Tsc Label Printer Tdp 225 Print Setup

TSC TDP-225 Driver and more

In 1979, the Taiwanese industrial giant Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (TSC) opened a subsidiary to develop semiconductors. These electronic components were used in the assembly of household appliances, telecommunications equipment, cars and devices that make up the software and hardware architecture of national security systems. Since 1991, the division has begun its own development of printing devices.

The first line of thermal transfer barcode printers was released in 1992. In 2006, a large industrial complex was opened for the annual production of more than 200 thousand units of printing devices. In 2007 the branch was separated from the parent concern. It was registered as an independent organization under the name TSC Auto ID Technology Co. Headquartered in Taiwan.

TDP-225: download the driver

How to download native software for a thermal printer? Go to tscprinters.com portal. Pay attention to the language selection option in the upper right corner of the main page. By default, there is English (EN). Click on the checkmark next to this option. In the drop-down list select the last item: “RU. Russian”. This will take you to the Russian mirror of the manufacturer’s website.

At the top of the main page, under the search bar, you will see the site menu. Select Support & Downloads. To get access to the necessary files, you must precisely specify the parameters of the device in the corresponding search lines:

  • Click on the arrows of the first (leftmost) timeline. Select the “Desktop Printers” option from the drop-down list.
  • Click on the arrows in the right corner of the second row from the left. Select the “2” option from the drop-down list.
  • Click on the arrows in the right corner of the third row. In the drop-down list, select the series of the device. TDP-225.
  • Click on the arrows in the right corner of the fourth row. Select “TDP-225”.
  • Click the blue “Search” button to deal with the last field with parameters.

You can skip filling in the term of the electronic search form and enter the name of the device model in the field below it (at least 2 characters. for example, 225). Click on the blue “Search” button. In the list of results, select TDP-225 and Click on the active link next to its image.

A page with materials for this model of the device will open. Select the “Driver & Software” horizontal tab. To expand it, click the arrow in the right corner. In the table that opens, select the driver for the TDP-225 compatible with your operating system (hereinafter referred to as OS):

  • Linux 32 bit / 64 bit;
  • Mac OS 10.6. 10.13.3;
  • Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 bit / 64 bit)
  • Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 / 2012/2012 R2 / 2016.

Click the blue Download Information button located in the cell containing your OS version in the Element field. The file will be downloaded to the PC.

TSC TDP-225: driver

You can download the files you want, rather than switching to the Russian interface. To do this, click on the SupportDownloads item. it is located in the site menu under the top search bar. Use the electronic form in the Get the supported you need section. In turn, fill in all four fields of the search form by clicking on the arrows in the corners:

  • In the drop-down list of the first field, select Desktop Barcode Printers;
  • The second. 2 “wide;
  • Third. TDP-225 Series;
  • Fourth. TDP-225.
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Click on the blue Search button at the far right of the search form. You can also skip filling it out and enter the printer model in the field below the form. After clicking the Search button, the search results will be displayed. Select TDP-225 and click on the active link next to its image.

You will be taken to the Download section. To download the driver for the TSC TDP-225, select Driver Labeling software from the horizontal tabbed list. Expand it by clicking on the arrow in the right corner. In the Item column, select your OS version. Click on the blue Download button in the same cell of the table. System download the file to your PC.

Instructions for configuring label printers TSC TDP-225 and TSC TDP-244

Desktop label printers TSC TDP-225 and TSC TDP-244 from the well-known manufacturer TSC. High-quality and reliable desktop equipment that prints labels using direct thermal printing.

label, printer, print, setup

They are used in the retail trade: in supermarkets, shopping centers. They are also intended for work in warehouses, in storage facilities, in the provision of repair and sewing services. Also used in logistics centers and courier services for inventory, postal and transport companies and second business areas.

Description of the TSC TDP-225 label printer

The TSC TDP-225 desktop printer has a shockproof housing and easy access to consumables replacement due to the fully opening cover.

Other modifications of the TSC TDP-225 printer

Included Modifications SU SUT SUC U UT UC
Ethernet and LCD display

The label separator is designed to automatically peel off labels from the substrate, which increases productivity, especially when printing in large quantities. The cutter is intended for separating labels when applying information on continuous material (thermal cardboard, nylon tape with thermal coating, etc.). The Ethernet module is used to connect over the company’s local network. LCD display displays settings and actions performed by the printer.

The package includes:

  • A printer. 1 PC.
  • Windows. Compatible label software (CD with Windows drivers). 1 pc.
  • Quick Installation Guide. 1 pc.
  • Power cord. 1
  • Power supply with autoswitch. 1 PC.
  • USB interface cable. 1 piece.

Thermal print head TSC TDP-225 / 225W printhead 203dpi 98-0390005-00LF. Designed for printing text and graphic information (article, price, composition, shelf life, barcode, logo) on a self-adhesive thermal label and receipt tape.

The thermal head on the printing surface is a set of heating elements for heating the thermal label, due to which an image is created on it.

Print type: direct print. Damaged thermal head 98-0430006-00LF TSC TDP-244 (203dpi) cannot be restored and must be replaced with a new one.

TSC programmable keyboard 99-0230001-00LF works like a small portable computer, used for downloading and uploading files, connects to external devices, for example, to a scanner with a CCD matrix through the RS-232 port.

TSC Cutter TDP-225 / TDP-225W / TDP-324W 98-0390038-00LF. This is an additional option for the label printer, allows you to cut the ribbon during printing at the intervals specified by the user.

The TDP-225 98-0390031-00LF label dispenser is located on the front panel of the printer, consists of a separating metal strip, a system of Special rollers and a finished label sensor.

TOP thermo-labels have a double-sided and abrasion-resistant coating. The quality of the labels is preserved when exposed to moisture and light, and are used for long distance transportation and for storage in freezers. Service life. more than 1 year.

Description of the TSC TDP-244 label printer

TSC TDP-244 label printer. Economical option. Top panel folds out completely to allow easy access to the label compartment.

TDP-244 printer drivers are designed for Windows operating systems, including Windows 7 and Server 2003. Optional (additional) features: label stripper and cutter, external label holder.

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Contents of delivery

  • TTP244 label printer. 1 pc.
  • CD with drivers and software. 1 pc.
  • Quick Install Guide. 1 PC.
  • Power supply unit. 1 piece.
  • Power cable. 1 piece.
  • Sleeve for a roll with a label. 1 piece.
  • Label roll guides. 2 pcs.
  • Ribbon sleeve. 2 pcs.
  • Paper sleeve for winding used ink ribbon. 1 pc.

Thermal print head ТSC TDP-244 printhead 203dpi 98-0430006-00LF It is used for printing text (article, price, composition, shelf life, etc.) and graphics (barcode, logo) on a self-adhesive thermal label and receipt tape. The thermal head on the printing surface consists of many heating elements, which heat the thermal labels, due to which an image is created on it.

Print type: direct print. A damaged thermal head 98-0430006-00LF TSC TDP-244 (203dpi) cannot be repaired and must be replaced with a new one.

TSC Cutter TDP-244 / TDP-247 98-0260020-00LF. Optional printer equipment designed to cut the ribbon at user-defined intervals during printing.

TOP thermo labels with double-sided and abrasion-resistant coating. When exposed to moisture and light, they retain their quality, are used for transportation over long distances and storage in freezers. Service life. over 1 year.

Uncoated ECO thermal labels. The main advantage is the low price. Due to exposure to UV rays and moisture, information on ECO labels is quickly erased. It is used for labeling products, and not requiring long-term storage or transportation over long distances. Maximum service life. 6 months.

Features of printers

  • 1D and 2D barcode printing.
  • The body is made of impact-resistant double plastic.
  • Easy label replacement.
  • Print resolution 203 dpi.
  • Print speed. 127 mm / s.
  • Outside diameter of the label roll. 127 mm / sec. (When using an external holder, it reaches 214mm).
  • Sensors for paper presence and distance between labels, black mark (with adjustable position), open printheads.
  • Memory 4 Mb Flash (up to 4 Gb. There is a slot for microSD cards), 8 Mb SDRAM.
Comparison table of TSC TDP-225 and TSC TDP-244 printers

Characteristics ModelTSC TDP-225 TSC TDP-244
interface USB 2.0, RS232 Centronics, RS-232, USB 2.0
Print width 54 mm 108 mm
Print volume per day 3 thousand labels 4 thousand labels
dimensions 209 x 109 x 171 mm 240 x 200 x 164 mm
Weight 1.2 kg 1.9 kg

Safety rules. Installing printers

Place the printer on a flat, hard surface. Turn the power switch to OFF mode before installation. Connecting the printer to a computer or laptop. This is a connection between the computer and the printer using the supplied USB cable. One end of the power adapter cable connects to the power connector located on the back of the printer. The other end of the power cord plugs into a grounded power outlet.

DO NOT connect to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS or UPS), but only directly to a wall outlet, as the printer consumes a lot of power.

After connecting the printer to the computer, the drivers are installed, which are supplied on the disk included in the kit.

Install the driver disc to your computer. This will launch the installer. Installation is no different from installing other programs. After finishing the installation process, restart your computer.

Gap / Black Mark Sensor Calibration

Gap / black mark sensor calibration is performed in the following cases:

  • 1. Buying a new printer.
  • 2. Replacing the label roll.
  • 3. Printer initialization.

Follow the steps below to calibrate the gap / black mark sensor.

  • 1. Turn off the printer power.
  • 2. While holding down the button, turn off the printer.
  • 3. Release the button when the indicator starts flashing red (after 5 flashes it turns red).
  • Note.

  • 1. Perform sensor calibration. Using the Diagnostic Tool or utilities that run at power-on.
  • 2. Before calibrating the sensor, first select the type of gap or black mark sensor.

When calibrating the gap / black mark sensor, the printer detects the label size, prints an internal self-test configuration on the label, and enters dump mode. Gap or black mark sensor calibration depends on the sensor settings applied in the previous print job.

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After calibrating the gap / black mark sensor, the printer will print its configuration for self-test. Required to locate damaged heating element points, check printer configurations, and determine available memory.

Eliminating car goods faults

The most common printer problems are listed below. The light indicates there is a problem with the printer. Also here are the solutions.

Lack of food.

  • Turn on the printer.
  • The green power supply indicator should be on. Otherwise, the power supply is NOT OK.
  • Check the power cord connections to the power source and the printer power connector.

The printer has stopped working

  • Press the FEED button to continue printing.

No ribbon / label or printer is not configured correctly. Loading a roll of labels

Open the printer cover. Using the lever of the printer, the printing mechanism is opened. The roll from the label is put on the sleeve for the roll from the label, after which it is necessary to center the roll. Placed a roll of labels in the printer, pull the end of the tape from the label through the printing mechanism located between the guides and the rubber roller.

You need to center the tape off the label using the guides. To do this, the guides to the tape are moved from the label, while leaving a gap between the guides and the edges of the tape. After installing the label roll, close the printing mechanism.

Pass the paper, print side up, through the guides and media sensor, Place the leading edge of the labels on the platen roller. Close the top cover of the printer gently and make sure it is securely locked.

Error “Printer settings are correct”. Initialize the printer according to the instructions of the power-on utilities.

Printer initialization frees heap memory and allows you to set default settings. Follow these steps to initialize the printer: 1. Turn off the printer power. 2. Press and hold the FEED button. Turn on the printer power. 3. When the indicator flashes green (after 5 flashes of yellow), release the button.

Print quality

    Continuous label feeding

Incorrect printer setup. Need to perform initialization and gap / black mark calibration (see description above).

The product does not print on the label

Check that the label is properly inserted. The label roll in the printer should be positioned so that the labels are facing up. The position of the stopper must match the width of the label tape. If the upper edge of the label is incorrectly determined, it is necessary to perform the calibration, in which it is written above.

  • Refilling paper.
  • Poor print quality.
  • The top cover is not closed properly. Close the top cover tightly.

Clean the thermal print head. Cleaning the surface of the thermal head is possible with a cotton swab or a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Second cleaning method. A special cleaning pencil that removes dust, dirt, and ribbon residues from the printheads. Suitable for cleaning not only printheads, but also rubber shafts. Regular, correct cleaning of the thermal head prolongs its life and guarantees good print quality.

Adjust the print density setting. If the print is darker or lighter than expected, adjust the toner density. Press the “Menu” key. Then select the [Down arrow key] or [Up arrow key] key to select [Service], and then press the [OK] key. Select [Guide Quality], and then click [OK]. Press the [Down arrow key] or [Up arrow key] key to select [Image Density], and then press the [OK] key.