Stickers for moonshine print on a printer

B&W printing on a printer

MS Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). can crawl when printing. To prevent slipping. convert documents to PDF (save as PDF).

stickers, print, printer

In the office of the printing house on Levoberezhnaya:

Scanning documents!
B / W printing on a printer!

On my own!
Without waiting for the manager’s attention!
On a modern, intuitive MFP.
With the ability to send scans by E-mail!
With a choice of options for printing.
By ourselves, following the instructions, we print, copy, scan.

Photocopy, A4, B / W Copying a photocopy of documents near metro Levoberezhnaya Photocopy at a low price, the nearest photocopy

Scanning, A4 Scan-copies near Levoberezhnaya metro station at a low price Scanning and printing nearby

HOW IT WORKS? How to print copy scan by yourself Where near print scan copy

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How to print scan copy yourself What is self-service copy center for scanning copying and printing

Photocopy of documents near metro Levoberezhnaya Nearest photocopy on the Left Bank of Kiev

Scanning, scan of a copy, scans of documents m. Levoberezhna. Document scanner in the office of the printing house ONE

Printing on a digital printer Levoberezhnaya Printing documents at a low price

Print scanning photocopying without queue printing scanned copies copier documents self-service promptly

Printing documents on 80 g / m2 paper Digital printing on plain paper

Create a label layout in Word.

Further to the end of the lesson, the standard layout of the label is taken. A sticker with an address of 30 per page. We remind you that on an individual basis, you can customize any label size for your task. This can be done in Type. Customization.

Return to the original Envelopes and Stickers dialog box. On the right, you can see a preview of the label, which we will have based on the given dimensions.

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Questions and comments (1)

Let me say a BIG THANKS on behalf of the accounting department.

You have no idea how long, our department was looking for these label templates for Word.

If anything, contact us for, we will personally give you a discount.

Labels in Word

Very often, when buying self-adhesive labels, our customers ask us if it is possible to print labels in such a widespread program as Microsoft Word?

Remember, a conventional laser or inkjet printer can only print self-adhesive labels that match this, such as: MEGA Label, Lomond or Planet. (!) Ie special self-adhesive paper for a conventional printer.

A small, step-by-step instruction on how to create an A4 label in Word was developed by Label Shop, especially for its customers. We hope she helps you.

Test print.

In order to save money on self-adhesive A4 labels, first of all, after creating a label in Word, we will print it on plain A4 paper. Thus, if there are any mistakes, we can correct them.

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Label templates for Word with right corners (A4 stickers)

If you find a broken link or a missing label template file above, please write to the site administration. We will upload the file to our server in 1. 2 hours.

Ready-made standard templates for A4 labels.

For those who do not want to waste their time and design labels in Word, or maybe someone else failed to do it, we include a large package of label templates for Word. You can download it absolutely for free.

A template is a non-printable grid of a table, into which cells you insert text or an image. The grid matches the die cuts on the sheet. When printing, the text falls on the label, while not the entire sheet can be printed, but only the required number of cells, and the sheet itself can be reused.