The lightning light on the Canon printer is flashing

Error: support code 1689

The printer has detected that ink has run out (Ink lamp blinks or a message appears on the LCD).

  • Replace ink tank and close scanning unit / cover.
  • If you want to continue printing, disable the function for detecting the remaining ink level. To disable this feature, press and hold the Stop key on the printer for at least 5 seconds and then release it. For models on PGI-480 / CLI-481 cartridges, first click OK and follow the instructions on the computer screen.

When the function for detecting the remaining ink level is disabled, this ink tank is displayed in gray or as an empty rectangle on the LCD current ink remaining check screen.

Error: support code 1486 / E07

The FINE cartridge is installed in the wrong position (not in place).

  • Make sure each FINE cartridge is installed in the correct position.

If these steps do not resolve the error, contact your nearest service center for repair.

Error: support code 1890 / E40

The protective material of the FINE cartridge holder or tape may be left on the holder.

  • Open the paper output tray cover and check for any protective material or tape on the FINE cartridge holder.
  • Remove any protective material or tape and close the paper output tray cover.

If these steps do not resolve the error, contact your nearest service center for repair.

Error: Support Code 2002. Orange light blinks 19 times

  • Disconnect the device by disconnecting the USB connector from the printer and the device.

If these steps do not resolve the error, contact the service center for repair.

Error: support code 1007

The error occurred for one of the following reasons.

  • There is no paper in the cassette (top).
  • Wrong paper source.
  • Paper is not loaded properly.
  • Load paper in the cassette (upper).
  • Load paper into a suitable paper source. Small size photo paper such as 4 “x 6” (10 x 15 cm) or 5 “x 7” (13 x 18 cm), or Hagaki, is loaded in the cassette (top) Using plain paper cut into 4 ″ x 6 ″ (10 x 15 cm) or 5 ″ x 7 ″ (13 x 18 cm) sheets for proof printing may cause paper jams.
  • Align the guides on both sides of the paper while loading.
  • Press the [OK] button to clear the error.

If these steps do not resolve the error, contact your nearest service center for repair.

Error: support code 2901

Print Head Alignment Pattern is complete and the machine is in standby mode to scan a document.

lightning, light, Canon, printer, flashing

Load the printhead alignment sheet onto the scanner glass. Place the printhead alignment sheet with the printed side down and follow the instructions on the computer screen. After placing the sheet for scanning, carefully close the document cover and press the [Black] or [Color] button on the machine. The machine starts scanning the print head alignment sheet and the print head position is automatically adjusted.

lightning, light, Canon, printer, flashing

Error: support code 1686 / E13

The printer cannot determine the amount of ink remaining (a refilled or used cartridge is installed)

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Replace ink cartridge or disable ink level monitoring. To disable tracking the ink level. press and hold down the “Resume / Cancel” button for more than 5 seconds.

Error: support code 1002 Orange light blinks 2 times

No CD or DVD in the CD / DVD tray.

  • Open the paper feed tray at the front of the machine.
  • Place the CD / DVD (print side up) in the CD / DVD tray NOTE: Make sure the CD / DVD tray is clean
  • Insert the CD / DVD tray under the inner cover and make sure it is level. The illustration above shows the CD / DVD tray.
  • Press the [Resume / Cancel] button on the device to continue.

If these steps do not resolve the error, contact the service center for repair.

Canon pixma mg2440 printer lights blinking

Not long ago, I watched my trusty and reliable Canon printer suddenly stop working stably and start blinking light bulbs. Flashing appeared on buttons with the name “drop,” paper.

As soon as I noticed this, I immediately guessed that it was a diaper problem. At some point, almost all inkjet printers stop working for this reason, and even when we have the original cartridge installed. If you have a CISS installed on your printer, then most likely you will receive a similar error much more often. And if you have the most common cartridges, such a failure will be rare. But if a diaper is put on (and it should always be), then one day it will definitely overflow. You can immediately refer your printer to a good specialist, and you will probably have to pay a lot of money to get it repaired properly. But you can also get your printer back on line.
Now I will tell you a little theory. Inside, all inkjet printers have a special sump, which is installed there in order to count the amount of waste ink. This is the amount that appears during head cleaning.

Structurally, this sump is a special container filled with absorbent material such as cotton wool. Popularly, this container is informally called a diaper, because its purpose is approximately the same as that of a regular baby diaper. The capacity of this sump is not infinite, therefore there is a special software counter in the printer that counts the number of cleanings and is called a working counter. As soon as the lightning flashes on the Canon mg2440 printer, it means that the counter value will coincide with the value set by the manufacturer. And also quite often the printer will refuse to print, will start blinking all the lights and will require you to immediately contact the service.
Printer makers are very careful guys. They don’t want their home printer to puddle waste ink underneath, so they set the maximum value of the working counter with a margin. That is, the diaper can still serve, but the printer requires service.

If 3 lights blink 5 times on the Canon mg2440 printer, at the service center the specialists will replace the diaper (either entirely or stuff it with a new filler), reset the counter and return it to the owner. But you can use a special program that simply resets the value of this counter. When the Canon pixma mg2440 printer lights b and c are blinking, there are special “secret codes” for this model that allow you to reset the counter by pressing the printer buttons in a certain sequence. Both programs and sequences can be easily found on the Internet. But two lights on a Canon printer blink very often.
Alyarm! Despite the fact that the counter will be reset to zero, the diaper will still be full. So you should use this method only if 2 lights are blinking on the Canon mg2440 printer, but you need to print URGENT and if you are in the near future:

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contact the service center about replacing the diaper
replace the filler yourself (which is quite difficult to do on some models)
Take the catheter into a special jar. About the last point: a special tube comes to the diaper, through which waste ink is fed into it. Active users of CISS cut this tube from the diaper, build it up with a dropper and bring the end out of the printer body. Such a tube (by the same analogy) is popularly called a catheter and is lowered into an ordinary jar, which needs to be drained from time to time. It is unlikely that you would dare to do this with a regular home printer that you use a couple of times a month, since you will need to disassemble the printer.
Now about the reset itself. The program, which resets the readings of the working counter, is called the resetter (ie “the resetter”). This is an unofficial program and the printer manufacturer will probably void your warranty for its use, although usually the pampers overflow after the end of the warranty period. after two or three years. In order to find such a program, just type in the make and model of your printer into the search and add about the diaper reset. In my case, I noticed that a yellow light is blinking on the Canon mg2440 printer.
You may need to try a few of these programs.It is free and works for most Canon models, but as I understand it, for newer models you need to get some kind of reset code.

Canon pixma mg2440 flashing lightning light
If you are using CISS, it is better to put the catheter into the jar. If you rarely (2-3 times a month) print photos and documents, then you can safely reset the counter 2-3 times without replacing the diaper, because the ink in it dries out over time. In any case, you can accurately reset the diaper counter once without any consequences. But remember that if lightning flashes on the Canon mg2440 printer, the diaper can really overflow and flood not only the table, but also the printer electronics, which will certainly ruin the printer.

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Canon pixma light blinking problem solved

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  • CISS forum: Canon mg2440, the light on and the lightning blink in turn. CISS Forum

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  • In this case, do not reset the counter, but reset the printer. The counter is not reset by software. There you need to unsolder the flash drive, upload a dump with zero parameters and re-solder.

    Canon mg2440, the light on and the lightning blink in turn

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  • Canon MG2440 Pixma MFP problems

    To maximally protect the device from their negative effects, you will need to install the entire set of drivers. You do not need to purchase it separately, all the necessary programs are on the installation disc, which is necessarily included in the package. After this, the printer problem in the form of a code will be displayed on the PC screen. The diagnostic process will speed up and the violation will be corrected.

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    A problem with a code in the range 1000-4999 is often corrected by the user. When a designation occurs, recorded as a code of 5000 or more, supplemented by letters or other symbols, it should be understood that the device must be handed over to a service center. You cannot fix the problem on your own. A sign of a malfunction of the printing unit is the flashing of the lights. Signal decoding is available in the operating instructions.

    What does it mean if the lights on a Canon printer are blinking

    Canon MG2440 Pixma. this model is quite popular among users. Before buying a printer, the client is faced with the question of whether he will be able to change cartridges in a timely manner and without problems, refill them. Choose a printing unit based on their answer. If you have free time and money to buy the necessary materials (the cost of the original ones often reaches 50% of the price of the device itself), then the Canon MG2440 Pixma inkjet printer is what you need.

    Canon MG2540s MFP

    This home printer is characterized by:

    • multifunctionality;
    • compactness;
    • lack of noise when switching to operating mode;
    • uncomplicated service;
    • fast activation;
    • low power consumption;
    • the ability to print in monochrome and color;
    • productivity (8 pages / minute);
    • reliability;
    • duration of operation.

    With this model, you can print, photocopy and scan the required document or photo. She will become a good helper in running your own business, because the problem with document flow will be solved. Another plus is space saving. There is no need to purchase a separate stand for the MFP, it will fit on the table. Canon MG2540s requires A4 paper.

    Why are the lights blinking on a Canon printer?

    The Canon printing device (MG2540s, MG2440 Pixma, MP230) has 3 lights (A, B, C), 2 of which warn about problems in the printer itself, and one about the status of connecting peripheral equipment to a personal computer.

    If a yellow light flashes on a Canon printer (concerning MG2540s, MG2440 Pixma, MP230), you need to restart the unit, and then press the print cancel button for 30 seconds. It depicts a triangle in a circle. The color or black cartridge is likely to be low on ink.

    When the lights are blinking on the Canon MG2440 printer, it is most likely that the diaper is full, that is, the waste where unused ink accumulates. You can change it at home, but such a step may lead to a refusal to repair under warranty. Therefore, it is better not to take risks and carry the MFP to the service center.

    Are the lights blinking on the Canon Pixma MG2540s printer, what does this mean? The reason is the black cartridge. You will need to reset the errors, in the absence of experience it is recommended to call a specialist, but before that you need to check the status of the monochrome print cartridge. If it is empty, then refuel. If there is a sufficient amount of paint, you need to wait for the master or take the device to a service center.

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