What happens if you charge your iPhone with a non-original charger

Why you can’t charge your iPhone with a non-original charger?

In addition, a non-standard charger can be simply fatal to the user’s health, many accidents have already occurred in connection with the use of non-original chargers. There was a highly publicized case of a Chinese woman who was electrocuted when she tried to talk to someone on the phone while charging. Although it was not possible to reliably establish the source of the fatal current, Apple nevertheless apologized to the girl’s relatives.

We hope that fatal consequences can be avoided. It’s no secret that for a year of use, the battery in the iPhone does not charge as it is new. Other parts of the phone can also break and do much more damage. A British electronics service firm says there is a correlation between using non-standard chargers and breaking iPhone parts.

The British, noticed the overwhelming majority of iPhone owners who turned to them with complaints of premature deterioration or failure, used non-standard chargers.

The repair specialists turned out to be materialists and put forward a scientific theory: the standard charger regulates the voltage in such a way as to prevent surges in voltage and current, this is because the USB ports send pulses to the charger unit that control the supply voltage and current depending on the mains voltage and instant phone consumption.

Non-standard chargers cannot do this, because their manufacturers, apparently, did not understand the control signals of the controller. Therefore, abnormal charging allows voltage surges that can damage the phone’s parts.

Your phone is most likely damaged by abnormal charging, if: even after a long charge, the indicator shows a small value, the phone unexpectedly turns off, the phone does not want to turn on when charging.

Domestic service organizations recommend. always use non-original chargers, let qualified specialists work.

Why you can’t charge your iPhone with a non-original charger?

One of my acquaintances bought an iPhone 6S and went on a business trip, and of course, according to the laws of the genre, he forgot charging, I had to look for a new one in an unfamiliar city, and this is not Moscow, the ordeals ended in a nearby stall, or rather, he thought it was over, in fact, they were just beginning.

He came to the hotel, went to bed, and of course put the phone on charge beforehand, wakes up in the morning and honors a suspicious smell. Nevertheless, in the building, the silence of the fire sirens does not howl, he raises his head from the pillow, looking and his precious iPhone has already begun to smoke, and the wire has already turned black.

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Naturally, the phone did not turn on that day. And in general it did not turn on. After returning home, my friend turned to the service, there he was counted a tidy sum and told a lot of scary stories related to non-original iPhone chargers. My friend’s phone had the wrong charger, the bottom flex cable and Q2 assembly (USB PROT 5V), which protects the phone, was damaged, and the USB and charging controller was also destroyed.

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Repairing iPhones is not cheap, the microcircuits in this tricky device are soldered to lead-free solder due to the fight for the environment, but the solder becomes very fragile, if the microcircuit is not poured with epoxy solid as a stone, it will immediately fall off. Only very qualified craftsmen can remove the epoxy resin and dismantle the microcircuit.


If you lose the charger that came with the phone, it is easy and simple to replace it with a similar original charger in any communication salon. By the way, voltage drops are not regulated only by the cheapest Chinese crafts, in more expensive, although not original chargers, there is a similar function.

I would say it is not recommended to charge with abnormal charging. The fact is that the charging socket may be suitable, but the parameters set by the charger may be different. This is noted in the article. But the most dangerous thing, as it seems to me, is the amount of current, which the charger gives out. Excess current can ruin your device.

Charging in the car

What happens if the “iPhone” is charged with a non-original charger from a car power supply? The necessary adapter from 12 to 4 volts of the premium model costs about 1000 rubles, while the model of the Chinese manufacturer. about 400. A quality branded accessory assumes safe use of the adapter on the road. Using cheap fakes can lead to a fire in your car, not to mention damage to your phone.


Buying Chinese copies of adapters can be a waste of money. What are the risks and what will happen if you charge the “iPhone” with a non-original charger? Now let’s consider the possible problems:

  • The Chinese power adapter may not turn on in charging mode. The latest generation smartphones are configured to issue a message warning that “this cable or accessory is not certified” by the manufacturer.
  • Excessive heating of the storage battery and the body of the telephone during charging, leading to a reduction in the operating time and service life of the battery.
  • An unexpected failure of the battery with the further purchase of a new one (from an official representative and about 1000. a non-original copy).
  • Possible damage to microcircuits as a result of a short circuit, leading to the repair replacement of damaged modules, search for original spare parts for the phone and a professional specialist.
  • Possibility of burnout of the power controller, which is responsible for supplying energy to the smartphone battery. The device stops booting and will not turn on at all. Further chip replacement costs
  • Fire of the mobile tube or melting of the case will lead to the complete destruction of the iOs device.
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Now you know what will happen if you charge your iPhone with a non-original charger. Above we have considered possible problems.

Why you can not use non-original charging?

Why can’t I charge my iPhone with a non-original charger? Any professional in the repair of mobile devices will tell you the answer to the question. A mismatch in the charging current for a smartphone can have a detrimental effect on the battery and the device itself. iPhone independently regulates the current using the power controller, which ranges from 0.3 to 2 amperes (voltage 5 to 5.5 volts). If the indicators are exceeded, breakdowns of a different plan may occur. With insufficient values, the charging time increases many times, which also adversely affects the battery.

Poor manufacturing quality of a fake charger poses a serious threat to the owner of the gadget. These adapters do not pass the standard reliability and operational safety tests strictly controlled by the company. The presence of a certified sticker on the power supply indicates the authenticity of the product. Additional windings and insulation of individual parts provide additional protection against uncontrolled voltage surges that can damage your mobile device. The sophisticated design of the iPhone adapter board is designed to protect against electric shock.


The incorrect operation of the display sensor during charging is provoked by the appearance of low-potential static currents, which are regarded by the device as a working command. The impact on the fingerprint reader can result in the termination of the scanning device, which threatens to replace the entire motherboard, equivalent to purchasing a new device. Loss of information and contacts is a sad event.

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Uncertified adapters and cables can damage the chip, which controls not only battery charging, but sleep and USB functions, the malfunctioning of which causes a lot of problems. This is a sudden shutdown of the smartphone, problematic switching on and disruption of the charging indicator. The proximity of the chip to the processor “iPhone” can capture when the track of the adjacent board is closed. The original power supply unit, designed to recharge the battery of a mobile device, is able to extend the life of a fashionable device and save the life of its owner.

For safety reasons, do not leave your mobile device on charge overnight unattended if you are using an uncertified adapter. Avoid overheating the device in the hot sun in summer and hypothermia. in subzero temperatures. Touchscreen displays suffer from extreme temperature fluctuations. Taking better care of your device can significantly increase its lifespan. Economical consumption of battery power, protection of the case from mechanical damage and shock when dropped, disabling unnecessary services in the area of ​​weak signal reception will allow the battery to last longer.

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Charge and talk

Should I charge my iPhone with a non-original charger and talk on it at the same time? You can definitely answer that no! There are cases of fatal electric shock when talking on a phone connected to a non-original power supply. Could not withstand the load in the power grid due to a voltage drop, and the output turned out to be 220 volts (instead of the prescribed five).

What happens if you charge your iPhone with a non-original charger? Why you shouldn’t use non-original chargers?

Smartphone owners are faced with the issue of charging a mobile phone almost every day. The number of users of modern iPhone models has increased. The question of whether it is possible to charge the “iPhone” with non-original charging arises when the battery is unexpectedly discharged at a party, the original device is lost or damaged. Is there a difference between them and what is it? on this later.

Using non-original charging once

Is it possible to charge an “iPhone” with a non-original charger once in case of an abnormal situation? Perhaps, but you shouldn’t do it all the time. The risk of damage to the device increases significantly. Failed touch screens and “dying” batteries, including minor and major breakdowns of the phone, can spoil your mood for a long time and bring you at a crucial moment when you need to make an emergency call.

How to charge iPhone with non-original charger? Damage to the standard adapter forces you to charge the phone with another power supply. But it is impossible to abuse the constant recharging of inappropriate characteristics for the safety of the owner and his equipment. Original adapters, but from other smartphones, may not contain those charging controllers. They have a lightweight version of the board protection that does not meet the requirements of the iPhone, which can negatively affect the device’s operating time.

Charging options

In what cases it is possible to charge “iPhone” with non-original charging from such a device. Probably from the USB port of the computer, due to the fact that the power supply is guaranteed to deliver a voltage of 5 volts, without uncontrolled voltage jumps. It will also be safe to use laptops whose motherboards deliver 2 amperes, which corresponds to the standard official settings of a smartphone. IPad adapter matches iPhone specifications and can be used by the manufacturer.

The MFI mark indicates compliance with the manufacturer’s safety standards and regulations. Well-known smartphone companies are worried about their reputation and the quality of their products, so they approach the relevant safety standards with a reasonable decision. Temporary use of original power supplies from well-known manufacturers of gadgets with similar characteristics is quite acceptable.