling of cartridges for any models of devices, which can shed the operating life of the equipment. Therefore, many users of self-refueling printers prefer the services provided by professionals.

Refilling the cartridge, which is equipped with a CHIP. requiring replacement or flashing of the CHIP. In this case, this service allows you to use the maximum possible resource of a consumable item without the need to purchase an original cartridge.

Refilling cartridges Samsung-yourself

The services on which the functioning of systems or entire working complexes depend are currently relevant. In particular, this applies to refilling cartridges (inkjet and laser, color and monochrome), thanks to which high-quality and full-fledged operation of printers and business development is possible. Therefore, the provision of this service is the main activity of many companies. And this article will help you find out how the process of refilling cartridges for different models of printing devices for Samsung models is going on.

How monochrome cartridges are refilled

Oftentimes, offices use Samsung high-performance printers and MFPs, allowing workgroups to receive high rates of high-quality printed output every month. Therefore, the use of laser monochrome (Samsung Xpress M2020, Xpress M2070 / 2070W, SCX 3400/4200, etc.) and color (Samsung CLX3305) are quite common. Consequently, the service of refilling cartridges compatible with certain Samsung models is also in demand.

Therefore, using the example of cartridges compatible with several models of Samsung printing machines (Xpress M2020, Xpress M2070 / 2070W, SCX 3400/4200, ML-2160, 2165, 2165W, etc.), we will tell you how to refill them.

The SCX-3400/3405 printers can use the Samsung MLT-D101S monochrome ink cartridge. This black toner cartridge is also compatible with ML-2160, 2165, 2165W.

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First of all, before starting the procedure, it is necessary to equip an appropriate workplace. To do this, cover the work surface of the table with newspaper, and put gloves on your hands.

To refill a MLT-D101S cartridge, first remove it from the machine. To fill such a consumable item, the structure will need to be disassembled into 2 parts. To begin with, on the consumable item, it is worth cutting off the plastic directions that fix the plugs on the sides. After removing the right plug, pull out the metal rod fixing the photo roll. In this case, you should pay attention to the springs at the back, pressing the cartridge flaps, so that, when separating the halves, they do not lose them. After that, you can plug on the left side. Now you can separate the halves of the MLT-D101S cartridge.

The next step is to clean up one half of the consumable and refuel the other. Opening the reservoir cap, pour toner into it. You can use toner powder for ML-1210/1710 to refill the MLT-D101S cartridge for ML-2160, 2165, 2165W, SCX-3400/3405 laser devices. This ink powder, like any other, is toxic. therefore, you need to work with it carefully. When one reservoir is full of toner and the other is free of waste, the cartridge can be reassembled following the reverse sequence. Once assembly is complete, small self-tapping screws can be used to secure the plugs in place of the cut plastic directions.

You will be able to pay 30-50% less for light, depending on what kind of electrical appliances you use.

After the MLT-D101S cartridge is refilled and assembled, it should be reflashed, since the CHIP installed by the manufacturer of office equipment Samsung will block the operation of the device even after the refueling procedure, and the printer will not print. Thus, you can refill cartridges MLT-D101S for laser printers ML-2160, 2165 and MFP SCX-3400, 3405.

To print on the Samsung Xpress M2020, Xpress M2020W printers, an MLT-D111S cartridge with a manufacturer’s declared yield of about 1,000 pages is used. It is also compatible with other devices: Samsung Xpress M2070 / M2070W / M2070F / M2070FW. And in order to refuel this cartridge and use the printer for its intended purpose, you should, in the same way as in the previous case, first prepare the working surface.

Then, having removed the MLT-D111S cartridge from the device, plastic directions are cut off on the sides, which allow you to remove the plugs. By removing them, the cartridge can be divided into two halves. After removing the next side covers, you can remove the drum unit. After that, the white gear is removed, allowing you to remove the primary charge shaft. After this shaft is removed, you need to unscrew the screws holding the squeegee, and then remove it.

After that, it is necessary to remove the gear from the magnetic shaft and unscrew the screws fixing the metering blade in order to be able to remove the cover with contacts and, subsequently, the metering blade, the magnetic shaft.

The next step is to clean the waste toner box. Powder from the hopper should be poured into a bag, and new toner should be put into the appropriate container. After wiping all parts and the body of the cartridge, and cleaning the dispensing blade from burns and rubbing with isopropyl alcohol, you can start assembling the MLT-D111S cartridge for Xpress M2070, M2070W, M2020, M2020W devices. Taking into account the sequence of disassembly, we assemble the structure in the reverse order. It is recommended to apply a small amount of talcum powder to the squeegee before installing the squeegee, but toner powder will also work. This is necessary so that after refueling the printer (Xpress M2070, M2070W, M2020, etc.) can “turn on” without any problems.

After refilling the MLT-D111S cartridge, you will need to replace the chip. In order not to purchase original cartridges and use non-chipped consumables, the printer will need to be reflashed, which can also be done by service center specialists.

Video instructions for refueling for our cartridge:

Toner cartridge for Samsung laser printers. MLT-D104S. refills in the same way. This monochrome toner cartridge is compatible with the following models:

  • printer. ML-1660, 1665, 1667, 1670, 1675, 1677, 1860, 1865, 1865W, 1867;
  • MFP. SCX-3200, 3205, 3205W, 3207.

The procedure for refilling the MLT-D104S cartridge is the same manipulations as described above. disassembling, cleaning, refilling and assembling the consumable. First, the covers are removed, then the cartridge is separated into two halves. One of them, where the primary charge shaft, squeegee, photodrum, metering blade are installed. After all parts have been vacuumed and cleaned of residual toner, the cartridge can be reassembled by carefully replacing all parts in their place in reverse order. After that, the hopper cover is opened and toner is poured into it. To refill the cartridge MLT-D104S for laser printers ML-1660, 1665, SCX-3200, 3205 and others, it is recommended to use ML1210 toner. After the powder is poured, the lid is closed. Then the CHIP is changed if the printer has not been reflashed. When assembling the design of the MLT-D104S consumable, try to insert all the elements correctly so that when you start up the printer can fully work.

For printing on the Samsung SCX-4200 and Samsung SCX-4220 printers, for which the SCX-4200 cartridge is suitable, the same refilling procedure is provided. This consumable is a design with a reservoir for toner, primary charge roller, drum, magnetic roller, and therefore there should be no problems with refilling it.

To refill a cartridge for Samsung SCX-4200, after preparing the work surface and having prepared a high-quality toner powder, put it horizontally, pointing the handle towards you. The whole structure develops with a screwdriver, since almost every one is bolted.

After disassembling and cleaning all the elements from toner residues, the Samsung SCX-4200 cartridge can be assembled, then pour the powder into the corresponding hole on the left side and, closing it, install the cartridge into the printer.

How color cartridges are refilled

The procedure for refilling a color cartridge can be viewed on the example of the Samsung CLX3305 device, for which the CLT-K / M / Y / C406S consumable element is suitable. This procedure is very complicated because the operation of the device will be blocked by the CHIP installed by the manufacturer. Therefore, in addition to refueling the cartridge, the device will need to be reflashed.

Toner from CLP-300 is suitable for refilling the cartridge for laser color MFP CLX3305. Having prepared a high-quality powder of the colors corresponding to the cartridges (BLACK, CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW), and having equipped the working surface, you need to remove the cartridges one by one. Having disassembled each one, in order to clean the components (shaft, blade, body), you need to drill a small hole on the top cover of the cartridge for CLX3305 in order to pour powder there. All these manipulations require caution, as there is a risk of damaging the case, which will damage the CLX3305 cartridge. Therefore, many users of Samsung CLX3305 color MFPs prefer to contact specialized centers for refilling, flashing and restoring cartridges.

Below is the refueling video:

How to remove a cartridge from a printer Canon, HP, Brother, Epson, Xerox, Kyocera, Pantum, Samsung

If you do not know how to remove the cartridge from the printer, then this article is for such situations. Note that for a laser device, you need to take out the “consumable”, and remove from the inkjet device. This difference is really important, it should be taken into account so as not to damage the device itself. This instruction will show you the recovery steps for equipment from any known manufacturer. The recommendations were successfully tested on the following models: HP laserjet (m1132 mfp and p1102), Samsung (scx 3400, 3200), Canon (pixma mg3640, mf3010, mg2440), Pantum m6500, Xerox workcentre 3045.

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Reasons for extraction

  • When there is little ink in the cartridge, but there is still enough to print for a while, you will see a warning. When toner or ink runs out, this will be reflected in the quality of the printouts. And some models may even start to issue errors and block the operation of the device.
  • It happens that the printer itself starts to junk and refuses to print. One option to resume work would be to remove and install the cartridge. Less commonly, it helps with problems with the chip. But, most likely, the latter will have to be replaced with a new one or reset to zero.

How do I remove an empty ink cartridge from an Epson printer? |

As with any inkjet printer, Epson cartridges run dry. Therefore, you must replace empty cartridges from time to time. Modern Epson inkjet printers use multi-color cartridges in addition to the black cartridge.

In most cases, the printer will not work if even one cartridge is out of ink. Replacing an Epson ink cartridge is not that difficult. However, before you can install a new cartridge, you must first carefully remove the empty.

Turn on your Epson printer. Make sure the power light is on but not blinking.

  • As with any inkjet printer, Epson cartridges run dry.
  • In most cases, the printer will not work even if one cartridge is out of ink.

Remove the paper tray from the printer and set it aside. Open the printer cover on the top or front of the product to open the ink tray and print head. On conventional inkjet printers, the cover is on the top of the printer, just in front of the output bin. For Epson multifunction printers: open the latch on the left side of the product to open the scanner and expose the cartridges.

Press the Ink button on the front of your Epson printer. The Ink button has a small teardrop icon at the top or bottom. depending on your Epson printer. Wait for the ink cartridge tray to slide to the left and stop in the middle of the slot. Do not press the Ink button for more than three seconds, otherwise the cartridge tray will not move and the printer will start cleaning the cartridge.

  • Remove the paper tray from the printer and set it aside.
  • Open the printer cover on the top or front of the product to open the ink tray and print head.

Using your thumb and forefinger or middle finger, press down on the tabs on the ink cartridge you want to remove and lift the ink cartridge straight up and out of the cartridge tray. Set the empty cartridge aside. Some Epson cartridges have only one tab on the upper rear edge of the cartridge. Other cartridges have tabs on the leading and trailing edges.

Remove the new ink cartridge from its packaging and align it in the same compartment from which you removed the empty one. Insert the cartridge straight into the slot in the cartridge tray until it snaps into place. To avoid damage to the ink cartridge tray, do not press too hard when installing a new ink cartridge.

  • Use your thumb and forefinger or middle finger to press down on the tabs on the ink cartridge you want to remove.

Close the printer cover and press the Ink button. Wait for the Epson printer to charge and initialize a new ink cartridge. The Ink and Power button lights blink while charging and turn off when the printer is ready to use. Once the lights stop blinking, you can use your Epson printer as usual.

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Direct intervention to reset the counter

Resetting the counter on ML-1640 / ML-1641 begins by determining the software version by printing a test page. To do this, you need to press “cancel printing” and hold until both LEDs blink. The searched value is called Engine version. If the value is 1.10.50 and below, you can reconfigure the device.

  • disconnect the device from the network;
  • remove the rear protective panel;
  • detect the 93C66 microcircuit;
  • carefully connecting the power to the device, but not turning it on, close legs 4 and 3 with a metal object, waiting until only red of the two LEDs on the top panel remains on;
  • remove the “short circuit”, assemble the device, print a test page.

The complete ML-1640 / ML-1641 test page will differ from the one printed before the procedure. If not, try again. In some cases, the ML-1640 / ML-1641 counter is reset when legs 1 and 4 are closed.

Factory reset and flashing on older models

The system of protection against the use of refilled cartridges on Samsung ML is bypassed only by software. To reset the Samsung ML-1910 / ML-1915 printer, you need to replace some of the factory software. For a successful flashing, you need:

  • download the new version of the software for ML-1910 / ML-1915 to the computer;
  • connect a printer to it (not including);
  • turn on the device by pressing and holding the button until the red indicator flashes;
  • release the button;
  • run the.bat file after FW is fully loaded;
  • wait for the printer to reboot itself;
  • remove or seal the chip on the cartridge.

In the future, when using the flashed Samsung ML-1910 / ML-1915, you should use only cartridges with an isolated chip.

How to reset the counter and settings of a Samsung printer

To effectively use inexpensive cartridges and be able to refill them yourself, you need to bypass the printer menu item that limits the number of sheets printed at one filling. This can be done in several ways, depending on the printing device model. You can reset the counter of the Samsung SCX-3400 and SCX-3200 by accessing the menu using a keyboard shortcut. Older Samsung printers can be reset by reinstalling the software.

Reset settings without flashing

Samsung SCX 3200 (SCX 3205, SCX 3207) printer reset aLGorithm is simpler. The procedure is carried out without partial disassembly, only by pressing the menu buttons. The keys must be pressed without delay, at equal intervals:

  • Press the combination stop stop stop.
  • Wait for the letters UC on the display.
  • Use the “-” buttons to change the value to FC.
  • Click start.
  • Wait until code 07 appears, press start again.
  • Wait until the end of the automatic process of zeroing the SCX 3200 counter.

To access the Samsung SCX-3400 printer settings, press the “menu” button ten times. When the display shows “service”, with the “right” button you need to scroll through the service to the command “reset settings” and confirm it with the “OK” button. Further. press the “right” button twice. When the inscription “all settings” appears, click “OK”.

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After a few workouts, it will take the user a matter of seconds to reconfigure the SCX 3200 and other models when refilling the cartridge.

Samsung SCX-3400 Feature Overview and Installation

If you decide to purchase an inexpensive and practical laser printer for use, the Samsung SCX-3400 is an excellent solution.

Features of technology

So, what are the advantages of the Samsung SCX-3400:

  • according to the manufacturer, it is excellent for working in a small business and in a family;
  • capable of printing a monthly volume of 10,000 pages;
  • has a high print resolution, up to 1200×1200 dpi;
  • is a full-fledged MFP, the built-in scanner and copier can work in the absence of a connection to a computer, in stand-alone mode, so to speak;
  • print speed reaches 20 ppm, printed text. Warm-up and first page print time less than 10 seconds;
  • maximum A4 format, can print on matte paper, envelopes, cards;
  • full cartridge yield approximately 1,500 standard text pages.

After purchasing and unpacking your printer, you need to check the contents. It should contain a power cable, a USB cable for connecting to a PC, instructions on how to prepare the printer for use, and a driver disc. To do this, you need to remove a number of protective films and strips. The cartridge for the Samsung SCX-3400 printer of the starting format is already installed, the resource is enough for about 500 pages of text information. We’ll talk about refueling and replacing it a little later.

After connecting to the power supply, the printer boots up, the readiness signal will be displayed on the information display numbers 01. If no action is taken after 7-10 seconds, the printer goes into sleep mode and the blue energy saving indicator lights up, this is more clearly seen in the photo.

After connecting the printer to a laptop or desktop computer, the Windows operating system should detect the new device. To install the user program and drivers, you need to insert the disc into the drive and complete the software installation. Consider this point carefully, as correct installation directly affects all functions of working with the printer.

Installation aspects

If for some reason you could not install the drivers from the disk, or perhaps you did not take the printer in full set, you can download all the necessary drivers from the official Samsung website.

To do this, you need to find it through any search engine, then on the main page go to the “Support” item and select “Printers and MFPs” on the page. You will be redirected to the Samsung product support site, where, having selected the country of residence in the list that opens in the form of a table, we find the Series SCX-34xx and download the ZIP archive with the driver. Or, as an option, you can simply type in the phrase download the driver for the Samsung SCX-3400 printer in the search engine, and you will be given a lot of resources where you can download the user manual and the driver for the Samsung SCX-3400 printer for free.

If you want to facilitate the process of setting up and installing the printer, you can use the Samsung installation wizard, for this, enter the following phrase in the search engine: download the Samsung SCX-3400 Easy Printer Manager printer. After downloading the distribution kit with the program, run it. The program interface is intuitive and there should be no installation questions.

The program completely installs drivers for printer, scanner and copier. It can control the mode of saving toner and energy, and will show the remaining toner in the cartridge. After completing all settings, print a print test page. If the information on it is displayed correctly, then everything turned out well and the printer is ready for use.


There are two ways to scan documents. The first is to launch the Easy Printer Manager program and select “Scan”. The program will offer to download an additional utility Easy Document Creator for Windows.

We advise you to install this program to facilitate the scanning process, it is fully Russified and contains many useful functions, if you have any questions about working with it, we recommend that you read the “Help” section of the program.

The second method is suitable if the scan volume is small and there is no desire to bother installing additional software. Scanning is performed by a standard program included in the Windows operating system.

To do this, go to the “Control Panel”, then to “Devices and Printers” where you select the installed printer, then click the right mouse button and select “Start Scanning” in the context menu. An additional dialog box will appear, where once again click on the “Scan” button and the scanner will start. At the end of this process, you can save the resulting image or open it for editing.

How to trick a cartridge

Now a little about the cons of this MFP. The model uses a cartridge with an installed chip that counts the toner consumption and the number of pages printed. Therefore, if you just add toner at home, the printer will not understand that the cartridge is full. This does not mean that there is no way out. There are two ways to solve the problem.

The first, not particularly recommended, is to download the printer firmware. The firmware allows the printer to “think” that the cartridge is always full.

The second method, the most suitable, is to refill the cartridge in specialized service centers. There, during the refueling process, the chip installed in the cartridge will be replaced. Accordingly, when installed in the printer, all information from it is considered and the printer will determine that a new cartridge is installed. With this method, using the software, you will be able to see the toner consumption process, which you will agree is very convenient and allows you to plan the refueling process in advance.

Scx 3400 printer how to get the cartridge

SCX-340x Series: 1.2W
SCX-340xW Series: 1.6W
SCX-340xF / SCX-340xFH Series: 1.7W
SCX-340xFW / SCX-340xHW Series: 2.1W

As I said earlier in the section on hash mimicry, the location of the contacts that supply voltage to the cartridge nodes has changed. Now it makes no sense to charge the developer roller directly, since the dispensing blade easily copes with the function of an electric current conductor. And due to the change in technology, the contact on the toner supply roller disappeared.

Transfer rollers (TRANSFER ROLLER) or as they are sometimes called corotrons are the same and interchangeable, like conductive bushings.

Let’s dwell on the laser unit. In the SCX-3400, a lens has appeared in the 616B laser unit, it was not there before, although the place was prepared in advance. The rest of the optics have not changed, as well as the body. Mounting holes for SCX-3400 plastic housings. 616B, SCX-3200. 616A are the same size. I did not check the interchangeability of the laser units, since they are built on the same 3721U driver, and the circuit has not changed either. The only difference is in the polygon mirror motor control drivers LV8111. SCX-3400 and AN44002A. SCX-3200. Therefore, the lasers should work, problems may arise with the polygonal mirror motor, which no one bothers us to swap places.

We turn to one of the most important parts of the printer. the stove. In general, the stoves are very similar, all the differences are in the pressure levers and, accordingly, in the plastic of the cover, the paper exit shaft and its gear. The compression springs and bearing springs are the same. Stove landing nests are identical, but there are slight differences in the side ledge.

The gear wheel of the paper exit shaft “knocked out” 2 teeth and now it has become smaller in size, turned black and has 15 teeth at the moment against 17 for the SCX-3200. The reason for this “abuse” is the increase in print speed. The stove levers have undergone changes due to the new design and now look outward. The exit plastic paper transport rollers remained intact. Separating fingers and thermistor. temperature sensor, like the twins brothers stayed in their places. The thermostat, also known as a non-contact thermal fuse (the cherished letters PCC PTS-12H), has undergone a reduction in “personnel” and now there is only one. The thermostat monitors the temperature within 195 ° C ± 5 ° C. That’s what I can’t say about interchangeability, since there were two of them in the SCX-3200 and I could not find the characteristics of both (the first. ICE 1 KC-2L, the second. ICE 10 KC-2L).

The rubber shaft with bearings has not changed, only in the SCX3400 the rubber shaft bearings are slightly thicker than in the SCX-3200 but fit. It’s good that the rubber shaft can be mirrored, sometimes it saves in a situation of lack of spare parts. The rubber shaft itself is 20 mm in diameter, the length of the steel core is 220 mm (28 mm for bearings), and the diameter is 6 mm. The SCX-3400 also inherited a teflon shaft 247 mm long and 20 mm in diameter from its ancestor, the coating has changed somewhat, but this is not essential. The Teflon shaft gear has 37 teeth and is also inherited like the bearings (fit). The halogen lamp installed inside the Teflon shaft has become more powerful by 150W, which reduces the warm-up time and the first page out.

For the SCX-3400, the time it takes for the first copy to come out of ready mode is 8.5 seconds, which is 1.5 seconds faster than that of the SCX-3200. It is possible to rearrange the lamp from the SCX-3200, but then you will have to wait longer for warming up, so this will affect the time of the first page out. Therefore, each device has its own lamps.

Otherwise, I did not notice any differences in the stove, therefore, at the end of the section on the stove. an edification for the beautiful half of humanity:

Do not use tweezers or sharp metal objects to remove jams.
This could damage the device.

The only SCX-3400 MFP assembly that has remained virtually unchanged is the scanner table. The scanning ruler, scanner ribbon cable, scanner stepping motor, scanner belt, guide, original glass are interchangeable. Nothing new, only the box has changed and, accordingly, the color from black to white.

The original glass is 246×355 mm in size, 3 mm thick, and if we draw a conclusion on those broken “losers” that came to me for repair, tempered. Its peculiarity, unlike ordinary glass, is its resistance to accidental impacts, it is more durable, but the disadvantage is that it cannot be processed, because in the event of mechanical impact it crumbles. It should be noted that in practice I tried to put 4 mm glass. The result turned out to be negative, because the optical properties changed, the copy became paler and slightly smeared.
The line of scanning is represented by a small DL520-09UHM-L module from the Taiwanese company DYNA IMAGE CO. The company is engaged in the production of CIS scanner sensors, as well as CCD / CMOS camera sensors, using the most advanced technologies in the production. The company also has an international quality certificate ISO 9002. The line itself is a color CIS module with a scanning resolution of up to 600 x 600 dpi, which is quite enough for an inexpensive device. The advantages of CIS modules include low power consumption and relatively quiet operation.

Now let’s move on to the scanner engine. This small “tin can” hides a bipolar stepper motor from the Taiwanese company Neocene. Type 2T35x2. outer diameter 35 mm and height 8.3, with a step of 3.75 degrees, which means that the motor makes 360 / 3.75 = 96 steps in one revolution. This is a very good indicator of the accuracy of the stepper motor, but it is understandable that the scanner’s ruler should move smoothly without jerking to get a clear image without “stretching”. The stepper motor is controlled by the 4984ET driver. By the way, you can see the decoding of the engine name on the company’s website

Since we have touched on the topic of the engine, we cannot leave aside the main engine, which gives the internal motion to the mechanics of the apparatus and the cartridge. As noted above, all engines are from Neocene. The main engine was no exception. Engine type 2T4936. outer diameter 49 mm and height 29.7. in 7.5 degree increments, the motor makes 360 / 7.5 = 48 steps in one revolution. Significantly less than that of the scanner motor, but there is no need for greater accuracy in positioning and the pitch can be a little neglected. The motor is controlled by the same 4984ET driver. The motor can be rearranged, since the control driver is located on the formatter, but the problem is in the skew-tooth drive gear, which has 19 teeth for the SCX-3400 and 16 teeth for the SCX-3200. Of course, there is a transplant option, the whole question is just to do it carefully without disfiguring the metal gear or damaging the engine rotor.

Now let’s focus on the gearbox. The gearbox consists of several plastic gears with straight and oblique teeth. There is nothing fundamentally new, only the gear ratios have changed, this is due to the increase in print speed in the SCX-3400 compared to the SCX-3200 by 25% from 16 ppm to 20 ppm. For all the seeming sameness, all the gears of the gearbox are different and it will not work to change anything in another. over, the differences are reduced in straight (oblique) teeth or in the dimensions of the teeth themselves, or in different landing diameters of the gears. It cannot be said that the new gearbox looks more “hardy” in relation to the old one. Firstly, the material of manufacture has remained the same; secondly, with an increase in speed, the load on the gears also increases, which will certainly affect its wear. Therefore, the statement that the device can withstand a load 2 times greater than the previous model is no more than a play on words, and as shown above, the engine remained the same.

Considering the metal frame of the two MFPs, a general similarity can be distinguished. However, if someone in the future is tempted to change the side stand or the whole thing, then I will say right away that you will have to work with a file and a hacksaw long enough to bring the part back into shape. The amount of work to be done can be seen in the photo.

So, we can summarize:
The SCX-3400 and SCX-3200 devices are quite different and it is problematic to move something to another device. If in ML-1860 and ML-1660 even formatters are interchangeable, then in these models almost everything is different, including the cartridge. However, this difference is more the result of a change in appearance than the use of technical innovations.
The remote control panel has become less convenient and shallow, and the desire to lick the design of the leaders and adjust it to their standards does not always lead to positive results. The paper grabber is commendable. At the same time, there are no grounds to admit that the load indicator has doubled. The stove, the gearbox, practically did not change, and the engines did not change at all. It should be recognized that salesmanship and honesty are different concepts.
It seems that Samsung is betting on a hybrid of technology in both design and hardware, while simultaneously testing the ground for new ideas. Without even stopping to directly compare their products with those of competitors.
It cannot be said that the SCX-3400 has pulled ahead strongly and outperforms the SCX-3200. With all the advantages of the novelty and the gain in speed, the good old SCX-3200 is made with more love, this applies to both the design and some little things, including the tray.

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The firmware part (in the common people. Firmware) is controlled by the real-time operating system (RTOS) VxWorks 6.8 from Wind River. The company is a subsidiary of Intel Corporation and has been developing operating systems not only for printers, but also for mobile phones, cars, airplanes and even spacecraft, collaborating with NASA for over 20 years. It is interesting that the RTOS VxWorks was used on the Spirit and Opportunity rovers, as well as Curiosity, which is now flying to Mars. So they cannot take away the merits. Unfortunately, our mission AMS “Phobos-Grunt” used an onboard computer complex (we could not find its name. they probably hide it), which did not cope with the task assigned to it. What is all this conversation about. The point is that it all says one thing. good things should be built on proven and reliable solutions, and the basis of success is constant analysis and tests of independent developers, which, in fact, leads to the desired result.
Of course, there is no need to talk about a full-fledged system in an MFP, 4 and 8 MB are not the same size, but the VxWorks core fits well and there is still room. It is appropriate to paraphrase the anecdote about Windows here. How much VxWorks takes, how much it finds and takes. This is roughly what applies to VxWorks, only in contrast to Windows in the direction of miniaturization. At the same time, one should not think that the potential of this system is decreasing.
How does VxWorks win:
– high reliability and fault tolerance, confirmed by international certificates and strict safety standards.
– high performance.
– fully customizable memory size for the designed system.
– scalability.
– advanced JTAG tools for fast hardware and software debugging.
These five points can be supplemented by the fact that the company has been on the market for over 30 years.
The standard programming language in the VxWorks toolkit is the C language, which implies its use when writing firmware.

Now let’s figure out what happens when the coveted Power button is pressed. First, the Kernel (the kernel of the firmware) is extracted, decrypted, then unpacked into RAM memory. Then the kernel itself starts, the memory is formatted in FAT format. And here’s the main question. why format RAM memory. For example, in Windows there is no RAM formatting, but here it is. The fact is that RTOS must work flawlessly, which means that any fragmentation of memory can prevent the command from being executed within a certain time and lead to an error. Therefore, RAM memory in such systems is formatted, after which the memory areas become fixed length. This is very noticeable if you issue the dm (show memory) command. Empty memory goes something like this FF FF FF FF, etc. and the labels look different from FF. for example, 7F. Next, the ports (USB, Wi-Fi, etc.) are initialized, a number of internal processes are launched. By the way, CRUM check is also an internal process that hangs in the system. A separate link is the launch of WatchDog (watchdog timer or watchdog). This is a kind of monitor for the state of the system. Its essence boils down to periodically polling the system and if it hangs, a restart occurs. What a pity that Phobos soil did not have enough of his care.

Now I want to touch on the issue of updating the firmware. Many people think that firmware is being updated in order to reduce the number of illegal fix-firmwares. This is partly true, but this is not the main reason. The main reason is to update the electronic database. As a result of these changes, both the formatter itself and some of the components of the printer itself may change, not significantly of course. For example, the drivers (controllers) for stepping motor control may change, which actually leads to the impossibility of using the old version of the firmware. There are also questions related to the fact that the firmware, say (x1) version after uploading to (x), makes the device inoperable. The answer is quite simple. the reason for everything is the engine version. Therefore, when a firmware update is released, the update bulletin indicates both the versions of the updated firmware and the version of the drive, and this is quite important. Also, sometimes there are disputes about NoUpdate fix-firmware, supposedly it is a complete protection against auto-updates. I will say that this is more of a fantasy and here’s why. The kernel itself is unpacked into RAM memory. The same core also contains the functions responsible for Upgrade, and already slightly corrected (i.e. blocked). But on the other hand, no one bothers us to execute some third-party code in memory and write a new bootloader into RAM, transfer control to it and update quietly, since SPI Flash is always open for writing if it is not interfered with. Draw your own conclusions.
Well, our MFP is ready to print and is lit with a green light. But how does the job get to the MFP (printer). First, it should be understood that in order for the job to reach the MFP (printer), it must have the appropriate format and be understandable to him. In order for it to have a certain format, it still needs to be invented, which was done by Hewlett Packard and became the de facto standard. So what did HP come up with??
HP invented the command language PJL, which controls both the printer itself and print jobs. PJL commands can be used to change standard printer settings such as number of copies to print, resolution, color, paper orientation, etc. PJL commands also allow you to switch control languages ​​from job to job without user intervention. With bi-directional communication, a PJL-compatible printer can send information such as model number or job status to the print server. That is, PJL is quite a powerful tool. But what about the task itself? In what form will it be sent and, most importantly, how will the MFP (printer) understand what needs to be printed? For this purpose, there are a number of control languages ​​for the MFP (printer) from Samsung, this is the SPL language (QPDL). The basic concept of the SPL (QPDL) format is the chunk. A chunk is a piece of data with a header and a signature indicating the contents of the chunk. It should also be said that the data in the chunk is compressed to save memory and quickly transfer the job to the MFP (printer). The parser built into the SPL firmware receives the job, parses it and sends it to print (rather, it gives the job to internal processes).
An inexperienced reader might ask. Why do we need two languages ​​SPL and PJL at once, and why can’t one come up with one language? Here’s what PJL should understand. not a language in the sense that we put into SPL. PJL is more of a wrapper (wrapper) for the job. Those. in what form (album-portrait, A4-A5) and with what resolution you need to print the job. But SPL already generates chunks (the job itself), understandable by the MFP (printer). Those. compressed dotted image.
Below I have brought an abbreviated piece of the printout task from a notebook of one word, so that you can understand what’s what. You can also see for yourself all your jobs that you send to print in the folder C: \ Windows \ System32 \ spool \ PRINTERS

%.12345X @ PJL COMMENT “Username: Mesko”
@PJL SET JOBNAME = “Untitled”
UO v3DSzhsi “kimWourR%.12345X. the task itself is here

It’s time to surprise you a little. Take the Fokus.spl file and drop it on the usbprns2.exe flasher (don’t be afraid, this is not a firmware) and you can see some trick, your MFP must first be connected via USB. In fact, there is no focus. The fact is that the well-known usbprns2 is not a flasher at all. How so? Yes, in fact usbprns2 is closer to the concept of a print spooler, which it essentially is. Thus, you can quickly check the purchased device for the operation of the USB port and printing.
Now, with regards to Debug mode and executable commands. You can display the list of commands in 3 ways.
he who likes what
After entering one of the three Debug mode commands, the following is output:

START-UP MODE: Monitor Program
[Type ‘help’ to see command info.]
Version: Egmont W (C3N) V0.12 08-01-2011 Do you want to download from external port? [N]:
-ROM monitor command format-
dm start_addr
dm.b start_addr
dm.w start_addr
dm.l start_addr
ESC repeat memory dump
fm start_addr byte_count byte_value
fm.b start_addr byte_count byte_value
fm.w start_addr word_count word_value
fm.l start_addr long_count long_value
pm addr byte_value
pm.b addr byte_value
pm.w addr word_value
pm.l addr long_value
ul byte_count: upload image
cmp src1_addr src2_addr size: compare memory

flash: upgrade flash image
fl: upgrade flash image
gz.s: start_area: gunzip image at target area for DDR test
gz.a: Automatically gunzip image at all ram area for DDR testgo jmp_addr
dl load_addr
reboot reboot system eeprom cmd arg1 arg2 arg3 arg4
info: find all EEPROMs
read dev (0: Dimm0, 1 Main,
erase dev size: erase device with zero value
read dev size: read device
ddr2w type: write DRAM dimm’s SPD
– type: 1 (DDR2 Samsung 512MB x8) ff (DDR2 EERPOM erase) r
write dev offset value
fill dev size value
read chan dev offset len ​​arm cmd arg1
info: display arm core information
dc on / off: Data cache on / off
ic on / off: Instruction cache on / off
wb on / off: Write buffer on / off
mmu on / off: MMU on / offmemtest cmd arg1 arg2: test memory (arg1, arg2 are hex value)
cmd: r, w, toggle,
r. read as 32bit unit
w. write as 32bit unit
toggle. write toggle data as 32bit unit and then read the data as 32bit unitddr cmd arg1 arg2 arg3
read size (0: 64M, 1: 128M, 2: 256M, 3: 512M (All memory)
write size (0: 64M, 1: 128M, 2: 256M, 3: 512M (All memory)
wrc size dimm
-size. 0: 64M, 1: 128M, 2: 256M, 3: 512M (each memory)
-dimm. 0: dimm0,1: dimm1
wid size dimm
-size. 0: 64M, 1: 128M, 2: 256M, 3: 512M (each memory)
-dimm. 0: dimm0,1: dimm1
read size dimm
-size. 0: 64M, 1: 128M, 2: 256M, 3: 512M (each memory)
-dimm. 0: dimm0,1: dimm1
write size dimm
-size. 0: 64M, 1: 128M, 2: 256M, 3: 512M (each memory)
-dimm. 0: dimm0,1: dimm1

rstcip6: CIP6 Reset test. Reset GPIO5 port (nRST_PEX_BR, nRST_CIP6)

There are a lot of commands, but compared to the SCX-3200, many commands have disappeared. I originally thought the above commands were a complete arsenal. It turns out I was wrong, there are also hidden commands. There is no particular benefit from them. But in order to satisfy the information hunger that has arisen, I will cite some of them.

wdt. WatchDog Timer start
fl2 (flash2). it is not clear what is the difference from just fl (flash)

debug on (off)
debug on: all debug message will be displayed.
debug off: all debug message disabled.
sp.spi.dmaread. 5 commands for working with SPI Flash, similar to SCX-3200. fp.

I think someone was already delighted with what they saw, but I want to upset you, the commands, sp.spi.dmaread and sp.spi.ep display already programmed parameters. Therefore, I ask you to treat these commands with caution. It is better not to touch these commands with bare hands, especially sp.spi.ep and sp.spi.ce for recording.
source addr = 0x0007336C, dest addr = 0x00180000, length = 0x00001000 SPI READ OK

Of course, these are not all teams, there are a number of small teams, but they are more for developers and testers.
An interesting point is that if you do not enter Debug, and after loading the kernel, press Help, the internal Gasherbrum Command Shell Ver 0.1 service is displayed. What it is for remains to be seen. However, this question can be your homework for developing quick wits.
Finally, about cloning. With it, problems may also arise associated with the fact that it will not work just like that to change the EEPROM, this is for those who decided to change the CRUM via Debug. Those. Efforts to restore EEPROM functions are tantamount to cracking the firmware itself. And USB cloning will no longer help with the introduction of CRUM protection. For example, the well-known write command writes only the first byte of the EEPROM, and the hidden m2e command rewrites the entire EEPROM after 64 bytes, leaving the window, and in fact spoils it so that an unprepared person will have to restore it to the programmer. Of course, there is still a way to change the EEPROM through Debug, but I decided not to describe it, so as not to take away the “loaf” from those who raised it with their own hands. The reason for this decision was the actions of “famous” people who released the “genie” from the bottle. And the method itself, although fast enough in action, requires the skills of disassembling and writing ARM code.