Self-adhesive barcode printer

Continuous inkjet printer Willett 430

The 430 is designed for industrial users looking for a printer with the latest inkjet technology at a competitive price point. The 430 printer includes a state-of-the-art printhead for unrivaled reliability and print quality.

  • Push-button start and stop with automatic head rinsing
  • High-speed printing of up to 3 lines of text, barcodes and logos
  • Create and edit graphics and logos on the screen using a user-friendly interface
  • Low Environmental Impact Fast Drying Ink Set
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Store up to 25 messages
  • Fully compatible with Connector software

Videojet 46m Continuous Inkjet Printer

The Videojet® 46m printer delivers reliable, high-speed, quality prints and lowers operating costs. High speed printer that does not require factory air, especially suitable for marking small components such as electronic parts, medical parts and cables.

  • Low print height. up to 0.8 mm
  • Print speed. up to 5.5 m / s
  • No factory air required
  • Prints up to 4 lines
  • Push-button start and stop with automatic head flushing
  • IP54 stainless steel housing
  • Reduces consumption of consumables

Willett 460mi Continuous Inkjet Printer

The Willett 460Mi printer is built for quality, high-speed printing, reliability and lower operating costs. This high speed printer is especially suitable for marking small components such as cables, electronic parts and medical parts.

  • Up to 3,333 characters per second
  • Prints up to 4 lines
  • Small print. up to 0.8 mm
  • Reduces consumption of consumables
  • Push-button start and stop with automatic head flushing
  • IP54 stainless steel housing
  • Special ink set
  • Fully compatible with Connector software

Continuous inkjet printer Willett 460

The Willett 460 is built for reliability and low operating costs. High speed 4 line printer designed for numerous applications in a variety of industrial environments.

  • Quality printing of text, barcodes and logos
  • High speed marking
  • Lowest cost per code
  • Push-button start and stop with automatic head flushing
  • IP54 stainless steel housing
  • Fully compatible with Connector software

Videojet EXCEL 273se Series Continuous Inkjet Printer

The Videojet EXCEL® 273se Dual Printhead System prints three lines of coding with each printhead, has additional barcode printing features and many other important benefits.

  • Two multi-directional printheads
  • Print three lines with each printhead
  • Convenient backlit LCD display
  • High resolution printing on any surface
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Videojet 46s Continuous Inkjet Printer

Videojet® 46s Continuous Inkjet Printer Provides Lowest Operating Costs With No Factory Air.

  • No factory air required
  • 4-line printing for maximum flexibility
  • One-line printing at speeds up to 5.4 m / s
  • Push-button start and stop with automatic head rinsing
  • IP54 stainless steel housing

Other inkjet products

self-adhesive, barcode, printer

In addition to its core inkjet product offerings, Videojet supports a range of Videojet and Willett inkjet printers. Some of these printers are listed below. If you need assistance with any Videojet or Willett printer, please contact your Videojet Sales and Customer Service Representative.

  • Videojet 43s
  • Videojet 46m
  • Videojet 46p
  • Videojet 46s
  • Videojet EXCEL HR
  • Videojet EXCEL 2000 Series
  • Videojet EXCEL 273se Series
  • Videojet EXCEL 170i
  • Willett 460mi
  • Willett 460pi
  • Willett 430
  • Willett 460

Willett 460pi inkjet printer

Specifically designed for pigment inks, the 460Pi printer sets the standard for printing on dark surfaces (cables, extruded plastics and automotive parts).

  • Ink set includes white, yellow, black and blue ink, PVC ink and UV black
  • Long Life Pump 1 Year Warranty
  • Automatic flushing of the print head
  • Start and stop with one button
  • Robust IP54 stainless steel housing
  • Software for marking cables and wires
  • Pressure air flow in the print head as standard
  • Prints up to 4 lines
  • Fully compatible with Connector software

Self-adhesive printing: technology and equipment

With black back

This type is used when light blocking is required. It can vary in thickness and topcoat. This film is very often used for printing stickers.


Large-format printing on self-adhesive film allows you to make stickers up to 2 meters wide and up to 10 meters long. They are mainly used in various advertising structures, for interior decoration or for decorating shop Windows. Only professional solvent printers can do this.


The equipment for printing on self-adhesive films is represented by solvent printers and plotters. The former are used directly for printing, the latter for cutting out finished stickers.

Technical features of printers

All existing solvent printers can be classified by the number of colors: 4 and 8 color. A lot of 4-color models high-speed printing of images of average quality. 8 color ones work more slowly, but their print quality is at the highest level. Also, when choosing a printer, attention should be paid to the following characteristics:

  • Brand. The brand name does not always guarantee a very high build quality and a long service life. Contrary to popular belief, the same China produces printers whose quality is in no way inferior to eminent European brands.
  • Printheads. When choosing, preference should be given to industrial heads with extended service life. For example, for interior printing, Epson heads have proven themselves very well. They provide very high quality resolution, but they are rather slow. For outdoor and general purpose printing, we recommend choosing SPECTRA, Konica or Seiko heads. They provide fast print speeds at medium quality resolutions.
  • Carriage. This mechanism differs in the way of movement and the possibility of adjusting the distance between the printheads and the material. The carriage can move along a linear guide or along a beam with bearings. When choosing, preference should be given to the second option. It provides more accurate positioning and also has a longer service life.
  • Printing surface. A printer for printing on self-adhesive film must have a vacuum-type printing surface. Otherwise, the film will not fully adhere to the surface.
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Like any other technological device, solvent printers have their drawbacks:

  • Clogged filters. Most often occurs when using low-quality ink.
  • Calibration of heads. This procedure is required after every temperature change in the workshop.
  • Head flushing. After a certain period of operation, the heads from the printer have to be removed and washed.

Types of printing on self-adhesive

Depending on the type of equipment used, there are two main types of printing: large format and small format.

Solvent printing technique

In most cases, self-adhesive films are printed using solvent inks. Its technology at the initial stage is almost the same as that of an ordinary inkjet printer. drops of paint are simply applied to the surface of the material. But after application, unlike conventional ink, they penetrate deep into the surface. For the result to be fixed, the surface of the material must be readily soluble. It is not required to laminate images obtained in this way.

Full-color printing on self-adhesive films using solvent inks has a number of advantages:

  • A high resolution.
  • Pure bright color.
  • Resistant to fading and wash off.
  • Versatility of use.
  • Affordable price.
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The company “Marathon Print” uses the latest equipment for large-format printing services, which is highly specialized.
In particular, the Epson Stylus pro GS6000 printer is used to create printing for interior, photo wallpaper, canvas printing. It can also be used to create outdoor advertising or point-of-sale decoration, creating images with a resolution of 1440 dpj. This printer is characterized by a high print speed of 35 m2 / hour.

Our company offers its customers printing services on self-adhesive oracal or ritram films, which are carried out using a Mimaki JV33 printer. This device allows you to apply images to a surface up to 1.6 m wide. The resulting image quality is 720 dpi. The speed performed is 17.5 m2 per hour. This device can be applied to a paper surface, canvases and banners. In addition, the printer has a continuous printing function, which automatically replaces ink.

If it is necessary to print on banners with a width of more than 3 m, our specialists use a large-format printer of Infiniti FY-3206S, Neo Fenix. This device allows you to obtain an image with a resolution of 480 to 720 dpj. Its speed is equal to 53 m2 per hour.

If it is necessary to print banners up to 5 m wide, then our workshop is equipped with a large-format printer Scitex Grand JET s3. It allows you to capture images with a resolution of 480 to 560 dpj. It is noteworthy that there are about 7 such plotters, more precisely with such a width, on the territory of our country.

The printing shop is also equipped with a modern Mimaki CG130 optical plotter, which performs plotter cutting of material for gluing cars or shop Windows. This device cuts material with a maximum width of 1.6m. Due to the presence of an optical system, cutting is carried out strictly according to the specified coordinates, which ensures the impeccable quality of the manufactured products. The average cutting speed is about 100 cm per second.
All the equipment used meets the existing standards of large format printing, guaranteeing our customers perfect image quality in the shortest possible time.