Where is music saved on Samsung

Where are Downloads in Samsung

In order to find the files that have been downloaded from the Internet, you will need the phone’s file manager. On the home screen, find an app called “My Files” and run.

Here will be the main sections of the smartphone’s memory. And also the system partition with different folders. In the main window with file categories, select the “Downloads” icon. This is the folder where the downloaded data is stored. This is a system folder that cannot be gotten rid of. Even if you try to delete it, after a while the system will create the folder again.

By default, the built-in browser, as well as any additional download programs, will save all files downloaded from the network to it. The Downloads folder in Samsung smartphones serves only for this task.

But if the files got into the phone in another way (via Bluetooth, via a cable via a computer, etc.), then the files may be located in a different place. For example, you could manually move them to a memory card. In this case, you need to search in this section. The mobile phone can independently decide where to download files of a certain type.

If the system has determined that the file is an installation package with the extension APK, then it will automatically sort it into a folder with the name “APK installation files”. If it is a video, then the file will go to the folder with this name. In the main menu of the file manager, template folders are created for faster file search. In fact, despite the file type, their location may vary.

Samsung smartphone system memory

As I said, files can be located in different system folders while they are all accessible from Images or Videos. This approach of Samsung’s software shell offers quick navigation through the smartphone’s explorer. But if you want to search for files yourself, then select “System Memory”.

A standard explorer view of the Android system found in most modern smartphones will now be available. DCIM folder is a container for images, photos and videos.

The “Download” folder will contain files that are downloaded from the Internet. Most of the folders with the names of installed applications store their files, mostly the software cache. System folders can be found here.

All music will be included in “Music” if received via Bluetooth or transferred from PC.

Notifications stores ringtones for notifications and SMS. Some downloaded files are sometimes placed not in the Download folder, but in the general list of folders. Thus, you can find them below all the visible folders on the screen.

Where to Find Downloads on Samsung Phone

From time to time we download different files to our smartphone. It can be music, films, archives, photos and videos. And all this is stored in the phone’s memory. Samsung mobile device owners will be told where to find the downloaded files.

What is a file manager and where to find “Downloads”?

First, you need to clarify what a file manager is and where the Downloads folder is on your Samsung. It is easier to understand what this application is for those who are more familiar with computer systems. For example, Windows has a fairly old and popular Total Commander.

In this program, it is easier to copy files and folders from one local drive to another. Samsung mobile devices have a built-in application so that users can access files on their phone.

The latest Samsung smartphones call this program “My Files”. The icon for starting the manager can be found on the main screen (desktop). If you run it, a window with several folders will open. As well as the main sections. System memory, memory card.

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System memory is the main place where applications are installed, files are transferred from other devices, if the default settings have not been changed by the user.

The memory card serves as an additional means of storing data on the phone. It is sometimes needed when the system memory runs out. In the settings, you can change the path where files will be downloaded and applications installed.

How to change the download folder

The device must have a folder where downloaded files are saved by default. And if you do not change any parameters, then they will accumulate in the “Downloads” or in the system folder “Download”. The user can configure the smartphone himself and specify where to download certain files. This is done through the browser you use on your mobile device.

You need to open the browser settings, find the section with downloads and select the path to save the data. In this case, you can create your own folders through the file manager. This function can also be selected from the application menu. Folders can be assigned any names in Russian and English.

Cart in the gallery

  • Enter the gallery.
  • Click on the three dots located in the upper right corner of the window.
  • In the submenu that appears, click on the line “Cart”.

Then a window appears with a list of files and a warning that the information is saved in the basket for 15 days, after which it is automatically erased from the phone’s memory forever. But during this period there is still an opportunity for its restoration.

Note! After successful extraction from the basket, the corresponding message “Image restored” will appear.

To restore the data or delete it permanently, you need to click on the file of interest. After that, you will be prompted to make a choice: restore the file (in the form of a round reverse arrow) or delete (image of a trash can). The photo will appear in the same place.

The trash can in the gallery can be turned off, but it is recommended not to. When starting to clean your phone, it is better to check right away if it is activated or not. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Enter the gallery.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper corner of the screen.
  • In the drop-down submenu, select the line “Settings”.
  • Opposite the line “Trash” (storing images and videos in the trash for 15 days before final deletion) move the video to an active state.

Galaxy S10 / S10: How to Play Music and Songs From Playlist

music, saved, samsung

Now the data will be moved to temporary storage with the possibility of returning it.

Despite the fact that Android phones do not provide for the presence of such a folder, nevertheless, in some phone models it is present and insures against the loss of important files.

Important! The good news is that it is not necessary to use Google (the main companion of Android), you can use the virtual shopping cart of any other Internet company.

Setting up autovacuum

Dumpster also provides a service such as auto-cleaning. Busy users who do not have time to check the contents of the recycle bin and empty it manually can activate self-cleaning in the sidebar of the application.

Auto-cleaning setting is possible for 3 months

Here you can set the autovacuum interval. It can be any number of days, but maximum 3 months.


Dumpster is offered for download in the Play Market for free. This program is capable of storing and restoring:

  • photos of any format and with any extension erased from the phone’s internal memory or memory card;
  • video;
  • music of any format;
  • zipped files;
  • text files deleted from android.

Also in Dumpster you can view the contents of the cart.

Important! Contacts and SMS messages, this application is not yet able to save and, accordingly, restore, but even without this the range of possibilities is quite wide.

There are no expiration dates in the application. The data will be saved until the user himself decides to clean the memory and get rid of them completely.

How to empty trash on Android manually

  • Go to the corresponding application storing the deleted data.
  • Select an unnecessary file.
  • In the window that appears, select the delete permanently function.

Also, if the technical characteristics of the application installed on the smartphone allow, you can put a checkmark in front of all the files stored in the folder for deletion, and erase them at the same time, or click on the “Empty Trash” button

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How to customize an installed cart

How to customize the basket installed on Android, you can see the example of the Dumpster application.

First you need to download it from Google Play and run the installation file. After that, an image of an empty basket will appear.

Where are contacts stored on Android: location

Where are contacts stored on Android? It is important to know the answer to this question for every user of a mobile device, because their safety depends on it. If you reset the device to factory settings, and the phone book is saved on the internal storage, you risk being left without numbers of friends and acquaintances. To prevent this situation from catching you by surprise, copy and sync your contact database to virtual storage.

On google

The second storage option is a Google account. It syncs a number of components to its virtual cloud. Synchronization can be established in the following way:

  • create a Google account;
  • log in to it through the mobile application;
  • at the first login, the system will ask for permission to access calls and information about the contact base, agree;
  • then in the sync settings section, check the box next to “Save contacts”.

How To Download Free Songs on Samsung Devices (2020)

Further, if you go to the same account on another device, everything is transferred there. This is convenient because if a gadget is stolen from you, you lose it or it breaks down, the necessary information about subscribers will remain at your fingertips.

The pros of throwing everything into Gmail are always at hand. No matter what device you log in from, the necessary contacts with the photo will be available.

Where are contacts stored in Android memory

There are several options where it is possible to place information for communication from the phone book:

  • to the memory of a mobile application that synchronizes information from a smartphone to the cloud;
  • to a SIM card;
  • to SD card.

These spaces exist independently of each other. The amount of space on each is limited, depending on various factors.

Where are contacts in Android via computer

A base is a document where all information is organized. It does not catch the eye, because it is located in the root storage of the directory. If you want to find and retrieve it via PC, you need a USB cable.

5 points to help you determine where your Android contacts are via your computer.

  • Connect the device via USB to a personal computer.
  • Turn on the “File Transfer” mode.
  • Move into inner space.
  • Open the folder in Android where the contacts are stored. data.
  • There you need to find a file called “contacts” or “contacts2”.

On the SIM card

You cannot put many numbers here. Depending on how new the card is, it will contain from 20 to 200 entries. But if you lose your phone, you can only restore the numbers by restoring the SIM.

Where is the recording of conversations saved

To perform any actions with one of the recorded files, you need to know where the conversation recording is saved on Android. To make it easier to find, it is recommended to use one of the popular browsers, for example, ES Explorer or Total Commander.

Using one of the named programs, you need to open the internal memory of the gadget and find the “Recorder” folder. It contains the “Call” directory, and it contains all the saved conversations of the user with other subscribers.


On smartphones from different manufacturers, the path may differ, for example, the files will be located at “Audio”. “Recorder”.

Auto Call Recorder

A common program with customization of file formats and their size, sound quality, automatic or manual recording of a conversation. Supports data placement in the cloud or on a memory card. The interface is simple and straightforward even for inexperienced users.

Android phone call recording: where is it stored and how to listen

Often, owners of smartphones and tablets have a need to record an important conversation with another subscriber, for example, a consultation on some issue, in order to be able to play the file and extract useful information from it. Appsetter.ru will tell you about where the recording of a conversation is saved on Android and how to listen to it.

“Call recording”

  • saving files to the cloud or a memory card;
  • intuitive interface;
  • setting the recording of all calls, only from selected contacts, from unknown numbers that are not in the phone book.

The disadvantage of the utility is a large amount of ads. It can be disabled by purchasing a paid version or using special software.

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Call recording: CallRec

Another popular utility available in the Play Market.

  • selection of the format in which audio recordings are saved;
  • adding Комментарии и мнения владельцев or filters to a conversation, the ability to send a file to another user;
  • setting the beginning, end, duration of the recording;
  • sound notifications about error, file deletion or automatic recording completion.

Third Party Call Recorder Applications

If the mobile device does not have such a built-in function, or if its capabilities do not suit the owner of the gadget, he can install software from third-party developers.

Downloading via computer

The main and easiest method of downloading songs to your phone is to pair it with a personal computer. This option is suitable if the PC already contains the required music. To perform the operation, you must:

  • Disconnect the cord from the charger’s power adapter. Connect one end to your smartphone, the other to your PC.
  • Lower the curtain of quick notifications on the phone, click on the line that says “USB connection”. From the options offered, select “File Transfer”.

If the operating system was unable to recognize the device, or if there was no USB cable at hand at the moment, you can use the wireless data transfer option. The operation is performed according to the following scenario:

  • Open the Play Market on your mobile device. Enter “WI-FI File Transfer” in the search bar. Go to the page and install the application.
  • Open the installed program in the same window or use the shortcut on the phone’s desktop.
  • Press the “Start” button located in the center of the screen. The system will inform about the possibility of file transfer by entering the following address in the computer browser:

When using the application, keep in mind that its free version allows you to move files up to 5 MB in size. To remove the restriction, you need to purchase the PRO version.

The described methods will help you download music to your Samsung Galaxy phone or any other Android device.

Downloading via Samsung Kies

An alternative download option can be the use of a special program released by Samsung developers. It should be borne in mind that it is suitable for connecting smartphones with Android version up to 4.2.

For more recent operating systems, you must use Samsung Smart Switch. It is suitable for moving contacts, messages and other data between your phone and PC. After installing and launching the program, you need to follow the pop-up tips and instructions. The principle of operation is similar to transmission via a USB cable connection.

How to Upload Music to Samsung

One of the main and most demanded functions of the phone is music playback. Music lovers all over the world buy good headphones and enjoy the sound of their favorite tracks on the way to work and while walking. Adding songs to a mobile device can be done in several ways, which will be convenient in one case or another. In this article, we will figure out how to download music to a Samsung smartphone.

Download music to your phone

In the case when the computer does not have the necessary files or there is currently no access to it, you can use a special application.

To date, active measures are underway to eliminate programs that provide free music downloads, but some applications are still active. Let’s consider the procedure step by step:

  • Go to the Play Market and use the search box to find “Zaycev. music and songs in mp3”.
  • Install and run the application.
  • The main screen will display a song search bar. Below are tabs for popular songs, collections, genres, new products, etc.
  • The song is downloaded after clicking on the down arrow sign. By default, files are saved to the internal storage in the “Music” folder.
  • Process completed.

The application also allows you to create online playlists and find all the songs of a specific artist.

These methods will help you download music to your Samsung phone so you can listen to your favorite songs on the go. The method of downloading must be chosen based on the accessories present at hand and the availability of an Internet connection. Recently, downloading songs from the social network has become absolutely impossible, so searches for a working application in most cases will turn out to be ineffectual.