Transfer Data from iPhone to Android Samsung

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

The transition from iPhone to Android, in my opinion, is slightly more difficult than the other way around, especially if you have been using various Apple applications for a long time (which are not presented in the Play Store, while there are Google applications in the App Store). Nevertheless, transferring most of the data, primarily contacts, calendar, photos, videos and music, is quite possible and relatively easy.

This tutorial details how to transfer important data from iPhone to Android when moving from one platform to another. The first method is universal, for any Android phone, the second is specific to modern Samsung Galaxy smartphones (but it allows you to move more data and is more convenient). The site also has a separate guide on how to transfer contacts manually: How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android.

Using Samsung Smart Switch to Transfer Data from iPhone

On Android smartphones Samsung Galaxy there is an additional opportunity to transfer data from your old phone, including from the iPhone, allowing you to access much more important data, including those that can be difficult to transfer in other ways (for example, iPhone notes ).

Transfer steps (tested on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, should work similarly on all modern Samsung smartphones):

  • Go to Settings. Cloud & Accounts.
  • Open Smart Switch.
  • Choose how you will transfer data. via Wi-Fi (from the iCloud account where the iPhone should be backed up, see How to create an iPhone backup) or via USB cable directly from the iPhone (in this case, the speed will be higher, as well as more data transfer will be available).
  • Click “Get” and then select “iPhone / iPad”.
  • When transferring from iCloud over Wi-Fi, you will need to enter your iCloud account login information (and possibly a code that will display on the iPhone for two-factor authentication).
  • When transferring data via a USB cable, connect it as shown in the picture: in my case, the included USB-C to USB adapter was connected to the Note 9, and the Lightning cable from the iPhone was connected to it. On the iPhone itself, after connecting, you will need to confirm trust in the device.
  • Choose what data you want to download from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy. In the case of using a cable, the following are available: contacts, messages, calendar, notes, bookmarks and settings / emails, saved alarms, Wi-Fi settings, wallpapers, music, photos, videos and other documents. And also, if you have already signed in to your Google account on Android. applications that are available for both iPhone and Android. Click the “Submit” button.
  • Wait for data transfer from iPhone to Android phone to complete.

As you can see, using this method, you can very quickly transfer almost any of your data and files from iPhone to Android device.

Transfer contacts, calendar and photos from iPhone to Android using Google Drive

The Google Drive app (Google Drive) is available for both Apple and Android and, among other things, it allows you to easily upload contacts, calendar and photos to the Google cloud and then upload them to another device.

This can be done using the following simple steps:

  • Install Google Drive from the App Store on your iPhone and sign in to your Google account (The same one that will be used on Android. If you haven’t created this account yet, create one on your Android phone).
  • In the Google Drive app, tap the menu button and then the gear icon.
  • In the settings select “Backup”.
  • Turn on the items you want to copy to Google (and then to your Android phone).
  • At the bottom, click “Start Backup”.
transfer, data, iphone, android, samsung

In fact, this completes the entire transfer process: if you log in on your Android device under the same account that was backed up, all data will be automatically synchronized and available for use. If you also want to transfer the purchased music, about this. in the last section of the instructions.

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Additional Information

If you used an Apple Music subscription on your iPhone, transferring it by cable or something else, you probably shouldn’t: Apple Music is the only app from Apple that is also available for Android (you can download it on the Play Store), and your subscription in it will be active, as well as access to all previously purchased albums or songs.

transfer, data, iphone, android, samsung

Also, if you use “universal” cloud storage, available for both iPhone and Android (OneDrive, DropBox, Yandex Disk), then access to such data as photos, videos and some others from a new phone will not be a problem.

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When transferring data from iPhone, I faced the problem of transferring music. In general, I looked for ways on the Internet, but I constantly knocked out some kind of error. But it turned out that everything is much simpler. Just downloaded Wondershare MobileTrans and made the transfer.

If passwords are saved, for example, in Chrome and you use them under your Google account with synchronization, then when you log in on another device with the same account, your passwords will also be there.

Synchronization using a PC

  • Connect your phone to a PC or laptop with a cable.
  • Open the file manager and right-click on the storage medium. In the context menu, select “Import images”.
  • After the import window appears, specify the necessary parameters for transferring photos.
  • At the end of the procedure, disconnect the iPhone and connect the Android smartphone, and then transfer the copied data.

Using Google

  • Download the Google service on your iPhone, where you connect your Google account, where you want to transfer your photos.
  • Activate automatic download, and then specify the files or select the option “download all material”.
  • After syncing, the content will appear in the Google Photos app.

Using the iCloud desktop app

  • Activate bookmark sync in device settings.
  • Download the desktop version of iCloud to your computer. Later, the utility will come in handy for transferring other data.
  • Log in to the client and mark the type of data being transferred. “Bookmarks”. In the parameters, specify the type of browser, and then “apply”, and after “merge”.
  • In the window that appears, you will be prompted to download the “iCloud Bookmarks” extension. After installation, bookmarks will be transferred to the browser automatically.
  • Next, you need to synchronize in the browser and on the Android device.

Importing a calendar

Gmail sync

  • Open “settings” on your phone, then “Mail, addresses, calendars”.
  • In the “Accounts” section, add the Google account to which you want to transfer the calendar data.
  • Move the switch opposite the calendar to the active position to synchronize data. After the end of the synchronization, the events copied from the iPhone will appear on the Android device.

Method to Transfer iPhone Data to Samsung Galaxy S / Note with Smart Switch

To encourage iPhone users to switch to Samsung devices, Samsung has developed a tool called “Smart Switch” to help iOS users transfer iPhone data to Samsung devices. You can use Smart Switch to transfer data from iPhone to new Samsung device.

To transfer data from iPhone / iCloud backup to Samsung device. install Smart Switch on your Samsung device, connect two devices with micro USB connector / login to iCloud account and select data to copy to new device.

To transfer data from iTunes backup to Samsung device, download Smart Switch to computer, connect Samsung phone to computer and extract photos, contacts, messages, etc. from iTunes backup to Samsung device.

Conclusion: Compared to Smart Switch, Mobile Transfer has more features like wiping data from old devices (which is useful to protect your privacy if you plan to give away your old iPhone), iPhone / Android / Windows phone data backup. over, Mobile Transfer supports more devices, whereas Smart Switch is limited to Samsung device only. Download it now to try.

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Transfer Data from iPhone to Android with Phone Transfer

This handy software allows you to transfer different types of data between two phones with different operating systems (iPhone and Android) with one click. Data types are included such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, apps, call logs, etc. Next, I will show you simple procedures. Download WinDownload Mac

Note: for transferring WhatsApp messages, please visit the article How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android

Install and run this Phone Transfer program and click “Switch” on the main page.

Connect iPhone and Android phone to PC via USB. The image on the left represents your source phone, and the image on the right represents your destination phone. You can click Flip if they don’t match correctly.

Note: Pay attention to the option “Clear data before copying”, it is better not to check the box in case different types of data on your Android phone are accidentally closed.

Select the types of data you intend to transfer and start the transfer process. The box in the middle contains several different types of data, such as contacts, text messages, calendar, photos, music, and so on, which you can select by checking the tiny square to the left of the data option. Finally, click the blue Start Transfer button

Note: Please be patient as it may take longer if a large amount of data is required.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung

ways to transfer data and files from iPhone to Android phone

When the Samsung Galaxy S8 hits the market, some iPhone users will want to buy new Android phones. However, replacing a new phone with a relatively different operating system will always bother you a lot when you think about transferring previous data between them. You won’t be truly happy until you get a new phone, and you also get all your valuable data back, including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, apps, call logs, calendar, app data, and more. worry about it because your problem is easy to fix. Below I will recommend 2 ways to transfer different types of data from iPhone to Android in. hoping this will be helpful.

transfer, data, iphone, android, samsung

Transfer Data from iPhone to Android Using Phone Transfer Transfer Data from iCloud / iTunes Backup to Android Using Phone Transfer Transfer Data from iPhone to Android via Google Drive

Samsung Smart Switch

A similar utility is available to almost every Samsung owner. It is very effective if it is important to transfer information from iPhone to Samsung completely. Here you can copy not only messages or calendar, but also music, and even notes. The application allows you to perform a similar procedure not only if you have an “iPhone”, but also other phone models.

Basic Steps for Migrating with Smart Switch

All modern phone models, that is, which support the latest Android system, can be used for such an operation. User action steps include:

  • First of all, we go to the “Samsung” menu, and then to the settings. There should be a section “Cloud and accounts”.
  • Among the proposed options should be the inscription Smart Switch. We select this item. In it, the user will clearly understand how to transfer data from “iPhone” to “Samsung”.
  • There are two ways to help you transfer all information and files. The first is necessary when the files have already been backed up in the cloud. It’s called Wi-Fi. The second option helps to transfer information much faster, and allows you to copy more files than the first. Its principle is based on the use of a USB cable, which will be directly connected to the “iPhone”.
  • Then the user clicks the button labeled “Receive”, and then selects the required device from which the files are copied.
  • If the first method is chosen, then you must first go through the authorization in the cloud. The system may ask for a special code on “iPhone” to confirm permission for the operation.
  • If the user applies the second option, then you must first connect both devices to the cable. It is important to find USB with dedicated outputs that will suit the devices. The system will then ask for confirmation of the user’s trust in another gadget.
  • Then you need to select the necessary documents and files that will be transferred later. In this case, music, alarms, messages, preset settings, contacts, Wi-Fi passwords entered on the “iPhone”, videos, photos and other documents are available. If there are applications on the iPhone, but they are also available in the Play Market, they will also be copied with all the data. To perform the action, click “Submit”.
  • The transfer procedure will start immediately, but you must wait until it is completed.
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The process is fast, and as a result, the user gets access to almost all of his data that was on the “iPhone”.

Operating principle

The procedure for transferring data from iPhone to Samsung is based on a few fairly simple steps:

  • First of all, the user must get access to the application, so it must be downloaded to the “iPhone” through the AppStore. When the installation is complete, in the program itself you need to log into your Google account. If there is none yet, then it makes sense to create one. It is important to do this on “Samsung”.
  • Then, after authorizing the user, you need to go to the application menu on the iPhone. Then select the gear icon from the list.
  • When the next section is open, you need to find “Backup” in it. Click on this inscription.
  • After that a special menu will appear, where the user needs to select all the data that should be subsequently copied to “Samsung”.
  • Then the procedure ends with the person clicking “Start backup”. All selected files will be uploaded to the Google cloud.

Here’s how to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung with a simple utility. Then the user’s actions end with the fact that he enters the cloud through his “Samsung”. In this case, the account must be the same. After that, you can already copy all your files to your phone. After the sync is complete, the documents will be available on Android. If this method does not seem to be completely effective, and the user wants to get his music on another gadget, then it is necessary to proceed to the next transfer method.

Detailed steps

The Best Way To Transfer Data From iPhone to Android!

On your iPhone, download the Google Drive app from the App Store and sign in with your Google account.

Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner and tap Settings Backup. You will be taken to the interface “Back up with Google Drive”, three main types of data, including contacts, calendar events, photos and videos can be backed up.

Click on a data type to turn sync on / off, or just back up all of that data and click the blue Start Backup button.

Note: Your contacts, calendar events, and photos and videos will be copied to Google Contacts, Google Calendar and Google Photos, respectively. The backup process will take a little longer, so it’s best to connect your iPhone to a power source and WI-FI and be patient.

On your Android phone, log into Google Drive with the same Google account and check the transferred data. This time, you will see the backup data has been automatically transferred to your Android phone.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung

Have you decided to change your device and wondering how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung? Since the operation of two different operating systems is based on accounts in different services, this procedure is more complicated and takes longer than between phones with the same firmware. Our tips will help you quickly and easily cope with this procedure and transfer all data without loss.