What Format For Printing On Printer

How to print on A4 printer A3 format

Printers can print in portrait or landscape mode. In portrait mode, which is the default, the printer prints pages 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches high. In landscape mode, the page flips on its side. This mode can be useful if you are trying to transfer a spreadsheet or wide character to paper.

To switch to landscape mode before printing the document, open the Page Setup Dialog Box (File, Page Setup), then select the desired option (Portrait or Landscape), clicked one of the icons in the Orientation section.

Instructions for printing on an A4 printer in A3 format

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Many printers are set to Portrait mode by default. Switching this mode to landscape can be done in one of the two ways below.

  • Customize mode in page settings.
  • Configure mode in printer settings.

How to customize the mode in the page settings?

In programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer or others from which you can print, the layout of the sheet can be changed in the Page Setup tab.

Microsoft Office 2007 and later:

On the ribbon menu bar, click Layout or Page Layout. In the “Page Setup” tab, select “Orientation” and select “Landscape”.

Open Page Setup or Options after clicking Print and set the page layout to Landscape. After the change, you can see a preview to make sure that the landscape format is used.

How to adjust the format in the printer settings?

You can also change the Landscape and Portrait format in the printer settings. Enter the printer settings by following these steps.

  • Open the control panel and then the option “Devices and Printers”.
  • Find the printer in the window and right click on the icon with the mouse.
  • In the menu that appears, open “Settings” and look for “Orientation” in the settings menu.
  • Change the setting to Landscape to set the printer to landscape by default.

What programs can you use to simplify the task

If you are wondering how to print A3 sheet size on two A4 sheets, then apply some utilities such as PlaCard. This program is an excellent solution and was created specifically for pictures on several A4. Thanks to it, you are able to automatically decompose any picture into a certain number of divisions, each of which corresponds to the size of A4 paper.

This application for pictures on A4 leaves includes the ability to activate selective printing, save parts to separate graphic files. It allows you to print an image in just 3 clicks and create graphic files using the clipboard or a conventional scanner, if you have one. Also it is impossible not to tell about the inclusion of about thirty graphic formats in this utility.

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It should be noted that to answer the question of how to create an A3 poster on 2 A4 sheets, you can download and run an application such as Easy Poster Printer. It allows you to print posters of various sizes in a few Clicks using only standard office printing equipment. Thanks to this application, you can adjust the quality, position of the paper, make a graphic document larger or smaller, adjust the width of the layout line, and the like.

Another effective and easy-to-use application for various pictures and other graphic files is Posteriza. This program provides a specific text block, which makes it possible to type text. To remove this block, you just need to go to the Corresponding section, then delete everything that is not necessary and click on “Apply” in order for the new parameters to be applied.

All functions related to the regulation of the number of fragments and the size of the future poster are on the “Size” tab. Using one of the listed utilities, you can simply print any A3 file on A4 paper. Then you just need to take the finished sheets of paper and fasten them together.

What problems can you face

The main disadvantage is that it is impossible to immediately print an A3 format poster on a regular printer, since when gluing the sheets, some irregularities may appear, which can affect the image as a whole. But if you approach the connection process with special care, you can achieve a fairly good result.

How to print A3 format on A4 leaves

In the absence of a printer, which can print on A3 media, you can use the programs and print A3 on one, two or more A4 sheets.

Printing in MS Word

  • Required document opening in Word.
  • Go to the “File” tab.
  • From the proposed list, select the item “Print”.
  • Choose 1-sided printing, portrait orientation.
  • Choose A3 instead of the standard A4 format. If it is not in the list, click on “Other sizes” and manually create a custom format with parameters 29.7×42 cm.


  • File opens via Excel.
  • Go to the “View” section.
  • In the “Page Layout” tab, click on the A4 size. The screen will automatically be divided into A4 fragments.

Adobe Reader PDF

For printing PDF on several A4 letters, the “Poster” mode is used, which is selected in the print settings window. The picture is automatically divided into several fragments, which after printing can be combined into one picture.

To call the settings, press the CtrlP button combination or click on the printer icon on the toolbar.

  • Choose the right printing device.
  • In the block “Setting the size and processing.” click on the tab “Poster”.
  • Check the box next to “Break only large pages”.
  • Set orientation to “Portrait”.
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  • Open the required document.
  • Divide drawing A3 into 2 parts using two invisible frames, in the program they will be displayed as two visible screens.
  • Each frame expands by 1 cm to create an overlap for future gluing of the printed halves.


  • Run the file through Compass.
  • Opening preview mode.
  • Adjust the parameters of the picture so that it fits into two rectangles of the desired format.
  • Print the image on A4 paper.

Easy Poster Printer

In addition to the ability to print A3 on two A4, the program has the following advantages:

  • Easy to set up and control the print quality;
  • You can Scale the picture;
  • Marking lines are regulated;
  • Can print only the required fragment of the document;
  • Any actions with the picture are performed.


  • Run the application.
  • Opening the file.
  • Go to the “4.Size” tab.
  • Set the scale and parameters of the image. The terms “Width” and “Height” indicate the number of A4 sheets of which the poster will be composed. To print A3 on two A4, the width is set to 2, and the height is 1. If necessary, set a sufficient margin on the edges of the sheet in the “Margins” line and set the A4 paper parameters. Orientation. book.
  • You can change the default printer by clicking the Printer Settings button.
  • In the top horizontal menu click “Print”.
  • Check the specified settings and click “Ok”.

Placard program

The software is designed for printing large posters and posters split over several A4 pages. You can print fragments selectively, edit and change graphic formats, save parts of the image in separate graphic files. The program can easily download an image from the Internet or from a scanner.

Printing in A5 format on a printer

You have to print a wide variety of projects, which require either a huge paper web or a very small area. a label, for example. Accordingly, for each such job, an appropriate printing device is needed, allowing the setting for such a job.

Epson inkjet printer

A5 format

The size refers to the standard international. 148 210 mm. In pixels it is 420,595 at resolutions up to 74 ppi or 1,7482480 at resolutions up to 300 ppi.

The size is not very common: you can print leaflets, leaflets of the corresponding parameters, sheets for notebooks, notebooks, booklets, greeting cards and the like on an A5 format printer. Also, the method is used in the production of brochures or books with a small circulation.

Printer paper A5,

Paper for the A5 printer can be used in a variety of ways: matte, glossy, thick, thin, and so on. However, it should be borne in mind that for such work it is preferable to use ready-made paper of the required size, since cut A4 sheets during operation clog the device with paper dust, which leads to rapid wear of the device.

A5 printers

Any device will do to print a promotional item or a greeting card. However, there is a special requirement: it must be a color one, and the more color cartridges are present, the better. After all, such small images as postcards are usually multicolored and often contain artistic images.

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Epson Dot Matrix Printer

  • Matrix. in order to print even a small print run are rarely used. Rather, this option is for one-off production or very small projects. Matrix devices do NOT provide high image accuracy and are quite noisy. However, in principle, it is possible to work with letters both A4 and A6.
  • Inkjet prints great quality photos, not just images. In the simplest models there are 4 cartridges, in more advanced cartridges there can be 7, 9, and 11 In addition, the inkjet device is much more economical and allows you to work with paper of different quality. If you need to print a large number of copies, it is better to choose a device with a CISS. a continuous ink supply system. CISS allows you to refill cartridges literally during operation, which guarantees a continuous process. Many of the office models are also equipped with duplex printing.
  • Laser. the image on the sheet forms a laser beam, then toner. powder pigment is applied to the paper and baked at a temperature. This image is NOT afraid of water or sun rays. Laser devices are much more expensive, but they also allow printing a huge circulation in the shortest possible time. Two-way playback is also possible.
  • LED. printing on an A5 format printer of this kind is equally a pleasure. The device works silently. It even surpasses laser ones in speed and performance. The principle of operation is similar to the latter, only LED elements are used instead of a laser beam.

Printing in A5 format on a printer

In fact, there are no Special Apparatus for this size. To print A5 format on a printer, you need to make the following settings:

  • Enter the text that you want to print in the required format. To begin with, set the A4 size, since it is necessary that all pages of the document are of the same size;
  • Then the driver required for the Fine Print virtual printer is loaded. it takes over control when the document is sent to print;
  • Installed the driver, call the Dialog Box by executing the room “File”. “Print”. Preliminarily, in the dialog box, select Fine Print and indicate the job in A5;
  • Then, following the wizard’s recommendations, print the document. In the parameters of the document indicate “Booklet”, and click on the button “Print”.

After the text is printed on one side, there is a request to turn the sheet. If the unit has a two-way playback function, you just need to confirm.