Small A4 Printer

Epson L300. small printer for large printing

The Epson print factory continues to evolve. To their first models, which were just testing new technologies, they were joined by several improved devices, including the Epson L300. It is a compact and even miniature printing device with high volume ink tanks. The manufacturer wished to leave it without any additional functions. So what is he?

Manufacturer’s specifications

Basic properties
application For printing photographs, black and white and color documents
Print type colored
Number of colors 4
Printing technology inkjet
Warranty, month. 12 months or 30,000 prints (whichever comes first)
Connection USB 2.0
a printer
print format 9×13, 10×15, 10×18, 13×18, 13×20, 20×25
Minimum paper weight, g / m2 64
Maximum paper weight, g / m2 255
Ink type Water soluble
Maximum resolution, dpi 5760×1440
Printing photos Yes
two-sided printing No
Minimum drop volume, pl 3
Borderless printing No
Paper feed tray capacity 100
Print speed (b / w A4), page / min 33
Print speed (color A4), page / min fifteen
Photo print speed, 10x15cm 69 s
Width, mm 472
Depth mm 222
Height, mm 130
Weight, kg 2.7


The Epson L300 is very small. One even gets the impression that there is more packaging material than the printer itself. The elongated rectangle of the printer ends with an attached box that houses the ink tanks. Printer design combines smooth matte and ribbed glossy finishes.

small, printer

For visual control of the ink level, and it is carried out only in this way, the manufacturer used matte black plastic.

There is no control panel as such, and only two buttons are provided for operating the printer. One is required to turn on, and their combination signals that the system is full during initial refueling.

Factory CISS is suspended on hinges from the case of the printer. The ink enters the print head through silicone tubes. As a preventive measure, a locking lever is located on the CISS, which puts the system in transport mode.

The paper feed tray is located at the back of the printer. It contains only 100 pages.

Preparation for work

To prepare the device for printing, you can simply connect the printer with a USB cable. The printer will independently find the necessary drivers, provided it is connected to the Internet. If there is no connection, you can use the driver disk, which is included in the kit. Interesting fact: the document feeder tray will be locked until you complete the initial system filling. It lasts exactly 20 minutes, after which you can start typing.

A printer

Most of the printer settings are standard. It uses all the same piezoelectric technology for applying ink, printing resolution. 5760x1440dpi and four-color CMYK palette. The only thing that sets it apart from most other printing devices is the presence of a factory continuous ink supply system. The reservoir of each color is designed for 70 ml of ink and allows you to print many times more with one refill.

The user interface is Russified. It assumes only 3 tabs: “Main”, “Additional settings” and “Service”.

Print quality on plain paper has four settings: Draft, Standard, High, and Advanced. The latter mode assumes the choice of print quality in inverse relationship between speed and quality. There are only three options for printing on photo paper: “Standard”, “High” and “Advanced Settings”.

Print testing

We measured the print speed and the quality of this function using INKSYSTEM templates. We used office paper (80 g / m2) and Epson Photo Premium Glossy (255 g / m2) as media. Used INKSYSTEM water soluble ink.
As expected, the print speed is quite overstated, to be precise, more than doubled. We tested the maximum settings when printing the photo. The print quality on photo paper is on the level, but the speed is tiresome.

Unlike sharply directed office printers, the Epson L300 mixes ink in draft mode. This causes the text to appear brownish (this is also noticeable when printing photos). But this is not the worst thing. When mixing colors, black is not used at all, it is “extracted” by the printer from color ones. Thus, the black consumption will be less, but “economical” printing in draft mode will eat up your color ink. This means that you have to buy not one color, but all three.

Print speed

Print quality Number of pages / print time
Text, Draft 14.4 ppm
Text, Standard 7.8 ppm
Text and Graphics, Draft 5.6 ppm
Text and graphics, Standard 2.8 ppm
Photo, Advanced Settings (Maximum), Office Paper 2 min 40 s
Photo, Advanced settings (maximum), photo paper 11 min 38 s


Epson L300 is another representative of the Epson Print Factory line. All it is for is printing. But he can type a lot. This is why the device is equipped with 70 ml tanks.

If you do not take into account the printing speed, the main disadvantage of the device would be its price. It would be if the situation was NOT spoiled by the depressing consumption of color ink in draft mode. Here Epson’s entrepreneurial spirit should be noted. It would seem that in the line “Epson Print Factory” the manufacturer made concessions to the user. he himself installed the CISS. But for my own benefit, I did NOT forget to increase the ink consumption! It turns out that when printing even the most insignificant documents. draft, users still find themselves at a loss.

In terms of functionality, it can be compared with a series of compact printers Epson Expression Home XP. But not only are such printers also multifunctional, their cost with the installed and charged CISS will be lower, but the quality of workmanship will be the same. But you choose, as always.

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TOP 10 best printers for home

There are more than a dozen companies producing home printers around the world today, and there are even more models on the market. Choosing the best printer for home in this variety is not so easy.

How to choose a printer for your home?

When choosing a printer, the main characteristics of the equipment are taken into account:

  • Print Format. Home devices typically handle A4 paper at 80gsm. M;
  • Printing speed. about 18-20 pages per minute;
  • The time for the first sheet to come out, it is usually spent on warming up the main elements of the printer. On average, this figure is 8-9 seconds;
  • The maximum print resolution usually does NOT exceed 600 dpi. For home prints, this is sufficient;
  • The volume of the input and output tray;
  • Cartridge life.

Xerox Phaser 3020BI

A very convenient and NOT oversized machine, Used for monochrome printing in small quantities for work at home or in a small office. The device does not make noise very loudly. it will not disturb people around or distract from work. The products are characterized by a high level of reliability and functionality. You can use black or blue ink for printing. two ink cartridges are supplied with the product. The output will be a print, Produced using one of the most common printing technologies. laser, and the print density is up to 1200 dpi. This means that the material can be easily read, and the information will be stored on paper for a long time. With this printer, you can print up to 500 pages daily, and it takes NOT more than 3 seconds to print one page.

The design features a good tray capacity. it can hold approximately 150 sheets. The body of the printer is made of matte slightly rough plastic, which can withstand high temperatures and various physical influences well, and does not accumulate dust on itself. The printer is connected to a computer using a standard USB 2.0 cable, but it has a Wi-Fi module, through which the device can be synchronized with several computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones at once. For the latter, a special Apple AirPrint technology has been developed. The built-in memory of the printer is 128 MB. enough for fast printing of even heavy images. The device can handle paper weights from 80 to 240 gsm. M.

  • Acceptable price;
  • Simplicity of design. there is simply nothing in it. Riot of salesmen;
  • Excellent print quality;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Elementary in connection and configuration.
  • Not all smartphones can be quickly synchronized.

HP LaserJet Pro M15w

Sufficiently compact printer, which practically does NOT take up free space on your desktop. It will be useful for both a private person and a small enterprise. With overall dimensions of 16x35x19 cm, the product weighs only 3.8 kg, so some people even take it with them on business trips when it becomes necessary to create a mobile office. The printer is used exclusively for monochrome printing of documents or images. Print speed is pretty decent. 18 sheets per minute. The device works only with A4 paper, but the manufacturer claims that you can print on envelopes, make postcards, and so on. Indeed, the printer is capable of handling paper weighing in the range from 65 to 120 gsm. M.There is a folding tray for a maximum of one hundred sheets, however, the designers did NOT provide for a unit for paper feeding.

There is no cable for a wired connection to a computer. you will either have to purchase it additionally or use a wireless Wi-Fi communication module. The cartridge resource is significant. up to 700 pages can be printed on one filling. Manufacturers also decided NOT to put the drum unit in a separate unit, which made the printer so compact. The device is highly economical thanks to original HP Auto-On / Auto-Off technology. With its help, the device independently monitors its workload. Depending on this setting, it will automatically stop or resume.

  • One of the most compact printers on the Russian market;
  • Refilling the cartridge is inexpensive;
  • Can print directly via cable or transfer data via Wi-Fi.
  • If the device works for a long time without interruption, then it may start to get very hot;
  • There is no possibility of page feeding of paper.

Epson L120

This printer has a maximum load of 1250 pages per month, making this model ideal for home use, especially if it will be used frequently by school or college students. In principle, for an office with 4-5 employees, such a printer will also work. The device works on the basis of inkjet technology, it is additionally equipped with a continuous ink supply system. The containers with paint are NOT under the device body, but outside it. This affects the increase in size, but it greatly simplifies the maintenance of the device, moreover, you can print a decent amount of documents at one time. Paper Tray Holds one hundred sheets at once.

For an inkjet printer, print speed is very fast. standard A4 sheet with black and white text or image Prints in 27 seconds. Color images come out a little slower. printing speed is 15 pages per minute. The device is capable of working with photographic paper, but an equal size 10×15 image will be ready within 70-80 seconds. The design of the ink tank has been improved, so there are no blots or streaks on the paper.

  • There is a continuous ink supply system;
  • The paint is consumed quite sparingly;
  • Relatively compact dimensions;
  • The containers with paint are taken out of the body. it is much easier to control their consumption.
  • No connection cable provided;
  • If the letter gets stuck, it can be problematic to extract it.
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Canon i-SENSYS LBP7110Cw

In our review, this is the first color laser printer that’s perfect for home use. The manufacturer claims a maximum monthly print volume of 30,000 pages and only supports A4. Color Image Printed with CMYK support. Highest resolution 600 600 dots for both monochrome and color images. It takes a long time to warm up. the first page out speed is 20 seconds. The input tray holds 150 sheets, accepting the smaller 100 sheets.

One of the key features of the device is the support of paper of different weights. from 60 to 220 gsm. M. This allows you to print such printing products as flyers or business cards, moreover, it can apply images to film and glossy paper. The color cartridge is designed for one and a half thousand prints, black and white. for 1400 sheets. The printer has 64 MB of RAM. It can be connected to the Internet via a wired connection or due to the Wi-Fi module, there is a USB 2.0 connector, which allows it to be used in network mode.

  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Attractive and austere design;
  • The feeding tray is hidden, and does not allow dust to fall on the paper;
  • The Wi-Fi module is reliable, there is a need to reconnect;
  • Works almost silently;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • High-quality assembly, no backlash and creak.
  • We have to adjust the color rendition;
  • By default, it automatically turns off after a couple of hours of work;
  • There is no independent installation of drivers;
  • Complex color layouts are inaccurate.

Canon i-SENSYS LBP7018C

This is the best full color laser printer. It has small overall dimensions and fits well into a small home office. The device is versatile in terms of the materials used. it supports Not only standard A4 paper, but also cards, labels, envelopes, applies a high-quality image on matte and glossy paper, the density of which ranges from 60 to 220 g / sq. M.

Resolution 6002400 pixels, SEPARATE pixels of the image are not visible. In black and white mode, it produces 16 sheets per minute, with full color printing speed is 4 sheets. Very long warm-up time. more than a minute. Input Tray Capacity 150 Sheets, Output Tray Holds up to 50 sheets. The device is equipped with 4 refillable cartridges, has 16 MB RAM, USB 2.0 connector, compatible with all major operating systems, almost no noise during operation.

  • Ideal value for money;
  • High quality printing;
  • There are no problems in the process of connecting and configuring equipment;
  • You can refill the cartridges yourself;
  • Good image quality.
  • No Ethernet connectivity, no Wi-Fi module;
  • Color images are prone to reddish tints. you need to adjust the colors;
  • High price for new cartridges.

Brother HL-L2340DWR

The unit is compatible with all non-original consumables. Print speed is high even for a laser printer. about 28-30 pages per minute, a capacious paper tray: it can hold up to 250 sheets, the output tray is designed for 100 sheets. This machine has a duplex function, which is not found in every cheap printer. The internal memory is insignificant. it is 32 MB. This parameter will be enough for printing text documents, but for images or files in the.Pdf format it may not be enough. It consumes about 455 W of power in operation and 58 W in standby mode, which makes the printer very economical. Works quite quietly: even with heavy traffic, the noise level does NOT exceed 49 dB.

The connection interfaces are standard, the printer uses a Wi-Fi module or receives data via a USB 2.0 socket, an Ethernet connector is not provided here. Direct printing is available, so documents can be output from a smartphone or tablet if you download the appropriate Brother iPrintScan app. The drum unit has a decent resource. it is designed for about 120 thousand pages. Despite the compact dimensions of the product 356x360x183 mm, the device is characterized by a decent weight. almost 7 kg.

  • Provides a wireless connection function, which even means printing from smartphones;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • The paper tray slides completely into the printer;
  • Duplex printing available.
  • DO NOT pull out the paper tray, and you will not find out how much of it is left there;
  • Loses Wi-Fi connection after prolonged idle time.

Samsung Xpress M2020

It has not the highest print speed. 20 pages per minute, but for home use this indicator, as practice shows, is quite enough. The device is able to work Not only with ordinary office paper, but also with various other materials. cards, films, labels, envelopes. If necessary, you can load it with thicker glossy or matte paper, which is used in the printing house. The quality of images and printed texts is very high due to the high resolution of 1200 dpi. Thanks to this, the printer is able to work with pictures that are characterized by high detail. It prints well even very small fonts.

The manufacturing company provides a long warranty period of 3 years, and the printer itself can last about 10-12 years, depending on the workload. It can print up to 10 thousand pages per month. There is very little built-in memory. only 8 MB. The high speed of work is provided by a sufficiently nimble processor, the frequency of which is 400 MHz. The paper feed tray holds 150 sheets. Not very loud during operation. maximum 50 dB, the printer is compatible with all modern operating systems. Overall dimensions are insignificant 332x178x215 mm with a mass of about 4 kg. A cable for connecting to a computer is included in the kit, no wireless modules are provided here.

  • High quality printing;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Works NOT louder than other printers;
  • Significant working resource;
  • Long warranty period.
  • You have to wait a while for the printer to wake up from sleep mode.
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HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw

suitable for an office than for an apartment, but more and more users buy it for themselves just for home use. The printer is designed for both color and black and white printing. Maximum per month it can print up to 40 thousand pages. The products are characterized by an insignificant amount of energy consumption. during operation only 381 W, the noise level does NOT exceed 50 dB. You can print on both office paper and cardstock and glossy or matte type printing paper. The equipment operates on the basis of a processor with a clock frequency of 800 MHz, the built-in memory is enough even for very heavy images. 256 MB. It is connected to a computer via a cable or wirelessly Wi-Fi, it is possible to transfer files to print from the phone. Design is compatible with any operating system.

Print speed is fast. 21 pages per minute in black and white, up to 16 pages of color images. When working not with office paper, these parameters will be much higher. The resolution is 600 dpi. a little lower in comparison with other models, but still quite sufficient. The toner resource is 1400 pages without refilling, so the printer turned out to be quite economical. The case is plastic with a matte coating, its dimensions are 392x297x475 and weighs 14.8 kg. A network cable is also included. This allows you to connect the printer to a router so that you can start printing at the same time from different devices.

  • Sufficiently high print quality;
  • Decent speed of work;
  • Noisy is not very loud;
  • It is possible to connect to the network via the Ethernet connector;
  • DOES NOT freeze while in use.
  • Compatible cartridges are quite expensive, but the printer refuses to work with cheap non-original analogs;
  • Quite expensive compared to other models.

HP Ink Tank 115

Another fairly high-quality inkjet product, which is distinguished by a long period of operation and high print quality, moreover, this printer has a very compact overall dimensions. It can be easily placed even on a small office desk. The model is equipped with a fairly effective paint supply system, which is equipped with protection against possible leaks. The ink containers are located outside the case, so the user will always see how much consumables are left. They open easily, which allows you to accurately top up the ending paint in the corresponding reservoir and continue working. contacting the masters is not at all necessary.

Print speed is low. only 7-9 pages of black and white text per minute, if you need to get a color image, then it drops to 4 pages per minute. You can even print photos on this printer, but you need to be prepared for the fact that it will take quite a lot of time. about 70-90 seconds for one 10×15 cm photo card. The main feature of the printer is its high print resolution (largely because of this, it is so slow). When working with color images, this figure is 4800 dpi, with black and white format. 1200 dpi. The printer can even be used for serial production.

  • The quality of printing photos is much superior to printers, which are equipped with photo shops;
  • Acceptable price;
  • You can refuel the cartridges yourself if necessary;
  • Works with all operating systems.
  • Increased dimensions due to the removal of cartridges outside;
  • Sometimes ignores settings when printing photos.

Pantum P2207

Despite the fact that these products are made by a NOT too well-known brand, they have an excellent value for money. thanks in large part to these characteristics, they came to the first place in our review of the best printers for home use. First of all, the device has a significant operational resource. you can print up to 15 thousand pages per month. Not every model from well-known companies is capable of boasting such a volume. The print quality is also very high. 1200 dpi, and the device produces it at a speed of 22 pages per minute. Paper feeding is quite standard, the capacity of the tray is 150 sheets. The cartridge is durable and economical. one refill of ink is enough for high quality images on 1600 pages. The printer processor is fast thanks to its 600 MHz clock speed and 64 MB of internal memory.

A slot for reading SD memory cards is provided, you can print directly from them, it is connected to a computer via a USB 2.0 connector. The products work quietly, differ in small overall dimensions, the maximum paper size is A4, can work with envelopes, different types of printing paper, film and so on. Print format is black and white only. The design of the printer is standard, no frills can be found here.

  • A very powerful and high-speed device that consumes a minimum of electricity;
  • Decent print quality;
  • Installs drivers on its own. user participation is NOT required;
  • Can work with non-original cartridges;
  • Compact overall dimensions.
  • Black and white format only.

Home printers are usually used for printing photographs or some kind of text documents, so you should choose the device with such features in mind. We have tried to give the most detailed characteristics to each printer discussed in the review. How much this information helped you, you can share in the comments to this article.