What Can Be Done With A 3d Pen

What plastic is needed for a 3D pen?

As we noted above, some pens only work with ABS plastic, but in the latest generations of 3D pens, as a rule, there is an opportunity to use any kind of plastic.

What Can Be Done With A 3d Pen

  • ABS plastic. Classic semi-matt colors. The products are durable and resistant to further processing. NOT afraid of moisture, can be washed, glued to each other.
  • PLA plastic. Products are distinguished by high gloss. Like a lollipop (PLA is usually made from organic syrups), but afraid of moisture, sticky when cured and brittle when solid.
  • UNID PRO plastic. Wide melting temperature range, therefore it is considered a universal plastic for all types of handles. A translucent crystal color is characteristic. Differs in high elasticity.
  • SBS GLASS plastic. Has a very high light transmission coefficient. 93%, perfectly imitates colored glass products. Products remain elastic and visually beautiful, pleasant to the touch.

These are just the main types, which account for 90% of plastic for 3D printing. There are also special plastics, each of which is unique in its own way and meets certain goals and requirements.

3D pen. What is it and for whom?

The modern world can hardly imagine itself without the use of 3D technologies. They accompany us everywhere. In cinemas, entertainment centers, on television. The 3D printing industry is no exception. The first 3D printer appeared a long time ago. Almost 30 years ago, and to this day, constantly improving, it serves people in medicine, jewelry, design and other areas of production, where it is required to accurately create a three-dimensional model or a copy of a certain part.

However, despite all the efforts of manufacturers of 3D printers, they still remain expensive enough devices to be massively used in everyday life. High-performance and multifunctional models can only be afforded by large organizations, and the SIMplest household printers in the price range from 20 to 30 thousand rubles are very limited both in print size and quality. And here it is just worth turning your attention to a 3D pen that uses the same printing technology as a printer.

The device and principle of operation of the 3D pen

The material for printing is a plastic cord with a diameter of 1.75 mm, which, with the help of a built-in motor, passes at a controlled speed inside the pen body and exits through a ceramic spout. A heating element is built into the spout, which melts the plastic. As a result, you seem to paint with liquid plastic and you can do it Not only on any surface but right in the air!

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SIMple 3D pen models do not have the ability to adjust the melting point and therefore can only work with one type of plastic. As a rule, it is ABS plastic, from which, by the way, are made, for example, LEGO construction set parts. functional 3D pens Equipped with a temperature controller and any kind of plastic can be used with them as a material, adjusting the desired temperature depending on the type of plastic.

With the development of production technologies, 3D pens become more and more compact, and the latest generation models can already work Not only from a 220V network, but also from a USB power source. Thus, the pen can be used anywhere. It is enough to connect it to a laptop or an external power bank.

Who is the 3D pen for??

First of all, the 3D pen will appeal to children of all ages, both as an original and fashionable gift, and as a device for the development of fine motor skills and spatial thinking.

With the help of a 3D pen, a child himself will be able to create his favorite cartoon characters, try himself in architecture and design, as well as make useful little things and gifts for parents and friends.

The 3D pen can also be used by adults. Creatives working in engineering, design and modeling. The pen can be used to create prototypes of any products and parts, and then entrust the finishing work to a 3D printer.

Operating principle.

The rubber band pushes the rod, which after heating comes out of the narrow spout, and the cooler cools the mass. In order for the glue to flow NOT permanently, you need to hold the gum with your finger in the direction in place.

Now you can check how the pen draws it. To do this, connect the cooler to a power source, which will be Krona.

3D Pen: Creative Lessons

2D templates flowers, patterns, butterflies, dragonflies

With the help of a 3D pen, you can draw 2D paintings that look creative and non-standard. It is desirable that the lines of the template picture have no breaks. We offer you several stencils: patterns, butterflies, flowers, dragonflies, etc. Nbsp

Drawing with YAYA 3D Pen

A lot of interesting objects can be drawn using the 3D pen. This shows a few examples of how to create volumetric drawings with the 3DYAYA pen. For example, a house, a computer model, and more. nbsp

Openwork umbrella. Drawing with a 3D pen

With the help of a 3D pen, you can make an openwork, miniature umbrella. To do this, you will need:

  • Cardboard;
  • Scissors;
  • Pencil;
  • Stencils or compasses for drawing circles;
  • Glue;
  • 3D pen. 1. Prepare materials; 2. Cut out a circle and make a base template out of it; 3. We start drawing from the spokes of the umbrella, making hooks at the end; 4. Then Fill the sectors of the umbrella with a pattern. nbsp
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    3D templates for drawing animals, cars, etc.

    An entertaining 3D pen from a glue gun with your own hands

    This tutorial shows you how to make a 3d handle from a glue gun by assembling it yourself. This requires a glue gun, a black rod, cable ties, a small cooler, crocodiles and a battery. First you need to disassemble the glue gun. There is a mechanism that pushes the rod, and there is a heating element inside the case. We only need a heating element, which we carefully remove from the case so that the wiring does not come off.

    We also remove the rubber band, if there is one on the tip. Now you need to flatten the nose of your glue gun a little. This can be done with pliers. Here you need to be very careful so as not to pinch the nose and so that He does not break. The narrowing of the spout is necessary so that a much smaller amount of glue is supplied from it, which is needed not to connect parts but to draw three-dimensional objects. Now you need to take the parts of the case and attach them to each other. Next, we saw off the handle to get a SIMilar tool suitable for drawing. The heating element now needs to be placed again inside the update of the case. To prevent the wires from coming off, it can be reinforced with hot melt glue. The 3d pen is almost ready, you can assemble it into the body.

    Now let’s take a cooler. Crocodiles must be attached to its wires. Crocodiles are used in this case in order not to use a soldering iron. It is advisable to use a soldering iron in the final design. This cooler must be attached to the handle itself with a clamp. To make the clamp hold better, you can make a cut.

    Now we need to attach the battery to the handle. It is convenient to secure the battery with a clamp. It remains only to make a system that will feed the rod. This system can be done with buttons and an elastic band. You can also fasten the elastic over the clamps. To prevent the elastic from traveling, it is advisable to reinforce it with a button. This is the 3d pen from the thermal gun.

    Penguin. Drawing lesson by volumetric template

    In this tutorial we will show you how to make a cute penguin. To create one, you will need a printed stencil, a 3D pen and scissors. 1. Print on a printer or draw a template for the figure; 2. Cut and glue the template carefully; 3.Use the 3D pen to outline in one color. nbsp

    DIY 3D pen from a glue gun

    And we advise you to start by watching the author’s

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    Consider the list of required materials:. glue gun. black rods. clamps. small cooler. crocodiles. rechargeable battery.

    First you need to disassemble the glue gun. In the middle of the glue gun there is a mechanism that pushes the rods and the heating element. We do not need the mechanism, so it can be removed from the gun. Then we carefully take out the heating element so as not to tear off the wires that go to it. If in your case there is an elastic band on the element, then it must also be removed. The nose of the glue gun itself is needed flatten slightly. This can be done with pliers, but you should be careful not to overdo it. If, as the author, it turns out that the spout is made of plastic, then after flattening it can be wrapped with tape, which is resistant to temperature. Thus, we reduced the space for the glue and at the exit it will be much thinner. Then we take the parts of the body of the glue gun and attach them to each other. The handle needs to be sawed off. The remaining part will be the basis for the future handle. The heating element must be put back inside the gun. So that the wire coming from the heating element does not accidentally break out, you can glue it. Putting the case back. You need to attach crocodiles to the wires coming from the cooler. According to the author, he uses crocodiles only so as not to mess with soldering, so if they are not available, you can easily use a soldering iron. The cooler must be attached to the handle itself with clamps. To make the clamp better adhere to the handle body, you can make a shallow cut. The cooler needs to be attached so that it blows towards the spout. Now you need to attach the rechargeable battery to the handle. It can also be secured with a clamp. It remains only to make a system that will feed the rods, because we removed the factory one at the beginning of the work. The system can be made using an elastic band, fastening it to the clamps and fixing it to the body with one button. A SIMple 3D pen is ready. It works according to the following principle. The cooler blows out the air, which immediately cools the glue and allows you to get three-dimensional structures. Become the author of the site, publishes your own articles, descriptions of homemade products with payment per text. details here.

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