The printer is ready to print but does not print

The device is ready for use

printer, ready, print, does

In the last step, the user clicks the “OK” button. After that, the machine receives the appropriate signal and prepares it for work. If everything is in order, the indicator on the device flashes, and on the information board, if there is one, the device writes “Ready”. Then the machine starts printing documents.

If during the preparation process the device reveals any inconsistencies, work does not start. In this case, by the error code or information on the screen, you can understand what the reason is. However, it so happens that the device does not function with external readiness. In the photo. the device Samsung SCX4200 is ready for work.

The printer is ready, but does not print: what to do

The printer is a very popular peripheral device in the office. You have to print a variety of documents and photos, and in large quantities. As a rule, they do not save money on a printing device, since a lot depends on its performance.

However, it so happens that the best and most reliable printer is ready to print, but does not print.

Why the product won’t print?

There can be many reasons for a sudden inoperative state. The simplest are purely mechanical, according to statistics, there are at least 90%.

In more complex cases, you will need the help of a specialist.

  • The machine does not print if it is not turned on. In the office, this happens very often: a conscientious employee turns off the equipment at night or in the morning the cleaning lady, so as not to risk expensive equipment, does the same. So the first thing to do in this case is to check if the device is on.
  • The second most common cause has to do with loose pins when connecting cords between devices. If the printer says “Ready” but does not print, you need to unplug the power cord and reconnect it. Do the same with the USB cable. The latter is recommended to be connected to another connector. from rear to front, for example. If the device is ready for operation, it writes about it and begins to function.
  • The printer does not print if it is set to offline or the print command is paused. In this case, the device is ready for operation and does not provide information about a breakdown. What to do in such a situation? It is necessary, by clicking on the “Start” button, to find “Control Panel”, and in the “Hardware and Sound” section, select “Devices and Printers“. By double clicking on the icon, the user gets the device menu.
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Check for the presence and absence of checkmarks in the following positions: “Use by default”. there should be a check mark here, if there is no check mark, you need to mark the position. In the sections “Pause Printing” and “Work Offline” the checkboxes are removed.

Then you need to go to the properties. this is the context menu, and run the test page. If the reason for the refusal is this, the machine is ready to perform its duties and will print a document.

If the printer is ready, but does not print and displays an error, you must fix the code and use the instructions for the machine. Some of these problems can be fixed.

The code written by the machine helps determine the nature of the malfunction. However, in case of complex breakdowns of any device, for example, Samsung SCX4200, you need to contact a specialist.

Troubleshooting Brother HL-2035R: Ready but not printing.

The error described in the title manifests itself as follows:

  • The printer is on “Ready”, but when trying to print a test sheet or send a document from the printer, the green ready LED blinks several times and nothing happens.
  • The printer fan runs continuously;
  • The fixing unit heats up;
  • The printer does not display an error when opening the cartridge door;
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An error occurred when the client tried to reset the toner counter after refilling the cartridge.

Solution to the problem

It turned out to be quite simple. However, like most other solutions related to troubleshooting printer problems. True, all of them are preceded by a thorough search on the Internet and brainstorming, but that’s another story.

The NVRAM of the printer is crashing for some reason. To eliminate it, we consider the data stored in this memory area, zero it and write it back. For this we need the “Brother Printer Driver Utility” utility, which can be downloaded from the link below.

This utility supports the following printer models:

DCP-7010/7020/7025 / 7010L, DCP-7055/7057, DCP-7030/7040, DCP-9040CN / 9042CDN, DCP-9270CDN, DCP-9055CDN, DCP-7070DW, DCP-7065DN, DCP-7060D, DCP- 7010L, DCP-9010CN, DCP-8085DN, DCP-8080DN, DCP-8070D, DCP-7045N, DCP-9045CDN, DCP-8065DN, DCP-8060

HL-2250DN / 2270DW, HL-4140CN / 4150CDN, HL-2220/2230/2240 / 2240D, HL-2150N / 2170W, HL-4050CDN / 4070CDW, HL-5240 / 5250DN / 5270DN / 5280DW / 5250DNT, HL-4040CN / 4040CDN, HL-2070N / 2075N, HL-2030/2040/2035/2045, HL-5130/5140 / 5150D, HL-5030/5040/5050, HL-1450 / 1470N, HL-1430/1435/1440, HL- 1030/1230/1240/1250 / 1270N, HL-1850 / 1870N, HL-1650 / 1670N, HL-4570CDW, HL-4150CDN, HL-4140CN, HL-2280DW, HL-2270DW, HL-2250DN, HL-2240D, HL-2240, HL-2230, HL-2220, HL-2130, HL-3070CW, HL-3040CN, HL-5380DN, HL-5370DW, HL-5350DN, HL-5340D, HL-2170W, HL-2150N, HL- 2140, HL-2075N, HL-2070N, HL-2045 HL-2040, HL-2030 HL-5070DN, HL-5170DN, HL-5150D, HL-5140, HL-5130, HL-2700CN, HL-6050D_DN, HL- 6050, HL-8050, HL-5070N, HL-5050, HL-5040, HL-5030, HL-7050, HL-1470N, HL-1450, HL-1440, HL-1435, HL-1430, HL-1270N, HL-1250, HL-1240, HL-1230, HL-1030, HL-3260N, HL-2460, HL-1850_1870N, HL-1650_1670N, HL-4070CDW, HL-4050CDN, HL-4040CDN, HL-4040CN, HL- 5250DNT, HL-5280DW, HL-5270DN, HL-5250DN, HL-5240

MFC-9460CDN / 9465CDN, MFC-7860DN / 7860DW, MFC-7360 / 7360N / 7362, MFC-9440CN / 9840CDW / 9640CW / 9450CDN, MFC-7840N / 7840W MFC-7320/7340, MFC-8460N / 8660DN / 88WDN / 88WDN. MFC-8680DN, MFC-7345N, MFC-9970CDW, MFC-9560CDW, MFC-9465CDN MFC-9460CDN, MFC-7860DW, MFC-7860DN, MFC-7470D, MFC-7460DN, MFC-7362, MFC-7360N, MFC- 7360, MFC-9320CW, MFC-9120CN, MFC-9010CN, MFC-8890DW, MFC-8880DN, MFC-8480DN, MFC-8380DN, MFC-8370DN, MFC-7840W, MFC-7840N, MFC-7450, MFC-7440N, MFC-7340, MFC-7320, MFC-9450CDN, MFC-9640CW, MFC-9840CDW, MFC-9440CN, MFC-8870DW, MFC-8860DN, MFC-8660DN, MFC-8460N, MFC-9420CN, MFC-7225N, MFC- 7220, MFC-7820N, MFC-7420

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FAX-2820/2920/2810/2910/2825, FAX-7860DW, FAX-2825, FAX-2910, FAX-2810, FAX-2920, FAX-2820

Reflashing the NVRAM of the printer

  • Install the printer driver (for Windows 7 64-bits can be downloaded below);
  • Launch the downloaded program;
  • We select the item “Read / write NVRAM”:
  • At this point, we indicate that the printer is connected via USB and in the drop-down list we select our model “HL-2035”.
  • Click “Read”.
  • The file “HL2030-2040-2045_NVRAM.inf” will appear in the temporary directory of the system.
  • In this file, we reset the values ​​of the DATA variable. We do it manually or by replacing values ​​in an editor that supports regular expressions. It is much faster.
  • Save the modified file, open the “Read / write NVRAM” item again, but now press the “Write” button.
  • All. Turn off the printer and turn it on. After that everything will work.

Note that the printer errors, serial number, toner and developer counters have been cleared to zero. Using the same utility, you can restore the desired values. For example, serial number.

If someone reading this material tells you exactly what byte in NVRAM needs to be reset to zero to reset the error. we will be very grateful!

Please note that the firmware of any device can render it unusable, so you must understand that you are doing the firmware at your own peril and risk. !