What ink is suitable for Canon pixma printer

What ink is best for Epson, Canon, HP, Brother printers

The modern market is rich in numerous types of non-original inks that can be used to refill inkjet printer cartridges. Among the most popular are Moorim, JetPrint, InkTec, DCTec, Lomond, OCP, Ink-Mate, WWM, Bursten, Inksystem. By cost, they can be conditionally divided into several groups:

  • The most expensive ones are from OCP (made in Germany). A set of water or pigment ink in 100 ml containers will cost 1600-3000 rubles.
  • Inexpensive. Ink-Mate and InkTec (Korean), DCTec (Chinese). A set of containers 100 ml. on average from 600 to 900 rubles.
  • The most budgetary ones are WWM (Ukrainian), Pushkink (RF), Inkbank, Inksystem and others (Chinese). The kit costs from 400 rubles.

It is interesting that the most expensive paints with shut-off valves or CISS will cost less than original cartridges.

Colorants are made from numerous components. Each of them performs a specific function.

Inks from different manufacturers have differences in characteristics:

  • Purity. It should be understood as the amount of foreign matter, dust and other inclusions that affect the operating life of the device. Cleanliness deteriorates the next time you dispense.
  • The size of the coloring particles. It affects the degree of permeability of the dye through the nozzles of the print head. This parameter should be especially influenced by the owners of new printers, which are characterized by the minimum volume of drops. 1-1.5 picoliters.
  • Ink quality. It is determined by lightfastness, color saturation, optical density of the resulting images (they are also influenced by the quality of the paper). The color reproduction is correct and matches the color profile (ICC / ICM).
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Canon, pixma, printer

  • OCP. The quality of prints in terms of saturation and brightness of colors is close to the quality of those prints that are obtained using original cartridges. Very clean and provide a long service life for the devices. Highly priced but considered the best for HP and Canon thermal inkjet printers.
  • InkTec. Clean and high quality, allow you to achieve good color reproduction. For its price. a great option. Perhaps this is the best ink for Epson printers and MFPs. Available in packs of 1 and 20 liters, 20 and 100 ml.
  • Ink-Mate. Excellent Korean ink, similar in performance to InkTec. They are offered not only in standard bottling, but also in 70 ml (the most convenient for refilling CISS) and 250 ml. Some are packed in the Russian Federation, some in South Korea.
  • DCTec. Produced by the Chinese company Hongsam. Plus. they are produced in non-standard colors (orange, blue, green, red), due to which they are compatible with many plotters and photo printers HP, Canon imagePrograf, Epson. In terms of quality and price, they are on the same level as the two previous ink options. Recreates the Canon Lucia and Epson UltraChrome palette. Available on the market in 100 and 200 ml bottles, in 1 liter bottles.
  • PUSHKINK. Manufactured in Russia, offered at the most affordable price. Not as good as Asian and European inks in terms of color rendering, but prints color images well. Safe for printheads, which is their undoubted advantage. The company produces only water-soluble ink in 100 ml bottles.
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Such inexpensive Chinese and Ukrainian inks as Inksystem, WWM, JetPrint are best used on old or cheap printers. When choosing products, focus on the type of ink and its compatibility with the competitive printer model. As a rule, water is cheaper than pigment.

The conditions and location of the filling is an important factor in determining the quality of the ink. Some of them (for example, InkTec) are bottled in Russia from liter and 20-liter bottles into smaller containers (most often ordinary plastic ones). Because of this, there is no protective film under the lid of subsequently sold products, which can negatively affect the purity and quality of consumables. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase ink that was packaged in the conditions of the manufacturer. This ensures that they are only opened once and under sterile conditions.

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