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Sony Xperia phone won’t turn on. restoring smartphone operation

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In this short tutorial, we’ll tell you what to do if your Sony Xperia won’t turn on. We often receive messages from our readers that they have a problem with the performance of their smartphone or tablet, after which they can no longer start the device. The phone does not turn on or Sony Xperia freezes when turned on on the splash screen (boot animation). The most common cause of this is the failure of the operating system and software. Do not panic ahead of time and carry out a series of simple actions to reanimate your beloved smartphone.

To do this, we need a computer with official software installed on it. the PC Companion program (download), which simply must be on the PC of any user of Sony Xperia smartphones. Now let’s move on to the step-by-step instructions (in the screenshots, red frames indicate that you need to click in the process).

  • Launch PC Companion and select ‘Support Zone.
  • Launch the ‘Software update’ section
  • Naturally, we did not connect the smartphone to the computer, and therefore a window will appear notifying you that the device was not found. There is a clickable inscription ‘phone / tablet recovery’. click on it.
  • In the next window, you will be asked to select the device you want to restore. If you have previously updated your smartphone via PC Companion, then it probably remembered the device, and it will appear in the list. select it and click ‘Next’. If you have not used the application yet or you need to update some other model, for example a friend, then select the item ‘Another phone / tablet’.
  • Further, a number of windows will appear in front of you. they contain information about what you are actually doing. I recommend that you read and press ‘Next’ (if necessary, check the box to confirm). We are waiting for the application to prepare everything necessary for recovery.
  • If you have selected ‘Other phone / tablet’ in step 4, such a window will appear with a list of all the models in the line. In this list, you need to find and select the model of the smartphone or tablet that you are restoring. Please note. you need to choose a specific model with its specific model number, for example, if you have a Sony Xperia Z2 D6502, then you need to choose a Sony Xperia Z2 D6502, not a D6503 or D6463! If you chose a specific model, then you skip this item. the following window will immediately appear.
  • It’s time to connect your smartphone. Connect the USB to the computer, then hold and hold the volume down button on the smartphone and only then plug the USB cable into it!
  • After these steps, the program will detect the device and start restoring it. If it did not automatically go to the next step, then you can try to simultaneously hold down the power and volume up buttons for 10 seconds until three vibrations occur and then repeat step 7.
  • Upon completion, you will be notified of the completion of the update. We turn off the smartphone, launch it and rejoice! Please note that all data from the smartphone’s memory will be deleted. Also, the first download can be quite long.

If Sony Xperia still does not work, then you can try to flash it through FlashTool or you should contact the service center. there may be a problem in the technical part, not in the software.