Where is geolocation in iPhone

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Where in iPhone is geolocation in settings

Many iPhone applications require geolocation to be enabled during their operation. These are usually applications that provide information based on your location. For example, applications for navigation or monitoring local weather cannot do without properly configured geolocation. In addition, other applications need geolocation data. For example, with geolocation enabled, the camera can record the coordinates of the point where the picture was taken.

In this article, we’ll show you how to enable geolocation on iPhone. The article will be useful for owners of almost all iPhone models, including iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s and 7.

Remote activation of location service on iPhone

Remote activation of the positioning function is possible only on jailbroken devices, in other words, jailbroken devices that are not supported by the developers.

Starting geolocation from another device is implemented according to the following instructions:

  • Download from the Internet and install the Activator tweak from Cydia on your smartphone.
  • Launch the program and go to the settings.
  • Click on “Anywhere”. “Edit”.
    geolocation, iphone
  • From the list of options, select the item “Received message”, which allows you to create a new event New Event.
  • In the “Message” field, enter the text, when sent, a certain Activator action will take place, in this case. Location Services. It can be any code word, the main thing is that it does not appear in the user dictionary.
  • We leave the sender field empty so that you can get Activator to work from any phone.
  • Save the data and press the “Done” button to create an event.
  • Now you need to set the Activator to act on the created event. Go down and find the newly appeared message in the list of events.
  • Click on the item from the list containing the passphrase.
  • Now from the list of Activator actions, click on the switch to enable the function, and separately select the Location Services option to enable it.

What to do if geolocation is always on on iPhone

If the function works on an ongoing basis, it means that some application, without the knowledge of the owner of the device, is using data about the location of the device.

  • Go to “Settings”. “Privacy”. “Geolocation Services”.
  • In the list of applications using geodata, we identify the one opposite which is marked “Always”.
  • Change the access level to “Never” or “When using the program”.

How to Change Your GPS Location on iPhone (Works on all iOS Versions)

There can be several programs with permanent access to geodata. Review the list carefully before setting up.

Enabling smartphone settings

To enable recording of smartphone geodata, we will follow simple steps:

  • Go to iPhone Settings.
  • Go to the section “Confidentiality”. “Geolocation Services”.
  • We activate the location recognition function by moving the switch to the “On” position (the switch will turn green).
  • Scroll down the menu to the list of all applications that use smartphone geodata.

From now on, we proceed to configuring this service.

Geolocation settings

In the list, you can see programs with different levels of access to location information:

  • “Never”. the application does not receive any information about the location of the smartphone;
  • “While using the application”. the application uses location data only during its active work, and does not use information in the background;
  • “Always”. the application uses geolocation even in the sleep mode of the smartphone.

Many programs additionally request permission to use location data. By clicking on the “Allow” button, the user opens the software access to the information of the geolocation services. If the “Do not allow” option is selected, the program will not use the location without first asking and receiving a satisfactory answer.

Where are the downloads on the iPhone

Apple device users, especially those who switched to iOS not so long ago, are often confused about the functions of Apple’s operating system. In order to clarify this situation, today we will tell you where to find downloads on the iPhone. Thus, you will understand where the downloaded files are located, which means you can access them.

The instructions below apply to any smartphones from Apple. It can be iPhone 7, 8, 10, 11 and any other.

How to change the save location

If, for some reason, the folder used to download files is not suitable for you, and you do not know where to look for downloads on the iPhone, we can change the default directory. This is done like this:

  • First, we switch to the smartphone settings, after which we find Safari there. Go to the item marked in the screenshot below.
  • Here we can select the iCloud cloud, iPhone downloads folder, or another location. It is the last point that allows you to specify the folder that is convenient for you.

How to upload any file to iOS

In order to download any document to your smartphone running Apple’s operating system, the user will need to take a number of simple steps:

  • The first thing we will need to do is visit the site that contains the desired content. Then click on the link and hold it until a pop-up window appears. From the list, select the item to download the object.
  • As soon as the file is downloaded, we click on the download button located in the upper right corner of the screen. From the list that opens, select the loaded object.

Done. Our file has been downloaded and now we can proceed to work with it.

Another way to download any type of file to the iPhone is to use the messenger. Telegram is best suited for this purpose. You can send any file with your computer, and then just click on it in the correspondence on your smartphone.

Another window will open in which we can save the file by clicking on the item indicated in the screenshot below.

Then we will be asked to choose the directory into which the download should take place. We indicate one of the folders, and then in the upper right corner of the screen, click on the inscription “Save”.

Thus, we can transfer any file to our smartphone from a computer or with the help of another user.

How to download videos to iPhone

Now, moving closer to practice, let’s figure out how, for example, to download a video from the network to our apple device. In fact, there is nothing complicated here:

  • Having found some interesting content on the network, we click on the “Share” button. It looks the same on each site.
  • Further, from the options intended for the distribution of the material you like, we choose exactly copying the link.
  • Then we move on to a resource called 9XBUDDY. This is what we will use to download the video. First, paste the link copied to the clipboard into the field marked with a red frame. Then click on the button labeled “Download”.
  • Another page will appear, where you will see several options for the quality of the final file. We choose the resolution and size that suits us. After that, click on the button “Download now”.
  • As a result, the iPhone will warn you that the site needs to be granted access to downloads. We give the necessary powers by clicking on the button marked in the screenshot.
  • The video will be added to downloads and, depending on the size, will be downloaded sooner or later. In order to access the downloaded files on the iPhone, you must click on the icon with the image of a downward-pointing arrow. It is in the upper right corner.
  • A folder with downloads will open, in which you will find the files you just downloaded.

Well, we figured it out with the video. But what about a person who wants to download a different type of file to the iPhone? Let’s watch this question too.

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How to find your downloads folder

The first question that we will consider concerns the directory with the downloaded files. In order to understand where to view downloads in the iPhone, we need:

  • First, among the offers of the smartphone, we find a program called Files. Let’s go to her.

It is in this directory that the downloaded files are stored. Consider a few more related points that may also be of interest to you.

Questions and answers

Once you understand where your iPhone downloads are saved, our step-by-step guide can be completed. We hope you will not have any difficulties in the process of working with an apple device.

But before we finish, let us remind you: any site visitor can get an answer to his question by simply describing his problem in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will respond quickly and try to provide assistance to anyone who needs it.


How to turn location services on and off on iPhone and iPad

You can manage them, like any other function, in the device settings. Go to Settings. Privacy. Geolocation Services.

Here you can either turn them on or off completely. Plus, programs are displayed that use these services in their work, and it is possible to disable forced navigation for any particular application.

  • Never include.
  • Only when using the program.

Better to leave the second option. Then it turns out that the GPS seems to be always on, but it will be used only at the moment when the program itself needs it. Which has a positive effect on charging 🙂

By the way, if you just bought a device, then during the initial setup of the system, the option to activate geolocation is also available.

We have sorted out the basic concepts, and then we will talk a little about the questions that may arise in the process of using navigation. Let’s start with the most important feature that helped find more than one stolen or lost iPhone.

What is geolocation in iOS and why is it needed?

As you probably already understood, this term hides a more familiar word to us. navigation. It is she who is responsible for determining the exact location of your iPhone or iPad.

You can use navigation on absolutely all iOS devices, except for:

  • iPod Touch.
  • iPad (versions without SIM support).

It is on these gadgets that geolocation services do not work, for a simple reason. Apple does not install GPS receivers in them.

Why is it needed at all? Well, everything is clear here. there are a lot of programs (maps, navigation applications, weather, etc.), for the normal and correct operation of which, these services are simply necessary.

What to look out for when using:

  • As a rule, the device gets very hot.
  • The battery is consumed quickly enough.

As I already wrote, this is normal and there is no need to panic. Just pay attention to the icons displayed at the top of the screen, and if the geolocation icon is constantly on, then some application is constantly using it. It is better to close it or disable access to this program to GPS in a timely manner. How to do it…

How to search for iPhone by geolocation. via computer and mobile device

A great option to find your iPhone or iPad. In order to search for a device, two conditions must be met:

  • Active function “find iPhone” (how to find out whether it is enabled or not).
  • Working geolocation.

If these two conditions are met, then we start looking! It doesn’t matter where, from a computer or mobile, go to the iCloud website, and then indicate the Apple ID and password (the one that is set on the missing gadget).

Just click on the “find iPhone” button and after a while you will see on the maps the place where it is now.

Plus there will be an opportunity to perform some actions with it:

  • Play sound (convenient if you lost it at home).
  • Activate Lost Mode, then the device will be locked and in order to unlock and use it, you will need to enter your Apple ID and password (about this situation and how to solve it is written here).
  • Erase iPhone. Equivalent to a factory reset. Just delete all information from it.

Let’s move on to the most unpleasant, to the problems

Geolocation in iOS. all the most important about navigation on iPhone and iPad

Hello everyone! Geolocation services, today, are one of the key functions for absolutely any device. And Apple’s gadgets are no exception. No, of course, you can make calls, write SMS, take notes and go online without using them. However, there are many programs, applications and services in which, without determining the exact positioning, they go nowhere.

Take, for example, the same cards or the coolest (in my opinion) “Find iPhone” option (Lost Mode, Remote Lock, etc.). Agree that without finding the coordinates, it would be very difficult to use them (if at all possible). So geolocation is a very necessary thing. let’s find out more about it

What to do if geolocation does not work on iPhone?

It is mechanical failure, when the GPS module does not work, that is quite rare.

And here it is clear what to do. either use it without it, or replace it in a service center. However, problems can often be solved without resorting to the help of specialists.

  • It is necessary to understand where exactly navigation does not work. If only in one or several applications, then we look to see if services are enabled for these programs (we read how to do this at the beginning of the article).
  • If it does not accurately or poorly determine the location, check if the Internet is turned on via a SIM card or Wi-Fi. This data helps to position you better. Plus, the accuracy is influenced by terrain relief, buildings, buildings, clouds, etc. In general, everything that stands in the direct path between satellites and the iPhone.
  • Jelbreak, or rather the tweaks installed with it, can also cause navigation failures.
  • You can reset the network settings, and if it does not help, then perform a Hard Reset. Do not restore from a backup, but test the operation on a clean device.

If, when performing all these actions, there is no result, then we go to the service. there are no other options.

Location services on iPhone. What is it and how are they useful??

Geolocation in iPhone is an integral part of your device. They allow you to track your location all day long. It all depends on the settings, which have a rather flexible functional interface. One of the most striking examples is the search for the most convenient restaurant or cafe for you, the nearest taxi, car-sharing car, as well as an available hotel room.

Most of the services that determine the location of you and your iPhone in particular are easily configured through the standard settings. Apple for setting up geolocations on the iPhone highlights a whole menu item in which you can enable or disable items that use location data, including system services.

You must understand perfectly well. The more apps use your location data, the faster your iPhone’s battery will drain and deteriorate over time. That is why flexible configuration of geolocations in the iPhone is so important, which we will tell you about in more detail below.

How to enable location service on iPhone?

To answer this question, we need to find the location of the geolocations in the iPhone settings. Go to the “Settings” section. “Confidentiality” “Geolocation Services”.

You can customize each app to your liking. We advise you to understand in detail the services and applications or games that you use most often. Flexible customization can significantly save your iPhone‘s battery.

To enable the Coarse Location service for your iPhone, check the slider that was moved to the right. If tracking is working properly, the slider will be green, as shown in the screenshot.

For reference! It’s easy to enable geolocation on iPhone 6 or newer iPhone 7. Our instruction is universal and is based on the updated version of the software. iOS 11.

Geolocation on iPhone. Enabling, disabling and configuring tracking

Today we will look at how to enable geolocation on the iPhone 5s (for example) and related services that ensure the smooth operation of the device, as well as programs for collecting and processing confidential information.

To answer the question “Where to enable geolocation in the iPhone”, we will try to figure out what the meaning of this function is and to whom it will be useful.

Many of us do not know how to turn on the location finder service on the iPhone, nor do we know how to turn it off. This is not difficult. Read carefully the table of contents in the instructions and choose the most suitable solution to the problem.

How to set up geolocation on iPhone?

The needs of the applications that users install on their devices are different from others. That is why we cannot say for sure what you should enable or disable in the geo-location data settings. But, we will try to provide detailed information about system location data so that you can make the most informed decision when enabling or disabling various functions.

To set up geolocation on the iPhone, go to the “Geolocation Services” menu item, which you already know from the previous step of the instruction. Scroll down the list of suggested options. Go to “System Services”. It will also allow you to answer one of the popular questions: “Geolocation in the iPhone, where to find?”.

We advise you to leave enabled services such as: “Calibrate compass” and “Tracking”, “Find iPhone”, “Time zone” and “Find cellular network”.

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To determine the location of a person or iPhone, you should carefully prepare your geolocation settings. This is necessary so that no one else but you can change the GPS settings or completely disable the tracking services “Find iPhone”.

You should impose restrictions on the use of settings in the menu of your iPhone. Go to “Settings”. “Basic”. “Restrictions”. Enter the preset passcode. Scroll through the restriction settings to the “Privacy” section. “Geolocation Services”.

Why do you need geolocation

It is logical that it allows you to find your own location and navigate on the map, but for what else, is it used in mobile phones? Let’s start with some simple examples of how GPS enabled simplifies daily tasks. When checking the weather, a user from Chelyabinsk will not see the forecast for Moscow, because the device uses the Internet and geolocation to determine where the device is.

1 way

Go to the iOS settings, in the “Privacy” section. Select the item “Geolocation Services”.

Activate the slider opposite the phrase shown in the screenshot. Below is a list of products that have the option to include geolocation.

  • The program has constant access to the sensor.
  • Only during work.
  • Never.

When you select options, all actions will be automatically saved. Read about one of the best navigators in the CIS in the article: “2GIS for iPhone”

How to set up geolocation on iPhone

The GPS module in modern smartphones helps not only to quickly find your location on the map. It is integrated into a wide variety of applications, enhancing the user experience and simplifying day-to-day tasks. This article will show you how to set up geolocation on iPhone.

Function launch

There are two options for how to enable and configure location on iPhone. In the first option, the system settings of the iPhone will be required, in the second, activation for a specific application.

2 way

The program that requires access to GPS, when first turned on, will display a pop-up window asking for permission to turn on. By clicking on “Allow”, the program will gain access to the sensor and will use it as needed.

If a ban was set for the application, you need to turn to method 1 by displaying the necessary permissions in the list of programs.

Where is geolocation on iPhone and how to disable / enable it

On all iPhones (it doesn’t matter if it’s 4, 4s or 5), you can easily find this function in the settings, but everyone is too lazy to look for it and simply enter the search for the desired search query.

The whole process can be divided into the following steps:

  • go to Settings;
  • scroll down a little and look for the item Confidentiality;
  • now the very first item is Geolocation Services;
  • by changing the state of the slider, you can activate or deactivate geolocation.

If you want to find out in which applications geolocation is used and, if necessary, disable it, then just the sheets are even lower. It is here that there is a list of all applications.

After reading this article, you can safely tell your friends that it is very easy to turn on or, if necessary, turn off geolocation on your favorite iPhone. As you can see, everything is done in a couple of seconds.

How to turn off geolocation on iPhone: tips, tricks, instructions

Apple products are in great demand among the population. Special attention is paid to smartphones from this manufacturer. They are called iPhones. These are multifunctional phones that combine different gadgets. For example, using this device, you can create backup copies of data or track the location of a person.

Today we are going to figure out how to turn off geolocation on iPhone. What kind of service is this? What is it used for? How is it turned on and off? Even a novice user of an “apple” phone can give answers to all these questions. In reality, everything is much simpler than it seems.

How do I turn off geolocation? There are many different programs and applications released on the iPhone. All of them are improving the mobile device. The first step is to understand what kind of application we are talking about.

What is geolocation? This service is required to determine the location of a mobile phone. A kind of built-in GPS-navigator of the “apple” phone. Geolocation is used in various programs, for example, Google Maps or Weather. In addition, it allows you to easily use the “Where is iPhone?” Option. It shows the location of the mobile phone at the moment.

But how do you turn off geolocation on iPhone? This is not difficult to do. Even a novice user can bring the idea to life.

Important: Geolocation is turned on and off the same way on iPhone. Therefore, these operations will be considered jointly.

For security reasons, it is recommended not to abandon the use of geolocation. However, once a decision has been made, decisive action can be taken. The user can enable the mentioned option at any time.

It should be noted that the process of activating / deactivating the studied feature varies depending on the installed operating system on the mobile phone. Slightly, but there is still a difference.

First, let’s try to figure out how to turn off geolocation on iPhone 4. The process boils down to the following steps:

  • Switch on your mobile phone. You must wait until the operating system is fully loaded. If iPhone is already on, it is recommended that you close all active applications.
  • Go to the main menu of the smartphone. In it, visit the section “Settings”.
  • In the list that appears, click on the line labeled “Privacy”.
  • Click on “Geolocation Services”.
  • How do I turn off geolocation? A huge number of programs are released on the iPhone. Many of them use it. It is necessary to select an application from the list that appears, and then switch the switch to the “Off / On” state. To stop using the service in all programs, you need to switch the slider to the appropriate state in the line “Geolocation services”.

Now it’s clear how to turn off geolocation on iPhone. It turns on, as it is not difficult to guess, in a similar way.

But this is only one of the options for the development of events. Some people are wondering how to turn off geolocation on iPhone 5s. What needs to be done to bring the idea to life?

It is noted that the algorithm of actions in this case is no different from the recommendations already proposed. It all comes down to the fact that a person must:

  • Switch on the mobile phone and go to its main menu.
  • Open “Settings”. “Privacy”.
  • Select the “Geolocation Services” section and move the slider to the desired position. Confirm your actions.

All manipulations do not require the installation of third-party applications. Conveniently, everyone is able to use geolocation the way they want.

Now it is clear how to disable geolocation. On iPhone 6, the actions will be slightly different, but not significantly. Which algorithm is suitable under these circumstances?

“How to turn off geolocation on iPhone” (Social Media Safety) by @SafeSmartSocial

Turning geolocation on and off goes something like this:

  • Turn on the “apple” gadget. Wait until the device’s operating system is fully loaded.
  • Open the main menu of the smartphone, go to “Settings”.
  • Click on the line “Privacy”. In it, open “Geolocation Services”.
  • Adjust switch position.

From now on, it is clear how to disable geolocation. There are many applications released on the iPhone that use this service. In the specified settings menu, you can easily adjust the activation of the service by this or that application.

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How to allow information about your location

As soon as this or that application wants to ask you for geolocation on the iPhone, a notification about your consent will appear on the smartphone screen. A drop-down window will provide information about which program needs permission to use the data and how it will use it.

In some cases, the program can only issue a request when it is used, that is, when it is in an active or background mode. But also do not forget that when you restart your phone, a program that uses geolocation can start automatically and is in the background using geodata. To check which mode the geolocation is in, inspect the phone’s status bar for the appropriate marker.

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Any other programs, once requesting access, use it constantly, but when you download a new one, iOS reminds you of which programs are already using it.

Geolocation services

How to enable geolocation on iPhone 4? In order to configure geolocation, check whether it is enabled or disabled, you need to go to the “Settings” menu and select the “Confidentiality” item, and in it the “Geolocation Services” window. General disabling of geolocation will allow you to disable this ability for all programs at the same time. But if you need to configure each separately or leave only one, then use the settings. Do not forget that if geolocation does not work, the general disabling of this service entails a limitation of the possibility and the impossibility of enabling applications on your smartphone.


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Why geolocation does not appear on Instagram from

If Instagram does not see geolocation, check that the profiles of the messengers in question are linked:

  • tap the gear icon in the photo hosting window;
  • click “Settings” at the bottom;
  • select the “Account” item from the configuration list;
  • tap the line “Linked accounts”;
  • enable sync.

When you make the correct pairing, a picture similar to the illustration below will appear.

How to add geolocation to Instagram if this place cannot be found

Faced with interruptions in the automatic identification of Instagram? An application may not find geolocation for various reasons, but finding a solution is not always considered the best option. The page owner is free to add a point to the publication with his own hand:

  • start creating a record and get to the last stage, where the button for placing a position is located. tap the corresponding inscription;
  • type a specific address and select an item from the drop-down list;
  • click “Share”.

A similar algorithm is valid for adding position to stories:

  • initiate the design of the Storey;
  • tap the square emoticon icon;
  • click the “Location” icon (“Geodata”). an interface for choosing a location will appear;
  • type the name of the point and specify the option from the drop-down list;
  • click on the inscription “Recipient”;
  • check “Share” under “Your story”;
  • tap “Done”.

Finally, you can add an address to a previously published photo. Click the three dots on the picture, tap Edit, and then select Add Location. After placing the mark, click the checkmark to save your edits.

Geolocation does not work on Instagram: the main ways to solve the problem

Geolocation not working on Instagram? Five years ago, the developers of the social network erased the corresponding service from the arsenal of tools. It is not for us to judge the motivation for such an act. Let’s figure out how to restore the functionality of finding tags, but now with the support of

However, there are situations when the hardware part of the device becomes the fault of the problems. Either an incorrect base configuration has been set. One way or another, in the current article we will discuss various ways of establishing the normal work of determining the place.

Offhand, a few features from user experience accompanying the module setup:

  • cannot rely on process automation. Sometimes it is faster to manually set a location than to think why the system refuses to recognize it;
  • Android gadgets are more prone to fiasco in determining the position, in contrast to “apple” products. But before we blame the manufacturers, let’s figure out how solvable the problem is.

Why geolocation is not marked

Is Instagram not looking for a location or tagging it? The difference between the two should be understood. In the first case, troubles with hardware filling or an Internet connection are most likely. But if the label disappears, then follow the conditions:

  • installation of both official clients on the phone;
  • the same information on Instagram and;
  • conjugation of the corresponding profiles;
  • ensuring decent performance, otherwise you will not be able to realize the capabilities of the Foursquare program.

Another solution that comes to the rescue when the place is not marked or not displayed involves making primitive maneuvers. The latter are aimed at compensating for the Instagram glitch:

  • start creating a new publication;
  • filter the picture;
  • write the text for the post;
  • tap “Pick a location” at the top left of the frame;
  • after the performed manipulations, the stack of positions will go through the update stage.

What to do if Instagram does not see geolocation

Let’s start examining the reasons for the inactivity of the application function. So, when Instagram doesn’t see geolocation:

  • restart the phone to detect troubles in the work of the hardware and restart the components responsible for achieving the goal;
  • re-install the official photo hosting client, possibly returning to the previous version;
  • Ensure that your Internet connection is working properly, as communication determines the reliability and speed of geotag detection. Helps Connect from a mobile operator as opposed to Wi-Fi;
  • kill the Instagram loading process in the RAM of your smartphone, and then start the program from scratch;
  • check the activity of the GPS module of the mobile device:
  • if you are using an Android-based gadget, in the configuration select “Connections”. “Geodata”. Activate the slider and allow the software to access the location;
  • The instruction to enable satellite tracking on iPhone involves pressing the “Privacy” button, and then. “Location Services”. Similarly, use the top switch and grant access to the utilities.

How to point out a non-listed Instagram location

After the incident of a complex of preparatory measures, it is time to place geolocation on the open spaces of. and then. Insta:

  • run the official FB client;
  • mark the inscription “What’s new with you?”;
  • click the “Photo / Video” command;
  • find the photo you intend to download;
  • select the red icon in the lower right corner of the display;
  • tap the phrase “Mark visit”;
  • type the name of the address;
  • as you specify the position, a drop-down list will be displayed, from which select a specific option;
  • otherwise, tap “Add a new location” if the program cannot find the tag for the given request;
  • define the category of the image;
  • if Instagram does not find geolocation, tap the inscription “I am here right now” (a group of recommended points);
  • activate the checkbox shown in the picture and click “Create”;
  • check “Publish”;
  • tap the button for placing a position in the editing window of an Insta post;
  • enter a name and select a visible label from the drop-down list;
  • click “Share”.

Telecom operator services (MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele2, etc.)

Almost every mobile operator in Russia has a geolocation service with the same operating principle. The “Big Three” operators call this kind of service “Locator” and is provided on a paid basis. The service is implemented on the LDСS platform using the CELL ID determination method. You can connect it using USSD requests, through the voice menu of service numbers, operator, as well as in the customer service center. At the same time, this can be done both with the consent of the owner of the phone, as well as de facto and without him: it is enough to pick up the subscriber’s mobile phone for a few minutes. Information about the current location of the subscriber can be received on your mobile phone in the form of SMS or graphically, with cards with markers, but this requires installing a special application downloaded from the operator’s website (“Locator” from Beeline, “Navigator” from Megafon, etc.). etc.).

Connection of the “Locator” service from Beeline To activate the service, you just need to send an empty SMS to 5166. And download the Locator app (works only on Android). The cost of the service is 3 rubles per day. You can track up to 5 numbers, and even other operators (MTS and Megafon).

Connection of the “Navigator” service at Megafon It is enough to send from the desired mobile USSD request 140 # or on the website m.navigator.megafon.ru. You can see where the object you are looking for is located on the same website. Or using the USSD request 1407XXXXXXXXXX # (where 7XXXXXXXXXX is the phone number of the desired subscriber). The cost of the service is 3 rubles per day. You can also track subscribers of other networks (MTS)

Activating the Locator service from MTS The service is activated by USSD-request 111788 #. To add monitored subscribers, you need to send an SMS to the short number 6677, for example: “ADD Wife 89167654321”. per month. You can also track Megafon subscribers.

Connection of the “Geopoisk” service from Tele2 The service is activated by USSD-request 11901 #. Dial 11917xxxxxxxxxx # to enable tracking. For information on where the phone is. dial 11927xxxxxxxxxx #. per month. Doesn’t work in all regions.

It is important to understand:

  • Coordinates can be issued with an error of 100-250 meters in the city center to 1 kilometer on the outskirts.
  • If a person has a switched off mobile, then it will not work to determine his location using the service.
  • This method works only if the subscriber you want to find is in Russia.
  • Coordinates can be determined no more often than every 4-5 minutes. Those. it will be difficult to keep track of a moving object.
  • Determining the location of subscribers is available only with their permission (you need to access the phone to confirm the activation of the service).

Determining the location of a person by a mobile phone number (geolocation)