Transfer Data from iPhone to iTunes

iCloud transfer

This method is the easiest, you will need to use Apple’s proprietary iCloud service to transfer information to a new iPhone. It is a cloud storage that allows you to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone and to other iOS devices. It can also be useful when archiving critical files. So, first, take your old iPhone and follow these steps:

  • Go to settings. Go to the iCloud menu, find Storage & Copies. The date of the last backup (copies of important device files) will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. If you want to create a more recent version, click the Create a Copy button;

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  • The phone will then copy the files to iCloud. This procedure can take quite a long time (depending on the memory of the device and the speed of the Internet connection).

This completes the manipulations with the old iPhone. Switch to your new iOS device and do the following:

  • Reset the settings to factory defaults. If the phone is new, you do not need to do this. After configuring the basic parameters (time, date, Wi-Fi network), click the “Recover from iCloud copy” button. In the menu that appears, enter your personal information (Apple ID and password). Accept the privacy terms;
  • In the new window, select the latest version of the backup made on the old device. Immediately after that, the process of copying data and settings from the old iPhone to the new one should begin.

After completing all the manipulations, the new smartphone will reboot and display information about the successful restoration of the backup.

data transfer via iTunes

For this method, we already need a computer with iTunes installed (preferably the latest version). Before starting work, connect the old device to the PC and wait for it to be detected by the program. iPhone will be highlighted in the top menu, click on its icon. Then go to the “This PC” window, where there is an item “Create a copy now”.

iTunes will ask for your permission to copy programs, confirm it using the button in the pop-up window. At the end of the procedure, iTunes will display the date of the last backup of the device.

Then you only need to reset the settings on the new iPhone to factory settings (if this is the first start of the phone, you do not need to reset anything). After manipulating the start screen, select the “Restore from a copy of iTunes” button. A window will appear in iTunes prompting you to restore from a backup, select “Restore from backup” and click “Continue”. At the end of the process, wait until all applications are fully synchronized.

Instructions for transferring data from iPhone to iPhone

When buying a new iPhone, the user may be faced with the need to transfer his personal data from the old device. How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone? Read below.

data transfer through the AnyTrans utility

  • Connect your old and new iOS device to your computer using two USB cables. Launch AnyTrans and wait for the gadgets to sync. Its status will be displayed in the upper left corner of the program;
  • Select your old device from the menu, click on the iOS icon at the top of the window;
  • Click the “Content to iOS” button. In the next window, a menu will open with all possible files for transfer, their number will also be displayed here. Mark the necessary icons and confirm the transfer of all data;

That’s all, the operation is complete. As a reminder, when transferring contacts to a new iPhone, you will need to temporarily turn off iCloud syncing for that device. AnyTrans can also work with Android smartphones where the USB debugging option is pre-enabled. We hope our data transfer guide was helpful to you.

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How to Transfer All Data from iPhone to iTunes

You may need to transfer all data from iPhone to iTunes in a variety of cases. Most often, users have such a need when buying a new iPhone, on which they need to throw off all the contents of the old device. iTunes then becomes a transit point. Details on how to transfer all data from iPhone to iTunes are described in this instruction.

How to Transfer All Data from iPhone to iTunes

Connect iPhone to computer and launch iTunes. In the event that iTunes is not installed on your computer, download the latest version of the utility from the official Apple website.

Select the device in the iTunes window.

On the “Browse” tab, which opens by default, check the box next to “This PC” and click “Create a copy now”.

Advice! If you want to back up your iPhone not on the system drive, then you can find out how to do this in this instruction.

iTunes will begin the backup process on your computer. The following content is saved in the copy:

  • Device settings.
  • Information about installed applications and their settings.
  • History of text messages including iMessage. Important! Successful recovery of iMessage, SMS and MMS messages requires a SIM card to use when creating a backup.
  • Home screen layout and app order.
  • Health app data.
  • Media library (photo and video).
  • Purchase history from the App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks Store.
  • HomeKit Device Settings.
  • Ringtones.

Transfer your files from pc to iphone using itunes in 2020

Select the menu item “File” → “Devices” → “Move purchases from [device_name]”. Wait for the sync to finish. Its duration depends on the number of purchases made on the mobile device.

Done! You can check the successful transfer of data from iPhone to iTunes in the menu “Edit” → “Preferences →” Devices “. The field “Backups of devices” should display a backup with the current date.

Restoring information from a backup

To transfer information, you will need to turn on the purchased smartphone. If the device has already been configured for the user, the settings will have to be reset. Wait for the welcome screen to appear and follow the instructions until the Wi-Fi setup window appears. Then connect to the network and continue following the instructions until the Programs and Data window appears. The smartphone will offer four options, select “Recover from iCloud Copy”. Enter your Apple ID username and password to continue. Then select a suitable backup by date, and also sign in to your iTunes and AppStore accounts. Wait for the information to download to your smartphone and complete the setup.

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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone

Fans of mobile devices with the “apple” logo are often faced with a situation when they need to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. This will come in handy when replacing the device with an updated model. the owners are sorry to lose the accumulated photos, music and applications. The developers have provided options for quick and safe transfer of information. it is easier for a person to agree to the purchase of the latest iPhone model if he is sure that important files are safe. Even more. contacts, call history, notes and messages are transferred. A little effort and user information will remain safe and sound.

Quick Start app

In updated versions of iOS, starting at least 11, the function of safely transferring information to another “apple” device called “Quick Start” is implemented. The application is used to configure mobile devices in an automated manner. The nuance is that both the old and the purchased phone are used during the work. Smartphone manufacturers note that during the transfer of information, the use of devices in the normal mode is not encouraged, so you should leave the phones alone and then follow the recommendations. Pairing does not take much time, information transfer lasts on average 10 minutes. it depends on the volume of copied files and settings.

Making copies

In order to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud, you will have to attend to creating a backup copy. To do this: enable Wi-Fi transmission on the current smartphone; open the settings menu and find the item with the owner’s name; go to the item “iCloud”, in the window that opens, find the link “Backup to iCloud”; move the slider to the active position; click on “Create a backup”. Wait until the copying is completed and do not disconnect the Internet connection. the copy is uploaded to the cloud server, the duration of the process is affected only by the amount of uploaded information. If the owner believes that the smartphone contains a lot of useless files, it is recommended to clean the iPhone.

Archive creation

Before you transfer data from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes, you should take care of creating backup archives. For this:

  • connect the current smartphone to a personal computer via the supplied USB cable;
  • open the iTunes app;
  • encrypt the information, if you used the “Activity” and “Health” programs, to do this, check the box next to the item “Encrypt backup”;
  • click on the button “Create a copy now”.

To make sure that the copy was created correctly, after copying is complete, go to the “iTunes Settings” menu item. A window with a backup copy and creation date will appear in the “Devices” tab.

Transferring a backup

Now let’s talk about restoring information from a backup. To do this, turn on the device, follow the setup instructions until a screen with Wi-Fi settings appears. Connect to the network and continue setting up to the Programs and Data window. Select “Recover from a copy of iTunes” from the options provided, and then click the “Next” button. Connect the purchased smartphone to the computer, in the iTunes program, select the smartphone from the list of detected devices. Click on the “Recover from a copy” button, and in the list select an archive suitable by date. If the information is encrypted, enter the password. Complete the setup, but do not disconnect the wireless network. this is how the smartphone will download the saved photos, videos and music content.

Copy SIM information

If the SIM configuration is suitable for the updated device, simply remove and insert the card into the smartphone. The iTunes program will help you save contacts. go to the “Devices” menu and check the box next to “Synchronize contacts with:”. Select the appropriate option from the drop-down list. If the size does not fit, contact the office of the mobile operator to get another SIM.


It is easier to install a backup on devices via iTunes, since there is no need to delete data first.

    If you are working with a new smartphone, launch it and go through the initial setup up to the “Programs and data” section. Here you will need to select the item “Restore from iTunes copy”.

If the phone contains data, you do not need to clean it first. you can start recovery immediately. But first, if you have activated the protective function “Find iPhone”, deactivate it. To do this, open the settings on your phone, select your account name, and then go to the “iCloud” section.

Open the Find iPhone section. Here you will need to disable this feature. To confirm, the system will require you to enter your Apple ID password.

Now connect your phone with a USB cable to sync it with your computer. A gadget icon will appear at the top of the window, which you will need to select.

Make sure the Browse tab is open on the left. To the right, click on the “Restore from a copy” button.

If necessary, select the required copy in the drop-down list.

If you previously enabled the data encryption function, then to further gain access to the copy, enter the password.

  • The recovery process will begin. During the installation of the backup, do not disconnect the phone from the computer under any circumstances.
  • How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone

    As a rule, by data transfer, users mean either installing a backup copy on a new smartphone, or working with individual files. Both cases and will be discussed in detail below.


    Thanks to the emergence of the iCloud service, most users practically no longer need to connect their smartphone to a computer, since even a backup copy can be stored not in iTunes, but in the cloud.

      To set up a backup from iCloud, you need to completely clear your smartphone of content and settings. Therefore, if the second smartphone already contains any data, delete it.

  • Next, the system will require you to log in by entering your Apple ID information. After successfully signing in, select the copy you created earlier. The system will start the process of installing the backup to the device, the duration of which will depend on the amount of recorded information. But, as a rule, you have to wait no more than 20 minutes.
  • Transfer All Data from iPhone to iPhone

    So, you have two smartphones from Apple: one on which there is information, and the second on which it should be downloaded. In such a situation, it is rational to use the backup function, with which you can completely and completely transfer all data from one phone to another. But first, you need to create a backup. This can be done both through a computer using iTunes, and using the iCloud cloud storage.

    how to transfer files to iPhone using iTunes

    Further, the method of installing a backup will depend on whether you will install it through iTunes or through the iCloud cloud service.

    Transfer Files from iPhone to iPhone

    In the same case, if you need to copy not all data to another phone, but only certain files, for example, music, photos or documents, then restoring from a backup copy may not work for you. However, here you can find many other effective ways of exchanging data, each of which was previously covered in detail on the site.

    With each new version of iOS, the iPhone is improved, getting new interesting features. If in the future other convenient ways of transferring data from smartphone to smartphone appear, the article will be supplemented.

    iPhone 11 Pro: How to Backup and Transfer Data Over from Older iPhone via iTunes

    What is Quick Start in iOS

    Transferring data from iPhone to iPhone is made easy with Quick Start. The main purpose of the program is to transfer the necessary data from the old phone to the new one as quickly as possible.

    After that, it will be possible to restore basic information on the new device using the backup copy on the icloud. Interestingly, when using the “Quick Start” program, information is transferred wirelessly over the air.

    Important! Copying information involves both phones, so it is recommended that you choose the most appropriate time in advance.

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    How to transfer data to another iPhone via iCloud

    How to transfer information through iCloud has already been described many times. The most important thing to do is create a backup. Without this, further work is simply impossible.

    In fact, the transfer takes place automatically and does not need maintenance. The person will only need to start the recovery, and then activate the account.

    How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone

    Transferring music, as well as copying basic information, is carried out in several ways:

    • using iTunes. First, the tracks are transferred to the computer, and then to the new device;
    • pre-throw your favorite compositions into the cloud, and then pull them out of there;
    • use the iMusic program. In addition, a transfer cable and a PC are required. The music is saved in iMusic, and then it is dropped onto a new phone. In fact, the program has a functionality similar to iTunes, but is intended specifically for tracks.

    How to Transfer All Data from iPhone to iPhone

    Answering the question of how to transfer data from one iPhone to another, it is worth paying attention to which iOS devices are installed. If in both cases the firmware version is 12 and higher, then the transfer can be carried out without any problems. The user can copy information both wirelessly and using a cable.

    Important! It is recommended that you transfer files using a cable. So the speed will be much higher than with a wireless system. If, nevertheless, it is preferable to use the second transfer option, then the devices should be placed as close to each other as possible, having connected them to the Network in advance.

    It should be understood that wireless data transfer is done using the Quick Start feature. How exactly the whole procedure is performed from start to finish is described in the previous paragraph.

    To transfer data using a cable, the user will need a Lightning to USB3 adapter to connect the camera, as well as a Lightning USB cable. The adapter plugs into the new device, and the end of the cable is plugged into the old phone. The Lightning to USB3 adapter connects to the Lightning port of a 12W power supply. Next, transferring data via cable from iPhone to iPhone is as follows:

    • after connecting all the wires, the corresponding icon should appear, indicating that the phones are successfully connected;
    • as in the wireless case, you can independently determine what needs to be carried and what not.

    How to transfer all information from iPhone to computer

    Re-saying how to transfer data from phone to computer:

    • Connect the device via cable to PC.
    • Drop information into iTunes (or any other that were indicated above).
    • Rearrange the SIM card. Reset the settings of the old device.
    • Transfer data to a new smartphone by first connecting it to a PC. To do this, the screen is selected “Restore from a copy of iTunes“.
    • Select the desired copy in the program.
    • Wait until the end of the procedure.

    Note! Managing and transferring data using iTunes is quite simple, so most users do not have any problems with it. But where to get the information if difficulties nevertheless arise? There is a good instruction on how to use iTunes.

    Transferring backups

    Before activating a new iPhone, the manufacturer strongly recommends backing up your old device. This will include all files that are in memory, including contacts from the notebook.

    To make a backup, where contacts from the iPhone will go, you will need:

    • Open device settings.
    • Go to the “iCloud” section.
    • Move the slider “Contacts” to the right.
    • Click on “Backup”.
    • Activate the slider opposite the item of the same name and click on “Create a backup copy”.

    Within a couple of minutes, a backup will be created that can be used to restore data on a new iPhone.

    If you need to completely transfer the settings of the old device, then you should mark absolutely all items in the “iCloud” section.

    Now that the backup is ready, you can start thinking about how to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another. There is nothing complicated here, since the owner of a mobile device only needs to perform a few simple steps:

    • Open new iPhone settings.
    • In the “iCloud” section, log in using your Apple ID.
    • Mark the item “Contacts” as on the old device.

    In automatic mode, the download of the data of the previous iPhone, on which the contacts were stored, will begin. If, when creating a backup, the user checked not only the notebook, but also other parameters, then the process may be delayed. Only fast internet can speed it up.

    ICloud or Dropbox cloud

    Cloud services have become a part of the life of modern users. These virtual storages make it easy to share all kinds of files between devices. If, for example, you need to transfer a contact card, then you can do this through iCloud or Dropbox.

    How to transfer subscribers from a notebook using iCloud backup was described at the very beginning of the material. Therefore, now we will focus on an alternative method, in which we need:

    • Open a browser on an old device.
    • Go to
    • Download the full version of the site.
    • Log in with Apple ID.
    • Open the section with contacts.
    • Select the subscriber you are interested in or all at once and click “Export vCard”.
    • As soon as the file is uploaded, you will be prompted to open it in one of the cloud storages. In the list provided, you need to select Dropbox.

    The contact card will now appear on the Dropbox. To open a subscriber on a new device, you need to open DropBox on the iPhone you just bought and choose to import a vcf file.

    We use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

    Any iPhone supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, two of the most popular wireless connections. In a situation where you need to transfer several contacts from one smartphone to another, it is a sin not to use this option.

    To transfer a couple of subscribers from a notebook using this method, you will need:

    • Open “Contacts”.
    • Go to the section with the required subscriber.
    • Select the Share Contact option.
    • Click on “AirDrop”.
    • Select Bluetooth or Wi-Fi as your preferred transmission method.

    When exchanging in this way, do not forget to activate one or another wireless network on both devices. Otherwise, you won’t be able to transfer the contact.

    An entertaining life hack is provided for those who use instant messengers or, for example, do not know how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone via Gmail.

    In this case, when you click on “Share contact”, you need to select not AirDrop, but the messenger or mail icon.

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

    Every Apple iPhone owner updates the device sooner or later. The old models are being replaced by advanced devices, and the question of how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone via Bluetooth or in another way arises.

    Synchronization with Google account

    Despite the fact that the iPhone has nothing to do with Google, Google services allow you to set up synchronization, which will be useful for transferring contacts.

    To use this method, you need to log in to your Google account on both devices:

    • Open the phone settings menu.
    • Go to the section “Account and Passwords”.
    • Click the “Add Account” button.
    • Select Google from the proposed list.
    • Log in using your Google email address and password.
    • Mark contacts to sync.
    • Click the “Save” button.

    After the algorithm is executed step by step, all subscribers from the notebook will automatically be uploaded to Google’s servers. To restore contacts on a new iPhone, you will need to repeat the operation. That is, in the same way, log into your Google account and mark the synchronization of contacts.

    Transferring Data from iTunes

    It will not be superfluous for every Apple iPhone owner to learn how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes on a computer. This method can be considered as an alternative if others did not succeed in performing the operation. It is also suitable in the case when it is not very convenient to transfer contacts one by one or as part of a full backup.

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    First of all, you need to download iTunes to your PC. It is available for free download on the official Apple website. As soon as the application is downloaded and installed, you can transfer contacts:

    • Connect iPhone to PC using the supplied USB cable.
    • Open iTunes and go to the phone tab.
    • Select the item “Details” and check the box next to “Synchronize contacts with Windows Contacts”.
    • Click the Apply button.

    After such a simple manipulation, all the numbers from the notebook will be on the computer. Next, you need to transfer them to a new iPhone. To do this, you need to repeat the above algorithm. So, the data will be on both the PC and the purchased Apple iPhone.


    Quickly add all the contact cards you want (.vcf) to the iPhone Contacts app.

    iMazing and fast data transfer

    Easily transfer music, videos, photos, documents and files to iPhone or iPad. for free!

    Supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod models. Compatible with Mac and Windows. Latest version: 2.13.7. Last update: Apr 9, 2021 Latest version: 2.13.7. Last update: Apr 9, 2021 Latest version: 2.13.7. Last Updated: Apr 9, 2021


    Send music to your phone without syncing with iTunes. Audio files compatible with iOS can be copied both to the standard Music program and to third-party players, for example, VLC.


    Transfer entire file folders to your mobile device. GoodReader, Documents and other file managers are supported.

    Transfer any files to iPhone and iPad (free)

    IMazing’s new Quick Transfer feature makes it easier than ever to copy music, photos, movies, text documents and files from your Mac and PC to your iPhone or iPad. And it’s all completely free!


    Copy books in EPUB and PDF formats to Books on iPad. Well, for comics, you can use the free ComicFlow application.

    ICloud cloud service

    This method of importing phone numbers into the iPhone is perhaps the simplest of all the proposed ones, however, it is not without its drawbacks. Firstly, you will definitely need an Internet connection, and secondly, you cannot do without first importing contact information into iCloud. But, if such disadvantages are not so significant for you, you can safely proceed.

    • go to the settings of your device, find the iCloud item and put a tick in front of “Contacts”.
    • that’s, in fact, the whole process, now all contact information will be automatically transferred to the iPhone.


    To use this method, you need to install iTunes. To many, the utility seems completely inconvenient and incomprehensible, however, in this case, the program copes with the task without any intricate operations. It is worth noting that if the program has already been installed on your computer, pay attention to its version: we will consider 2 options for transferring the phone book using iTunes to version 11 and after it.

    Be sure to back up your data first, as there is a possibility that the phone numbers may not be fully transferred. This, of course, rarely happens, but you should still be careful.

    Can I make calls from my tablet? The answer is here.

    Transferring contact information using iTunes 11 and newer:

    • connect the device to the computer;
    • go to the program and select it from the top right;
    • select the information tab at the top;

    Transferring contact information using iTunes below version 11:

    • connect your phone to PC;
    • in the program, select your device in the left column;
    • after the choice is made, you will open a page of your device with a choice of items (Music, Video, and so on). You need to select the sub-item “Information”;
    • on the page that opens, find the “Synchronize contacts with” field and put a tick on it. It is worth noting that you will be able to choose between synchronization with Outlook, as well as with Windows Contacts;
    • click the “Apply” button, which is in the lower right corner, and wait for the end of the operation.


    Owners of brand new jailbreak phones have another way to transfer phone numbers using a computer. To do this, you will need to download a file manager convenient for you. For example, use the popular Itools.

    • first, connect the device to your computer and navigate to the var / mobile / Library / AdressBook folder.
    • now you just need to transfer all the files in the folder, which actually represent the phone book to your computer.
    • so, all your numbers saved on the computer can be transferred to any phone using the same program.

    Ways to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

    The most convenient methods of transferring phone book numbers are performed by means of a computer. The main and most popular method is the familiar iTunes program. It’s easy to use, but many people dislike it for being too confusing.

    You can also use the built-in Microsoft Outlook software, the utility is simple and straightforward to use even for a beginner. Recently, online methods of solving the problem, such as Yandex Move and Gmail, have become increasingly popular, and this is quite reasonable, because there is no need to download additional software: the operation is performed automatically and almost instantly.

    All lovers of Apple devices have long known that contacts in a device cannot be placed on a SIM card. Considering that the lineup of phones from this company is updated with new products almost every year, and users are eager to update their device, this drawback is significant. The famous company is not going to change anything in this system in the near future, but there is a way out of the situation.

    Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook

    One of the easiest ways to solve the problem is the familiar Microsoft Outlook program:

    • first, you will need to connect your phone to your computer and open iTunes;
    • then just select your device in the window that appears;
    • then you just need to find the button for synchronizing contact information with Outlook in the information section;

    Procedure for transferring contacts using a SIM card

    Quite often, after buying a new phone, the user, by inserting a SIM card, immediately tries to find numbers in the phone book.

    But experienced users should be aware that the system is not simple enough, therefore, in order to transfer phone numbers from the iPhone, you need to perform a few easy manipulations:

    • to get started, go to the settings on your device, and then go down to the very bottom, to the “mail, addresses, calendar” tab;
    • next, go to the tab and find “import SIM contacts”, that’s actually the whole process.

    The method is good, but there are still drawbacks:

      firstly, there is a limitation in the capacity of the SIM card. In other words, depending on the mobile operator, as well as the type of card, it contains from 150 to 300 entries. In our time, there is very little such capacity;

    IPhone Mover contact transfer software

    This method, although not very popular among consumers, is one of the most convenient. The advantages include the fact that you can transfer not only contact information, but also photos, and the utility is absolutely free.

    To get started, you need:

    • download from the Appstore a special application called “Mover”.
    • to transfer the phone book using this method, you should connect each smartphone to a single wireless network.
    • next, run the application on the device from which you want to transfer contacts, select everything that you plan to transfer.
    • then, open the utility on the second smartphone, at the same time an arrow will be displayed on the screen of the first, which will point to the new device.
    • now, just move all the selected contact information in the direction of the arrow, and they will be absolutely automatically transferred to the second device. So, you do not need to use a computer and all kinds of rather complicated programs, which will significantly reduce the time.
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