What Toner To Fill The HP Cartridge

Toner Samsung ML-2160, SCX-3400 Boost. Instructions for refilling the cartridge HP CF217 / 218A (17A / 18A)

This toner cartridge has a claimed yield of 1,400 pages and is used in the following printers:

HP LaserJet Pro M101 / M102 / M104 / Ultra M105 / M106 / MFP M130 / M132

Drum unit HP CF218A drum unit rated for 12,000 prints.

Structurally and by the method of assembly and disassembly, the HP CF218A cartridge is SIMilar to the HP СE310 and Samsung CLТ-504 color toner cartridges.

The HP 18A toner cartridge is disassembled by removing the side cover, with the cardan located on it. When removing it, it is recommended to be careful, after unscrewing and removing 2 screws, it is held by 2 latches, external and internal.

After the outer side panel with the gimbal is removed, the second inner Fixing side cover is removed, which SIMply breaks off at one point of connection with the cartridge body through a chemical quarrel.

To increase the service life of the magnetic shaft, or rather the polymer-coated magnet shell, it is recommended to clean it with a liquid for cleaning rubber surfaces, followed by wiping with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol.

Combination metal dispensing blade with polyurethane tip is also thoroughly cleaned with absolute isopropyl alcohol.

To refill this toner cartridge, we used STATIC CONTROL toner powder Universal for Samsung, toner consumption was Not more than 50 grams.

The quality is absolutely not inferior to the original. Since before refueling, a test list of the HP 18A cartridge of the first move was made, refueling with original powder from HP. After refilling the SCC Samsung Universal cartridge, a test print was also made, and the print quality after refilling was absolutely identical. The same luscious fill, the brightness of the text and the complete absence of any hint of background defects.


But, all of the above experiments were carried out in the early dawn of the new HP 17A and 18A toner cartridges. That was due at one time, a complete lack of alternatives. Further, the use of conditionally compatible toners for refueling led to an irreversible change in the external structure

Polymer coating of the magnetic roller, which in turn leads to quite significant printing defects, in the form of vertical gray-black stripes. Both along the edges and throughout the A4 sheet. Often, the defect manifested itself both after the second and after the first refueling.

The same defect occurred when using black toner for refilling, intended for printing with HP color laser cartridges.

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Now, with the advent of a new line of HP toner cartridges, high quality printing, with multiple refills, is ensured by the use of Special toners. Designed specifically for this line of printers.

What Toner To Fill The HP Cartridge

We have them represented by two manufacturers. Premium toner from STATIC CONTROL and budget toner from BOOST.

How to refill HP CE285A with toner?

Saving on toner is strictly prohibited. Not only do you risk losing print quality, but a dubious dye powder can significantly accelerate the wear of the internal elements of the cartridge.

Recommended manufacturers: Tomoegawa, SCC, Mitsubishi or Сolouring.

Detailed instructions for refueling HP 85A (CE285A)

The manual consists of two parts:

  • Disassembly followed by refilling HP CE285A with toner;
  • And assembly of the laser cartridge.

How to refill the HP 85A (CE285A) ink cartridge by hand? Step-by-step instructions for beginners without experience in servicing office equipment!

The HP 85A (CE285A) laser cartridge is incredibly popular in the domestic office equipment market. Because it’s compatible with a host of proven HP LaserJet PRO M and P series printers:

  • P1100ser / P1101 / P1102 / P1103 / P1104 / P1106 / P1108 / P1109;
  • M1130 MFP / M1132 MFP / M1136 MFP / M1137 MFP / M1210 MFP / M1212 MFP / M1213 / M1214 MFP / M1216 MFP / M1217 MFP.

In pursuit of savings, many users prefer to refill cartridges with their own hands, even without having the proper experience in servicing office equipment. HP CE285A is NOT an exception.

In order for you to keep your printer working, excluding unintentional breakdowns, use the instructions for beginners in strict coordination with a step-by-step aLGorithm of actions.

  • Tools and supplies
  • How to refill HP CE285A with toner?
  • Detailed instructions for refueling HP 85A (CE285A)
  • HP 85A disassembly
  • HP 85A Cartridge Assembly

Tools and supplies

  • 70-80 g quality toner [more];
  • Lint-free napkin;
  • Figured screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • Cleaner for inner parts of the cartridge (can be replaced with Mr. Muscle)
  • Vacuum cleaner with a toner filter, in its absence. a cellophane bag and a miniature brush for cleaning the mining hopper;
  • If the cartridge is refilled several times, then after 2-3 refills, it is recommended to replace the drum unit, otherwise your prints will turn out to be light.

HP 85A disassembly

Remove the side cover of the cartridge by unscrewing the figured bolts with a screwdriver or screwdriver.

On the side cover, charge the spring to its original position as shown in the image.

Open the protective shutter of the drum unit and Separate the body of the consumables in two.

Gently remove the drum unit. Remaining toner Rub over the entire length of the spare part to prevent the squeegee from turning out during printing.

Also carefully remove the corotron (charge shaft).

unscrew the screws on both sides to remove the squeegee.

Vacuum the waste ink tank with a vacuum cleaner with a toner filter or miniature brush and carefully empty the contents into an airtight plastic bag.

Put the squeegee back on. Reinsert the corotron after wiping it with a lint-free cloth with Mr. Muscle and waiting for the part to dry completely.

Install a photographic ram. If the cartridge is refilled more than three times, we recommend replacing it with a new one.

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High-quality compatible photoconductors can withstand about five refills, the original one. no more than three. This will be followed by a sharp decline in print quality.

The first part of the cartridge is ready, take the second.

unscrew the screw at the indicated location. Then remove the side cover.

Take out the rod of the magnetic shaft.

Remove the magnetic roller jacket by pushing it out in the direction of the arrow.

Peel the toner off the magnetic roller jacket and treat it with Mr. Muscle.

Clean out the toner hopper with a vacuum cleaner or brush.

shake the container with toner and pour 70-80 g into the hopper.

Assemble the other half of the cartridge in reverse order. And be sure to turn the magnetic shaft a couple of turns!

How to refill the HP 85A (CE285A) ink cartridge by hand? Step-by-step instructions for beginners without experience in servicing office equipment!

HP 85A Cartridge Assembly

Connect both halves of the cartridge.

Let’s align the springs.

Install the side cover and release the side spring from the drum shutter that was cocked in the second step of disassembly.

Tighten the screw from the side curtain.

After assembling the cartridge, be sure to turn the drum unit. Otherwise the squeegee may turn out.

If the drum unit is new, sprinkle it with toner.

This concludes the instructions for refilling the HP 85A (CE285A) cartridge. Check the printer is working!

Need an urgent refill of HP cartridges? MosToner service center. free visit of the master within the Moscow Ring Road 24/7!

Refueling HP Laser Printer

HP printers marked “laserjet” use laser printing technology. You can charge them at home according to the scheme below.

The filling principle is the same. The only difference is that you have to skip some stages, which greatly SIMplifies the work. In short, you need to divide the part of the cartridge with the hopper from the part with the unused toner. Next, remove the rotating elements: green (or blue) photo roll, magnetic drum and charge roller (corotron). Then unscrew the blade, empty the waste toner. Clean all structural elements with a clean, lint-free cloth. Pour powder paint into the desired compartment and assemble the entire structure in the reverse order.

First, provide the good. Below is a text aLGorithm.

  • We turn off the power with the button located on the case. Pulling the cable out of the socket.
  • Open the cover on the front or top of the case (depending on the printer).
  • Take the cartridge by the handle and pull it towards you, pull it out.
  • Remove the bolts holding the side cover.
  • Remove the plastic.
  • Remove the photo roll holding it by the outermost white gears.
  • Move the charge roller away from the wall with a flat screwdriver, remove it.
  • Divide the cartridge into two parts: compartment with waste and fresh powder. To do this, press on the metal pin from the inside with a screwdriver, and with external delight with small pliers. Remove the pins from both sides of the cartridge.
  • Remove the side spring and then hold the cartridge with both hands and separate the parts from each other.
  • From the waste bin Empty the used toner, dispose of it. First, remove the dosage blade from the container, while absorbing the spring and unscrewing the two bolts.
  • Blade Wipe with a clean cloth / rag. The brush is prohibited for use.
  • Back Assemble the hopper, screwed the blade into place.
  • Unscrew the plastic part on the part of the cartridge containing the unused powder. Remove the plug. Shake the can with powder well before refueling. Unscrew the cap of the toner container, screw on the special attachment (included in the kit or can be purchased separately). Add new toner.
  • Close the hole tightly with the protective plug.
  • Reassemble the cartridge in reverse order, put it in the printer, turn on the machine and try to print a probe.
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When you insert the photo roll, carefully check with your hands that it rotates easily. If the rotation is difficult, it is likely that some mistakes were made during assembly and something is preventing the drum from spinning normally.

See details in.

Required tools and materials

  • Means of protection. Rubber gloves are worn to protect the skin. Floor wear protective gown or just old clothes.
  • Old newspapers or paper. They cover the surface on which refueling will be carried out.

How to refill the HP inkjet cartridge

  • Read the instructions for the printer. The paper version is included. And on the manufacturer’s website you can download the electronic version. Review the carriage installation diagram for removing the cartridge before refueling.

Model-specific instructions.

What consumables are used

  • Ink. Liquid dye for inkjet printers. Has a water or pigment base. Pigmented pigments are of higher quality, are resistant to light, and do not fade, and are not afraid of water, the image is clearer.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP inkjet and laser printer yourself. When to refuel

In refillable cartridges (CZK)

Shut-off valves are purchased for both inkjet and laser printers, and can be refilled many times.

Inkjet color inkjet printers can be charged up to 10 times if they are properly used.

HP laser shut-off valves are almost eternal, but different details can riot salesmen. First of all, the photo roll breaks, then the magn. Shaft, metering blade (squeegee). To extend the life of the cartridge, it is necessary to clean the hopper with a waste at every refueling.

Print check

To check the quality of the filling done, you need to print a test page.

  • Go to “Start”.
  • Open “Devices and Printers”.
  • Select your printer from the list and right-click on it.
  • Select “Printer Properties”.
  • Click “Test Print”.

Also in the printer properties, you can go to “Maintenance” and select “Check nozzles” to print a sample. This checks the quality of the monochrome print. Relevant for Canon models.

To check color images, you must additionally use the set of test pages to check the brightness and color saturation. Test sheets are downloaded from the Internet.