The Printer Prints Hieroglyphs Instead Of Text

The Printer Prints Hieroglyphs Instead Of Text


In the Windows registry, open the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Nls \ CodePage branch. Find the parameters “1250”, “1252” and “1253” in it and set the value “c_1251.Nls” for each of them.

This can be done in several ways:

If instead of letters. Hieroglyphs, squares and numbers

Sometimes after installing some applications on the computer, their “Russification”, updates, etc., in certain windows of THESE applications, as well as in the windows of the operating system itself, fonts are not displayed correctly.

As a rule, this does NOT affect the stability of the computer, but it creates a lot of inconvenience to users, since hieroglyphs, squares, numbers and other incomprehensible symbols are displayed in windows instead of letters.

It often becomes impossible to work on such a computer. A significant part of users solve the problem radically. Reinstall Windows. Although this situation can be solved much easier.

The method proposed by the author does not always help, but in a significant part of the cases it solves the problem.

Important. The method involves making changes to the Windows registry. The system registry is a very important element of the operating system. Therefore, apart from the parameters indicated below, NOT changing anything in it, unless you are sure of the correctness of your actions.

Method 1

1) open “Registry Editor”.

To do this, press the “Windows” button on the keyboard (usually with the image of the Windows logo, located in the bottom row, on the left, between the Ctrl and Alt buttons) and, while holding it, press the “R” button (in the Russian layout “K”). A program launch window will appear. In it you need to write regedit and click the “OK” button;

2) sequentially opening the Corresponding folders in the left part of the “Registry Editor”, go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Nls \ CodePage branch. This means that you need to open the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” folder first, open the “SYSTEM” folder in it, “CurrentControlSet” in it, and so on;

3) when you get to the “CodePage” section and select it on the left side of the “Registry Editor”, a rather large list of parameters will appear on its right side. You need to find among them the parameters “1250”, “1252” and “1253”.

4) double-click the “1250” parameter. The Change String Parameter window opens. In it, the “Value” fields must be changed to “c_1251.Nls” and the “OK” button must be pressed (see Fig.).

Then, in the same way, change the value of the parameters “1252” and “1253” to “c_1251.Nls”.

5) close the registry editor window and restart the computer. After reboot, the problem with incorrect display of fonts should disappear.

Method 2

All of the above changes to the system registry can be made a little easier by Using the Corresponding.reg file.

Reg files (often referred to as registry tweaks). These are such special files, upon opening which all the changes provided for in them are entered into the registry automatically. You just have to confirm these changes and restart your computer.

REG files must be opened as a computer administrator.

Read more about this here.

To get an archive with a.reg file performing the above steps, click here.

Incorrect settings

All modern printers are connected to a computer via a USB port. But there are software glitches when the previously installed settings of the device “fly off”, and it starts either to release blank sheets, or stand and do nothing, although on the computer screen in the device program window it is written that printing is in progress.

This problem is solved as follows: in the device properties window, go to the “Ports” tab. After a failure in the line of ports through which the printer should work, there is usually port LPT1. Select from the drop-down list “USB Virtual printer port for USB”.

Also, in the device settings, you need to see if the checkbox next to the “Print text only” or “Print image only” line is unchecked. If so, depending on which file was sent for processing (text or graphic), the printer will print blank pages.

Incorrect connection

Sometimes during cleaning, you may hook the USB cable that connects the PC to the printer, and break the contact in the connector. It is necessary to insert and move the cable plug well to ensure its tight fit in the socket.

It is not recommended to use different extension cords, as the resulting electromagnetic interference may cause problems with the device. In addition, a good cable should have ferrite beads, which smooth out interference.

Ferrite bead cable

Why blank sheets come out of the printer

Many users have come across a situation where the printer prints blank sheets. Such behavior of the device causes bewilderment, and sometimes panic, if you need to urgently print a document, but the equipment refuses to work normally. A malfunction of the device can cause many reasons. The most common of them will need to be considered in more detail.

Software conflict with hardware

What if you have an old printer, and the OS on your computer is the latest version or newer than the one required in the instructions for the hardware, and despite NOT having the installed driver, it does not work correctly, producing blank pages? In this case, you can use a special program (emulator) that allows you to install an older OS on your operating system. At the same time, the outdated OS will run in a virtual machine and in no way affect the operation of the main system.

This program is called VirtualBox and you can download it freely from the Internet. Next, you will have to download the distributive of the outdated OS, with which the printer can work, and install it on the virtual machine created by the VirtualBox program. All instructions on how to install this shell and configure the equipment can be found in the description for it.

Protective film

If the cartridge is new or refilled in a special service center, then a protective film will be glued to it, which protects it from drying out or from ink leakage. If this film is NOT removed, then the device SIMply will not “see” the ink tank, or the ink will NOT be able to flow to the print head (PG), or it will not be sprayed from the very nozzles of the PG. The problem is solved by removing the sticker from the chips, nozzles (if they are located on the cartridge) or from the hole on the ink tank, into which the steam generator pipe is inserted (if it is located on the carriage).

technical issues

Technical malfunctions of the device include problems with the cartridge or print head, as well as failure or clogging of some parts of the unit.

Software crashes

Often, white sheets come out when the document is incorrectly designed in a text or graphics editor (there may be blank pages). To find out, open the “File” menu and select the “Preview” timeline. A window will open where you can view all Prepared for printing pages. If you find blank pages, delete them.

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Wrong paper selection

It is necessary to check the default paper size in the printer settings. If there is a second size paper in the tray (different from the one in the machine’s settings), then the machine will feed blank sheets.

To correct the settings, do the following:

  • Go to the “Control Panel” PC;
  • Select “Printers and Faxes” or “Devices and Printers”, depending on the OS on your computer;
  • Select the device (if there are several of them in the system) that does not work correctly, and right-click on it (RMB)
  • Select either “Properties” or “Printer Settings” from the “Printing Preferences” menu (depending on the machine model and operating system used);
  • A window will open where you need to select the default paper size that matches the one in the printer tray.

To test printing without leaving the machine properties menu, go to the “General” tab, you can print a test page by clicking “Print Test Page”.

User carelessness

Before looking for reasons for the malfunctioning of the machine, you should print a test page without the participation of a PC. To do this, different models of devices have their own ways: starting with a special button that must be held for a while, by a combination of buttons, choosing from the unit’s service menu, etc. It is necessary to take the instructions for your printer or MFP and study the information on this matter.

So, you found how to print a test page, started the process and saw that the sheet is not empty, but has text. This means that there is paint in the ink tank and that the problem is not with the unit. Its reason may lie in the improper interaction of the device with the PC or in the absentmindedness of the user himself.

Cleaning the rollers

If the pages are not fed evenly, the text will move towards the worn roller. Most often, malfunctions are caused by physical contamination of the feeder or its partial wear. In the first case, you will need to clean the rollers manually or programmatically. To run the utility in the print settings, select the “Maintenance” tab, the “Cleaning rollers” item. The procedure is done several times.

If the printer picks up paper crookedly due to wear, the rollers are replaced at a service center.

Turning on night mode

Night mode is the forced noise reduction when operating at night or when silence is required. Mode change helps when printer picks up jerk paper.

  • From the start menu select “Devices and Printers”.
  • In the printer properties go to the “Maintenance” tab.
  • Click the “Quiet Mode” section.
  • In the new window, select the operating time of the mode.

Silent printing will only fix the problem temporarily, not fix the problem itself. The print picking mechanism will run smoothly and without noise. But the problem will return if you exit the “night” print. For consistent even printing Contact SC.

Incorrect printer settings

Offset printing is possible after installing a new printer. Check the position of the sheets in the tray. The page may have moved due to transportation. And if the alignment doesn’t help, evaluate the new printer settings. Also, problems may occur after an updated.

Problems with paper. Curved printing due to printer

The problem is specific to new or updated devices. But if the old printer began to print crookedly, you need to check the physical elements of the equipment.

Positioning tape

The encoder strips inform the software of the printer itself to the location of the moving carriage. Contamination of the encoder leads to skipping sections, displacement of the pattern.

  • Disconnect the device from the mains.
  • Remove the protective cover.
  • Assess the condition of the tape, it should be transparent without dirt and ink.
  • If ink or grease adheres, gently wipe the tape.

Cleansing is best done with a cotton swab. It is impossible to press strongly, you can damage or tear the tape from the mounts.

Foreign objects

Foreign objects in the tray. the cause of edge text, chewed sheets, printer breakdowns. Such objects can be parts of the previous letter, structural elements of the device, elements that accidentally got inside (buttons, scrapers, other trifles). To solve the problem, open the cover of the printer, Inspect the internal components, remove excess. Reprint the test sheet.

Page format

  • In the working document click “File”.


Failure of synchronization of electronic and mechanical elements of the printer is typical for actively used devices, printing on which is done constantly and intensively for a long time. In this case, it is necessary to carry out calibration to harmonize all mechanisms.

Many models with on-board displays have a calibration function in their menus. If there is one, then the setting will have to be performed according to the second aLGorithm.

  • On the official website of the printer brand, download the driver for your model.
  • Install the software.
  • Run the program.
  • In the “Service” menu, start the calibration. The process will take some time.

For each manufacturer, the calibration may be in different locations. For Canon printers, the function is on the Maintenance tab.

The procedure can be repeated until the print is completely corrected.

In multifunction devices (MFPs), calibration is performed through scanning. After starting the printer calibration through the “Service” menu, the letter must be placed on the scanner glass along the guides. Scan the worksheet and wait for the device to stop. After the light signal stops, the scanner will be calibrated.

Change the program for printing

Try printing the document in a different program. Often the problem lies in the printing software. To open PDF files, you can use software from Adobe or Foxit reader. If Adobe displays hieroglyphs instead of text on the sheet, then you can try to print the file as an image.

Additionally, try opening the document in a browser and printing.

The reason may still be in the scarves, which were used when typing. It is always recommended to choose standard fonts like Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, Times New Roman.

If the Word office suite crashes, then you can save the file in a different format, such as PDF. This is done through the “File” menu. “Save as”.


Run Command Term as Administrator. In the search for the operating system, write “cmd”, right-click on the Needed option and click “Run as administrator”.

Then write the command “sfc / scannow” and press the “Enter” key. Wait for the scan and repair to complete. Check the seal.


Malware can damage both printer drivers and Windows system files.

For scanning and treatment, you can use free utilities:

  • Web Cureit;
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free.

Run one of the proposed programs, do a polo scan of the computer and if threats, infected files are found, do the treatment.

Reinstalling the driver

Sometimes it helps to completely remove the printer drivers and install them over again. To be sure, you can completely “demolish” the printer from the computer along with the driver, and then re-add, as you did when you first connected.

Why did the printer start printing hieroglyphs instead of text

When printing on a printer, hieroglyphs may indicate a failure of the internal software of the equipment or computer, the presence of viruses on the PC, a failure in the operation of drivers and damage to system files. Hieroglyphs can appear when printed in any program: Word, Adobe Reader and others.

If the printer prints hieroglyphs instead of text, you must first eliminate the problem of the device itself. To do this, print a test page from your computer or the built-in capabilities of the printer. In the latter case, the exact method can be found in the instruction manual. On certain models, it is sufficient to open and close the lid of the device several times. Somewhere you need to use the buttons on the case.

When the letter with the report came out of the printer in a normal state, the hieroglyphs are not observed, then the device is working properly. Otherwise, you need to contact the service center to find out and eliminate the cause. When the probe is printed from a computer through the printer properties, and instead of Russian letters, hieroglyphs, and the hardware method produced normal text, then it is worth connecting the printer to a second computer. It is possible that the problem is in the PC, driver failure, as an option.

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Be sure to reset the internal memory of the device. Disconnect the printer from the PC and network. Wait one minute to reset the memory. Re-enable and try to print the text. Sometimes there are one-time failures, which are solved in such a SIMple way.

Always Analyzing the situation, remember the last steps, after which various problems arise when printing. I know what was done, what programs were installed or changes were made to the OS, you can easily return everything to its place and correct the printing.

How to find and fix problems

The solutions that are described below are very SIMple, since they do NOT require serious action, but there are quite a few reasons. And you can do without going to the Repair Shop.

The printer prints hieroglyphs: reasons

All reasons leading to printing failures can be roughly divided into three main groups:

  • Problems in the hardware of the printing device itself.
  • Ink cartridge problems or improper ink supply (CISS).
  • Incorrect installation or configuration of the printer in the OS, as well as other software problems.

The last group is the easiest to diagnose and fix problems directly by the user. They can be solved in about 95% of cases.

The reasons that are associated with cartridges can not always be solved on your own, but if finances allow, you can SIMply purchase another cartridge.

Problems in the hardware are most often solved with standard problems, such as a cable break, paper jams. But there may be more serious reasons that require a visit to the service.

Image printout

You can try to print a picture instead of a text document. Why do you need:

  • Launch the program used to send the document to the device.
  • Find the “Advanced” menu.
  • Click “Print as picture”, check the box.

The device will now print the text document as a drawing. Hieroglyphs instead of Russian letters, most likely, will not be visible.

Using second software

Most often, incomprehensible text instead of Russian characters appears when printing using MS Word. You can try to print the document with a second software.

You need to resave the text and open it with AdobeReader or Foxit Reader. You can also print in a browser, for example, Internet Explorer or Chrome.


If the device starts to print hieroglyphs, then reboot must be performed first. Turn off the PC and printer, and then turn on after a short period of time.

This is probably a minor breakdown that can be fixed with this SIMple method. If this does not help, then you need to consider other possible options.

Installing drivers

It is NOT rare that this malfunction occurs due to drivers. The device displays hieroglyphs, as the drivers are incorrectly installed or fail. Then you can try to install them again. For what:

  • In the “Control Panel” you need to go to the “Hardware and Sound” menu and find the faulty printer.
  • After clicking RMB, select “Remove device”.
  • In the “Programs and Features” you need to remove all programs that relate to the operation of the device.
  • Then find the disc, which should come with the equipment. Reinstall Required programs from it.

If the disk is not available for some reason, Windows 7 or an older version most often offers to independently install the required drivers if you reconnect the device to the PC. If this does not help, then you can find the official website of the manufacturer and download the Required programs.

Printer prints hieroglyphs instead of text

Often, users of printing devices are faced with a problem when, when printing a text document, hieroglyphs begin to appear instead of text. People who DO NOT understand anything in printers, of course, are immediately sent to the warranty center. But in order to solve this problem, it is absolutely not necessary to be a specialist. you just need to carefully read the probable ways that can help resolve this situation.

Changing the font

The reason sometimes lies in scarves. The ego device does not recognize, but prints out hieroglyphs instead of letters. You can try just installing a different font. over, it often helps if you use NOT a standard font (for example, Times New Roman), but another.

You can also try this option: Disable CourierNew stand:

  • On the control panel, find the menu with equipment.
  • Select a broken printer.
  • Click the “Printer Properties” button, go to the “Printer Settings” menu.
  • Find the font substitution and click “Do not substitute”.

System files

Sometimes the cause is in the system files. After restoring them, this may help fix the problem:

  • First, you need to open the command panel as administrator. Enter “sfc / scannow” in it and click “OK”.
  • Wait a certain amount of time. Then check if the problem was solved.

Convert a text document to PDF

Another method, which does NOT solve the problem, but allows you to temporarily get rid of it, for example, if hieroglyphs appear only when printing a specific document. Then you can convert it to PDF and print it through any convenient viewer of such files, which even a browser can act. Detailed instructions for converting text files to PDF format can be found in a separate instruction on our website at the link below.

Checking the integrity of system files

Some system files are responsible for interacting with printing equipment and are used when setting up and starting printing. If any of them was damaged or missing, it is quite possible that hieroglyphs appear instead of text, since the device will not parse the installed font and the encoding will SIMply break. To check this situation, run the standard tool for checking the integrity of system files and wait for the analysis to complete. Information on how to interact with this utility can be found in the article at the link below.

Disable the font substitution option

The method of disabling the font substitution option when printing is also NOT suitable for all users, since only some models have such a function. However, it is precisely because of its activity that the problem most often arises with the display of hieroglyphs instead of normal text on documents after printing. To change this setting, follow these steps:

    Go to the “Settings” application, for example, clicked on its button in the “Start” menu.

There you are interested in the section “Devices”.

Find your device and click on it to display additional interaction tools.

Click on the “Control” button to go to the settings of the printing equipment.

In the menu that appears, open the Printer Properties window.

Click the Device Settings tab. If it is absent, it means that the function of substitution of fonts in the printer is also available.

Among the huge list, find the font substitution table and opposite each item set the “Do not substitute” parameter.

After saving the settings, it is best to reconnect the printer, and then proceed to restarting printing to check if the new settings affected the display of text.

Scanning your computer for viruses

Unfortunately, very little information has been collected on the problem under consideration, since it is extremely rare and typical for older printers. Therefore, among the solutions there are also standard recommendations, one of which is to scan your computer for viruses. Now there are a huge number of threats, some of which can certainly substitute a font or confuse print settings. Choose a tool that is convenient for you, run a scan and remove threats if they are detected.

Printing text as an image

The exact steps depend on the program you are using, since NOT all text editors have functions that allow you to print a text document in image format. However, this method almost always turns out to be effective, does NOT affect the print quality in any way and is easy to implement.

    Open the document itself in the program you are using and go to the print tool, which is easiest to start through the “File” menu or hold down the Ctrl P key combination.
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If it’s not there, navigate the print settings tabs in the text editor, browsing each individual menu and advanced options.

Find the tool responsible for choosing the correct print mode, tick it and start the process.

When the document is printed, check to see if normal text is displayed instead of hieroglyphs.

Solving problems with printing hieroglyphs instead of text

Reinstalling the Printer Driver

The last method, which can be effective in this situation, is to reinstall the printer driver. First, the old software is removed so that there is no mention of this device on the computer. To do this, use the recommendations from the following article.

After that, it remains only to find and download the current driver version for the used printer model. Check out the universal thematic guide at the following link or find the appropriate material for downloading software for a specific model of printing equipment through the search bar on our website.

SIMple solutions

The solutions below are SIMple as they DO NOT require any serious action from the user. However, they may be enough to solve the problem. In this case, it will be possible to do without problems.


The problem might be with the fonts. The device does not read them, but prints incomprehensible characters instead of Russian letters. Try to just use other fonts for your text. This will be especially true if you chose exotic fonts instead of classic (Arial, Calibri).

Also try the following: not substituting Courier New. For this:

  • On the Control Panel, find the item with devices.

Devices and Printers

  • Find the problem printer there.
  • Open “Printer Properties”, go to the “Device Settings” tab.
  • Find the Font Substitution Table and select “Do Not Substitute” for the font above.

Print image

Try printing an image instead of text. For this you need:

  • Open a window in the program that is used to send a file to print.
  • Find the button “Advanced” or “Advanced settings” on it, depending on the program in which you are printing.
  • In the window that opens, find the “Print as image” or “Bitmap print” parameter, check the box next to it.

The machine now prints the text as an image. Most likely you will NOT see hieroglyphs instead of Russian letters.

System files

The case may be in the system files. Restoring them can get rid of the problem.

We open the command term on behalf of the administrator. We drive in the command “sfc / scannow” and press “Enter”.

Sfc / scannow command

We are waiting for a few minutes or seconds. Then we check if the problem is solved.

Reinstalling drivers

This error often appears due to drivers. The printer is printing hieroglyphs because the drivers are incorrect or malfunctioning. Therefore, you can try reinstalling them. For this:

  • In the Control Panel “Hardware and Sound” tab we find our printer.

Hardware and Sound Tab

  • Press RMB, select “Remove device”.
  • In “Programs and components” Remove all programs related to the operation of our device.
  • After deleting, we find the disk that comes with the printing device. From it again Install all the necessary programs and drivers.

If you have a disk, then Windows 7 or later, as a rule, itself prompts you to install the necessary drivers if you reconnect the printer to the computer. If this did not happen, then you should go to the manufacturer’s website and download the necessary software yourself.

Difficult decisions

It is worth moving to these solutions if the problem refuses to go away and continues to annoy. The device prints hieroglyphs instead of Russian letters for reasons that will be discussed below.


This is what you need to do from the beginning if your printer prints hieroglyphs instead of letters. Turn off the computer and printer, and then turn them on after a few minutes.

Perhaps this is some kind of random error, and it will be solved by this SIMple action. If the restart does not help, read on.

We open with another program

Most often, hieroglyphs instead of text come out when printing through MS Word. Try to print the text with another program.

To do this, you can resave the file in PDF format and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader or FoxitReader. You can also print via a browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

What to do if the printer prints hieroglyphs: ways to solve the problem

Sometimes a problem occurs with printers: hieroglyphs appear when printing. This happens with a rare user, often the problem is solved by itself without any action. over, these problems are noticed more often on HP machines. If you have this trouble, then read on.

Hieroglyphs instead of text

What to do if the printer began to print pdf in hieroglyphs

Often, users of printing office equipment, in particular printers, face such a problem: when printing a PDF (PDF) file, hieroglyphs appear on a sheet of paper instead of Russian letters. Inexperienced and poorly understood users of printers will certainly go straight to the nearest service center. But to solve this problem, you do not have to be a pro. the main thing is to carefully and painstakingly read all the Possible ways that will help to help in this situation.

The ways

So, if the printer prints hieroglyphs, then first of all, turn off both office equipment and the PC itself. Wait a couple of minutes, then turn both devices back on. Perhaps such a SIMple action will help solve the problem that has arisen by clearing the memory of the printing device and personal computer.

If the previous methods did not help and the printer still prints gibberish, then perhaps the reason for such a problem is a glitch in the program itself. Try downloading other programs to open PDF documents, for example, Foxit Reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and others. Open any of THESE programs the file you are interested in and send it to print. If the printer prints it out normally, then you should reinstall the program bit or use the one that has already been downloaded (if it is convenient for you). If the printer still prints PDF hieroglyphs, then open the registry editor, entered the following value in “Run”: regedit.Exe.

For all changes made to take effect, be sure to restart your personal computer.

But if none of the described methods helped and the hieroglyphs are still printed, then find the Russian version of Adobe Reader in the Internet space and download it. Then install this program. Thus, the above task as a whole should be solved.

Another way, which can be the answer to the question of why pdf prints hieroglyphs, is to print the document as an image. A SIMilar function is available in both Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader, and many other SIMilar software applications. When printing, you should go to the “Advanced” item and select “print as image” there. But please note that this method is NOT a solution to the problem, because It does NOT change anything fundamentally. Thanks to it, you can only work around the problem, but NOT fix it in any way.

For the final solution to the problem, check your PC for viruses using a reliable and effective anti-virus program. It would also be nice to restore system files. If you have Windows 7, then open “START” and entered “cmd” click on the Found item by right-clicking on it. Next select “Run as administrator” and issue the following command: sfc / scannow. It should be said that this command will help to scan all protected system files and, if necessary, replace what was damaged. After that, the documents should be printed without gibberish. Also, as an additional step, uninstall old drivers and install new ones, if possible the latest version.