The printer does not write enough toner what to do

Solved: Out of Toner / Ink Issues in Windows 10. HP Support Community

The next day: I want to print an additional document. Return to “The printer cannot print because there is no ink or toner.” So the problems came back and yes, I again took over an hour to fix this, but there is no solution yet. HP PS Doctor Tells Me The Same Again: Software Issues.

If I go back to my old laptop with Windows Vista: everything will be fine. So it really is the combination of HP and WIN10 software that gives it aaaaaaaaarh

How does the printer know if the toner is low? | Small Business

When laser printers were new to the market, it was important to always have a spare toner cartridge handy because the printers themselves had no control over their products. Your first low toner warning often came when your printer ran out of work while printing. Most modern printers monitor toner levels in a variety of ways, thereby limiting this risk. Manufacturers see this as a benefit to your business by reducing the need for toner inventory; however, early warning of low toner levels can negate these savings.

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Smart Chip

Smart chips take sensor technology to the next level. Toner cartridges with an installed Smart chip actively monitor their own toner level and trigger a low toner warning when it falls below the manufacturer’s specified threshold. The main difference of the Smart chip is that after the specified cartridge life, the chip does not allow the printer to operate until until the cartridge is replaced. Manufacturers describe this as an advantage to ensure you never finish a print job. This technology is controversial, making it more difficult to use third-party cartridges and raising questions about toner wastage.

what does it mean if the cartridge is refilled

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Printing technology works by using a special dye that prints an image or text onto sheets of paper. Such inks are consumables, and therefore sooner or later run out. But the message “Out of toner” in the printer does not always mean that it is really missing. First of all, this may mean that there is very little of it. Such a situation can be perplexed by inexperienced users who encounter a problem even if the cartridge is just filled. In this manual, we will tell you what to do if a similar situation happened to you.

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Keystroke required

Your printer can go offline, from which it will only wake up after you press the correct key on its control panel to get it back online after installing the toner cartridge. Find the Online, Go, or Done button that serves this purpose. Your user documentation describes the key sequences required to operate your printer. If you cannot find the printed manual, search for the downloadable version on the hardware manufacturer’s website.

Other considerations

Many printer problems can turn off your equipment until you solve them. The more features your device offers. special media trays, finishing equipment, internal hard drive, duplexer, or scan and copy functionality. the more possibilities you may need to eliminate in addition to toner-related problems. Most of these potential problems will resolve on their own if you turn the printer off and on again, which clears its memory.

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“My printer is unplugged after toner replacement” | Small Business

Regardless of whether your office laser printer supports monochrome or color printing, maintaining a healthy toner supply helps prevent low-quality prints with light pages that look faded. When you respond to the “low toner” warning by replacing consumables, you expect your equipment to resume output immediately. If it remains offline after you close the supplies cover, check for problems and conditions that may be preventing it from working again.