Sign in to iCloud from your computer

What is iCloud and what is it for

What is This is one of the most popular services. Its purpose is data storage.

It works like a cloud. ICloud storage also has an email function. You can receive and send messages.

Anyone who has an Apple gadget can log into iCloud from a computer or phone. Every user of Apple products has a registered account in iCloud.

Various files can be uploaded to Apple’s cloud for storage. From office to multimedia, as well as further download them from there. main window after authorization

The developers took care of their users. They provided the ability to log into the account not only from an iPhone or other official branded device, but also from a PC.

over, no matter what operating system is installed on it.

How to log into an iCloud account from an iphone most often the question does not arise. Since it is enough to enter your credentials and use.

But how to log into iCloud from a computer? This is a slightly different story. There are several ways that we will now consider with you.

How to use the software to sign in

The main advantage of this method is that it allows full use of the storage. That is, all of its functions.

In addition to what can be done through the browser, the user is also given access to the cloud disk, to e-mail. to incoming and outgoing correspondence.

And also to sync files. Photos instantly, automatically uploaded to storage.

The application for a computer is suitable for those users who have an operating system not lower than Windows 7 installed on their PC, and those who prefer macOS.

ICloud Windows app download link

The window for authorizing cloud storage of ayklode on PC

We’ll have to wait a little, no more than a few seconds. During this time, synchronization will occur and all settings and files will be displayed on the computer.

Computer software settings during installation

Upon completion of the process, the corresponding folders will appear in the “Explorer” of the PC, this is all that the iCloud utility provides for the computer. The only thing you can always get accurate information about the place in the storage and detailed statistics of what it is occupied.

You can move files to it from hard drives and flash drives. If you have a permanent Internet connection, all of them will automatically be synchronized with your account.

And also easily and instantly, you can move files to a local disk from the cloud.

Additionally, on the official Apple website, you can always study information on how to use mail and calendars from iCloud in Outlook, or how to save all data from iCloud to your computer:

  • iCloud for Windows and Outlook
  • Saving data from iCloud

Please note that after installing iCloud on your computer, the main menus for work appeared in the menu: calendars, mail, reminders, “Find iPone”, etc., all of them lead to the corresponding section on the website. Everything that was described in the first method of logging into iCloud through a browser.

How to sign in to iCloud through a browser

This is the easiest as well as the fastest sign in to iCloud. To implement it, there is no need to find and download software.

Let’s take a look at how to use the cloud without software, as well as how and where to enter Apple cloud storage.

If you do not yet have an account on, then first go through the registration procedure, and after that go to your account.

After the user is signed in to their account, they will be presented with a menu. With it, you can set up synchronization of your computer with your phone.

Fine-tuning the use of the service

Another plus is the ability to work with documents in the browser. Not only save them, but also edit them.

A special tab called “Devices” allows you to see when you logged into your iCloud account from your computer, and when from your phone. This is for account security. The user may notice that someone has visited his account and change the password to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing important files.

It doesn’t matter what operating system is installed on the PC. A browser is enough. Log into your account, enter your password and you can use.

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But there is another way that can be useful to use, this is the entrance through a special Apple utility for Windows users.

Features of using the service

Those who use iCloud should pay attention to some of the features of the application. For example, if you sign out of iCloud or uninstall the application, then all the data that is uploaded to the account will be unavailable.

In all these cases, the user loses access to the account, and at the same time all the files that were in it. The new smartphone assumes a different account linked to it.

How to sign in to iCloud (iCloud) from a computer. Two proven ways!

Good day, friends! We continue a series of notes on the Apple line, in terms of iOS and gadgets, which to some extent simplify the life of iPhone lovers. I recently posted a post on how to download music to iPhone. In the same note, I want to tell you about such a useful feature as, how to log into iCloud from a computer.

  • What is iCloud and what is it for
  • How to sign in to iCloud through a browser
  • How to use the software to sign in
  • Features of using the service
  • How to get out of iclide without losses
  • How to sign in to iCloud on a computer. is it necessary?

If you log into your iclood account through a computer, then working with Apple services on the iPhone will become much easier for the user.

How to get out of iclide without losses

Let’s say you decide to uninstall the iClod program for Windows, thereby logging out of iCloud, and when uninstalling, you will see the following picture. The utility will warn you about the deletion of all data downloaded to the PC along with iCloud Drive.

Warning when uninstalling iCoud from computer

But the data is not deleted from the cloud, and will still be available to other devices connected to iColud. Now let’s take a look at how to log out of your iCloud account without loss.

  • First, all the necessary photos should be transferred from the stream to the phone’s memory, or simply transferred to another folder on the PC.
  • Save documents.
  • If there are any important SMS, then it is also better to transfer them, since in some cases they may disappear too.
  • Now you need to save the video, as well as information from notebooks and calendars, if it is important. Otherwise, after logging out of your account, all this will be lost forever.

But, not all iPhones have the ability to save important information. This function is available only to smartphones from Yabloko with an operating system from iOS 4 and higher.

There is no such problem for those who use the application not only on the phone, but also on the computer. The account remains accessible to them from the PC. Using a computer, it will be possible to transfer all files to a new account.

How to log into iCloud cloud storage on Android

Unfortunately, it is also impossible to go directly to iCloud from Android to the cloud. If you need to import contacts from your Apple ID account, follow these steps and instructions.

To transfer contacts from iCloud to Android device:

  • Google account and PC required.
  • On a computer, log into your Google account and go to the “Contacts” section.
  • Then click on the item “Import”.
  • We select the option “Other postal service”.
  • We enter the iCloud account data (login and password), after which the imported contacts from your iCloud account begin.

After completing the procedure for importing contacts from iCloud, all your contacts will appear in the Google phone book from where they will sync to your Android smartphone.

How to turn off Find My iPhone?

Disabling the function of determining the location and remote control of the iPhone or iPad is not difficult, you can do this on Windows or Mac, on a tablet or smartphone (the operating system does not matter). We have described 4 ways to disable Find iPhone, it is difficult to recommend one specific one, because situations are different, we will describe the simplest one again.

  • On iPhone with iOS 5.0 and up, go to Settings. iCloud and turn the switch opposite “Find iPhone” to the “Off” position;
  • In the window that appears asking you to enter your Apple ID password, enter the correct password. Done!

sign, icloud, computer

To turn off Find My iPhone, do any of the following:

  • Disable Find My iPhone;
  • Delete iCloud account in device settings;
  • ;
  • Remove device from Apple ID on

A prerequisite when performing these actions is to enter data from the Apple ID account: login and password.

The function is disabled, iPhone will not be displayed on the map, it will not be possible to lock it, send a sound signal or a message. Disable Find My iPhone only when absolutely necessary, you shouldn’t deprive your iPhone of protection.

Special thanks to the developers for the notification to the email address registered as Apple ID that the “Find iPhone” function on the device connected to iCloud has been disabled.

The only case when you still have to turn off Find iPhone is when you restore your iPhone.

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The Find iPhone application has a large set of important features, it will certainly help in case of loss or theft of the device, it can protect the device from unauthorized use, although there is a small “BUT”.

How to set up iCloud email access on Android

If you are migrating from iPhone to Android, you do not need to opt out of iCloud services such as iCloud Mail. While Apple doesn’t make it easy to set up, there is the option to sign in and use your iCloud email address on Android.

Although we recommend Gmail, you’ll be able to add your iCloud email address to most email apps.

How to find an iPhone using the iCloud website?

If you don’t have an iPhone or iPad at your fingertips, you can easily find your iPhone from your computer. Here’s what you need to do for this:

  • In any web browser, go to You may need to sign in with your Apple ID and password, but you will not need to enter a two-factor authentication code as it assumes you do not have a phone and therefore cannot receive a code.
  • Click All Devices to see a list of all your devices.
  • Click on a lost device to see where it is.

At this point, you can zoom in or out on the map to get a better view of the location and find your lost iPhone. You can also erase the contents of your phone. This should only be done if the iPhone is stolen or allegedly lost forever.

So iCloud helps you find your iPhone too. Let’s move on to the third method, how you can quickly find out where the iPhone is.

How to access iCloud mail on Android

We enter the first necessary data: the full iCloud address and username (the text before the “@” sign),
Be sure to click “Manual setting”. If you try to sign in to iCloud using only your address and password, nothing will work.,
Next, we drive in the password

Please note that it is almost impossible to restore it on Android, so be careful!
In the next column we write “”. No commas, spaces or caps,

We choose the type of protection, most often it is SSL, according to the certificate,
Specify the port 993

Don’t try to change the numbers to match your operating system. All data should be indicated only with instructions,
Skip the last line, namely “IMAP Path”,
Click “Next” and proceed to the necessary fine tuning of the SMTP server,

In the “Address” field we duplicate the already entered one, but instead of imap we write smtp “,

We indicate the same protection, TSL is also allowed,
In place of the port, we drive in the numbers 587.
Done. All the required data have been entered. Click “OK”, and in case of a notification about authentication, we agree.

Now it becomes possible to work with messages from iCloud on Android. But photos, videos, documents are still inaccessible, since they are located in the Cloud. How to solve such a problem, we will discuss below.

Using Find My Phone and Icloud

You can search your iPhone via iCloud from your computer if Find My iPhone is activated on your smartphone. Experts recommend connecting the function immediately so that the search option is available. The option significantly increases the chances of finding a device.

The service does not work on all versions of smartphones. If the client is the owner of the gadget on iOS 4.2.1 or lower, then it will be impossible to use the function. If the user has purchased a new phone with an updated version, then he will need to activate the search function on it

The operation is performed according to the following instructions:

If the user has purchased a new phone with an updated version, then he will need to activate the search function on it. The operation is performed according to the following instructions:

  • first, the client enters the gadget section with the settings;
  • there the item “iCloud” is selected;
  • now you should find the Find iPhone service in the list;
  • a toggle switch is located next to it, it is moved to the “Active” position;

a pop-up window will appear on the smartphone screen, you need to confirm the action by clicking the “Ok” button;

  • now you can go to the main settings menu again;
  • there the section “Privacy” is selected;
  • then the client clicks on the “Geolocation Service” button;
  • the “Find iPhone” option is selected;

the option is activated again so that the search is available on the map.

  • Interesting information
  • If there is no network connection, it will be impossible to locate the gadget.

Restoring from a backup. How it works?

After registering with the service, the owner of the gadgets gets 5 GB of free space in the cloud storage for free. The volume of your cloud can always be changed by paying for additional space. Using it, he stores there backups of all important data on his devices.

Now you no longer need to run iTunes over and over again to restore iPhone from a backup, as everything becomes much easier. At the moment the iPhone charging is connected and Wi-Fi is turned on, a backup copy of all data is created by it absolutely automatically. The record stores:

  • general device settings (their copy is always stored in the cloud);
  • individual arrangement of icons on the screen;
  • all messages (iMessage, SMS), you can recover lost messages at any time;
  • purchased music, books, TV clips;
  • arrays of photos, video captured with the device’s camera (with this service, you can go to the cloud at any time and restore everything that is important to the user from the copy);
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Cloud iTunes

The service has the ability to synchronize and, if necessary, restore all data about the user’s purchases, automatically downloads purchased applications, books or music to the iPad and iPhone.

Photos app features on

  • View and delete selected photos and videos.
  • Mark favorite photos and videos.
  • Download selected photos and videos to your computer.

Demonstration of the capabilities of the Photo application on the website:

You may also be interested in

Since the world saw a variety of Apple devices, it has become very comfortable to use them, especially if the smartphone, tablet and other gadgets are connected to the iCloud storage.

iCloud is an Apple-owned cloud service that, when you create a new account, allows you to sync a variety of information between devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and computer. For the user, first of all, iCloud provides an amazing convenience of interaction between various Apple devices.

Whatever he is working on at the moment, he has access to the most current version of all the most important documents, notes, contacts and applications. In addition, by creating an account for his iPhone in the global cloud storage and using it, the user gets an easy opportunity to recover any lost data using a backup from iCloud.

The user can also create a new mail in the i-cloud, and such mail is extremely convenient. A distinctive feature of iСloud for iPhone is simplicity and indispensability at the same time, but first things first.

Everything you need to know about iCloud Drive. Apple Cloud

iCloud Drive is Apple’s cloud storage where you can store any file and have access to it from any mobile device and computer. iCloud Drive is seamlessly integrated into the iOS and OS X operating systems. Starting with iOS 9, iCloud Drive has its own application that is included in the system.

The basic principle of iCloud Drive: the user edits a file on one device, at any time he can switch to his other device and start editing the file there.

iCloud Drive works on iOS 8 or later, on a Mac with OS X 10.10 installed, and on a Windows computer with the iCloud app for Windows (requirements: Windows 7 or later).

You can also access iCloud Drive at

All the necessary documentation in the cloud service

There are situations when certain work data needs to be urgently restored or uploaded to an iOS device, and iTunes is not at hand, as luck would have it. But with an iCloud account, that’s not an issue either. You just need to go to iWork from your computer, load this file into the required application, then go to this application on iOS and in a matter of seconds the document will be where you need.

This application is truly invaluable, using it means ensuring yourself a complete Stihl. In addition, when you edit a document on iOS, its updated version automatically appears in the web version of iCloud, on the iPhone and other connected gadgets. So if it is possible to lose some data, then it is extremely easy to restore it at any time.

ICloud Music Library

ICloud Music Library paired with Photos lets you securely store all your photos and videos in the iCloud cloud and transfer them to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV, and

ICloud Music Library automatically saves all photos and videos you upload to iCloud so that you can access your library from any device, anytime. Any changes made to a collection on one device are also reflected on other devices. Your photos and videos are organized into the Moments, Collections, and Years categories. All Memories collections are updated on all devices. So you can easily find the right moment.

The collection is uploaded to iCloud every time the device is connected to Wi-Fi and the battery is charged. The time it takes for photos and videos to be available across all devices and may vary depending on your internet connection speed.

iTunes Match. all your favorite music at your fingertips

If you have a huge amount of music and do not have the ability or desire to purchase it from iTunes, then this application will come in handy. It quickly scans the songs uploaded there from the library, and if there are matches, it will fill in the music from the iTunes Store. If not, then the music can be copied to the iPhone from the computer. The maximum number of saved songs. up to 25 thousand.