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Why does the all-in-one printer NOT scan but print

A fairly common problem faced by all-in-one printer owners is that the scanner does not work, although the printer is functioning normally. This situation is common Not only during the first installation of the product, but also happens with devices that have been working properly for their owners for a long time. Below we will consider the most common reasons leading to the inoperability of the scanner and how to fix them.

Possible reasons why the all-in-one printer does NOT scan, but prints

The reason for the situation when the device does NOT scan, but prints and copies, may be various factors, which can be conditionally divided into two groups:

  • Hardware;
  • Programmatic.

The hardware includes malfunctions of the scanner itself, the connecting cable, or the USB port of the PC. Software reasons are often rooted in an uninstalled or incorrectly working device driver, or software incompatibility with your version of the operating system.

What to do if the all-in-one printer does NOT scan

You should start troubleshooting based on whether this is the first installation of the scanner on this PC, or it has been working for some time.

If you have previously successfully used the scanner, and then at some point it stopped working, then the very first thing to do is to reboot it at the same time with the PC, disconnecting it from the power for a few minutes, and also check the reliability of the USB cable connection to the device.

If this does not help to correct the situation, then you should make sure that the hardware is working properly. Any user should understand that the multifunctional device combines a scanner and a printer in one housing. And the operability of the printer means the operability of the scanning module. The easiest way to check the health of the scanning module is to disconnect the device from the computer and try to make a copy of any document offline. If you succeed this is a good sign, if not, then most likely you cannot do without contacting a service center.

If you are convinced that the device functions in offline mode (copier mode), you should continue to search for the cause of the device’s inoperability when connected to a computer.

The next thing to check is the communication line between the all-in-one printer and the PC. Ideally, if possible, you should take a new USB cable and connect it to the second port of your PC, or at least just change the USB port to which the device is connected.

If manipulations with the cable did not help, it means with a high degree of probability, it can be argued that the problem is in the all-in-one printer scanner drivers installed on the PC or their conflict with the drivers of second devices.

Typically, your all-in-one printer comes with a set of necessary drivers. The problem may be that each version of the driver is designed for a specific operating system, and accordingly, when installing updates, the existing driver may stop working.

In this case, you need to do the following:

  • Download the latest drivers for your all-in-one printer from the manufacturer’s official website, compatible with your operating system;
  • Disconnect all-in-one printer from PC;
  • Go to the tab of installed printers and scanners and remove from it all unused devices and the problematic all-in-one printer;
  • To restart a computer;
  • Connect the USB cable and wait for the PC to determine the type of the connected device;
  • Install the all-in-one printer on this PC, using the latest drivers downloaded earlier;
  • To restart a computer.

By following this algorithm, you will completely reinstall the drivers for your all-in-one printer on your PC, eliminating the existing problems.

Be careful when downloading drivers for the all-in-one printer. Some manufacturers install the scanner drivers separately from the printer drivers.

Why does the all-in-one printer NOT scan but print

The all-in-one printer is a convenient compact device with which you can easily and simply scan and immediately print any document you need. It combines two independent devices at once. a printer and a scanner and can additionally be used as a copier. One of the most common problems associated with an all-in-one printer is the failure of the scanner while the printer remains operational. At the same time, this situation is possible both at the first connection of a new, just purchased device, and after its sufficiently long and serviceable operation.

In most cases, this malfunction can be eliminated by yourself without contacting the service center specialists. Today we will consider the main reasons for this kind of malfunction and how to fix it yourself.

Possible reasons why the all-in-one printer does NOT scan, but prints

The main reasons why the all-in-one printer does NOT scan can be triggered by certain factors. They are conventionally divided into two main groups:

  • Hardware. imply a breakdown of the scanning mechanism itself, its cable or USB port;
  • Software. consists in the absence or incorrect installation of the device software, its incompatibility with the PC operating system or the need to update it.

What to do if the all-in-one printer does NOT scan

You should look for the source of the breakdown Based on the fact that you first connected the device to a PC or it has worked for some time.

If you have already used the device before, and it functioned properly, then you should try to perform an elementary reboot of the device and PC. Along the way, check how well the connecting wires are plugged in and whether the contact between the device and the PC is NOT interrupted.

If the actions taken are ineffective, check if the scanner works at all. The fact is that the combination of a printer and a scanner in an all-in-one printer means that if one of the devices breaks down, the other will fail along the way. The easiest way to check the scanner is to disconnect the scanning module from the PC and try to make a copier in offline mode. If everything went well, then the comments are seriously damaged. Otherwise, unfortunately, you cannot do without a visit to the service center.

If the all-in-one printer is working in copier mode, we continue to search for the problem.

The next step in the search will be to check the communication line between the all-in-one printer and the PC. If possible, we will replace the USB cable connecting the device with the PC. it is very likely that the reason for it is an open circuit or poor contact.

If this does not help, then the most likely cause of the malfunction is the absence of drivers or their mismatch with the connected device. Usually, an all-in-one printer comes with a disc with the necessary software. Try reinstalling the driver. Additionally, we must not forget that the software supplied with the all-in-one printer may simply NOT correspond to the operating system you have installed, in this regard, a conflict between the two programs is very likely and, as a result, a problem with the scanner’s operation. In this case. Try to go to the manufacturer’s website. there, in the technical support section of devices, you can search for a suitable driver.

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Having found the driver you need, you should perform a number of sequential steps:

  • Download it to your PC. after downloading it will be possible to find it in the “Downloads” folder, unless you specified a different location when downloading;
  • Disconnect the all-in-one printer from your computer;
  • Go to the installed equipment tab and remove devices that you DO NOT use, including your faulty all-in-one printer;
  • Restart your computer;
  • Connect the USB cable and wait until the PC recognizes the type of device connected to it;
  • We will install the all-in-one printer on our PC using the drivers downloaded from the manufacturer’s website
  • Restart the computer.

If all actions were performed by you correctly and in the correct order, the problem should be eliminated.

When downloading software for the all-in-one printer, be careful. for some devices, the printer and scanner drivers are downloaded and installed separately.

Why does not the scanner work on the printer? Diagnosing and fixing the problem

The reasons why the printer does not scan can be divided into software (system) and hardware. The first refers to the settings of the Windows operating system or failures in it, which relate to drivers or specific software. The second category includes malfunctions of the printer itself and components (cords, internal mechanisms, electronics).

Diagnostics of the reason why the scanner does not work should be carried out in stages and depends on whether the scan stopped running after some time or the scanner did NOT start right after connecting.

It also depends on the technique itself. If the all-in-one printer does not scan, then the problem may lie additionally in the uninstalled driver on the device. There are often cases when the printer itself works, printing is performed, but the scanner refuses to transfer information to the computer.

Easy fix for the problem

Sometimes rebooting the entire system helps to solve the problem. Turn off the computer and the all-in-one printer or separate scanner. Disconnect office equipment from the computer and unplug the cable from the outlet. Wait 1-2 minutes for the memory of both devices to reset. Then reconnect the scanner to the computer, turn on the network.

Start the computer and the all-in-one printer (scanner), try scanning. If it works, then there was a one-time failure, which in the future can be solved in the same way. If the problem recurs too often, it is recommended to contact the service center.

Hardware reasons

First, check if the machine is connected to the computer. Go to the “Devices and Printers” window. To do this, simultaneously press the “WindowsR” key combination on the keyboard. Then execute the command “control printers”.

The list of equipment must contain the scanner or printing device you need to work.

Additionally, you can diagnose the device for problems. Right click on the scanner icon, select “Troubleshoot”.

Then follow the wizard step by step and if you find problems, try to get rid of them. If no problems were found, and the diagnostic wizard writes that the device is working normally, then the reason is different.

The situation when the equipment icon is in the equipment, or it is inactive at the moment, requires device diagnostics.

printer, scans, computer

First, make sure the scanner is turned on at all. Sometimes, through inattention, users forget to press the power button. If even after pressing the button on the printer body, no indicators light up, it means that there is no mains power or there are problems inside the machine. In this case, Inspect the cords.

  • Check for strong kinks in the wires. If they are present, it is possible that the wires are damaged inside under the insulation. Then take another cable for the test and try to turn it on. The same check must be done for the USB cable that connects the printer to the computer. The easiest way is to get a new cable.
  • Likewise with an external power supply, which is located on the cable that connects the device to the outlet. The easiest way is when there is an indicator on the unit indicating that voltage is being supplied. The indicator is off. the problem is in the unit. Repair or replacement is required.

Additionally, try plugging the USB cable from the all-in-one printer into a different connector on your computer. The USB input can simply fail or the driver can fly to it. In the first case, swapping the cable to another USB will help. In the second case, reinstalling the driver on USB controllers. Go to the device manager through the properties “My Computer” and see if there are exclamation marks next to the controllers. If available, update the drivers through the properties of a specific USB. Removing the controller and then adding it anew using the hardware configuration update function can help.

For trouble-free communication of the computer with a peripheral device, it is not recommended to use a cable longer than one and a half meters and connect it through adapters, USB hubs.

Problems with Wi-Fi connection

Make sure the Wi-Fi signal is good enough. Try to reconnect, after turning off and back on Wi-Fi on the laptop.

It is desirable that there are no devices that emit strong electromagnetic waves (microwave ovens, speaker systems, cordless phones, etc.) near the all-in-one printer. It is also recommended to restart the router. press the power button on the distributor twice.

All-in-one printer-specific problems

  • Another operation is currently in progress. For example, if sheets are being printed, then the scanner is unlikely to scan. You need to wait for the current operation to complete and try scanning again. The same goes for a hung print queue that needs to be cleared. The print job was sent, but the printer did not start printing for some reason. But the job still hangs, which means that the all-in-one printer is busy with the printing process. After removing documents from the queue, the scanner should work.
  • When there are no problems with the printer in the all-in-one printer, and the scanner does not work, the reason may be the absence of a driver for the scanning device. In most cases, a general driver is provided with the equipment or on the manufacturer’s website. During its installation, all the necessary files are copied to the system for the correct operation of all all-in-one printer nodes. But sometimes, for each mechanism (printer, copier or scanner) to work, you need to install separate software. Install all driver packages from disk. If there is a disk, download the software from the office. Website of the company. Be sure to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
  • The scanner is a standalone device, and even if the printer stops printing due to out of ink, scanning will continue to work. But in some models, the work of the entire all-in-one printer may be automatically blocked if there are any problems, for example, the same empty cartridges. The same applies to replacement of cartridges with new ones and Incorrect installation. The problem is easy to diagnose just by having an understanding of when the scan stopped running. If after manipulating the cartridges, then the reason is obvious. Typically, when there is a problem with ink cartridges, lights on the machine will blink or a notification is displayed on the built-in all-in-one printer display.

The Canon all-in-one printer suffers from a conflict between the Canon Toolbox proprietary software and the standard Windows Fax and Scan software. The solution is to disable the latter. Go to the control panel, then to the “Programs”. “Programs and Features” sections. Then follow the link “Turn Windows features on or off”.

Find the section “Print and Document Services”, inside it Uncheck the required item.

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Restart Windows and try making a scan copy.

Software reasons

  • Make sure the correct device model is selected in the scan settings step. It is especially important to control this when there are a large number of connected printers. Windows can choose a different device itself. It is recommended to make the printer the default so that the correct machine is specified on the next scan.
  • The complete absence of drivers, their damage due to viruses or other factors. The solution is to install “firewood”, check the computer for viruses, followed by treatment and reinstallation of drivers. First it is recommended to completely uninstall the printer driver then install from scratch. After a reboot is performed.
  • Driver incompatibility with the Windows version. This usually happens on outdated models of technology, for which the software is no longer updated, and Windows is constantly being improved. Then it will be possible to scan only on another computer with a suitable OS version.
  • Try using a different scanning program. First, scan through the official programs from the developers. Then download software from third-party developers. It will NOT be superfluous to check the scan in standard tools: “Scanner” in Win 10 “Paint”.


Each all-in-one printer must be able to run in the so-called service mode. The instructions can be found in the instruction manual. Check the scanning performance in this mode. Also check the work of the copier offline without connecting to a computer. The fact is that, according to the principle of operation, the copier and the scanner are similar, so if the first does not work, then it is very likely that the device will break down and without repair in any way.

Observe the indication on the all-in-one printer. Any flashing lights or buttons can signal a problem in the all-in-one printer, which will disable all other functions. I also monitor the errors that occur on the all-in-one printer display or on the computer monitor. Error codes To be considered in the documentation for the device. After correcting the situation, the resumption of work should occur.

As a last resort, reset the device. How to do this is written in the instructions for the all-in-one printer.

Why does the printer refuse to scan

Often, office equipment users are faced with the need to find an answer to the question of why the device does not scan. The cause of the problem may lie in the all-in-one printer / printer and personal computer, or in the connection between them. To find the source of the problem and determine why the scanner is not working, you need to look at several possible causes and try to fix them. If you are sure that the scanner of the device is in working order, then check it by connecting to a second PC. If all else fails, then, of course, you will have to resort to the services of a service center.

Possible reasons and ways to eliminate them

So what if the all-in-one printer is not scanning? First of all, pay attention to the computer, which, together with the device for printing, must be turned off, then disconnected from both devices the power cable. Wait about a minute, and after reconnecting power, turn on both devices. By doing this, the memory of the computer and the multifunctional device will be cleared, which will allow the all-in-one printer to work normally.

But if the scan did not start, and the previously working multifunctional device began to issue various error codes, then it is imperative to eliminate them in a timely manner. Find them Detailed descriptions can be found in the instructions supplied with the printer. In addition, the multifunctional device of almost any model makes it possible to perform scanning and copying in the so-called. Service mode. To start it, first of all, turn off the device itself. Then hold down the “Reset” and the “Power” button. Next, release the first button and press it twice (for different models, the number of such clicks may be different. read more in the device’s instruction manual). Finally, release “Power” and check if the printer is responding to scan commands.

If the device does not scan and the above recommendations did not help you, then be sure to try reconnecting the USB cable. Pull it out and connect to the second port of the PC. It is advisable to organize such a connection not from a USB hub, but directly to a personal computer. Then, first of all, check if the PC began to see the printer connected to it. If the printer has become visible to the computer, then try scanning and printing a couple of sheets.

Another reason the printer prints but doesn’t scan is because of the scanner drivers that users simply forgot to install. The question arises, what to do in this situation? So, if the PC does not see the scanner for this very reason, then download the Appropriate driver from our website or from the website of the manufacturer of your office equipment and install it. If you do not know what to download specifically, then it is better to download the complete device driver. In addition, the reason may even lie in the installed driver, which simply “flew”. In such a situation, you will have to first remove it and install the updated version.

In the event that the all-in-one printer prints but does not scan, you will have to reset its settings. Also, this method will help in solving the following problems: the device does not copy, has stopped responding to user commands. You should reset the settings from the device menu or using special software.

In addition, the device may stop Scanning due to a broken power supply. most models are connected to the electrical network using a similar part, just like mobile phones. You can solve the problem by purchasing and installing a power supply with similar characteristics.

In general, it is not uncommon for the printer to work, but the all-in-one printer does NOT function. Especially such a problem catches the user by surprise when the printer still normally prints out of order. According to some specialists, the all-in-one printer may stop functioning due to the creation of microwaves by any objects. Therefore, before using the printer, it would be a good idea to turn off the microwave oven. perhaps this will help you.

In addition, if the printer is working, and the scanner itself is present, then check the grounding of the wiring, the voltage in the mains and carefully inspect the wire connecting the PC to the scanner for visible damage.

Canon mf4410 printer does NOT scan

On the Internet, you can find a lot of reviews or questions from users that “Canon mf4410 does NOT scan or“ for some reason the scanner does not work on a new printer.

How to solve this problem, next to these requests, experts assure that in about 30% of cases, a completely suitable machine may NOT work. Therefore, do not rush and do not need to immediately go to service centers and give your printer for repair. Before that, we recommend fixing the mistakes yourself. Since this can actually be a very easy mistake.

For example, try a prescan, just run any random software you can get a picture or image with.
Before starting the scan, the pre-installed driver is connected. But, if the driver has not been installed yet, you just need to find the installation disk from the kit and install the required driver.

So, we made sure that the software is already available, but the device is still not detected. If the Canon mf4410 does not scan, the first step to diagnose the problem: start by clicking in the menu, and then in the settings and from there we find the Control Panel. After that, you need to find Administration, and open it. A window opens in front of us, in which there are a variety of functions. You need to find it from there, and then it will launch the device manager, and there you will most likely understand what to do next?

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Canon 4410 does NOT scan Windows 10

The item is found and another window pops up on the monitor, with a bunch of plus signs and is named. You need to find exactly the scanner and determine if it is installed. Searching for “Imaging Devices should NOT be time consuming. So, click on the plus sign and here it is, the model name and an exclamation mark next to it on a yellow background. What does it mean? This means that the drivers are either not suitable or outdated. But the way out is the same. We go to the Internet and find the driver we need.
You can also download a program that will automatically update all drivers on the hardware. Drivers found and installed, restarts the machine, everything is ready.
But what if everything is in working order in the device manager, but it is impossible to establish communication with the scanner on the Canon mf4410? Or the scanner is defined, but still refuses to work? There is another snag. For normal operation, you need to purchase a specific program on the manufacturer’s website. And, of course, not for a small amount. But this problem is solved in the same way, you need to go to the Internet and find the necessary software. Very often they ask this question, why does the Canon mf4018 Windows 10 scanner not work? Some solutions to this problem.

Checking the power supply and power wires (in case of a malfunction, both elements will prevent the scanner from functioning).
Look at Visible damage to the wire connecting the system unit and the scanner itself.
Check the voltage in the network (it happens that many electrical devices work at the same time, and the scanning device simply does not have enough power).
Some experts claim that the scanners may NOT work due to the creation of microwaves by any objects (just in case, turn off the microwave, it may help).
Check the grounding of the wiring. In order to get high quality licensed software, Pin Up casino cooperates with providers. The company works with the most famous and long-standing developers so that players can find their favorite games in the range. A complete list of providers is available on the kidstravel2.com Pin Up Casino website. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with it. Services that refuse official cooperation cannot PROVIDE security guarantees to their customers. It is better to refuse such services.
Finally, check your settings, suddenly it’s just not configured correctly and resetting to defaults will restore all work.
If the device uses a USB interface, then perhaps the reason is in the connection port and installation on a different port will solve all problems.
It still does not work, although everything has already been checked?
An important role is played by the operating system installed on a computer or laptop. Most manufacturers have recently released printers and scanners are designed for use on the Windows 7 operating system.

How to scan Canon mf4410?

How to scan to Canon mf4410?

The simplest method to check is to open the “device manager and check the controller. It should not be marked with a yellow exclamation mark.” The controller should be operating optimally. If a problem occurs, then you should try to install the scanner on another computer, perhaps a problem with your hardware. It often happens that perfectly serviceable systems simply refuse to work. A striking example is the Mustek scanner, which simply refuses to work with the bus controllers made by Tekram. So, before installing the scanner, you should definitely consult which bus this product works on or ask for a recommendation on choosing a new controller.
If none of the proposed options came up and the scanner refuses to work further, then there is only one way out: carry it to the service center for warranty service. The service center will help you exactly and explain what was the reason.

Printer HP does not scan, but prints

There are tons of problems that can arise with a printer. One of them is the situation where the printing device does NOT scan. It is quite difficult to independently identify the cause of the problem, since it can be not only in the printer itself, but also in the computer or the communication system between them.

To get started Try the following guidelines. It is quite possible that you can solve the problem quickly and on your own, without resorting to the help of specialists. The first thing to do is to make sure that the printer is set up correctly and all cables are connected as needed.

Why does my HP printer scan but won’t print?

So what if the all-in-one printer is not scanning? First of all, pay attention to the computer, which, together with the device for printing, must be turned off, then disconnected from both devices the power cable. Wait about a minute, and after reconnecting power, turn on both devices. By doing this, the memory of the computer and the multifunctional device will be cleared, which will allow the all-in-one printer to work normally.

If the printer displays any error code, then it is advisable to eliminate them.

Most all-in-one printers can scan in service mode. For some models, a set of the following actions can be the entrance to the desired mode:

  • Turn off all-in-one printer.
  • Clamp the Reset button and then clamp the Power.
  • I release the button “Reset.
  • 2 times the Reset button.
  • I release the Power button.

In the event that the all-in-one printer prints but does not scan, you will have to reset its settings. Also, this method will help in solving the following problems: the device does not copy, has stopped responding to user commands.

You should reset the settings from the device menu or using special software. In addition, the device may stop scanning due to a broken power supply. most models are connected to the electrical network using a similar part, just like mobile phones. You can solve the problem by purchasing and installing a power supply with similar characteristics.

Driver change

If the previous mayor did not help, then you can try changing the driver in the printer properties to the tab “Additional, select another driver. Or completely remove the device driver, turn off and remove the USB cable. Then Reboot. After loading the PC, turn on the printer, plug in the cable (preferably in another connector). After that, the installation wizard should appear, where you must specify the location of the driver. And it did not appear. install the driver manually.

Is the device detected incorrectly, that is, it is visible in the system, but in Windows it is not identified by model? At the same time, it is connected to the computer and turned on. You need to go to the device manager and open the line of your printer, then right-click. update the driver and specify the desired.

Failed photo element

Check first if the photo element of the scanner is working. To do this, open the scanner lid (most will emit a light immediately after the lid is opened. If not, try performing some action before scanning or copying). If the scanner does not work in the all-in-one printer, contact the specialists of the appropriate level to fix the malfunctions, since this is a very significant disruption in the operation of the all-in-one printer, it can entail consequences if some electronics are burnt there.