Sizes of envelopes for printing on the printer

Configuring Settings for Printing an Address on an Envelope

If you need to make an inscription on the envelope, you need to make the necessary settings for this before starting work. After they are produced, and all the data is entered, the project can be saved and used in the future, if necessary.

ATTENTION! Using Microsoft Word to print the address on the envelope is the preferred option. This is due to the fact that the program has a large number of various additional features that other specialized programs do not have.

To make the required settings, you must:

  • Start the Microsoft Word program. If it is not installed, then you should first download it from the official website of the developer company and install it on your computer.
  • Next, you need to find the “Mailings” tab and go to it.
  • Select “Create” and click “Envelopes”.
  • In the window that appears, go to “Options” and then go to “Envelope options”.
  • In the fields where the dimensions are indicated, you must specify the required value. If there is no suitable size from the sizes suggested by the program, then you need to select the “Custom sizes” item. In the window that opens, in the appropriate fields, specify the values ​​of the width and height.

After completing these steps, you will need to adjust the print settings. For this you need:

  • place the envelope in the printer tray;
  • run “Print settings”;
  • from the options offered by the program, select the one that corresponds to the location of the envelope in the printer’s tray;
  • to check the correctness of the entered parameters, you should print a test sample with an arbitrary address;
  • if the printing was done with errors, then you should return to the settings and correct the specified print parameters. this should be done until the required option is obtained.
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How to print an address on an envelope through a printer

Despite the development of modern technologies and the availability of an e-mail service, the forwarding of ordinary paper letters is still in demand. over, there are letters that can only be sent in paper form. For example, forwarding documentation. It is possible to combine these two technologies, and fill in the necessary information using a computer. This can be done using the standard Microsoft Word program and other utilities.

How to create and print an address on an envelope using a printer

After all the necessary print settings have been made and saved, you need to correctly write the data of the sender and recipient on the envelope.

ATTENTION! Do not forget that there are two fields on the envelope for entering data. The first is the address and full name of the sender, the second is the data of the recipient. You need to fill in both of these values.

To enter the details of the sender and the recipient, you must complete the following steps:

  • open the Microsoft Word program;
  • go to the “File” tab;
  • in the window that appears, go to “Options” and select “Advanced”;
  • find the field “Postal address”, in it go to “General” and enter the data of the recipient and the sender;
  • after which you need to save the entered data by clicking on the “Ok” button.
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ATTENTION! Microsoft Word remembers all data entered in the address book. Thanks to this, the next time you do not need to re-enter these values.

When filling out the data, several nuances should be taken into account:

  • If the letter will travel only in Russia, then all addresses must be in the Russian layout.
  • When sending a letter abroad, it is advisable to print the data separately and then stick it on the envelope. In this case, all addresses must be additionally duplicated into Russian. This will avoid mistakes that a postal worker can make when reading the address.

If all the setup steps were performed correctly, and the data was entered correctly, then printing should not be a problem.

Printer for printing envelopes

The activity of any more or less large organization is unthinkable without sending letters in postal envelopes. Contracts, product catalogs, advertising leaflets, commercial offers, etc. are sent in envelopes. If the volume of mailings is small, then all envelopes can be signed manually. A completely different situation arises when the company periodically conducts large-scale mailings. In this case, the procedure for sending letters should be automated.

How to do it? First, you need to purchase a quality envelope printer and install the appropriate software. For the program, opt for the Mail Envelopes editor from AMS Software. With this program, printing envelopes will take you much less time and turn into an easy automated process. The utility is equipped with a convenient address book and allows you to print both individual envelopes and carry out bulk mailings.

Now let’s talk about which printer for printing envelopes to choose? When giving preference to this or that model, pay attention to the following characteristics: print speed, resolution, load (permissible number of prints per month), time of the first copy. Experts recommend choosing a laser printer for printing envelopes, as its technical characteristics are better suited for office work and printing a large number of copies. Laser printers can be color or black and white. If you need to prepare envelopes with a logo, you need a color printer to print the envelopes. The black and white printing speed of laser printers is the fastest in comparison with other technologies. Some models can reach speeds of up to 80 copies per minute. Color print speed is slightly slower and inferior to some models of inkjet printers.

Here are the most popular models of printers for printing envelopes: HP Laser Jet Pro P 1102w, Epson B300, Epson B 500 DN, Epson Stylus Pro 4450, Canon LPB 810, FS 3920 DN, Canon LBP 3200, etc.

Envelopes are fed differently in all printers. Some models have a separate tray for inserting envelopes, others have special slots. Typically, the printer will tell you how to properly insert envelopes into the printer, as feeding methods may vary from model to model.

Before you start, print a test envelope to evaluate how the envelope printer works. Pay attention to the print quality of the address on the envelope. For example, Epson recommends using only black ink for printing. If color printing is required, set wider margins to avoid smearing of ink at the bottom of the envelope.

To keep the envelope printer working properly, do not use wrinkled or folded envelopes, and straighten the flaps before loading. It is best if the envelopes are made of heavier paper. This will prevent them from wrinkling when printing.

When choosing a printer for printing envelopes, pay attention to the price of consumables for it. Printing on printers with separate cartridges is cheaper because if one color runs out, only one ink tank needs to be changed, not the entire cartridge.

Printer utilities

Constantly dealing with a printer, you start asking questions: “How many pages were printed in a certain period of time?”, “How much ink and paper did it take?” or such as “How to print a large poster or advertisement on a regular printer?”, “How to print on a regular envelope in large volumes?”

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Special utilities for the printer will help to answer all these questions, which we will consider today: Envelope Wizard, ProPoster and OK Print Watch.

ProPoster #

ProPoster is a program designed to create and print large posters, signs, advertisements without using special plotters, but simply on a standard printer. You can use any drawing, picture, photo, Microsoft Word document, Excel spreadsheet or graph to create a poster. It is even possible to print a poster from a scanner or digital photo camera.

The program has a user-friendly interface and easy to use, due to which it allows you to create a high-quality huge poster in a few minutes.
You just need to select a picture and set the dimensions and then start printing. The printed sheets must be glued together and the poster is ready.

ProPoster allows you to print posters of various standard formats, such as: A0, A1, A2, as well as large formats up to 10×10 meters.

The program supports various image formats such as: BMP, GIF. JPG, WMF, EMF.

ProPoster also supports WYSIWYG printing. The poster can be viewed in real-life in the preview window, so you never waste time, ink or paper and always get what you expect.

Master of envelopes. #

The “Envelope Wizard” program is designed for automated printing on mail envelopes.

  • convenient and intuitive interface;
  • small system requirements;
  • support for all types of printers;
  • support for all the most common envelope sizes;
  • built-in address book;
  • the possibility of group printing;
  • it is possible to merge with an external datsource: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access databases;
  • small load of system resources during merging, convenient organization of merging;
  • the ability to preview envelopes before printing;
  • functional control of the print during the merge;

OK Print Watch #

OK Print Watch is an efficient and easy-to-use manager program for auditing printed documents and paper spent. The program saves complete information about the printed document: user name, computer name, time to feed to the printer, number of document pages, paper size and print mode.

The software accurately detects the number of printed pages and copies. It is possible to set permissions and bans on printing. Lots of reports will help you monitor any printer on the network.

OK Print Watch. will be useful for both a small company and a large enterprise.

The program also has the ability to view images of all printed documents.

The program supports an unlimited number of printers, and also works with most databases.

Printer envelope templates

1st of May

February 23

Envelope DL “Defender of the Fatherland Day” 220 × 110 mm

Print on Envelopes from Windows | HP Printers | HP

Sizes of mail envelopes

When making a postal template of an envelope that you want to send by mail, you need to take into account that, in addition to postage stamps, mail only accepts a certain size.

Registered mail sizes C0, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9, C10, DL.

Printer envelope templates

Although most of the correspondence now takes place in electronic format, it is still necessary to send a postcard by mail, as well as congratulate a colleague on the anniversary. For these cases, you need to either have a couple of envelopes in stock, or do the applique work and fold them out of paper. And then also decorate them. Although such a “fake”, although made with soul, does not always look neat and appropriate. It is much easier to create an envelope template on your computer in Word and print it on a color printer. All that remains is to fold the workpiece along the lines and glue it. In the same way, you can print mail envelopes and not waste your time and money in the mail.

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Envelope templates for printing: what are

Using the template, you can make envelopes for all occasions. You can create blanks yourself directly in the program, how to do this we will describe below. And also use Internet resources. Some sites offer ready-made templates, you just need to download and print them.

Reference! By the way, large firms that conduct active business correspondence use envelopes and layouts of their own production, and do not buy them at the post office. The secretary prints them on a printer and glues them, you can also add a company logo for solidity.

How to print an envelope on a printer: step by step

In order to print the envelope you need to create a template. Having made it once, you will need to find the template in the documents and just click print, if necessary, you can change the addressee’s data. Since the main difficulty is the creation of an envelope for business mail correspondence, we will analyze the creation step by step using this example.

Creation of template parameters. Open the Word program. In the top menu, find the “Mailings” tab and click on it. Next, click on the “Create” tab and select the “Envelopes” button. Next, a new window will open where you need to fill in the parameters that your company has. To find them out, simply measure the previous copy with a ruler. In the window, click the “Options” button, a new tab opens, here you need to select the desired format. Here you can edit the place where the address is written: change the font or size.

Adjusting the print parameters. In the same window, go to the second tab “Print settings” and adjust the position of the print on the paper. Then press the “OK” button.

We fill in the return address. In the top menu, open the “File” tab, then look for the “Options” command, click on it. You should have a new window open. Here we find the “Additional” command, a little to the right we go down to the very bottom and in the field for the return address, we write it. Click on the “OK” button. all address is saved and it will be automatically inserted into every template.

Editing the return address. We return to the window with “Envelopes”. Now you can see the changes here: a window with a return address has appeared. At the bottom we press the “Add” button, but you can edit the font or align the fields.

Add the recipient’s address. In the same tab, set a new address, this is the place where you want to send the letter. You can click the Preview button to make sure the end result meets your requirements. Also at this stage, if necessary, the addresses can be edited manually. The template is now ready and can be sent to print.

Saving the template. Before closing the program, you must save the document. To do this, click the “Save As” button and select in the form of a document, save as a template, click “Save”. It is important to delete the recipient’s address before saving, it is much easier to print a new one upon opening than to make changes to the saved document.

In just a few steps, you will receive a beautiful envelope that you will not be ashamed to send to your business partner. A festive template can be made according to this principle. Only in addition can a drawing be placed on it, suitable for the occasion. But most often, templates from the Internet are used to print greeting envelopes.