The Computer Does Not See The Printer Over Wi-Fi

Various printer connection options

There is another way to connect the printer via Wi-Fi. This method will be ideal if the IP address of the personal PC and Windows 7 OS are in the same radius with the network printer. To work, you need to turn on Wi-Fi on the printer and find it on the computer.

The above method for setting up a printer over Wi-Fi may NOT work. Then you need to open “Network Neighborhood”, then right-click on the icon, select properties and open “Network Connections”. Next, we find the “Local network”, and here we need the “General” tab. There we find the TCP / IP protocol and in its properties we write IP addresses, which we find in the instructions for this device.

There is another way how to connect the printer via Wi-Fi. To implement it on a router, you need to create access points. To do this, you need to connect the router to the printer using Wi-Fi for this. In the printer, you need to specify the type of encryption used and the access key. If the Wi-Fi indicator lights up, it means everything was done correctly.

How to connect a Wi-Fi printer to a computer and laptop?

Of the “classic” ways to connect a Wi-Fi printer, you can note:

Finishing touch

On the “Control Panel”, select the printer we are interested in (in “devices”):

In the “Printer Properties”, we change exactly one parameter. the port protocol. The Ports tab, a checkmark for the required printer (you can navigate by the port’s IP address), the Configure port button:

Then, choose as in the picture (LPR protocol). And “Queue name” can be any:

Congratulations! After clicking “OK”, you can print a test page.

We managed to connect the printer through a router, but from the computer, the printer is seen as one of the “local” printers (whether, not as “network”). Therefore, SIMilar settings will have to be performed on each computer (laptop) from which you want to print.

Wi-Fi router operation via Google Cloud Print

An interesting advantage of this method is that you can send documents to your Wi-Fi printer from anywhere in the world using your Google account. For this:

The Computer Does Not See The Printer Over Wi-Fi
  • Check if the printer is web-accessible;
  • Launch Google Chrome browser and enter chrome: // devices;
  • The printer will now appear in the My Devices section and be ready to use.

Wireless connection

Printers equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networking modules are even easier to connect to a router. If both devices support WPS (QSS). the technology of auto-connecting devices via Wi-Fi, it is enough to press the corresponding button on both of them (no more than 2 minutes should pass between pressing) or enter the pin code, which will be given by the access point: the method depends on the specific technology implementation.

If WPS is not supported, we do as usual: we find our access point in the list of networks available to the printer and enter the password.

Bluetooth connection It is also easy: turn on the option on both devices and after establishing a connection, enter a one-time access code.

Connecting a network printer in Windows 7

How to connect the printer via Wi-Fi if you are using Windows 7? Installation can be greatly SIMplified. To do this, only for the seventh version, you can use a special utility. She will be able to automate the entire installation process.

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At the beginning of the installation, you need to make sure that the network printer model supports the router.

After connecting, as in the description above, we write the following in the address bar of our browser: Add a printer. Now you need to choose a port for it. Go to the “Create port” section and select “Standart TCP / IP Ports”. The next step, the installation wizard will tell you that you need to register IP addresses. This address for the router and printer must be the same. Now you need to select the usual type of device and continue to connect the printer via a Wi-Fi router.

You need to install all the necessary drivers for the printer. Find the required model in the proposed list. After completing all THESE actions, the installation wizard will offer to proceed to setting up the sharing of the device.

The installation wizard will inform you about the correct installation of drivers and offer to use the default printer. Click on the “Finish” button, and now it remains to configure the port properties.

We click on the installed printer with the right mouse button, and in its properties, in the TCP port settings, select the LPR protocol and give it a name.

When connecting, many users overlook some of the settings details, as a result of which not everything works as it should.

Search in programs

Sometimes when you try to print an image or document through special programs, for example, a graphics or text editor, you find that the necessary equipment is on the list. In such cases, you should find it. Let’s look at the process of finding using Microsoft Word as an example:

    Open the “Menu” and go to the “Print” section.

Click on the button “Find a printer”.

You will see the “Search: Printers” window. Here you can set preliminary search parameters, for example, specify a location, select a name and equipment model. After the scan is complete, you will see a list of all found peripherals. Select the necessary device and you can proceed to work with it.

Since the search is carried out Not only on your computer, but also on all others connected to the same local network, the domain service “Active Directory” is used for scanning. It checks IP addresses and uses additional OS functions. In the event of incorrect settings or malfunctions, Windows AD may not be available. You will learn about this from the corresponding notice. For methods of solving auto goods problem, see our other article.


Of course, the joint venture is not always installed as it should. It does not appear in the list of available ones, or you get a message that Windows cannot connect to it. In the first step, make sure that it is connected to the same network as the PC to which you want to add the SP; and that SP sharing is enabled on the PC. Connect to it by clicking the name, Click the “Printer invited, not listed”.

If you do not see the printer, it does not mean that it is not there. Some IT departments hide all printer names by default. There are good reasons for this, but it will also become an obstacle if there is a legitimate need to connect to a particular printer. There are other problems, and not allowing to see the available joint venture.

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Decide if you need to add a local printer if there is no USB printer connected to your PC), or no network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer.

Try the next step in the Add Printers Wizard. It allows you to “find a printer by name or TCP / IP address”. In fact, there are three options: you can still search in the Directory, but if the first search did not show it, most likely it will NOT appear there either.

To Select Printer by Name, enter a name in the form \ COMPUTERNAME PRINTERNAME, where computer name is the name that identifies the server or PC on which the SP was installed. This can be found through Control Panel / System and Security / System (on Windows 7). If you do not know the name of the joint venture, ask the employee who uses it, or get a name from the system administrator.

If you succeed, as described above, get access to it. If it is still hidden, then try the last option:

Search the web

Most often, users are interested in finding printers on a computer, who work in a home or corporate network, where all the equipment is connected via Wi-Fi or a LAN cable. In such a situation, it is carried out as follows:

    Through the “Computer” window in the “Network” section, select the required PC, which is connected to your local group.

In the displayed list, you will find all connected peripherals.

Double-click LMB to go to the menu for working with the device. There you can view the print queue, add documents to it and set up the configuration.

If you want this equipment to be displayed in the list on your PC, right-click on it and select “Connect”.

Use the Create Shortcut feature to avoid constantly going to network settings to interact with the printer. The shortcut will be added to the desktop.

Using this method, you can find all the devices connected to your local group. Full control of them is possible only with an administrator account. To learn how to enter the OS through it, read our other article at the link below.

Laptop or computer cannot see the printer over Wi-Fi

If your home or office laptop does not see the printer via Wi-Fi, then it will not print accordingly. Of course, when this happens, the right decision is to call a PC wizard, but what to do in his arrival? It is worth trying your own hand to solve the problem.

Below is an instruction on what you can do if the computer does not see the printer via wi-fi:

  • It is worth starting with the most commonplace method. Most users forget to turn on the power button. Therefore, before proceeding to check the second causes of breakdown, it is worth checking the SIMplest reason.
  • It happens that, either when transporting a PC or router, contacts come off. Then, the computer stops seeing the printing device.
  • Provided that the connection is in order and the wires are normal, the second thing to do is to check the drivers. Sometimes, this is solved by turning on or off the printing device itself or the PC. If the methods did not help, then reinstall the files related to the work of printing technicians. Download a special file from the manufacturer’s website, or use the disc that came with the kit.
  • Another prerequisite for the problem is malware on the PC. It is possible that the viruses damaged the system files, including the printer driver, and now it does not work. After carrying out diagnostics for virus programs, you need to check for updates, which will help solve the problem. If after the above steps nothing has changed, it makes sense to reinstall the operating system.
  • The next problem may be the selected other printing device. Such cases are the most common, but they can be eliminated very easily. It is necessary from the list of available printing devices to select the one that is directly connected to the computer. We look at the model on the printer. Everything will work only if the drivers are successfully installed. If the work has NOT resumed, then the function that is responsible for automatic printing may be disabled on the PC or laptop.
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Before contacting the wizard, try to solve the problem yourself. Only after trying all of the above methods, you should contact the service center.

If a printer with the ability to connect via wi-fi has just appeared, then we provide a short step-by-step connection instructions.

We turn on the device, connect it to the mains. The device must be in a wi-fi coverage area.

We turn on the computer or laptop and install the driver. Then restarts the operating system.

After a complete reboot, go to the “Start” menu and select the “Devices and Printers” button. A list of all available devices will appear in the context window, including the required printer. Click on it and select “use as default”. If all actions were performed correctly, a green check mark will appear next to the printer image. This will mean that the fixture is ready to use.

Here at the link, you can find out in more detail with explanations and pictures how to connect a printer via Wi-Fi and configure the device itself for printing.

I would like to note the disadvantages of transferring information via wi-fi:

  • The transmission speed depends on the environment. With accessible obstacles: walls, furniture, partitions. the signal will be worse.
  • Their own signals interfere with the operation of routers. For example, if the house already has such a device from one company, then the same device from another company drastically slows down its work. This type of communication is too sensitive to external obstacles in signal transmission; this should be given special attention. If this is a home router, then negotiate with your neighbors and save money by paying for the Internet for a couple of apartments. If this is an office, it is worth consulting with the provider. Representatives of the company will explain how best to arrange the routers so that they DO NOT interrupt each other’s signal.

Among the advantages of this connection is the absence of wires, which is the main characteristic. And until a better replacement is invented, this type of communication will remain at the peak of popularity.

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