Transfer Samsung photo to memory card

How to transfer a photo to a memory card on an Android device?

In modern phones and tablets, excellent camera modules are used, which sometimes allow you to get professional images. However, along with the increase in the quality of the images themselves, the size of the photos also grows, which take up a lot of space. If the device runs out of free space, it should be freed up. This can be done, including with the help of a memory card, to which we will transfer photos and, accordingly, free up space on the device.

Moving photos from main memory to a memory card

In order to transfer images to a memory card, you will need the memory card itself installed in your smartphone or tablet, and a file manager.

After you insert the memory card into your smartphone, you can make sure that the device “sees” it. To do this, go to “Settings” and select the subsection “Memory” (or “Device maintenance”, as is the case with Samsung and One UI firmware).

Here find the item “SD memory card“. As you can see, our device recognized the card.

Now you need a file manager. You can use any application of your choice as a file manager, since the transfer process itself will be the same. If FM is already installed in your firmware, you can use it. If not, download using Google Play Store. We will use Samsung’s built-in file manager. “My Files”.

Select the files you want to move (press and hold the file, then select others, if there are several). At the bottom of the screen, click “Copy” or “Move”. ​​depending on what you need to do.

We go back one step and select the “USB flash drive” we added.

If you want to add files to the root of your memory card, just click “Move Here”.

You can create a folder by clicking on the three dots and choosing “New Folder” from the menu.

Open it and transfer files in the same way.

As you can see, nothing complicated. In this way, you can transfer other files to the memory card, except for applications, or you can transfer from the memory card to the main memory.

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How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S10 / S9 / S8 / S7 to Computer via Smart Switch

Smart Switch. is an app to help you transfer photos, settings, contacts, messages and other data from old Samsung phone to new one or from computer to Samsung device via USB cable or Wi-Fi. And how to transfer photos from Samsung S10 / S9 / S8 / S7 on PC? Smart Switch will help you with ease. However, when transferring photos from PC to phone, only Samsung phone can be used as the receiver, since it cannot transfer data to smartphones from other manufacturers.

Here’s a guide on how to use it:

Download and Install Samsung Smart Switch

You must download Smart Switch to your PC in advance. Run it and confirm the items by clicking Accept.

Connect Samsung to PC

Then, connect Samsung to your computer with a USB cable. At the same time, make sure your phone is unlocked. If this is your first time using the app, you will be prompted to allow it to access your phone.

Transfer operation in the application

Wait for completion

Finally, when the transfer process is complete, click “OK.” Your photos are now transferred from your Samsung device to your computer.

1.1 How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Computer with One Click or Selectively

If your cell phone. Samsung Galaxy S7, how to transfer photos from Samsung Galaxy S7 to computer with one click or selectively? Answer. Samsung Photos Transfer. Actually, it supports all versions of Samsung. Not only can this application help you transfer your images with one click, but you can also selectively send images when you need to, so translation is more convenient than before.

Steps to selectively transfer photos for you:

Download and install on your computer

First of all, download the correct version of the application to your computer. Once the download is complete, a popup will appear showing the installation.

Enter the “Android Assistant” module to access the Coolmuster Android Assistant.

Launch the app and connect your Samsung phone to PC

Then launch Samsung Photos Transfer and connect Samsung to PC with USB cable. Enable USB debugging on your smartphone as prompted.

The app will detect your device automatically and quickly. click “Allow” on your Samsung and the app will access the device.

Browse the content and select your photos

Then, when the software successfully accesses your phone, you can browse your files of your type in the interface as shown below, including photos.Click “Photos” on the left and then click “Phone Gallery”, your photos will appear on the right.

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Now you can select images by checking the small squares. After that, click the “Export” icon in the upper right corner to transfer photos from Samsung to PC.

Note: If you need to transfer all photos from Samsung to computer. you can transfer them using Samsung Photos Transfer with one click. Here is the method.

Tips: How to Transfer Photos from Android to Computer Quickly?

The tool you need. AnyDroid

To transfer photos from Samsung to USB stick, you can turn to AnyDroid, a professional and useful Android data management tool, for help. Don’t worry about cumbersome search for photo files in multiple folders, using AnyDroid, you can get the best solution for transferring photos from Samsung to USB stick with the following functions:

  • All your photos on Samsung will be categorized based on the original folder after AnyDroid is detected, you can quickly find the photos you want.
  • You can selectively transfer photos to a USB flash drive. On AnyDroid, you can preview the photos and select the ones you want to transfer.
  • Besides transferring photos from Samsung to USB stick, AnyDroid supports transferring photos from Android device to computer, from Android device to another and vice versa.
  • AnyDroid can manage all Android data like photos, contacts, music, ringtones, messages, movies, calendar and so on.
  • The absolute safety and security of your Android data is guaranteed. No data will be leaked or erased during file transfers.

Now download AnyDroid which is available for both Mac and PC and follow these steps to learn how to transfer photos from Samsung to flash drive.

Android data to another storage

To transfer photos from Android to USB flash drive, you can transfer photos from Android to computer first and then copy images to flash drive. However, most photo transfer tools can help you transfer only photos stored in camera roll, you can transfer all photos at once or find the images you want in different folders, which is time-consuming.

Transfer Photos from Android to USB Flash Drive

You definitely prefer the easy and fast way to transfer photos from Android to USB stick directly. Then AnyDroid. your best choice. It can help you easily transfer the necessary images from your Android phone / tablet to a USB flash drive. What is AnyDroid and how can you transfer photos with it? Keep reading to find out more.

How to upload a photo from a Samsung phone to a USB flash drive

The tool you need

AnyDroid. It is a versatile Android data management tool that can help you take complete control over the contents of your Android phone / tablet. It can help you transfer photos from Android to USB storage directly.

  • All photos are supported. It will list all the images from your Android device, no matter which photos were taken with your phone camera or downloaded from the browser.
  • Quick search for pictures. All images are grouped into different folders, making it easy to find the photos to transfer.
  • Ensure image quality. Copy original images instead of compressed ones.
  • High transmission speed. It is possible to transfer 1500 pictures in 3 minutes.

How about giving it a try? It supports all Android phones and Android tablets, works well on both PC and Mac computer. Download it now and follow the steps below to move photos from Android to flash drive.

How to Transfer Photos to Memory Card in Samsung Phone?

If you have collected a large number of saved photos in the smartphone’s memory, you can transfer them to a memory card (provided that the latter is supported by your touch device). How do I do this on Samsung? That’s how.

First of all, I would like to remind you that Samsung smartphones allow you to save captured images directly to a memory card. To do this, insert the memory card into the slot, the slot into the smartphone.

If you want to manually transfer images, use the file manager “My files”.

Select the images you want to copy or transfer by tapping and holding your finger for about a second. Then select “Move” or “Copy”. depending on the need.

Return to the main page of the manager “My files” and select “Memory card”.

Select a folder or transfer files to the root of the flash drive by clicking “Move here”.

How to Transfer Photos between Samsung and Computer with 5 New Ways

How to Transfer Files from Samsung to Samsung with Free App. SHAREit?

SHAREit. Free app on Google Play for transferring files between Android phones, as its name suggests. You can use it to transfer files from Samsung phone to another Samsung device. located nearby. To do this, you need to make sure the sending and receiving Samsung phones connect to the same Wi-Fi.

To transfer data from Samsung to Samsung, please follow the steps below.

  • Download SHAREit and run it on both Samsung phones.
  • On your original Samsung phone, click Submit.
  • Select the items you want to transfer, click “Send” again.
  • On the target Samsung phone, click Get to make it discoverable.
  • Go to the sending Samsung phone to select the receiving device to connect.
  • After that, the application will start transferring files.

Wi-Fi File Transfer. How to Transfer Samsung with Wi-Fi?

Part 2: How to Share Data between Samsung Galaxy Phones with Smart Switch?

Smart Switch. It is a free app to transfer data from Samsung phone to another Samsung Galaxy. In addition, this application allows you to transfer files from Android phones, iOS devices, Blackberry and Windows devices. It will automatically scan your Samsung phone and give you a list of data types, which will take some time until the size of the files on your phone.

According to Google, some of you may be wondering: Does Samsung Smart Switch transfer apps? Before showing you how to switch data to a new Samsung phone, let’s check the Samsung Smart Switch supported files:

Contacts, Call Logs, Messages, Apps, Pictures, Videos, Audio, Documents, Phone Settings, Home Screen and Documents.

If the supported files contain the data types you wanted, you can follow the guide to switch from old Samsung to new.

  • Download Smart Switch on Samsung sending and receiving devices.
  • Connect your Samsung to the receiving device via Wi-Fi.
  • Launch Smart Switch on both devices, click “Connect” on one of the devices to establish a connection.
  • When these two Samsung phones are connected, the app will scan the device and show you the file types.
  • On your old Samsung phone, select the items you want to transfer and click the Transfer button.
  • On the new Galaxy, allow receiving content from the sending device.
  • When you finish the process, click on “Finish”.
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(1) If you have a Galaxy S10 / S9 / S8 / S7 / Note 9 / Note 8, the app is installed on your Samsung. You just need to launch it from Settings. Otherwise, you can download the application from Google Play.

(2) Wifi connection requires Android 4.0 or above, and wired transmission requires Android 4.3 or above. When using a Wi-Fi connection, keep two Samsung devices within 50cm of each other.

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9

How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to iPhone Effectively ? 5 ways

Key Features of Samsung Data Transfer:

Android to Android File Transfer: Supports Contacts, Call Logs, Text Messages, Photos, Videos, Music, Documents and Apps.

Moving from Android to iOS: support for contacts and documents.

IOS to Android Data Transfer: Supports Contacts, Text Messages, Photos, Videos and Music.

IOS to iOS File Transfer: Supports contacts, calendars, notes, and more.

Strong Compatibility: Support Samsung Galaxy S10 / S9 / S8 / S7 / S6 / S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 / Note 8 / Note 7 / Note 6, Samsung Galaxy J8 / J7 / J6 / J5 / J4, Samsung Galaxy A9 / A8 / A7 / A5 etc.

It also works on LG, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Motorola, OPPO, Xiaomi, OnePlus and other brands of Android phones and tablets.

For iOS, supports iPhone, iPad and iPod.

transfer photos from Samsung to Samsung with one click

There are several solutions for transferring pictures from Samsung to Samsung. One of them is MobileTrans. Phone Transfer which will allow you to transfer all kinds of data from old to new smartphone with one click.

When transferring from Samsung to Samsung, it supports 11 different types of data such as photos, videos, audio, messages, contacts, call logs, notes, bookmarks, etc. The app supports 8000 different phone models, including all new and old Galaxy devices.

send photos from Samsung to Samsung via Bluetooth or WI-FI

If you only have a few photos to transfer, you can also use the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi features of your device, both built-in features in Samsung phones that allow you to transfer data wirelessly. Although Wi-Fi is faster than Bluetooth, both solutions work the same. Although, if you have a lot of photos to transfer, I would not recommend this method as it will be time consuming. To learn how to send photos from Samsung to Samsung wirelessly, follow these steps.

First, unlock both devices and go to Settings Bluetooth to enable this feature. Place them in close proximity, find nearby devices and pair them via Bluetooth.

Alternatively, you can also go to their Wi-Fi Settings and turn on the Wi-Fi Direct option as well. Find the target phone on the source device and establish a secure connection.

Fine! Once both devices are connected, go to the Photos or Gallery app on your old device. From here, simply select the photos you want to share and click on the Share icon.

Select Bluetooth or Wi-Fi directly from the options available here and transfer images from one Samsung device to another Samsung device. Receive incoming data on the target device to complete the process.

  • Extremely time consuming
  • Users have to manually select photos to transfer
  • It is not recommended to move all photos at once

MobileTrans. Telephone transfer

Transfer Photos from Samsung to Samsung

  • MobileTrans is extremely easy to use with an intuitive interface that requires no technical background.
  • It supports direct phone-to-phone data transfer for photos, videos, music, contacts, call logs, bookmarks, messages, notes and more.
  • Users can first select the type of data they want to move before starting the process. You won’t run into compatibility issues when using it.
  • It is compatible with 6000 different phone models and even supports cross-platform data transfer, for example, from iOS to Android (and vice versa).
  • The data quality will remain 100% unchanged and will not be stored anywhere in between.

To learn how to transfer photos from Samsung to Samsung with one click, follow these instructions.

Launch the MobileTrans app on your Mac or Windows and select the phone transfer option from home.

Connect your old and new Samsung phones to the system with working USB cables and let the app detect them. Make sure the target and source phones are marked correctly, or use the flip button to make the appropriate changes.

Now choose which data you want to move. If you want to transfer pictures from Samsung to Samsung, please enable the Photos section and click the Start button.

Sit back and wait a few minutes for the app to transfer photos from Samsung to Samsung. Once the process is complete, you will receive a notification and can safely remove both devices.

  • Solution for fast one-click data transfer, no additional work required.
  • Also supports cross-platform data transfer (e.g. from iOS to Android)
  • Supports all major data types
  • It needs to be installed on your computer.

There are so many ways to import photos from Samsung to PC, just choose the one that seems easy and practical for you to transfer photos from Samsung to PC, we not only offer ways to transfer photos from phone to PC, but you can also get tips from this article to transfer pictures from PC to Samsung device. If you run into any problems with your app or your devices during the transfer, write down the details of the problem you are experiencing. The more detailed the example is, the faster the problem will be resolved. Fortunately, leave your opinion in the comments.

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Mac? [4 easy ways in 2019]

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Samsung?

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How to Transfer Photos from LG Phone to Computer? [5 easy ways]

[Fast Transfer] How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Effectively?

How to transfer video between Samsung phone and computer [2 ways]

How to Transfer Photos between Motorola and Computer

How to take and transfer photos to a memory card on Android

By default, photos and videos on Android are captured and stored in the internal memory, which, if you have a Micro SD memory card, is not always rational, since the internal memory is almost always not enough. If necessary, you can make sure that the photos are taken directly to the memory card and transfer the existing files to it.

In this manual, in detail about setting up shooting to an SD card and transferring photos / videos to a memory card on Android phones. The first part of the guide is about how to do this on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the second is common for any Android device. Note: If you are a “very beginner” Android user, I highly recommend saving your photos and videos to the cloud or on your computer before you start.

How to Transfer Photos and Videos to MicroSD Card on Samsung Galaxy

At its core, the methods of transferring photos for Samsung Galaxy and other Android devices do not differ, but I decided to describe this method separately using only those tools that are already preinstalled on devices of this, one of the most common brands.

Take photos and videos to SD card

The first step (optional if you do not need it) is to configure the camera so that photos and videos are captured on a MicroSD memory card, this is very easy to do:

  • Open the Camera app.
  • Open the camera settings (gear icon).
  • In the camera settings, find the item “Storage location” and instead of “Device storage” select “SD card”.

After these steps, all (almost) new photos and videos will be saved to the DCIM folder on the memory card, the folder will be created the moment you take the first picture. Why “almost”: some videos and photos that require high recording speed (continuous shooting photos and 4k 60fps videos) will continue to be saved to the internal memory of the smartphone, but they can always be transferred to the SD card after shooting.

Note: when you first start the camera after connecting a memory card, you will automatically be prompted to save photos and videos to it.

Transferring captured photos and videos to a memory card

To transfer existing photos and videos to a memory card, you can use the built-in My Files application available on your Samsung or any other file manager. Let me show you a method for a built-in standard application:

  • Open the application “My files”, in it open “Device storage”.
  • Press and hold your finger on the DCIM folder until the folder is marked.
  • Click on the three points in the upper right and select “Move”.
  • Select “Memory Card“.

The folder will be moved and the data will be merged with the existing photos on the memory card (nothing will be erased, do not worry).

Taking and transferring photos / videos on other Android phones

Setting up shooting on a memory card on almost all Android phones and tablets is implemented in the same way, but at the same time, depending on the camera interface (and manufacturers, even on “pure” Android, usually put their “Camera” application) is slightly different.

Samsung Galaxy S7. Transfer pictures to SD memory card

The general point is to find a way to open the camera settings (menu, gear icon, swipe from one of the edges), and already there is an item for the parameters of the location for saving photos and videos. The screenshot for Samsung was presented above, and, for example, on the Moto X Play it looks like the screenshot below. Usually nothing complicated.

After setup, photos and videos start to be saved to the SD card in the same DCIM folder that was previously used in the internal memory.

To transfer existing materials to a memory card, you can use any file manager (see Best file managers for Android). For example, in free and X-Plore it will look like this:

  • In one of the panels we open the internal memory, in the other. the root of the SD card.
  • In the internal memory, press and hold the DCIM folder until the menu appears.
  • Select the menu item “Move”.
  • Move (by default it will move to the root of the memory card, which is what we need).

Perhaps, in some other file managers, the process of moving will be more understandable for novice users, but, in any case, everywhere it is a relatively simple procedure.

That’s all, if you still have questions or something doesn’t work out, ask in the comments, I’ll try to help.

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Perhaps the item is called in some other way by your phone manufacturer. Take a close look at the various camera settings, there is almost always something like this.