The Printer Does Not See The Cartridge After Refilling

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Laser printers Panasonic KX-MB1500RU, KX-MB1520RU on cartridges KX-FAT400A7, KX-FAT410A7

These printer models have a page counter and when the maximum number is reached, they give a message that the cartridge has run out. The counter is reset by the fuses on the cartridge, after resetting the counter, the fuse is burned out and for the next reset, a new fuse is needed, which is put in our office when refueling. If the refilled cartridge prints, then the following options are possible:. the printer displays a message stating that the cartridge is empty. So there is no contact with the reset fuse. you need to diagnose it in our office. the printer displays an error message “call service 17”. The fuse is NOT blown, open and close the printer cover, if that does not help, press the following sequence of buttons on the MFP:

Ok menu

The error will be cleared and you can continue to print.

HP and Canon Inkjet Printers, Printhead in Printer

It is also relevant as for cartridges with a print head, the difference is that the head is in the printer and replacing the cartridge to continue working on the printer will not help, only replacing or repairing the print heads of the printer. In most cases, such work can only be done at a service center.

Why the cartridge does not print after refilling

The article discusses typical cases of printer or MFP failure to print with a freshly refilled cartridge. Separately disassembled options for inkjet and laser devices.

If you have an inkjet printer, then you need concepts of where the printhead is located. Look at the bottom of the cartridge if you see one or two straight lines with nozzles. this means that the Printhead is in the cartridge; if there are lines, then the print head in the printer.

Brother Laser Printers

The cartridge is printing, the machine says “insert a new cartridge” or the light on the printer is blinking. The cartridges of THESE models are equipped with toner reset checkboxes, which are cocked every time you refuel. We would like to pay attention to the fact that on the starter cartridges, which come with the printer upon sale, this checkbox is not present and it applies for a fee. If the checkbox has NOT reset the printer counter, you need to charge it again. Does not help? Perhaps the optocoupler for resetting in the printer is clogged, or the spring on the sensor in the printer has flown out, in this case it is necessary to bring the printer to our office for repair.

There is a procedure for resetting the toner counter for some models of Brother MFPs and cartridges, but it only works when there is a check mark on the cartridge. instructions for resetting the counter.

Epson inkjet printers

On older models of cartridges, the chip is absent or is reset by the programmer in our office when refueling. New models of cartridges where the chip is NOT flashed, we DO NOT refill.

Xerox and Samsung Laser Printers

Most cartridges have a chip by which the machine keeps track of how much toner has been used up and whether the cartridge is NOT empty, the same chip also blocks the printer when a certain value is reached. In order for you to be able to use the cartridge after it has run out, you need to flash the chip on the cartridge, or the printer itself. For flashed printers, there is an instruction for resetting the page counter.

The cartridge chip firmware differs from the printer firmware in that:. the chip needs to be flashed, or changed every time you refuel, which significantly increases the cost of refueling;. the printer is flashed only once, then you yourself will be able to reset the cartridge counter and refill it when there is really not enough toner for printing, this is evident from faint printing or the presence of white vertical stripes.

HP and Canon Inkjet printers, Printhead on cartridge

For HP (Hewlett Packard) and Canon inkjet printers with printhead on a cartridge There are three possible reasons why the printer refuses to print.

A chip in the cartridge tells the printer that ink has run out. In this case, the printer:

  • New ink cartridges Canon PG-510 / PG-440 / PG-426. click “OK” in all dialog boxes in the printer menu, the last window will display a message about the need to press the paper feed button for a few seconds, do it. that’s it, the ink counter is disabled ;
  • The rest of the cartridges are in the printer settings on the computer or the “Resume / Stop” button on the device itself, it looks like a triangle in a circle and is most often red, you need to hold it down for 5-10 seconds and the error will be reset.

Color laser printers

Laser color printers HP, Canon, Samsung, Xerox have a page count chip on the cartridge, which blocks the printer when the maximum counter value is reached. The chip reports that the cartridge has run out and does NOT print any further until the chip changes.

The chips on the cartridges change every time you refuel, if the printer reports after refueling that the cartridge is empty, then the chip has not been changed or it is defective, in this case we change it under warranty for free.

HP and Canon cartridges often have opto-pickup windows for viewing toner levels. If you yourself replaced the chip in an empty cartridge or installed a cartridge with caked toner (before installing, slightly shake the cartridge to stir the toner), then the printer may finalize the chip, that is, immediately write the value “empty” into it. This does not count as a warranty case. be careful.

For some Samsung and Xerox printers there are firmware firmware of the device, which allows you to use cartridges without chips, the toner counter there is automatically reset when the printer is turned off. Models for firmware are indicated on our website and catalog of cartridge refills.

Self-refilling tips

In order not to spoil the print cartridges, before the first refueling, it is best to consult with a professional or a person who already has experience in this.

Major printer failures

If you do not print for a long time on the peripheral device, it starts to glitch or print in stripes. You feel like a cartridge is out of ink or toner. But no. After refueling, the device does not see the cartridge and drives blank sheets through the device, refusing to give in to your commands. In this case, you must first clean the print head and cartridge nozzles. This is all done programmatically.

The product does not see the cartridge: troubleshooting

  • If you installed the original model of the cartridge in your printer, but it refuses to print, then try again pulling out the cartridge and reinserting it. There is a possibility that not all contacts have matched correctly. But in any case DO NOT press the cartridge, trying to plant it deeper, such actions can lead to breakage of the main printing parts of the device periphery.
  • If the HP printer does not see the cartridge, one of the main problems could be oxidation of the contacts on the cartridge. The cartridge must be pulled out and the contacts must be carefully cleaned with a cotton pad with an alcohol solution. Allow to dry and insert into the device. There is also the possibility of a counterfeit cartridge. This often happens in HP printers, so it is advisable to check the cassette for OE label.
  • Refilling of original cartridges also does not always work. If the Epson printer does not see the cartridge after refilling the ink, it must be zeroed in order for the device driver to recognize the cartridge.

What not to do if after refueling the device does not see the cartridge

  • Never push the cartridge into the printer nozzles. Thus, it is possible to break the peripheral device.
  • Pull out the cartridge without waiting for them to return to their original position. This can hurt your hands and break the printer.

Types of printers by printing device principle

Modern nanotechnology has reached the point where 3D printers are increasingly appearing on the market, printing objects of any complexity from photopolymers, plastic and even metal. But we will NOT talk about these printers, because they are NOT yet so widespread that they are purchased in every home. Conventional peripheral printing devices are classified into three categories based on the principle of a printing mechanism:

  • Dot matrix printers;
  • Inkjet models;
  • Laser.
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Their main difference is what types of print cartridges and devices they use. So, for example, if your laser device does not see a new cartridge, there is a possibility that it is factory defective or the print cartridge is not installed correctly. problems happen with inkjet printers. From the financial point of view, it is unprofitable for the manufacturer to install cheap or home-refilled cartridges, so a special blocking chip is built into them, which blocks it when the cartridge is refilled. In this case, the printer software shows an empty cartridge until the chip is reset. Other Possible Problems Happen.

Components of a print cartridge

Cartridges of different types of printing devices differ in their structure. For example, the original cartridge of a laser printer consists of a photocylinder, which changes the electrical resistance when illuminated. The toner moves into it along the magnetic roller, and the pre-charge cylinder, forming the initial charge of the photo roller, helps to print. Excess paint is removed from the surface with a squeegee. For such a cartridge to start printing, you just need to fill it with toner and insert it into the printer.

Cartridges for an inkjet printer are another matter. First of all, they come in a variety of colors. If the device does not see the black cartridge, then it is necessary to replace or refill the old cartridge. If one of the colored inks runs out, most often by mixing other colors, a color document can be printed, and the printer will still work. An inkjet printer cartridge consists of a cassette filled with liquid ink. A company like Epson most often installs security chips that prevent the cartridge from refilling. Canon and other well-known brands DO NOT block their print cartridges with refill protection, so it is convenient to work with them.

Why after refueling the device does not see the cartridge?

Often, when purchasing a printer for their home, people do not think how expensive it is to buy new cartridges for the printer. And only after the first cartridge becomes empty, people begin to solve problems on their own, refill the old cartridge or replace it with a new one. And here there are problems with its replacement. You can be 100% sure that the cartridge is full of ink, but the monitor screen shows an empty cartridge. What to do in such a situation? First of all, to establish the problem, why after refueling the device does not see the cartridge, you need to know what kind of printer you have. Depending on its type, various types of breakdowns may occur.

Ways to reset your blocking chip at home

If you come across exactly that peripheral device that uses cassettes with a blocking chip, and after refueling the device does not see the cartridge, then you need to learn about the methods for zeroing it. Stripping of original cartridges is carried out by using a programmer. After you have filled the cartridge with paint, you need to press a special device to its contacts, like resetting the counters on the microcircuit. The printer will perceive it as a new cartridge.

There is another way to use substitute chips. They also exist in modern times. There are disposable and reusable chips, which after the next refueling are automatically reset to zero.

Types of cartridges

To determine the type of breakdown, you need to understand what kind of printer you have, but also the cartridge used. Depending on its type, you can roughly find out why after refueling the device does not see the cartridge. Don’t think that you are the first to have this happen. Many users of multifunction printers turn to specialists with this problem every day. Therefore, I would like to pay attention to the main problems that occur with each of the types of print cartridges.

Cartridges are of the following types:

  • Original. the print cassettes that came with the printer or were made by the same manufacturer as the printer.
  • Refillable cartridges.
  • Compatible cartridges are cartridges that can be used with the printer, but are NOT original or genuine. Such print cassettes can be produced by completely different companies.
  • Refurbished.
  • Counterfeit or fake. It is this type of print cartridges that the device does not see. The cartridge may not look different from the factory one, but it will not be supported by the program and the printer itself.

So, you have found out what types of cartridges come across in the modern market. Of course, their price is different. If original cartridges are expensive enough, refillable or remanufactured cartridges can be found at half price. At the same time, there is no guarantee that it will exactly fit your printer and one hundred percent will see the ink in it. The device may print a little on such a fake cartridge, and then suddenly stop. Therefore, it is recommended to use a genuine copy, and in inkjet models there is a possibility of supplying an uninterrupted ink supply system. If the device does not see the Canon cartridge, the installation of such a system will greatly SIMplify your life, save money on refueling and purchase new cartridges, while the printing device does not need to be constantly adjusted and cleaned.

Canon printer cannot see cartridge. Solution

The situation when the device does not see the cartridge is quite common. NOT an exception. and Canon printers.

If the product does NOT recognize the cartridge, this may be due to the following reasons:

  • The consumable is installed incorrectly. you need to get it out and reinstall it in the slot until it clicks,
  • The cartridge door is not fully closed or not closed at all,
  • The protective film has NOT been removed from the ink tank,
  • It is possible that an incompatible fake cartridge was purchased. this often happens when buying from unofficial dealers, in such cases the printing device reads incorrect data from the cartridge chip and does NOT recognize it.

If the device does not see a refilled cartridge, then the malfunction may be caused by one of the following reasons:

  • Replacement or refilling was not performed correctly,
  • Chip damaged,
  • Empty Installed Refillable cartridges,
  • Ink level tracking has been disabled,
  • LED signal could not be read.

Why is the Canon laser printer NOT recognizing the cartridge? In most cases, the reason is chip contamination or improperly installed consumables. This leads to the fact that the printer or MFP cannot read information from the chip. Less commonly, the malfunction may be damage to the contacts inside the printer itself.

The device does not see the cartridge after refilling. What to do?

If the device does not see the cartridge, which was refilled, first you need to perform a number of steps:

  • Turn off the device and turn it on after a minute,
  • DO NOT turn off the printer, Remove and reinstall the cartridge,
  • If this does NOT solve the problem, remove the cartridge and gently wipe its chip. You can use an alcohol wet wipe for this purpose.,
  • Check the integrity of the contacts on the head,
  • Reset the refueling counter,
  • If the problem is identified only for refilled cartridges, and the printer recognizes new ones normally, then perhaps the solution is to press the contacts more tightly on the head. for this you can use folded pieces of paper,
  • Take out the cartridge and check if the chip holder protrudes too much in its lower part. If the plastic protrusion is visible, it may be obstructing the readout of the data from the chip. You can carefully cut off the protrusion with a sharp knife or blade, wipe the chip with a damp cloth and return the cartridge to its slot,
  • If the device still does not recognize the cartridge, then it makes sense to check the nozzles and, if necessary, clean them. After cleaning, the printer should be turned off for about an hour. This is done to remove air from the print head that gets there when you remove the cartridge.,
  • Also, the cause of the problem may be that NOT a full set of refillable consumables was installed. when using CISS and new cartridges at the same time, the printer may NOT recognize some of them,

If none of the above actions had an effect, then most likely the chip is irreversibly damaged.

Printer HP does not see the original cartridge. What to do?

Why can’t the HP printer see the cartridge? Most likely, the problem lies in reading data from the chip. Either the chip itself is damaged, or it is dirty, or the counter of the printed pages is out of order.

If there is ink, but the device does not find the cartridge, then there may be several reasons.

  • The device does NOT recognize a new consumable. If the cartridge has just been purchased and is original (i.e. fully compatible), you need to check the following:
  • Cartridge is inserted correctly. Pull it out and re-insert it into place with a click, rather than forcefully,
  • Check that the chip is clean, that there are no specks or ink stains on it,
  • Check if the protective film is completely removed.
  • Laser printer HP does not recognize the cartridge. The problem could be one of the following:
  • The device cannot read data from the chip,
  • Cartridge is not installed correctly,
  • The chip is damaged or dirty.

To check if it is installed correctly, open the printer cover, insert the cartridge, then lower the cover, leave a small gap where your finger could pass. Gently squeeze the cartridge with your finger while the cap is half closed.

  • The device does not read a cartridge that has been refilled. In this case, it is also necessary to first check the toner level and the correct installation of the consumables. Refillable cartridges wear out over time. after multiple refills, the chip and other elements may fail. Outwardly, this does not manifest itself in any way, but the printer or MFP stops recognizing the cartridge. For refillable models, the issue of the print counter is also relevant. And, if nothing can be done with a worn-out cartridge, then in the second case, a flashing (zeroing) can help.

If the printer HP does not see the shut-off device and CISS

Be sure to fill the slam-shut / CISS according to the instructions.

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Printer HP Cannot See Cartridge. Solution

If your printer HP does not recognize the cartridge, there is likely a problem with reading the chip. There may be several reasons for this:

  • There is something wrong with the chip. Out of order, incompatible with printer firmware, ink counter out of order.
  • Cartridge construction defect. This is possible if you use non-original consumables.
  • Problems with the contacts with which the printer recognizes the chip.

The ink cartridge may SIMply be out of ink. This should be verified first.

If the printer HP does not see the original cartridge

Check the ink level beforehand!

In cases where the cartridge is guaranteed to be new and original, refer to the instructions or consult Hewlett-Packard Authorized Technical Support. Let’s point out only common mistakes:

  • The cartridge is installed incorrectly. Generally, genuine cartridges slide in easily and clicks.
  • DO NOT fully close the cartridge cover. But it is not worth making excessive efforts to avoid damage.
  • Forgot to remove the protective yellow tape from the cartridge.

If you bought a cartridge from authorized dealers, it is quite possible that you are in front of a fake. Sold under the guise of the original, an analogue of a third-party manufacturer, or a “remanufactured” cartridge (that is, a spent original, refilled by a third-party firm). In both cases, the problem is most likely in the chip.

Original and new cartridge

For laser printers, the problem of an undetectable cartridge is often solved quite SIMply: open the cover and insert the cartridge, then close the cover leaving a small gap for your finger. With our finger inside the printer, we grope for the cartridge and “squeeze” it.

There is always a possibility that under the guise of a new cartridge you have been sold a compatible analogue or a “remanufactured” original. If you DO NOT use alternative consumables. buy cartridges from authorized Hewlett-Packard dealers.

The cartridge is original, but it has already been filled

Checking the toner level and the correct installation of the cartridge are relevant in this case.

If the original cartridge has survived several refills, the elements in it could fail, by which the printer recognizes the presence of the cartridge. Or the digital page yield counter has been triggered.

In the first case, the replacement of the failed element is required, in the second. the flashing of the chip.

If the HP laser printer does not see the cartridge

Problems with recognizing cartridges in laser printers arise for SIMilar reasons as in inkjet printers.

  • The toner has run out. Always check the toner cartridge level first.
  • Chip is NOT recognized.
  • Cartridge is not installed correctly.

Common reasons why the device does not recognize the slam-shut / CISS:

  • The chip contacts are dirty. A common problem. details can be found, for example, in the article on malfunctions of CISS and shut-off valves for HP 655, 178, 920, 934/935, 903/907 cartridges.
  • Broken contacts for reading cartridge chips. For example, in printers based on HP 950, 951, 933, 932, 711, 970, 971, 980, 952, 842, 953, 957, contacts are often damaged. What you can read in more detail in the article on repairing contact data.
  • Incompatibility of the chip with the new firmware (firmware / firmware). So the firmware IG_10_00_00.2 for DesignJet T790, T795, T1300, T2300 “killed” the cartridges emulating the original HP 72. Check the firmware version of your device before installing alternative consumables (for example, in the instructions for determining the firmware for HP OfficeJet). The problem can also be associated with too old firmware (example with R1640).
  • Chip lock by counter. Original chips in the PageWide and OfficeJet Pro line are completely blocked when the built-in counter is reset, excluding the possibility of refueling.
  • Chip locked due to repeated sensor error. An ink sensor triggering due to a missed refill or the use of bad non-original ink will block chips for devices. Learn more in How to remove this lock for HP Officejet Pro x451dn / dw, x551dw, x476dn, x576dw, x585dn / f, x585z, x555dn / xh devices. Related article on Blocking for devices on HP 711, 950, 951, 933, 932 cartridges.

Compatible third party cartridge

If you are using compatible third-party cartridges, try installing the original cartridge. If the device does not see the original, there is a problem inside the printer (chip recognition fails, for example).

Otherwise, the matter is most likely in the chip:

  • Out of order.
  • NOT compatible with printer firmware.
  • Installed unevenly.


If you bought refillable cartridges, and your printer does not see them, and does not recognize, and does not detect, the indicator with a drop is on, first try to move the printer carriage to the position of replacing cartridges, then you need to pull out the cartridge that the printer is swearing at, look, and whether the plastic fastener of the chip from below protrudes strongly. If it does protrude, you can cut it off with a stationery knife and clean the chip with an eraser, then reinstall the cartridge in the printer.

Many types of refillable cartridges are zeroed out when you remove them from the printer and put them back in place. Therefore, if you have been printing for some time, and after that the printer has issued an error “out of cartridge”. This is normal. You need to pull it out, refuel and reinstall it.

After replacing the cartridges, we recommend that you also do a nozzle check if everything is normal. You can print if one or more nozzles of any color are missing, do one nozzle cleaning, then turn off the printer and leave to stand for half an hour. The hour is off. The fact is that when you pull out the cartridge, air can enter the print head, which can interfere with normal printing in the future, the most effective method of eliminating this problem is to clean it when it is turned off.


When it comes to refillable cartridges, this is the most common reason. A complete set is NOT installed, for example, a part of the refillable part of the original cartridges was installed in the printer, this is wrong, refillable cartridges work only when the complete set is installed.

If we are talking about CISS, then the most common reason. Cartridges are not fully inserted. Since they are made in the form of a single unit, a certain effort is required to install them, they must be installed and latched.

We insert the block of cartridges into the printer and press on EACH cartridge in the area of ​​the plugs until it clicks!

The chips of the cartridges are stained with ink. Solution: remove the cartridges, make sure that there are comments of ink or any other foreign objects on the chip strip, wipe the chip strip with alcohol or an eraser, then insert it back into the carriage until it clicks!

General recommendation for CISS and refillable cartridges:

Cartridges are not fully inserted. Accordingly, it is necessary to check that the cartridges are inserted correctly, sometimes the chips are displaced. Also need to check.

Chips are not detected because they have oxidized. Take the rubber band and wipe the contacts. The elastic does this very well. You can try rubbing the chips with alcohol.

Another option. Install original cartridges, wait until they are detected, then press the replacement button and DO NOT disconnect the printer from the mains, pull out the originals and install the CISS cartridge unit.

If the original cartridges after all the manipulations are calmly determined, and there are refillable ones, then most likely it is necessary to replace the chips on refillable cartridges or CISS.

If any of the original cartridges is detected, then it is necessary to alternately pull out and insert other original cartridges to understand the situation. Problem with a specific cartridge or cartridges being identified without any friend.

In very rare cases, there may be no contact of the chips with the contact group of the printer due to exceeding the permissible height of the plastic mounting of the chips.

Carefully peel off the plastic solder shown in the figure to the bottom and reinstall the cartridges.

Some CISS are powered by a USB cable or from one or two batteries (for newer Epson printers), Make sure that power is supplied: in the case of a USB cable, the CISS has a power indicator, in the case of a battery. Replace it.

Old version of the chip (incompatibility with the printer) Solution: Check the CISS box to see if your printer is on the list of compatible devices. If there is, contact the seller.

It happens that some chip fails and then nothing helps, it is necessary to replace the chip strip or the entire set of chips (if for separate cartridges).

If all else fails and you have an Epson S22, SX125, SX130 printer, then look here

Recommendations for Epson Expression Home and Epson Expression Premium (XP) printers

On the Epson Expression Home and Epson Expression Premium (XP) series of printers, it is dangerous to mindlessly pull out cartridges due to the longer contacts in the print head of the printer.

Arrows show broken contacts Article

If the contacts are broken, the cartridges WILL NOT be detected. To avoid this problem, it is highly recommended before installation

If the device does not recognize all the cartridges at once, but while pulling out one of them recognizes the rest, then it makes sense to look here

The device does not see the cartridge after refilling

Printers are peripheral information output devices, the main principle of which is to convert an electronic file format into a printed form for applying them to paper media. Modern models have found application in offices, in large enterprises, and have also become indispensable for doing work at home.

One of the main elements responsible for the full operation of the equipment is the cartridge. For the correct execution of the actions, the system must correctly recognize the Delivered element for its further use in order to print on paper. But sometimes problems arise at the recognition stage, the printer SIMply does not see the installed cartridge. In this case, you need to immediately find out why the printer says that there is toner, or it is empty, even when the cartridge is refilled.

The printer stopped seeing the old cartridge

In the event that a problem occurs with an old cartridge, the reasons for the lack of recognition by the system lie in a natural defect. Long-term use can wear out the print nozzles and sensors and damage the printer itself. Depending on the service life of the equipment, it is worth making a decision to repair or completely replace it. To restore work, you can try the following manipulations:

  • Inspect the case to determine the source of the possible defect. If possible, cover it with duct tape or tape.
  • When moving the sensors, you can use special clips. For this purpose, you can use a regular piece of paper folded several times.
  • It is also possible disruption to work with a long stagnation of technology. The accumulated paint can get onto the clamps and nozzles and dry out. Clean nozzles automatically or manually.
  • Due to severe damage, the element may NOT perform its functions at all, in which case we will replace it.
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The product does not see the color cartridge

With the color version, the situation is a little more complicated as there are different versions and brands. To begin with, you should choose the right model. To do this, start the number on the cartridge body with the type of element used in the device. There are three types of replacement parts:

  • Original models.
  • Versatile versions that fit different brands of appliances.
  • Reusable options.

Check the consistency and integrity of the cartridge, then proceed to the system settings to regulate the functioning of the equipment.

The product does not see the black cartridge

Now let’s take a closer look at the Possible problems for each cartridge option. Let’s start with the classic black model. Usually setup is not difficult, you need to open the printer cover, find the desired compartment and insert the element into it. The computer will then automatically recognize the device. If there is no result, check everything according to the description of the above plan.

The Printer Does Not See The Cartridge After Refilling

Additionally, pay attention to the sensors located on the case. Some manufacturers specifically include multiple replacement chips in the kit. In this case, we will make a replacement according to the plan:

  • Disconnect the old sensor from the attachment point.
  • In its place, install a new chip from the kit, run the program for printing.
  • Run a test sheet to evaluate the quality of the display.

The product does not see a new cartridge

If the device does not recognize the item you just purchased, please make sure it is paired with the device type. You can read the necessary information on the printer body and on the ink can. You can also focus on the starter kit (a native element installed inside the case upon purchase), just buy the model that was originally used.

If you use the correct model, everything should work fine, after confirming the status of the ink level when installing the cartridge, you can print documents as usual. If the device does not see the item, pay attention to the following items:

  • Alignment of sensors on the body with sensors in the corresponding compartment.
  • Cover position over printing machines.
  • Correct positioning without visible departure.
  • Loose connection with sensors, no holding film.
  • Integrity of the case, absence of mechanical defects and damage.

If you find any problems, try to fix them yourself. Attach the retaining clips correctly, Make sure the cover is tightly closed, Remove the sticker covering the sensors from the sensors. After trying to solve the problem, restart the technique. In modern models, automatic troubleshooting systems are installed.

Possible causes and solutions

If you encounter a SIMilar problem, it is worth finding out the source of its occurrence. The following types of problems are most common:

  • Incorrect installation of the element in the Corresponding compartment. Some parts may be loose, in which case the computer will warn you about the lack of ink or cartridge when printing.
  • Non-native equipment installed. Many manufacturers have recently begun to create locking systems so that users can purchase new original items.
  • The brand of the device does not match the type of ink used. As a result, the technician may NOT only fail to see the cartridge, but also break during operation.
  • Application of ink with a different method of application to paper. Some devices have features for printing.
  • Damage to the sensor or chip on the panel, which signals readiness for printing.
  • serious software glitches and system failure are also possible. To solve the problem, you will need to carry out a full diagnostics of the equipment.

To avoid possible problems, it is enough to use the native versions, with their help the printer will work in full without interruption. However, permanent replacement will be too expensive for the user. In this case, refueling will do. If you decide to use a gas station, check in advance the compatibility of the used brand with the installed equipment.

What to do if the printer cannot see the cartridge at all?

If none of the suggested list helped you fix the problem, most likely there is damage to the printer chips. You can disassemble the structure and see the damaged parts; in case of minor breakdowns, you can replace them.

But, most likely, the internal components will be significantly damaged. In this case, do not make repairs yourself. You can contact the service center, where under warranty they will provide free assistance in thorough diagnostics and troubleshooting.

It is likely that the device has failed due to prolonged use. In this case, it will be much more profitable to purchase a new model. You can browse popular versions on the Internet to find the ideal value for money.

Reanimating Epson printers

Unlike the HP 650 model, Epson printers do not stand out for their durability, and suffer from improper installation of cartridges or a broken chip, and it is not clear what to do. The first step is to clarify the cause of the malfunction, and it is recommended to pay attention to the printer settings. If the device does not respond to signals, it is better to reboot the counter.

Cartridge is not installed correctly

When the HP printer does not see the cartridge, the technician refuses to work. Often, the computer swears because the item is NOT responding. This is due to a breakdown in communication between electrical contacts. As planned, they must match, and the slightest malfunction leads to an interruption of the signal.

When installing the cartridge, dust, dried paint gets on the contacts, and it can also become an obstacle. When the protective film comes off, you must immediately install the element. Users who have not turned on the equipment for a long time wonder why the device does not see the cartridge. The reason mainly lies in the damage to the loop, while the sensor can be blocked.

Problems with the chip or diaper meter

If the device does not see the cartridge after refilling, you can check the chip or the diaper counter. Considering inkjet models, they use disposable and refillable elements. As stated earlier, the cartridges must be of a compatible type. Otherwise, the control chip fails.

Sometimes the signal can be false, there is a sufficient amount of consumables in the tank. If the device does not recognize the cartridge after refilling, the service center recommends replacing the chip. As for the diaper, it is a pad that absorbs excess ink. A sensor is installed nearby, which controls the level of consumables.

A breakdown of an element means the following options:

  • It shows excess paint.
  • Does NOT respond to signals.
  • Shows that everything is fine.

What to do if the printer stops printing after refueling

Printer owners often face a problem when the technician stops printing after refueling. Some users rush to check the cartridge, while others go to the service center. In fact, if the printer stops printing after refueling, it is recommended that you SIMply figure out the causes of the problem. In most cases, the problem can be fixed on your own and you do not need to carry equipment anywhere.

  • The main causes of the problem
  • Dried ink in nozzles
  • Air got in during refueling
  • Wrong ink selected
  • Cartridge is not installed correctly
  • Problems with the chip or diaper meter
  • Solve problems with printers (MFPs) Brother
  • Restoration of printheads
  • Resetting the “diaper”
  • Canon Printer Solution
  • Flushing non-removable printheads
  • Flushing the printheads on the cartridge
  • Reset ink control
  • Reanimating Epson printers
  • Restoration of printheads
  • Restoring HP printers
  • Resetting the ink counter

Flushing non-removable printheads

Using the HP 650 printer as an example, it is necessary to disassemble the procedure for flushing the fixed printheads. This will require a syringe and a bath. To get to the element, rubber or plastic tubes are suitable. The syringe is filled with water and a tube is connected.

Additionally, experts use special detergents such as Mr. Muscle. It is important to place a tray under the element during flushing.

Restoration of printheads

When the printer does NOT print after refilling the cartridge, you must follow the instructions:

  • Opening the cover.
  • Get the carriage.
  • Flush element.
  • Wipe the surface.
  • Installing the carriage.
  • Print check.

At the end of the procedure, you must make sure that the head is dry and you can continue to work.

Solving problems in printers (MFPs) Brother. Restoring HP printers

On the example of the HP 650 printer, cartridges often fail, and the system asks to pour ink, because it does not see it. A malfunction of this kind is a problem with the meter. For later models, this can be done without installing Special Programs. The function is in the menu, the “Service” tab.

Reset ink control

Resetting the control will help if, after refilling the cartridge, it says that there is no ink. The first step is to turn off the counter and a question appears on the screen about the correctness of the action. You must click the OK button, a test print is carried out. When the counter is reset, it is recommended to restart the personal computer.