The Printer Writes No Toner And The Cartridge Is Full

How to reset a Canon cartridge after refilling (disabling ink level control in Canon printers)

It is difficult to control the level of ink in all inkjet cartridges programmatically, i.e., for example, a cartridge is designed for 220 pages and as it prints, it consumes this resource. As soon as it becomes equal to zero, the printer will start reporting information about the end of ink in the cartridge and the need to replace it.

THOSE. The device does not know the actual (actual) filling of ink cartridges. There is a sensor that controls the actual amount of ink in the cartridges. This can explain the most frequent user question after refueling: “I refilled a cartridge, but the printer shows that it is empty”.

Canon’s policy is more liberal with respect to other printer manufacturers and allows this feature to be disabled, i.e. Disabling this function is possible only on Canon printers / MFPs, and even then not always.

If you also have such a question and after refilling the cartridge and installing it in the printer, the device still shows that the filled cartridge is empty and the further operation of the printer is blocked and / or a message appears on the computer screen that the cartridge has run out (Fig. 1) and it is necessary its replacement, it is necessary to perform the procedure for disabling the ink tracking level control function on the printer.

For PG-37/40/510/512/440 / 440XL, CL-38/41/511/513/441 / 441XL cartridges

For PGI-5Bk / 520Bk / 425Bk / 525Bk / 450Bk, CLI-8/521/426/526/451 ink tank

Wait until one cartridge is out of ink and a warning message appears on the printer / MFP display, prompting you to continue or stop printing. In this window, click “OK”, or Click on the Stop / Reset button (the button looks like a red / orange triangle in a circle). Printing resumes. After one of the cartridges is completely out of ink, a message appears on the printer screen again prompting you to replace the cartridge. If you have a multifunctional device / printer with a built-in cartridge, press the Stop / Reset button (usually a button with a triangle in a circle drawn) and hold it for 30 seconds. In this way, you disable Difficult for the ink level in the cartridge.

To disable control over the ink level of the printer with a separate ink tank, to do this, answer the questions that will appear on the computer screen. When prompted on the screen, press the Stop / Reset button if you have a multifunction device, or Resume / Cancel if you have a printer, and hold it for 10 seconds. Disabling the control over the amount of ink Let’s do it for each ink tank separately. This will not block printing and will NOT affect print quality.

Sometimes, instead of a SIMple message, the computer may issue instructions detailing the steps to eliminate the problem. For example, “Press the printer and Do not release the“ Stop / Reset ”button for at least 5 seconds, or“ Stop / Reset ”means that after holding the button for 5 seconds, a shutdown will occur, which will allow you to continue printing with the cartridge already refilled. It should be remembered that this action should be performed for each refueling of the cartridge.

Disable the Ink Monitoring feature on the computer to which it is connected. To do this, go to the “Control Panel”, select the “Printers” option. Next, open the context menu on the printer icon, select the “Properties” command. Then go to the Maintenance tab, select the Printer Status Information option, click the Options button. Uncheck “Display warning automatically”.


  • Disabling ink level control is the same on all Canon printers and MFPs, both on the basis of cartridges (PG-37/40/510/512/440 / 440XL, CL-38/41/511/513/441 / 441XL) and on base ink tank (PGI-5Bk / 520Bk / 425Bk / 525Bk, CLI-8/521/426/526)
  • This feature is only available with Canon printers and MFPs. This method is not applicable to printers from second-party manufacturers (HP, Lexmark, Epson, etc.);
  • For ink tank printers, the operation of disabling control must be performed for each color separately;
  • Disabling ink level control is performed on the cartridge (not in the printer), i.e. When you replace the cartridge, the new ink level will start to be monitored automatically. It is not necessary to turn on the ink level.

The ink level warning system will now be permanently disabled. It is necessary to check the ink levels visually (i.e. open the printer cover). Print large numbers of pages without ink, you may damage the print head.

Published: November 7, 2013 Last modified: November 8, 2013.

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Why, after refilling the cartridge, the printer says that there is no ink

A fairly common problem among users of office equipment is a malfunction associated with the fact that after refilling the cartridge, it says that there is no ink. The most likely reason is that you have a chip-based consumable. The fact is that the chips, which are built into the cartridges of most manufacturers of office equipment, take into account only the dye that was spent during the printing of documents. Therefore, they work solely for reduction, with the result that the volume of the colorant (toner or ink) is then NOT measured. And one day, the ink / toner just runs out and the presence of a dye in the cartridge container does not matter.

If your device does not see a full or completely full cartridge precisely because of its chip, then you can use the chips created by the “folk” craftsman. They managed to come up with elements that show the presence of paint or SIMply do not respond to requests from office equipment.

In addition, to solve this problem in inkjet printers, you can use CISS, i.e. Continuous ink supply system. ink tank (reservoir) which can be refilled with ink at any time.

Other Possible Problems

If the printer begins to write that ink / toner is missing in the cartridge, although in fact it is there, then the device drivers are a possible cause of the problem. The fact is that some models of office equipment printing after the very first refill begin to stop showing information related to the presence of a dye in a consumable.

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In addition, if the device shows the absence of ink if it is available, but at the same time flatly refuses to print documents, then the problem can be solved by purchasing a new consumable. Of course, you can try to refuel, but this option may be in vain.

But the most basic source of the fact that after refueling consumables the printer reports the lack of ink or toner, of course, is the security system, i.e. The chip itself. This element tries in every possible way to prevent the positive outcome of refilling the cartridge. As a result, the printer, even when fully charged with consumables, begins to see a completely “empty” container with a dye.

The system itself, which becomes a reliable barrier on the way of refueling, is very SIMple. The cartridge for this purpose is equipped with a special chip, which, after the end of ink according to the controller, SIMply blocks the cartridge. As a result of this action, the device SIMply stops working with it, even if there is a sufficiently large amount of ink or toner.

You can try to solve this type of problem as follows:

  • Take any old cartridge of the same color as the one that appears empty in the printer and install it in its proper place.
  • Turn on the device and after it starts up and comes to a fully working position, Remove the cartridge and install again.
  • Now you have to start the device again. Then turn off the printer completely by unplugging the power cord.
  • Replace old consumables with refilled ones and turn on the device. In general, thanks to such manipulations, this cartridge will be detected in the printer as new, as a result of which it should work again and start printing.


Such a procedure as zeroing is an excellent way out of a situation when office equipment refuses to recognize the fact that there is ink / toner in the cartridge refills, but, unfortunately, it works only on some models of printing devices. Below is an example of how to zero an HP inkjet cartridge One way to perform a zeroing is to first seal the contact on the cartridge with tape.

  • Next, insert this consumable into your device and click on “OK” after the device displays an error message about the installed cartridge.
  • Now you should start printing the internal test of the printer, after which you can remove the cartridge from it.
  • In the next step, you have to act “blindly”: glue any of the contacts located below and on the right. Now you should have two contacts sealed with tape.
  • Reinstall the cartridge and Let’s print the test page. Pull it out again.
  • Remove the tape from the contact you covered first. Insert the consumable and wait for the office equipment to recognize it.
  • Pull out the cartridge again and this time Remove the tape from the second contact.
  • Wipe all contacts using rubbing alcohol. Be very neat.
  • Install the consumable in the office equipment slot. Its ID has now been changed. This will keep the ink level at 100 percent.

Thus, if you are faced with a task like “after refueling the cartridges, the device does not see ink”, then you should not despair and spend on buying an original cartridge.

Please read the described recommendations carefully and try to solve the problem yourself. Please note that the purchase of original consumables in this situation is the very last option, when no way to bring the printer into working condition helped you.

Other considerations

Many printer problems can turn off your equipment until you do NOT resolve them. The more features your device offers. Dedicated media trays, finishing equipment, internal hard drive, duplexer, or scan and copy functionality. The more options you may need to eliminate in addition to toner-related problems Most of THESE potential problems will resolve on their own if you turn the printer off and on again, which clears its memory.

The printer does not write enough toner what is it

Media problems

The offline condition you are trying to resolve may be due to a media issue that occurred coincidentally with a toner cartridge change. Some printers go offline if they find the wrong size paper in the external tray or feeder. Check the device for unsupported consumables and eliminate the cause of the error, if any. If you are NOT sure which paper sizes your equipment can handle and which comments, check its capabilities in your documentation.

Defective cartridge

Solved: Out of Toner / Ink Issues in Windows 10. HP Support Community

This way I could use my HP ENVY 4500 in single cartridge mode without any problems after using the HP Scan and Print Doctor. But all of a sudden this message appeared in Windows 10. I wanted to start a print job and the message “All ink or toner” appears again. I used the HP P S Doctor again and everything went well except for the test pad. It won’t print. The test page of the printer itself has printed, so there was a software problem according to this tool. I have uninstalled and installed the software several times but there was no solution. than 1 hour later, I wanted to give up and suddenly the Envy 4500 came to life and I got a pop-up with software that I was missing a cartridge and my printer was printing in single cartridge mode. I pressed yes and the printer started working. Couldn’t almost believe it. So, I have completed all my print jobs. This HP software pop-up appeared every time a job was started.

The next day: I want to print an additional document. Return to “The product cannot print because there is no ink or toner.” So the problems came back and yes, I took over an hour again to fix it, but there is no solution yet. HP P S Doctor Tells Me The Same Again: Software Issues.

If I go back to my old laptop with Windows Vista: everything will be fine. So it really is the combination of HP and WIN10 software that gives this aaaaaaaaarh # 128578;

Smart Chip

Intelligent chips are taking sensor technology to the next level. Toner cartridges with an installed smart chip actively monitor their own toner level and trigger a low toner warning when it falls below the manufacturer’s specified threshold. until the cartridge is replaced. Manufacturers describe this as an advantage to ensure that you never finish a print job. This technology is controversial, making it more difficult to use third-party cartridges and raising questions about toner wastage.

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Toner sensor

Other printer models and manufacturers provide more accurate measurements by installing sensors in toner cartridges. These sensors become coated with toner when the cartridge is full and then become visible over time as you print the pages and the toner level drops. When the cartridge level reaches the manufacturer’s set level, the low toner indicator lights up. These preset warning levels vary by cartridge and often provide a significant chance of error. By gently removing and shaking the cartridge and then returning it to the printer, you can often release the toner packed in the corners of the cartridge and allow you to print hundreds of additional pages.

Keystroke required

Your printer can go offline, from which it will only come out after you press the correct key on its control panel to return it to work after installing the toner cartridge. Find the Online, Go, or Done button that serves this purpose. Your user documentation describes the key sequences required to operate your printer. If you cannot find the printed manual, search for the downloadable version on the hardware manufacturer’s website.

How does the printer know if the toner is low? | Small Business

When laser printers were new to the market, it was important to always have a spare toner cartridge handy, because the printers themselves did NOT have control over their products. Your first low toner warning often came when your printer ran out of work while printing. Most modern printers monitor toner levels in a variety of ways, so limit this risk. Manufacturers see this as a benefit to your business by reducing the need for toner inventory, however, early warning of low toner levels can negate these savings.

Stavpr.Ru. Blog of the lazy admin. Brother HL2030R flashing continuously toner error

Brother HL2030R constantly flashing toner error. Toner is empty although the cartridge is full. Follow the procedure with the flag lowered. Everything is good only at the beginning. Literally a dozen pages later, this problem again. writes the comments of the cartridge. Brand new cartridge.

Solving the problem of refilling the Brother TN-2075 Starter Cartridges included with the HL-2030 Printer The Brother HL-2030 Laser Printer comes with a non-recyclable TN-2075 Starter Cartridge (1,500 copies). After refilling the cartridge and installing it in the printer, the printer still continues to display the message “Cartridge is empty”, which is explained by the absence of the zeroing “flag” of this cartridge. To solve this problem. to reset the toner cartridge counter (only for the starter cartridge of the included HL-2030 printer), you need to do the following: (the device is plugged in, the power switch is in the ON position)

open the printer cover 2 as shown in Fig. 2. Carefully press the new toner sensor with a screwdriver. 3. at the same time press the cover open / close sensor (shown in Fig. 1). 4. as soon as the rotation of the main motor of the printer starts (characteristic sound, rotation of the output shafts, etc.), release the sensor of the new toner pressed earlier in step 2. (In this case, the sensor for opening / closing the cover should be pressed) 5. Wait until the printer ready light (Ready light) is steadily on NOT flashing. (10-20 sec.) 6. Release the cover open / close sensor and close the front cover of the printer. 7. make sure that your actions led to the desired result. (Print the test by triple pressing the “GO” key) If everything is done correctly, the counter of toner changes should increase by 1 (on the received test page in the section the value “toner”.

The inconvenience lies in the fact that you have to bring the entire printer to the service. Unfortunately, with this “starter” cartridge, there is a second solution to the problem or buy a new TN-2075 cartridge, which has a “reset” counter flag. Remember that after refilling a standard TN-2075 cartridge, you must set the zeroing flag (a white plastic plate, located in a semicircular window located on the side of the cartridge in the lower position / at the new cartridge in the upper position) to the upper position by turning the cartridge developer shaft and a screwdriver (this is the rule for all TN-2075 cartridges used in any Brother printers / MFCs). When refilling SEVERAL TN-2075 cartridges used with the HL-2030 printer, ghosting may occur on the printed copy. To solve this problem, just enter the properties of the Brother HL-2030 printer and turn on the toner save mode.

I understand that this flag is only needed to signal to the printer that a new cartridge is inserted. As soon as the scrolling starts, it resets to the bottom position. That is, if you remove and insert the cartridge back without raising this checkbox, then the Ego printer should not see?

I raise the flag, insert it back. Everything is beautiful, everything is OK. But almost immediately begins to write “little toner”, and then, after a few pages of printing “there is a cartridge.” In this case, you need to glue the transparent toner tags on the cartridge with tape on both sides.


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Samsung Features

In office equipment of this brand, there is often a special fuse, which interferes with putting “non-native” consumables. To get rid of this problem, you should put a SIMilar part in the socket, but of a much weaker power. The socket is usually located on the front of the device. The first power supply will burn the excess part of the structure. It is difficult to do something like this at home. We recommend that you entrust this procedure to specialists in office equipment.

Printer writes toner comments what to do

Print quality has dropped

It should be visually determined that the paint is coming to an end. To do this, just look at the print quality of the last sheets. And also to assess the print quality on many models of printers and their software, the function of printing a test sheet is implemented.

The ending ink powder says poor print quality, faded letters, numbers and symbols, as well as the presence of characteristic vertical white stripes on the printed letters. All these signs are a clear sign that it’s time to change ink.

Out of powder

The printer can report out of toner with the appropriate signals. This usually happens with a light bulb on the body with the inscription “toner” or toner image.

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If there is no signal, but the print quality has become noticeably worse, this is also a signal that the toner is running out. In the second case, you can slightly extend the printing period. To do this, SIMply remove the ink cartridge from its slot and gently shake it from side to side several times. In this case, the remains of the coloring granules will evenly lie inside the structure. This life hack will allow you to make a few more printed copies, but no more.


There is no universal method that is equally well suited for all devices at once. The best advice to the user is to find the manual. Often this equipment maintenance book contains instructions to help you troubleshoot.

Manual is not always included with the printer. In this case, we recommend looking for suitable documentation on the Internet, focusing on the printer model. It is indicated on the case itself, in the check and in the warranty card. When looking for a guide on the web, it is better to pay attention to the Official sites of the development companies. Any other resources sometimes contain malware that can harm your computer.

The Printer Writes No Toner And The Cartridge Is Full

In the manual, you need to find the chapter in which there is a description-instruction for operating and refilling ink cassettes. There should also be information on zeroing the chips. Perform the steps and then reboot the hardware for the new settings to take effect.

Damage to the housing or cartridge parts

A substitute for original consumables is used

Manufacturers of consumables for licensed equipment put special chips on cartridges. If there is such a chip, the printer may refuse to print. However, even in this case, such protection can be circumvented. For example, reprogram the printer itself, or rearrange the chip to a cheaper but non-original cartridge model.

What does it mean if the cartridge is refilled

Printing technology works with the introduction of a special dye, which applies an image or text to sheets of paper. Such ink belongs to consumables, and then sooner or later runs out. But the message “Out of toner” in the printer does not always mean that it is really missing. First of all, this may mean that there is very little of it. This situation can be perplexed by inexperienced users, who encounter a problem even if the cartridge only refills. In this manual we will tell you what to do if a SIMilar situation happened to you.

How to reset the toner counter for your Brother printer

The following instructions will work best for most Brother printing machines as they are all SIMilar in design and quite often contain TN-1075 Cartridge. We’ll look at two ways. The first is suitable for users of MFPs and printers with a built-in screen, and the second is universal.

Reset Toner Counter for Brother Printer

Almost all models of printers and MFPs from Brother are equipped with a special built-in mechanism, which keeps track of printed pages and blocks ink supply after the expected end. Sometimes, users who have refilled a cartridge are faced with a problem in which the toner was not detected or a notification appears asking to replace it. In this case, you must reset the ink counter to continue printing. Today we’ll show you how to do it yourself.

Soft toner reset

Developers create additional maintenance functions for their equipment. Among them is a paint dump tool. It runs only through the built-in display, so it is NOT suitable for all users. If you are the lucky owner of a device with a screen, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the all-in-one and wait for it to be ready to go. When the “Wait” message is displayed, you don’t need to press anything.

Next, open the side cover and click on the “Clear” button.

On the screen you will see a question about replacing the drum, to start the process, click on “Start”.

Close the side cover if the corresponding message appears on the screen.

Now you can go to the menu, move around it using the arrows to get acquainted with the state of the counter at the moment. If the operation was successful, its value will be 100%.

As you can see, zeroing paint through a software component is not difficult. However, not everyone has a built-in screen, and this method is not always effective. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the second option.

Manual reset

The Brother cartridge has a reset sensor. It needs to be activated manually, then the update will be successful. To do this, you need to independently remove the components and perform other actions. The whole procedure looks like this:

  • Turn on the printer, but do not connect to the computer. Be sure to remove the paper if installed.
  • Open the top or side cover to access the cartridge. Do this action taking into account the design features of your model.

Remove the cartridge from the equipment by pulling it toward you.

Disconnect the cartridge and drum unit. This process is intuitive, you just need to remove the latches.

Insert the drum part back into the device as it was previously installed.

The zero sensor will be located on the left side inside the printer. You need to advance your hand through the paper feed tray and press this sensor with your finger.

Hold it and close the lid. Expect the start of the work of the apparatus mechanisms. Then release the sensor for a second and press again. Hold until engine stops.

  • It remains only to mount the cartridge back into the drum part and you can start printing.
  • If, after a two-way reset, you still receive a notification that no toner was found or ink has run out, we recommend checking the cartridge. Refuel if necessary. You can do this at home, using the instructions attached to the device, or contact the service center for help.

    We have covered two available methods to reset the toner counter on Brother printers and MFPs. It should be borne in mind that some models have a non-standard design and use cartridges of the second format. In this case, the best solution would be to use the services of service centers, since physical intervention in the components can provoke device malfunctions.

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