The Printer Does Not Take Paper What To Do

Possible reasons

There are a variety of reasons why a printer will not pick up paper.

  • Some foreign object has got into the loading tray, for example: a paper clip, a button. The device does not take the paper, as it prevents it from doing so. The problem is more relevant for a technique that has a vertical type of paper loading. Even a sticker glued to a piece of paper can damage.

The Printer Does Not Take Paper What To Do

  • The cause of the problem may be hidden in the paper itself. The device does not pick up paper due to poor quality or unsuitable weight. Another problem with paper is mint sheets, for example, they may have curled corners.
  • Software failure. Regardless of the model and manufacturer, any printer is controlled by electronics, the actions of which are sometimes unpredictable. A failure can occur at any time, and as a result, the printer SIMply does not see the paper. In this case, the corresponding entry is displayed on the device display or on the computer screen: “load tray” or “All paper”. This can happen with both inkjet and laser devices.
  • The pick rollers are not working properly. this is a fairly common internal problem. The rollers often get dirty while using the device. This happens for two reasons: ink buildup and the use of inadequate paper.

There are other reasons why the printer stopped picking up paper for printing. Any detail can fail. In this case, the malfunction can only be detected in the service.

Cleaning the rollers

If the pick rollers are dirty (even visually visible), they need to be cleaned. To do this, you need to prepare:

  • Cotton buds;
  • A small piece of soft material that does not leave lint;
  • Distilled water.

But if possible, then you can clean the rollers with the Kopikliner liquid, intended for cleaning rubber surfaces.

The procedure must be performed in a certain way.

  • Disconnect the printer from power. In no case can you carry out the procedure on the included equipment.
  • The prepared piece of cloth should be moistened in purified water or “Kopikliner”.
  • The surface of the rollers must be wiped until black ink marks stop appearing on the fabric.
  • In hard-to-reach places, cleaning is best done with cotton swabs.

If the rollers have been well cleaned and the printer still cannot pick up the paper, you need to check them for serviceability. The fact is that the rollers tend to wear out during operation. Of course, it is much easier to replace them with new ones. But if there is such a possibility, then you can try to establish the operation of the device by restoring the old.

  • You need to move the roller a little, return it around its axis. As a result, the worn part should be swapped with the one that is in good condition.
  • Alternatively, you can remove the roller and wrap a small piece of electrical tape around it. In this case, the diameter should increase by no more than 1 mm.
  • Install the roller back.

Due to this thickening, you can extend the life of the roller.

Some models have a feature called manual paper loading. Perhaps the device does not capture the sheets only after it has been activated. This can often happen with new printers, when manual loading was initially selected when installing the drivers.

Checking the paper quality

If there is an assumption that the whole thing is in the paper itself, then it is necessary to check its quality. First, it’s best to make sure that the sheets are the same size. If that’s okay, you need to make sure the tray is loaded correctly. Sheets Must be folded in an even bundle of 15-25 pieces.

Pay attention to the weight of the paper. Conventional printers capture paper well, the density of which is 80 g / m2.If this figure is less, then the paper may SIMply not be caught by the rollers, and if more, then the printer SIMply does not tighten it. Not all printers can handle heavy and glossy photo paper. If there is a need to print on such letters, you should buy a special model designed for printing photographs, or set the Corresponding settings on an existing printer.


If the message “Error” appears on the screen, then you must try to reset the current settings. The procedure is SIMple, but it is performed in several stages.

  • You must turn off and then turn on the printer. Wait until the “Ready to work” message is displayed (if any).
  • Disconnect the power cord. On most models, this connector can be found on the back of the device.
  • The printer must be left in this state for 15-20 seconds. Then you can reconnect the printer.
  • If the printer has two paper pick-up trays (upper and lower), then the best way to get them working is to reinstall the drivers.

Removing foreign objects

Do not exclude the possibility of a foreign object falling into the paper tray. If, when trying to print, the device does not pull the paper and at the same time crackles, you need to visually inspect the loading tray. If there really is some foreign object in the tray, such as a paper clip or sticker, you can try to remove it yourself. To do this, you need to arm yourself with tweezers. If you still cannot remove the interference, you can unplug the printer by tilting the tray down and shaking it gently. After such actions, a foreign body can fly out on its own.

The ink cartridge must be removed to remove the foreign object from the laser printer. It should be carefully inspected for any small pieces of paper jammed. If necessary, remove them and put the cartridge back.

Why the product won’t pick up paper and what to do?

In modern life, it is difficult to do without printing technology. Printers have become a necessity Not only in the office, but also at home. That is why when there is a failure in their work, it always causes a lot of inconvenience. One of the most common causes of poor printer performance is the inability to pick up paper from the tray. There may be several reasons for the malfunction, so you should understand them before repairing.

What to do?

It is quite possible to cope with some malfunctions on your own. If the cause of the malfunction is identified and it does not lie in the breakdown of parts, then you can try to correct the situation.


So that the device does not fail, during its operation, you must adhere to some rules. By following SIMple recommendations, you can do without repair for more than one hour.

  • Load the tray with paper of the same size and weight. It is better to choose some proven manufacturer and buy only such paper. If you need to print on photo paper, you need to adjust the printer tray to the desired size and density (most modern models have this function). And only then insert the paper and let the images be printed.
  • If suddenly the printer has “jammed” one or more sheets of paper, do not try to pull them out forcibly. You need to unplug the printer from the mains, get the cartridge and try to carefully remove the jammed sheets, and not harm the printer.
  • Before sending sheets to the tray, check them for foreign objects: paper clips, stickers, staples from the stapler.
  • If water accidentally gets into the paper tray, be sure to wipe and dry thoroughly before printing.
  • Timely clean the printer without using aggressive chemical compounds.
  • Monitor the condition of the rollers, which are primarily responsible for picking up paper from the tray.
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Preventive measures for the good operation of the printer should also include: regular ventilation of the room in which it is located, and wet cleaning. You should turn off the equipment correctly: the computer is turned off first, and only then the printer is turned off with a button on the case and from the power supply. It should also be remembered that if it is not possible to eliminate the cause of the breakdown on your own, then it is better not to carry out repairs, but to take the printer to a service. This rule applies unconditionally if the equipment is still under the seller’s warranty.

See the following for what to do if the product does not pick up paper.

Canon printer does NOT pick up paper, what to do?

The essence of this problem is that the Canon printer does NOT pick up paper that is currently in its main tray during the printing process. In addition, it often happens that the device starts making sounds that resemble a SIMilar noise during normal printing, but, oddly enough, the sheets of paper do not pass through it.

How can we fix this problem? To solve the problem that appeared with the printer, you need to follow the tips and tricks that we will talk about in this article. But, before you follow all of our tips, it will be necessary to print as a self-test report, and you can check in this way if the problem has already been eliminated.

How to print a self-test report: To do this, you need to load white paper, not used paper, Recommended type is the most common paper for A4 printers. Place the printer in its usual place first. Then press the power button and hold it for a few seconds. Do not release your finger, press the Cancel button at the same time, hold it there for a few more seconds, and then Release both buttons. If the report turned out to be correct, you can be sure that everything is in order with the printer and that means you do not need to worry and DO NOT take the next steps, but if something is wrong with the print, then you need to follow our Further recommendations and tips.

A self-test report is sent to print. It is necessary to make an attempt to print a report after each operation described in this article, even if with its help you managed to find a malfunction of the device. The first solution to understand why the Canon printer does NOT pick up paper Performing a hardware reset If the device does not pick up paper, then it makes sense to try resetting it. You must press the button. To turn on the device in this way; DO NOT turn off the printer; you need to disconnect the power cable from the connector on the back of the device; The power cord must also be unplugged from the electrical outlet. Wait about 15 seconds. The power cord must be reconnected: insert the plug and socket, and the other end into the Corresponding connector located on the rear panel; If the printer did NOT turn on automatically after these actions, then you must press the button to turn it on.

You need to check if the operation you performed helped or if the printer is still NOT picking up paper from the tray. This requires printing a self-test report. Instructions on how to do this are given at the beginning of the article. The following options are possible: The report prints successfully. If so, you should try to print the original document. If there are no problems here, it means that the device was repaired successfully and you should refuse from the further actions described below; If you cannot print the original file, then you need to try the following solution to help fix the problem; If the self-test report does NOT print, then you also need to continue to the next solution. Second solution. Monitor the paper condition and try to reload it. The problem when a Canon printer does NOT pick up paper may well be related to the quality of the sheets loaded into it. The device may refuse to perceive them if they are minty, dirty or dusty, or have significant deformations. Also, this problem may be related to the quality of the paper itself. For printing, you need to purchase only good quality sheets that meet all the requirements of Canon printers. For checking the paper condition when the Canon printer is NOT picking up paper. Try the steps below. If you want to check why the Canon printer does NOT pick up paper, start by placing a stack of 10-25 blank and white sheets in its tray.

Why Canon Printer Won’t Take Paper?

Remove the sheets from the tray; Examine the interior of the tray, using a flashlight to illuminate dark areas. During this research, you need to make sure that there are no obstacles that would prevent the rollers from catching the sheets. Even if small pieces of paper get caught in the mechanism, it can cause problems with its feeding and, accordingly, inability to print. If you find any objects in the path that can interfere with the passage of the paper, then you will need to clean the rollers (the sequence of this procedure is described in the corresponding section). Check the condition of the sheets themselves: the device may not pick up the paper due to a problem with it. Remove mints, deformed or torn sheets and replace with normal ones;

Make sure the tray contains the same type and size of paper. Most devices can handle only one type of paper at a time; Align the edges of the stack of sheets; Make sure the number of sheets in the device is not more than 10-25. The printer may have difficulty picking up or not picking up paper due to too much paper. Note. To perform all the operations described, sheets should be loaded into the device in the amount of 10-25 pieces. If the problem was resolved, then in the future you need to load the amount of paper, and not exceeding the capacity of a specific device.

What to do if the product won’t pick up paper

Resetting the settings

Sometimes hardware or software fails. You can reset the current print settings, which is very SIMple:

  • Clear the document print queue to put the device into standby mode.
  • DO NOT turn off the printer, Disconnect it from the power supply and leave it for about half a minute.
  • Connect the device to the network again. In this case, it should turn on on its own, but without the previous settings. If this does not happen, turn on the printer manually using the start button.
  • Conduct a test print. If the problem was a software glitch, you won’t have any new difficulties.

Checking the paper

If you are concerned about the question “the device does not pick up the paper, what to do”, then the possible cause of this problem lies in the paper, or rather, in its inappropriate quality. First, you have to remove all the paper that you have already put in the feed tray, and then remove all damaged sheets from the stack. Next Make sure that you have purchased regular quality 80 g / m2 paper and the same size. Then thoroughly “knead” all the sheets of paper and align by knocking on the table for this. Load 10-15 sheets for Test print, put them in the machine’s tray until they stop. In this case, all sheets must lie flat. Try to print several documents. But if the device does not pick up paper after the performed steps, then read the recommendations described below.

Clean rollers

It so happens that the mechanism that captures the sheets starts to junk due to the paper feed roller that gets dirty during operation. To thoroughly clean this part, you will need to prepare any clean, lint-free material, water and a few cotton swabs. over, it is better to use filtered or distilled water. Remember not to use alcohol or other cleaning agents for this procedure.

If the rollers are easily accessible, then gently wipe them with a material previously moistened with water. Otherwise, you will have to use a cotton swab, which you need to moisten and squeeze out well. Then you need to assemble the machine, turn it on and print any few documents.

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If this recommendation does not help you, then, most likely, the feed rollers need to be replaced. To do this, you can contact the office equipment repair center or read information on the model of your printer on our website and make a replacement yourself. The second option is by far the most economical.

Cleaning the rollers

The most common cause of dirty rollers is poor quality paper and ink. Paper fibers settle on the rollers, as well as ink residues, thereby reducing their ability to grip and move the sheet during printing. If the printer is old, instead of cleaning it is much more rational to replace the rollers with new ones. If you need to print something urgently, it is enough to make a couple of turns on the worn rollers with electrical tape.

To clean serviceable rollers you will need:

  • Pure water;
  • Lint-free fabric;
  • Cotton buds.

It is necessary to moisten the cloth and gently wipe the rollers until all the dye is gone. To clean hard-to-reach places, you can use a damp cotton swab. If you are confident in your abilities, you can try removing the rollers for a more thorough cleaning. Each model or firm has its own aLGorithm for this procedure, which should be studied in advance.

What to do if the product does not pick up paper from the lower tray when printing.

Reasons and solutions:

The paper is of the wrong quality. The method for solving this problem is a banal replacement of paper with a more suitable one. For example, you had cardboard, glossy or photo paper in the paper tray, but you need a regular A4 paper. Print a test page.

The paper guides are tight or the paper is crooked in the tray. The paper guides and position need to be adjusted. Print test page.

Printer settings failed. You must turn off the printer and unplug it for 15-25 seconds. This will automatically restore the original settings. Print a test page.

The device does not respond or the printer driver is faulty.

4.1. There are connections to the printer. You need to check your USB cable connection and / or Wi-Fi connection. The solution is to replace the USB cable (if the cable is connected correctly, but the printer is still NOT responding) or restarting the router.

4.2. The printer is offline (standby). You can understand that your device is offline by dimming the display on the printer. If there is such a display, this is indicated by a flashing light next to the on / off button. In this case, you need to take the printer out of standby mode. press the power button or restart the program.

4.3. The printer driver is defective. Update or reinstall the program.

  • Open the “Control Panel” through the “Start” program
  • Select the term “Hardware and Sound” and go to “Device Manager”.
  • A window will appear in which you need to select the category “Printing devices”.
  • Select a broken printer and right-click on it and select “update driver”, then start searching for an update.
  • When a driver update is found, install it and restart your computer.
  • If these manipulations did not help, then you need to select delete in the “Task Manager” instead of updating. And after uninstalling, restart your computer and connect your printer to your computer for a new driver installation.

The default settings are “Manual feed”.

5.1. You must click the “Start” button on the desktop and select “Devices and Printers”.

5.2. Next, select the desired printer and Right-click on it, in the window that appears, select “Print Settings”.

5.3. In the “Source” menu select “auto select”.

5.4. To confirm the change in the settings, you must click “OK”.

5.5. Print test page.

Dust has accumulated on the pick roller. If dust has accumulated on the pickup roller, clean it carefully. To do this you need: rubbing alcohol and a clean piece of cloth / lint-free rag.

6.1. Turn off the printer and disconnect it from the network.

6.2. We open the cover of the cartridge compartment, very carefully by the handle, strictly vertically We take it out. The cartridge must be put on a horizontal surface and covered with a letter of paper, this is necessary so that sunlight does not fall on it and does not spoil it.

6.3. Find the Pickup Roller inside the printer, it is located at the bottom of the printer.

6.4. Unlock the locks on both sides that hold the roller and pull it out very carefully. If visually on the roller there are any defects, scratches, punctures or something else, this roller must be replaced with a new one without defects.

6.5. Dampen the cloth with rubbing alcohol and carefully remove the dust from the dirty roller. Then wipe the roller again with a dry cloth to remove any remaining dirt. Let the roller dry for a few minutes.

6.6. Place the roller back in the correct position. If you look closely, you will see that the roller has round and rectangular slots on each side, they are necessary for the correct installation of the roller in its compartment. First, you should put the round latches, and then you need to slide the roller until it clicks. This means that the roller is in place in the correct position.

6.7. Reinstall the cartridge and close the top cover of the printer.

6.8. Print a test page.

Pickup roller breakage. To eliminate this defect, it is necessary to remove the old Broken pickup roller (for how to do it see point 5. Dust has accumulated on the pickup roller) and replace it with a new one purchased in advance. Print test page.

Foreign objects have entered the printer. Open the printer, remove the cartridge, and make sure there are foreign bodies under the pick roller and in the paper feed hub. If any, carefully remove them from the printer body. Print a test page.

Damage to the paper feed unit.

To fix this problem, you can resort to the following series of actions.

  • Swap mounts or install new ones;
  • You can try to drown them a little with a toothpick;
  • You can replace the metal bar on the braking platform;
  • If there is a small gap on the bushings, it must be wrapped with special tape in the direction of travel and lubricated to reduce the friction of the coupling;
  • Make a test print of the page.

Our example Considered on an HP LaserJet 1020 printer, but such problems can occur with any company printer. Whether it’s Epson, Lexmark, HP, Samsung, Canon, Xerox or whatever. The reasons for almost all models are the same and are also solved approximately in the same way, the only caveat is that the models of THESE printers differ in their structure.

Changed driver settings

Quite often, the mechanism of the printing device starts to stop taking paper due to changed settings in the print driver. In such a situation, the relevant question arises: what to do if the printer refuses to accept paper due to the settings? To solve the problem, open any document that can be printed and press hot keys to bring up the print window. Select the desired device in it and open its properties. Then go to the “Functions” tab, where from the drop-down menu select the optimal paper type and size. Be sure to save your changes and then try a test print. If this does not help, then it is better to call the wizard or take your printer yourself to any reliable service center.

What to do if the product does not pick up paper

We constantly have to work with various information and documents in electronic form, but the need to duplicate them in the printed version does NOT cease to be relevant. In addition, thanks to modern technology, you can independently print family photos, design projects, business cards and even large posters. Not everyone manages to carefully familiarize themselves with the operating rules of a particular device, which sometimes leads to the emergence of a number of questions, which, upon closer examination, it is quite possible to solve independently. One of the most common. the printer is on and working, but cannot grab the next sheet for printing.

Why won’t the device pick up paper?

There may be several reasons why the printer does not take paper well:

  • Foreign objects are stuck inside the printer, between the printheads, or in the pick-up tray itself, limiting the movement of the mechanism. This situation is most likely if the device is located on a desktop, above which there are shelves with office supplies. A paper clip, a button, a pen cap, an eraser. Even a piece of a letter that is carelessly pulled out can cause a malfunction.
  • Incorrectly selected paper. Some of its types have insufficient or excessive density, which means that the printer SIMply cannot capture the letter.
  • The pick rollers become dirty or begin to deviate from the working pattern. You can also eliminate this cause yourself.
  • Even if the paper is selected correctly, the product may not be able to handle it due to deep creases, unevenness, or incorrect sheet sizes.
  • Hardware drivers crash. In this case, you have to diagnose both the printer and the computer.
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Checking the rollers and cleaning them

With constant use of the printer, the rollers wear out or become dirty, and the transport begins to malfunction. Cleaning is done according to the following aLGorithm:

  • Disconnect the printing device from the power supply;
  • If the rollers are available, then they are wiped with a cloth soaked in clean (distilled or filtered) water, and when it is problematic to get to them, they use cotton swabs for cleaning;
  • After the procedure, the printer is assembled and power is connected to it;
  • Then make a test print.

If the sheet feed does NOT start, the process can be repeated again.

In case of repeated failure, it is necessary to treat the rollers with a compound that increases elasticity. this should help for a certain time. All work should be done as in conventional cleaning from contamination, but with the introduction of reducing water. The market sells products that perform both the function of cleaning and restoring. Their use will shorten the time of the entire procedure.

Platen Cleaner for rubber rollers

Roller wear is the most problematic case. In this case, the way out of the situation is to replace them. You can independently try 2 ways to extend the life of the rollers:

  • Turn them over so that the less worn areas replace the more damaged ones;
  • Remove the rollers and wrap them with tape or tape to insulate electrical connections.

The first option is possible due to the uneven load on the parts during operation, due to which the parts facing the tray wear out faster. Opposite areas remain intact. If the diameter of the roller is increased by winding it, then it is enough to make a maximum of 3 turns and install this part in place.

The considered methods can prolong the possibility of using the equipment for some time, but after a while, it will be necessary to replace it.

What to do if the product won’t pick up paper

A very common problem is when, after sending a document to print, MFPs and printers DO NOT pick up the paper. This periodically occurs in both laser and inkjet devices, various models of HP, epson, samsung and others. To get rid of problems of this kind, you first need to decide on the premise of their occurrence. Often the problem is associated with minor software glitches, the introduction of the wrong quality paper, wear of the rollers over time, and various objects getting inside the printer. Such problems are usually eliminated very SIMply, with your own hands, without the help of specialists.

Checking paper

Another common prerequisite that the device does not take paper is the poor quality of the latter. To troubleshoot in this case, proceed as follows:

  • Remove previously inserted sheets from the tray;
  • Remove dented and damaged;
  • They check the conformity of the paper in terms of size and density (80 g / m2)
  • Align 20 sheets by knocking their edges on the table;
  • Load the stack into the tray until it stops, adjust its position with the guides;
  • Send a test file for printing.

If the document prints out normally, then the reason has been found, you can continue to work in the usual mode. If unsuccessful, consider other probable problems.

General printer and software performance check

Checking the printer should begin by assessing its performance and the presence of software failures. It is immediately necessary to find out if the rollers are rotating. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Include the device;
  • After waiting for the preparation time for work, the green indicator should light up;
  • Then they send the document for printing, while a sound will occur caused by the movement of the carriage, the rotation of the axis;
  • If everything is normal, then the sheets Should be fed for printing, there were no software failures, the mechanism is operational.

Paper pick rollers

When, after connecting to the network and pressing the power button on a xerox, brother, canon or any other printer, the Corresponding indicator does not light up, it is better to contact a specialist.

You will also need to resort to the help of the service center professionals if, after sending to print, the rollers and carriage DO NOT move. But first, you can try resetting the settings to eliminate the possibility of a software failure. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • The printing device is turned on to its full readiness for work;
  • Completely cut off the power by unplugging the Corresponding cord;
  • Wait about 15 seconds
  • Connect the cord in place;
  • Power is supplied, while the printer should work automatically, if this does not happen, press the corresponding button;
  • Print out a test document using the control panel or by pressing the button of your choice for 4 seconds (this does not work in all models).

If the parts (roller, carriage) begin to move and the verification document is printed, then you can work further. The cause of the problem in this case was caused by a malfunction in the control program. When everything works, and the paper does not come in at all or the sheets are taken only halfway, then the cause should be looked for by further checking.

Foreign objects inside

One of the possible reasons that the device does not pick up paper, or does it poorly, may be that foreign objects have entered the device. To get them, they do this:

  • Turn off the power supply by printing technicians;
  • Remove the paper and remove, if possible, the feed tray and output tray;
  • A cartridge is taken out in a laser printer;
  • Opening all the covers, inspect the device for the presence of foreign objects, and if detected, remove them;
  • Assemble the printer;
  • Insert paper into the tray (20 sheets are sufficient)
  • Include the device;
  • Print test text.

Small pieces of paper getting inside can also cause problems. If any scraps are found, be sure to remove them. In the event that an unsatisfactory result is obtained, repair work is required further.

Driver setting

The printer or all-in-one does NOT take paper even if the driver settings for printing documents are changed. The procedure for correcting the problem in this case is as follows:

  • Having opened any text file, go into the print window;
  • There they choose the device used;
  • Using the “Functions” tab, set the type of paper used, sheet sizes;
  • Save the changes made;
  • Perform a check print of the selected document.

In addition to the problems considered, there are others. It should be borne in mind that if you insert photo paper into the tray, and set its normal type in the print window, then the feed mechanism may also work intermittently. It often happens that some parts break and need to be replaced. Also, sheets are NOT automatically picked up when the manual feed option is installed or the corresponding button is pressed. This is eliminated by selecting the appropriate feed mode in the print window menu. The above options are the Most Typical. If the problem remains after all the operations done, then there is only one way out. contact the service center.