The Printer Jammed The Paper What To Do

Work rules

If paper jams persist in the printer, what should I do? To avoid such failures, you must correctly load paper into the device:

  • Do not use soft, torn, low-quality paper for printing. Previously used sheets are not suitable either.
  • Avoid putting too much or very little paper.
  • It is necessary to control that metal objects. staples, paper clips and other office supplies do not penetrate into the device.
  • It is important to use letters that are suitable for the printer in thickness, format and quality.
  • Do not send a very thick stack of paper to the tray.
  • Before loading, it is necessary to check for dents, tears, foreign objects. This will avoid many problems.
  • It is necessary to insert sheets evenly so that there is no skewing of the tray.
  • If chewing occurs constantly, it is advisable to take the technician to a service center to find out the cause of the malfunction.

The Printer Jammed The Paper What To Do

Laser Devices

The above instructions are also valid for laser printers. But in comparison with inkjet, they cannot be disconnected from the power supply and turned on again. Just don’t pull out the page abruptly, because you can break it. Modern laser devices Equipped with manual. For example, if paper is jammed in a Brother printer, you can find out what to do from the instructions for your specific model.

What to do if paper is jammed in the printer. Step-by-step instructions and solutions to the problem

A device such as a printer allows you to quickly print various documents. But sometimes paper gets jammed in it and all work stops. In this case, an inscription appears stating that the sheets are jammed or the red indicator blinks. What to do if paper is jammed in the printer, see article.


What to do if paper is jammed in the printer? If the problem still appears, you must eliminate the malfunction according to the following instructions:

  • It is necessary to disconnect the printing equipment from the power source. You may need to open the inside of the printer while removing sheets to check the paper feed rollers. There is a risk of electric shock when turned on.
  • You should cancel the tasks that are in the queue.
  • Some types of office equipment, for example, Canon, Xerox 3010 and Laserjet 6L, are switched off and immediately feed paper into the tray. If this was not the case, you need to turn the technique on and off again.
  • Many printers do not have the function mentioned in the last paragraph. Then you should Flip the cover covering the access to the internal parts of the device. It is necessary to assess whether the stuck letter is deeply located.
  • If most of the page is at the beginning of the roller, then pull it out against the movement of the rotating rollers. You need to carefully take the letter from the edge and slowly draw out.
  • It also happens that paper is jammed during exit from printing. Then you need to pull the letter in the direction of movement of the rollers. In laser devices it is necessary to pull out the cartridge as it interferes with the pressure mechanism.
  • After pulling out the paper, you need to make sure that it is not torn and there is NOT a piece inside. Then the printer must be connected to the power supply, inspect the power-on and readiness indicators. They are usually located in front of the device panel. When the light flashes, remove and reinstall the cartridge.
  • If the paper is damaged during removal, then it is necessary to inspect the rollers. To do this, you will need to disassemble the printer, remove the removable parts and the ink cartridge. Provide good lighting when inspecting the inside of the printer. You should find the rest of the letter and remove it.
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What to do if paper is jammed in the printer depends on the model of the device, since each of them has its own nuances of work. Some techniques are accompanied by instructions, where the subtleties of troubleshooting are indicated.

Inkjet printers

The design of such devices is such that it is NOT possible to get access to the rollers immediately, since they are firmly covered with a cartridge. What to do if this kind of paper jam occurs in the printer? You need to disconnect the device from the network. You should not disassemble it yourself if there is no experience in this. Especially if the paper is not all removed and part of it is caught. In this case, a specialist should solve the problem.

The paper is jammed in the HP printer, what should I do? The equipment manufacturers of this company facilitate its operation. Inkjet devices have a special sensor. Encoder Strip Sensor. With it, the position of the carriage is established at the start and end of printing. When a paper jam occurs and the operation stops, check the sensor. Probably, there was a blockage or mechanical damage. As a result, the device does not finish printing. To resume operation, the sensor must be treated with a cloth dipped in alcohol. It is better to remove jammed paper beforehand.

Continuation of work

If you manage to clear the jammed letter, then you need to turn off the printer again. Often, the product continues to print from where the problem occurred. The page will be printed a second time, and then the process will resume without difficulty. Check if all sheets are printed. If the restart does not continue to work, then you need to start printing again by selecting the desired settings.

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Why is this happening? There are many reasons why sheets remain in the printing device. If you know about the most common problems, then it will turn out to prevent them:

  • Poor quality paper. This reason is the most common. If you buy cheap paper or use old paper, you should be prepared for unpleasant consequences.
  • Damage to pages. The printer does not work well with leaves that have mint edges, tears, bends.
  • High moisture content of the paper. If the sheets were stored incorrectly, then you should be prepared that they will stick to each other, and then get stuck.
  • Dryness of paper. Due to static voltage, the sheets become electrified and therefore stick to each other.
  • Thin or thick paper. Check the Ideal Weights for Your Printer Before Printing.
  • The presence of foreign objects inside. It is not uncommon for paper trash to enter the printer. These can be paper clips, caps, staples, pencil lead.
  • Worn or damaged rollers.

This manual is suitable for most printing devices. Therefore, this manual will help you understand what to do if paper is jammed in your Canon printer. Careful removal of paper will allow you to use the technique for a long time.

In any case, the printer says: paper jam. What to do in this case? Effective recommendations will help. With their help, it will turn out to correctly remove the sheets, and then continue to work with the device.

When picking up paper, many users are afraid that it will stop the operation of the device. But in fact, there is a way out. Each technique has a manual that tells you what to do if a problem occurs. You just need to read the instructions and follow its rules.

What to do yourself

  • Check if the correct paper is selected for the printer.
  • Take 15-20 A4 sheets that were previously printed without defects.
  • Start any text editor. For example, you can open Word.
  • Print all 20 sheets at once.

The procedure for cleaning the inkjet device from the remaining ink or toner that has accumulated on the parts in contact with the paper.

What to do if the printer prints dirty, smears sheets

Often times, the printer will stain the paper due to cartridge problems. The reason for dirty printing can be the failure of SEPARATE units, which are different for a laser and an inkjet printer. The article below describes the most common problems with the printer, for which it smears sheets, and how to fix them.

Inkjet printer stains paper

  • Nozzles are dirty with printheads. If ink droplets remain on the nozzles from the previous printout, they immediately fall onto a new sheet and stain it. Exit. a clean cloth removes paint residues from the surface of the head or cartridge.
  • The page feed rollers are dirty. Even vertical black streaks will appear on the pages where the rollers come into contact with the paper. Cleaning the paper pick and feed mechanism can correct poor printing.
  • Head sump clogged. Remaining ink first stains the head, then the printer can clog the nozzles or cause the head to break. The absorbent pad needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  • The paper is bent. Even the slightest fold can be a prerequisite for smearing the paper. The way out is to remove the mint sheets and replace them with even ones of the desired format.
  • Wrong paper type selected. Use only consumables recommended by the printer manufacturer. Pay special attention to the choice of photo paper, the information on the package must confirm the ability to work with the used printer model and the settings installed on it.
  • The check valve of the ink tank, located on the back of the body, is out of order. The cartridge is removed from the carriage and placed on the table with the flap up. If after gentle tapping the valve does not return to the operating position, the cartridge will need to be replaced.
  • The cartridge is leaking. The entire printing system stops working properly. The problem is solved only by replacing the cartridge.
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Laser printer smears sheets

  • The blade is worn out or out of order. The main task of the part is to “cut” the remaining toner after being applied to the drum. A broken or worn blade cannot remove the ink well, so it gets on the printed document.

The reason may be the breakdown of SEPARATE parts of the device or mechanical problems.

  • Ingress of foreign objects. They can be a paper clip, a button, a piece of plastic, or a piece of paper. They must be removed from the previously turned off device.
  • Malfunction of the thermo unit (the stove, which burns the dye to the paper). If the unit does NOT function, the toner will NOT burn and the printer will smear heavily. To check for fuser problems, insert blank paper, print the pages, and when the letter passes through the cartridge and begins to enter the fusing unit, turn off the printer and lift the lid. If there are visual flaws, the problem is in the node.

Printer cleaning technology

  • Remove excess items. Small objects, pieces of paper, paint residues and dust can get inside the product. Larger items Remove by hand, dust and toner with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean cartridge, continuous ink supply system, printhead. Recommended every time after intensive printing for preventive purposes.
  • Clean the sheet feeder. In laser can be done manually, and for inkjet there is a manual and software method.

If the cleaning methods do not help and the printer continues to smear, Contact the service center.