What To Do If The Paper Is Jammed In The Printer

There is a paper jam in the printer, how to remove?

So, today we will analyze: If paper is jammed in the printer, how to remove it, and not damage the printing machine. What are the causes of paper jams. Precautions when removing paper from the machine.

There may be several problems. The most common clogging of the inside of the printer. These can be small parts of office supplies. in other words, office supplies. or clogging of small particles of the paper sheet itself. The second option often arises when using cheap low-grade paper that has been poorly processed. As a result, the paper can leave a lot of fine dust and debris that gets caught on the fuser or SIMilar narrow and stressed areas. As a result, the printer may start to “chew” (wrinkle) the paper or NOT print at all.

An incorrectly selected paper weight can also cause problems. Carefully read the characteristics of the printer, which indicates the types of paper products that it can use without consequences.

Paper is jammed in the printer, how to pull it out, removal methods

In fact, there are not so many ways to extract paper, but you should know a few nuances so as not to “break the wood”. in our case. a printing apparatus. A paper sheet can be in two places:

  • At the beginning of the print path. where you can see the end of the letter in the tray area and where the paper is loaded;
  • At the exit of the print path. here the letter is already visible from the top cover of the device.

The first thing to do is to unplug the printer.

In order to get the paper out of the device, you need to open the upper compartment (this compartment may be located differently on each model, but usually it is not difficult to find it): carefully inspect the cover and gently pull on the places indicated by the arrows. The compartment where the cartridge is located should open. Removing it. This is also not difficult to do. we just pull it out. Next, be careful, as there are fusers inside the printer, which can be hot after printing.

Paper is jammed at the entrance of the printer’s print path. what to do?

Before removing the letter, you need to release the pressure path. in laser printers this is a thermal oven, in inkjet printers these are sheet feed rollers. This is usually done by opening the back cover of the printer and lifting the levers of the printer mechanics, marked with some bright color (orange, green, or red). Next, we take the edges of the sheet with both hands and carefully pull the letter outward with slight tension. Try NOT to tear the letter, as it will be extremely difficult to get the pieces out or it will NOT work at all.

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If paper is jammed in the printer at the exit of the print path, it is not recommended to pull it towards you, because there is a high risk of SIMply tearing it. You should move your hands inside the device (from where we pulled out the cartridge) and, grabbed the letter by the sides with both hands, drag it down and towards you. The point is that the paper is difficult to pull out during printing and quite SIMply in the opposite direction. After removing the main body of the letter, you can pull up to remove the bottom edge of the sheet.

Once again: pay attention to hot parts inside the device, do not allow the letter to break into pieces.

If the paper does break, carefully try to remove it from the inside of the printer. If this fails and the product does not print or the paper jams again, you will have to contact the service department. And also. don’t forget to install the cartridge back into the printer! I hope now you know what to do if paper is jammed in the printer, how to remove it, and not harm your beloved machine.


The design of inkjet printers is designed in such a way that it will NOT be possible to access the rotating rollers immediately. they are securely covered with a cartridge. Disconnect the printer from the power supply before use. DO NOT disassemble the printer yourself if you are inexperienced and new to its internal mechanisms. This is especially true when the paper is NOT completely removed, and part of the letter is “chewed” by the device.

However, some manufacturers make it easier to operate their equipment. For example, HP has developed a special encoder strip sensor in inkjet models. It determines the position of the carriage at the start and finish of printing. If a paper jam occurs and printing stops, check if the sensor is okay. It may have become clogged or mechanically damaged, as a result of which the device cannot complete printing. To resume operation, wipe the encoder strip sensor with a cloth dampened with alcohol. It is better to remove the paper jam beforehand.

How to retrieve a stuck email

If a problem still occurs in the printer, and the precious pages are jammed, we offer step-by-step instructions for eliminating the trouble.

  • First you need to disconnect your printing device from the power source. You may need to open the internal structure of the appliance while removing the paper. for example, check the paper feed rollers. If the printer remains connected to the mains, there is a considerable risk of getting an electric shock, and it’s better not to joke with electricity.
  • Cancel all queued print jobs.
  • Some office equipment, such as Canon, Xerox 3010 and Laserjet 6L, after disconnecting from the power source, immediately feed the paper to the receiving tray. If this does not happen, try turning the device on and off again.
  • Often, printers have the functions described in the previous paragraph (for example, devices from HP). Then it is necessary to Flip the cover, which covers access to the inner parts of the printing device. Estimate how deep the letter is stuck.
  • If a significant part of the letter is located at the very beginning of the paper feed roller, then it is recommended to pull it out against the movement of the rotating rollers. Gently grip both edges of the sheet and slowly pull it out of the printer.
  • It happens that the paper is jammed already at the exit from the press. In this case, we will have to pull the letter in the direction of movement of the rollers. In laser printers, before this you need to get the cartridge, as it interferes with access to the pressing mechanism.
  • After you took out the paper, make sure that it has not been torn and that the piece of letter is not left inside. Reconnect the printing device to the power supply, inspect the on and readiness indicators. They are usually located on the front of the printer. If the light blinks red and the problem still persists, try removing and then reinstalling the cartridge.
  • If the paper is damaged during the removal process, you should carefully inspect the rotating rollers. To do this, carefully, slowly Disassemble the printer, took out the removable elements and the ink cartridge. Provide yourself with good lighting when inspecting the inside of the device. Find the rest of the paper and carefully grab the edge and pull it out. Do not forget to rotate the pressure roller.
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Jam reasons

So why is this failure occurring? There are actually many reasons why a letter of paper may remain in the printer. If you know in advance about possible problems with office equipment, most of them can be easily avoided.

  • Poor quality paper is perhaps one of the most common reasons. If you have purchased cheap paper, use old, previously used sheets, then be prepared for possible consequences. Poor quality products can be easily damaged and be eaten by printing equipment.
  • Damage to paper pages: edge mints, tears, folds very often lead to the fact that the transfer mechanism of the printing device chews them.
  • Excessive moisture in the paper. If the paper was stored improperly (in damp, in a room with high humidity), or you have spilled something on it before, be careful: the sheets may stick to each other and, as a result, build up.
  • On the contrary, excessive dryness of the paper. Due to static voltage, the sheets are easily electrified and begin to stick to each other.
  • Very thin or thick paper of the wrong standard, which requires a specific brand of printer. Before introducing the printer, Study the information on what sheet density it can accept.
  • Foreign objects inside. Sometimes the smallest office debris (paper clips, caps, staples, pencil lead, dust, etc.) can get into the inside of the equipment, this will also sooner or later lead to malfunctions.
  • Normal wear and tear of rotating rollers, their mechanical damage, and other violations of the rules for working with the printer.

How to clear a paper jam in the printer

You urgently need to print an important document, and an unpleasant message pops up on the screen: paper is jammed, or the indicator on the front of the printer flashes red, which notifies about an error in auto products. Instrument Pages jammed, an error occurred, and operation stopped. What to do if paper is jammed in the printer, how to pull it out neatly and without damage? We will try to understand this issue and find out how to fix the paper jam problem in the printer.

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Continue printing

If you manage to pull out the jammed letter, try turning on the printer again, making the so-called “reboot”. Most likely, the printer will continue printing from the moment the jam occurred. The page will be printed again and then the printing process will resume without any problems. Check again that all pages are printed.


The above instructions on how to pull out the paper are also relevant for laser printers. Everything is much SIMpler here: laser printers, unlike inkjet printers, do not have to be turned off and on again. Most importantly, do not pull the page out abruptly, or it may break. In modern models of laser printers (for example, Epson, Brother, etc.) The kit includes a detailed manual, which describes how to solve this problem for a specific model. You can also set the settings for the loaded paper.

Extraction nuances in different printers

Keep in mind that different types of printers have slightly different troubleshooting methods.

The basics of doing it right

How can you avoid these situations? You need to load paper correctly in the product.

  • Avoid printing soft, torn, low-quality paper or paper that has already been used.
  • Do not put too much or, conversely, too little paper.
  • DO NOT litter the fillings of the appliance with pages containing metal objects such as paper clips and staples.
  • Use sheets of the optimal thickness, size and quality for your printer model.
  • DO NOT load a stack that is too thick to print in the tray.
  • Fan the stack before loading paper to check for dents, tears, and foreign parts. It will also help to avoid the effect of “electrification” and magnetization.
  • Insert sheets straight, do not skew the tray.
  • If paper chewing occurs regularly, we advise you to take the device to a service center and find out the cause of the breakdown.

How to Load Paper in the Printer Correctly

What To Do If The Paper Is Jammed In The Printer

When paper jams in the printer, we feel uncomfortable. what if the failure that occurs will completely stop the printing device? In fact, everything is not so scary. now, for almost any printer model, you can find a detailed guide on what to do if damage occurs. You just have to carefully follow the attached instructions, follow the basic rules for working with office equipment and use paper of acceptable quality, and then nothing will interfere with your printing.