The laptop sees the printer but does not print

The computer does not see the Canon printer

Almost every one of us can face such a problem when the computer suddenly stops seeing the printer, and sometimes the computer does not see the new printer.

Even if both of our devices work fine separately, sometimes the computer still cannot recognize the printer, regardless of the fact that all the necessary connections are made correctly. This problem is considered one of the most common, and oddly enough, sometimes it turns out that it is very easy to solve. One of the most likely reasons may be that the connection is not accurate.

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Often, the reason for the invisibility of the printer may be the lack of contact during the connection process, for example, this may be a consequence of clogged ports, an inoperative cord, or perhaps an insufficiently tight connection at the junction.
The second common reason may be that the drivers are not working correctly.

Why the computer does not see the Canon printer

Drivers installed on printing devices are also capable of getting out of the health state, leading to failures and errors in the operation of the printer. If there is no disk, which should be rightfully included when buying a printer, this is not such a difficult task, since we can download drivers without any problems. But sometimes incompatible ones come across, or those that do not fit our OS.
Another reason might be that a different device was previously connected and set as the default printing device. This problem can occur if other printing devices are connected to the computer, or they were previously connected but not removed properly. This means that the operating system will recognize another printer selected automatically.
Disabled print service.
In search of an answer to the question of why the computer does not see the printer, users often forget about the settings of the operating system itself. For trouble-free printing, the service must be always on.

If your PC does not see your Canon printer, you just need to make sure you are using the working ports and cable to test the connection. If you find debris or dust in the ports, you need to clean them to ensure contact between the elements. To check, you can free all the connectors, and if the computer does not see the USB printer, check each of them sequentially. Sometimes the solution to the problem can be made by a trivial check whether the printer itself is turned on, since many often forget to turn on the device again after disconnecting from the network.

In cases where the laptop does not see the Canon printer, problems with the drivers can come from either their incorrect operation or from their complete absence. It is important to use the native disk supplied with the printer to install the drivers. If there is no such disk, the drivers are downloaded from the Internet on the official website of the device manufacturer. When downloading the driver, it is important to select the package that fully matches the printer model and your operating system. If the drivers are not working correctly, you can reinstall them by first removing the non-working version.

To figure out why the PC does not see the Canon printer, to install a valid printer as a default device, you need to right-click on the device icon and put a checkmark in front of the “Use as default or just select this option.
To enable the print service, you need to go to the Control Panel, the “Administrative Tools” tab, then. “Services or” Print Spooler. After that, you need to enable the service by selecting “Startup type or the” Start “command, and putting a tick in front of the” Automatically.
Thus, if the computer does not see the printer connected, then you can solve this problem yourself in most cases. An indication that the problem has been resolved is when the device is working properly and displayed on the computer. In other cases, you need to contact the specialists, since the lack of results for all the indicated methods of fixing the problem may indicate the presence of more serious malfunctions.

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Computer cannot see printer via USB Canon

It is difficult to answer exactly the question. why the computer does not see the printer connected via the USB connector. There can be many reasons. Here we will consider, if not all, then most of them. Before doing anything, you need to turn off the printing device and the computer. Wait a minute and turn on the devices. If the problem persists, read on.
Turn off the printer and disconnect the USB cable. We look at the connectors in the computer and in the printer. If they are dirty. clean. An old toothbrush will probably come in handy here. We connect the cord. If “does not see, we connect it through another USB connector of the computer. If you have a stationary PC, we connect it to another connector on the back of the system unit. If the problem persists, we disconnect, for a while, other peripheral devices (webcam, scanner, monitor, adapters and other devices). We connect one printer and a mouse with a keyboard. If the problem remains, you need to connect the printing device with another USB cable (preferably thicker and shorter).
Ideally, connect the printer to another computer, install the drivers, and try to print something. If it prints, then the problem is in our computer. If another computer also does not see the printer, then I would take the printing device to a service center.

Installing and malfunctioning drivers

It often happens that the laptop does not “see” the Canon printer. The cause of this malfunction is mainly the driver. Breakage can be easily and quickly removed. It is enough to install the computer software. Often, drivers “fly off”, that is, they are damaged or completely removed. If you have a Canon brand device that your PC does not see, you should check the drivers.

The best solution would be to remove them completely and reinstall them. This can be done using a disc, the media with the software is included with any printer, including Canon. But if for some reason they are not there, then do not be discouraged. It is enough to go to the manufacturer’s official website and download them from there for free.

Check connection

The first step is to make sure that all cords and USB cables are connected to the PC. Equipment dysfunction may occur due to a loose contact or USB cable. It is also worth checking the units for damage. If this is the case, try connecting the printer to the ports, then inspect the cable. Remember to turn on the device. The reason for the inoperative state may be a banal inattention of the user. This is the first reason why the laptop does not recognize the printer via USB.

Check printer settings

The cause may be the wrong device selected as the print source.

If you have several installed printing units of different brands: HP, Canon, etc., you should go to the settings and see which printer is selected as the main one. It so happens that the settings go astray.

All the “breakdown” of the equipment lies in this detail. To eliminate it, just select the brand of the desired device and save the parameters. If you don’t have the printer you want, such as HP, try reinstalling its software.

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System crash

A common and important cause of equipment breakdown. If such an incident happened, then you need to completely remove the operating system and reinstall it again. In the process, it takes a long time to restore the system and install all the necessary drivers for the PC and printer. Next, check the operation of the printing device, if the problem is still not resolved, check all the points described above.

If the printer does not function, then the following reasons are possible:

  • not installed all the necessary programs. drivers;
  • breakdown of the printing device.

In the second case, we recommend contacting the service center or purchasing new equipment.

Reasons why the laptop does not see the printer

It happens that the PC system does not see the connected external device. This can happen with a WEB-camera, speakers and a printer. We will find out what reasons contribute to the fact that laptops do not see printing devices and how to fix it.

Before sending the device for recycling, it is worthwhile to find out the reason why the laptop does not see the printer. This is an important point, since many of the nuances can be corrected on your own.

System incompatibility

In addition to the reasons already voiced above, one of the options is the incompatibility of the system. Often, when buying a printer, people do not pay attention to the characteristics of the device. So, as a rule, all supporting systems are described, when installed on which the printer will work properly. If Honor does not have the details, then you can think for a long time about the cause of the equipment malfunction.

The problem cannot be resolved because the operating system does not support drivers at all. If you have such a problem, we recommend looking for software on the Internet, including on the official website of the company that manufactures this equipment. If the search was successful, it is enough to indicate the required device model and download the file.

Then start the installation process and follow all instructions. Try to delve into every word you write. If the software requires you to turn off the printer during installation, then follow these instructions. Deviation from the installation rules will lead to incorrectly loaded drivers, and will affect the operation of the printer.

Advice! If it is not possible to establish and eliminate the cause on your own, then you should contact the service center.

Above are the main reasons why a laptop does not “see” an HP printer and other brands. There are tips for eliminating various types of breakdowns. A large proportion of this type of malfunction occurs due to dysfunction of the driver system. If there are problems, we recommend that you follow all the tips described above, if the problem still cannot be solved, then you should contact a specialist.

Clearing the print queue

Clearing the print queue allows you to restore normal printer operation when documents placed there are not processed due to internal or system errors. Usually, to complete the task, you need to click just one button in the previously discussed menu, but sometimes the list of tasks freezes and to remove it, you need to perform a whole aLGorithm of actions, which is detailed in the article below.

Default device check

In some cases, it is imperative that the printing equipment you are using is in the “Default” state. This is due to different applications starting printing when they automatically determine the device for which to create a queue. You can check if this attribute is set for the problem printer yourself by following these steps:

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    In the same Settings app this time select the Devices menu.

Click on the line with the printer you are using.

Functional buttons will be displayed, among which find “Control” and click on it.

Activate the use of this printer by default.

Starting the Print Manager service

The next reason the printer displayed in Windows does not print is because the Print Manager service is disabled, which controls this process. To check it, you will need to launch the corresponding application, view and, if necessary, change the properties of the service.

The list is sorted alphabetically, so it’s easy to find the “Print Manager” there.

Click on the inscriptions to go to the “Properties” window, where in the “Startup type” field, set the value “Automatic”, and then start the service if it is disabled.

Applying the troubleshooter

The OS built-in troubleshooter will help you solve basic problems when trying to send a document to print. You need to use it first of all to eliminate these most common failures.

Select the category “Troubleshoot” from the menu on the left.

Among the available troubleshooting tools, find “Printer” and click on this line.

This will start checking the services and other parameters related to the operation of printers in Windows.

When a list with all installed equipment is displayed, find the problematic one, select it and follow.

Now the selected device is scanned, which will take less than a minute, and when finished, the result will be displayed on the screen. If any corrections can be made, confirm the action and proceed to try again to print to this printer.

The procedure is not always effective, so if there is no change in printer operation, consider the following methods.

Setting up a shared printer

Another method suitable only for users of network devices. Each printer must be properly configured to communicate correctly with computers on the local network. To do this, first, public access is opened on the main PC and the rules of the local network are organized, about which

On other computers connected to the local network, the same steps are taken to add the printer itself. You will find a guide on this below.

Fixing environment variables

Windows has a number of environment variables that are responsible for performing system tasks, some of which process documents sent to print. If a program, virus, or user makes changes to these files, problems will begin that affect the operation of the printer.

    To check the environment variables, go to the “System” section in the “Control Panel” by finding it through the search in “Start”.

Click “Advanced System Settings”.

The “System Properties” window will be displayed, where on the first “Advanced” tab click on “Environment Variables”.

Find two variables “TEMP” and “TMP”, make sure their values ​​match the example in the following image.

If any changes have been made, be sure to restart your computer to apply them.

Checking device status

There are certain reasons why the printer might pause or go offline. They consist of hardware and system failures that periodically occur with almost every device. If printing is paused, then the documents added to the queue will remain there until the user manually corrects the settings.

    Click on the printer line in the Printers & Scanners menu.

Use the “Open Queue” button to display the corresponding window.

Uncheck “Pause Printing” and “Work Offline”.

If printing does not start automatically after doing this, clear the queue using the instructions in the next method, and then reselect the document you want to print.