Where to return used cartridges from the printer

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How is disposal carried out?

On the territory of the Russian Federation, waste disposal belonging to the III or IV hazard class is carried out on the basis of the law “On production and consumption waste”. Based on this regulation, only specialized organizations have the right to dispose of cartridges from laser printing devices. To carry out such activities, a hazardous waste disposal company is issued a license. These can be either separately registered enterprises that are directly involved in recycling, or firms that sell office equipment.

In the first case, for the provision of disposal services by a specialized company, a separate contract for the provision of services and additional financial costs will be required.

The process of recycling failed cartridges is carried out in two ways.

  • Recycling. With this method, damaged cartridges are sent to a processing plant, where they are cleaned of contamination, worn parts are changed and refilled.
  • Thermal and mechanical decomposition. This is how the cartridges are disposed of, which cannot be recovered. The plastic and metal from which the body is made are crushed and remelted to obtain recyclable materials. Remaining toner is subject to thermal shock at 1000 ° C. Exposure to high temperatures prevents corrosive substances from being released into the atmosphere and contaminating it.

All About Recycling Printer Cartridges

Printing devices and printers are widespread in modern life. An office workflow is impossible without the use of one or more printers. Businesses and organizations most often use laser printers. They allow you to print a large number of sheets in a short time. But laser devices are popular not only in office premises, many use this type of printers at home.

All laser printers require a cartridge filled with special toner to work. You can use this cartridge several times by refilling the used cartridge with toner. But sooner or later, even high-quality cartridges from well-known manufacturers break down and become unusable. In some cases, a service technician is able to repair a cartridge by replacing individual parts with new ones. But it happens that after a long service life and numerous refills, the cartridge cannot be restored. Then the question arises of how you can dispose of waste of this kind.

How to keep inkjet cartridges from drying out when printer not used.

Danger of used cartridges

Laser printer cartridges are classified as hazard class III and IV. Each print cartridge consists of:

  • plastics;
  • metal;
  • toner.

It is strictly forbidden to dispose of old cartridges in the trash bin with household waste. When disposed of in a landfill, the process of decomposition of the plastic cartridge body will take several hundred years. And in the case of burning debris in the process of burning plastic, toxic substances will enter the atmosphere and soil. Since the composition of the plastic used in the manufacture of the cartridge case contains such hazardous substances as polystyrene, caustic smoke will be released during combustion, which can cause cancer.

Toner inside the cartridge is equally toxic. It contains soot, vinyl acetate, metal oxides. The accumulation of these components in the human body can cause disturbances in the functioning of the lungs, heart, and kidneys. In addition, toner particles are much smaller in size than dust particles, and when inhaled, they will not be excreted by the respiratory system, but will settle on the lungs and bronchi, causing respiratory diseases and severe allergic reactions.

Therefore, used cartridges from laser printers must not only be properly disposed of, but also stored in a separate room until disposal in order to avoid possible problems caused by inhalation of toner particles.

Where can you drop off your cartridges??

Not only firms, enterprises and organizations, but also individuals should properly dispose of used cartridges. To resolve the issue of disposal of cartridges by a legal entity, an enterprise or organization that uses devices with cassettes in their work must have an agreement with a specialized organization. If a cartridge from a laser printer, for one reason or another, cannot be restored and refilled with toner, then the person responsible for sending the cartridge for recycling should perform the following actions:

  • to collect a commission, whose members will sign an act on the impossibility of further use of the removable device;
  • ensure the storage of the failed cassette until the moment when it is taken by the representative of the recycling company;
  • call an employee of the company engaged in the recycling of cartridges;
  • sign the act of acceptance and transfer of the cassette for processing;
  • submit the received documents to the accounting department of the company to write off the cartridge transferred for disposal.

Legal entities should take seriously the issue of disposing of replacement cassettes for laser printers. In case of non-observance of the specified norms of disposal together with household waste, when this fact is revealed, a fine of up to 250 thousand rubles may be imposed on the company. If you use a laser printer at home, then you should not throw the cartridge into the trash can either. In case of identification of the cartridge belonging to an individual, a fine of up to 20 thousand rubles may be imposed.

In the event that a legal entity or individual does not know where to put a faulty replacement cartridge, then information about companies that dispose of such waste can be obtained from a dealer selling laser printers or from a service center specializing in maintenance, repair and refilling with toner. And also more detailed information on recycling can be obtained directly from the website of the organization engaged in recycling. In different cities, such organizations have different names.

The most common are organizations such as Eco Cartridge. rf “,” First Utilization Company “,” EcoProf “.

The following video provides more information on recycling printer cartridges.

What are the dangers of consumables for printers??

Each product has its own lifespan. As for cartridges, as a rule, their last working day is considered when they completely run out of dye. Thus, when this happens to them, we remove them from the printer and, with peace of mind, put them in the trash can, without even knowing how wrong we are doing. After all, if you look closely, then all the cartridges are made of plastic, and, as you know, this material has a pretty serious impact on the environment. Fortunately, if the discarded cartridges are simply lying around in the city dump and thus do not cause any harm to the environment. But, as you know, this happens extremely rarely. Since landfills are often set on fire, and the harmful components that plastic contains are released into the atmosphere. Be that as it may, but at home or at work, no one wants to keep such seemingly unnecessary things.

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How to properly dispose of the printer cartridge

Today, many of us use printing technology, especially these devices have earned the trust of office workers. To make sure of this, visit the office of any company, and there you are guaranteed to find office equipment. At least it will be a multifunctional device (printer, scanner, copier). However, in most cases, there are several such devices in offices.

When using a peripheral device at home, we rarely think about the fact that over time, its consumable will exhaust its resource, and it will be necessary to get rid of it. In offices, factories and the copying business, this problem is encountered many times faster and more often. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to properly dispose of used cartridges.

How to Recycle Printer Cartridges?

It is worth knowing that not only the material from which the cartridge is made can harm the environment, but the dye used in it is also not completely harmless. This is especially true of toner, which is used in laser printing technology, since this powder often causes an allergic reaction in many people. Therefore, in order not to harm the environment and human health, the cartridges must be properly disposed of. There are many ways in total, but only three of them are considered effective. The first is to hand over (sell) the cartridge to a special company that recovers used consumables. The second way is to burn it. However, there is one thing in this, but. In order to prevent further pollution of the external environment, the temperature at which the cartridges should be burned should not be lower than 1000 ° C. Naturally, at home, such a result is practically impossible to achieve. Thus, this implies a third method, which implies the delivery of such products for recycling to the appropriate organization. Summing up a little, we can safely say that it is best and most profitable to send the cartridge for secondary processing.

Why remanufactured printer cartridges are good?

Many people think that if the cartridge is not original, then it will not be able to function normally. However, this is nothing more than a common myth propagated by manufacturers of branded products. In fact, such consumables are completely indistinguishable from their originals. After all, restoration implies not only the replenishment of the dye, but also the replacement of worn parts and cartridge mechanisms. Also worthy of Honor is that the resource of the restored printed accessory is identical to the original one, and sometimes even many times more. In addition to all that has been said, the low price for such cartridges will pleasantly surprise everyone. The only drawback of such printing accessories is the print quality, in turn, which with each new refueling becomes less and less pleasant.

Printer cartridge utilization statistics

than 300 million cartridges are thrown into landfills every year. over, in Europe, this mark has long crossed over 100 million consumables. The leader in this business is the British Kingdom, where nearly 50 million printing accessories are thrown away every year. Now imagine how much cleaner the ecology of the “Earth” would be if, instead of a landfill, all these products were sent to the “secondary” or recycling. Interestingly, in the US, about 8 cartridges are written off every second. However, most of them are reused again.

Where to return an old printer

Nowadays, virtually any device due to the constant introduction of new technologies into production quickly becomes obsolete, but if the buyer does not pursue new products, then the equipment simply develops its resource and goes to the landfill. Printers in this case are far from an exception, and when a printing device finally breaks down, wearing out its resource, or simply becomes obsolete, its owner has a very reasonable question about where to put the old, bulky device.

Where can I rent an old printer for money?

In general, there are only three profitable ways to dispose of an old printer:

  • Sell ​​out for details
  • Use the services of a buying company
  • Exchange with surcharge

Each method should be considered in a little more detail.

Attention! You can try to find several printer repair shops in the city on your own, and try to hand over the device for a certain fee to their specialists, however, there is no guarantee that the masters in them will show interest in buying a used device.

The amount that the client can receive in this case strongly depends on the current state of the printer and the prevalence of such models.

Where to sell your old printer?

Analysis and sale for spare parts. The fact is that even with the final breakdown of the device, a huge number of serviceable and quite working parts that may be needed by one or another person often remain in its case. Many users post advertisements on the sale of spare parts for a particular printer model on Internet forums or in thematic communities of social networks, and often buyers for these spare parts are found quite quickly. Spare parts are usually bought by those people who themselves are engaged in repairs.

Sale to a buying company. In addition to all of the above methods of selling an old printer, in many large cities of our country there are also buying companies that offer their services to everyone who wants to get rid of used equipment. The advantages of contacting such companies include:

  • Saving time, since even the transportation of equipment to the company can be carried out by its specialists.
  • Solving the problem of recycling, especially important for large companies.
  • Saving money on repair work, since the equipment is accepted in different conditions.
  • Actual profit from the sale of legacy devices.

Attention! Most of the companies that buy used printers try to provide their customers with favorable conditions, but most often the total sales price of equipment to such companies is no more than 50% of its initial cost, and then in cases where the state of equipment is close to perfect.

In addition to the printers themselves, you can sell many components for them. For example, even used laser cartridges are very popular in the aftermarket.

Why firms are needed to buy printer cartridges?

When buying a large number of incompatible cartridges, users do not think about possible problems with print quality if they buy them from unscrupulous sellers. Quality compatible consumables will not damage your printer. The only cause of breakdown may be the wear of any part or the long service life of office equipment. In this regard, a large number of consumables are formed that were previously purchased for printing on this technique.

Where to drop off unnecessary printer cartridges

The Eurotoner company employs specialists in the assessment and acceptance of cartridges of various production. Therefore, we accept cartridges of the original and compatible production for purchase.

Eurotoner is a company that buys cartridges at the highest possible prices, but imposes certain requirements on them:

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Purchase of new laser and inkjet cartridges

Organizations for the purchase of consumables offer purchase of toner cartridges at various for former users of a particular model of office equipment. Users can apply for their services to any of them.

It is worth considering that if you are the owner of new unused cartridges of a compatible nature, not all organizations will be ready to purchase them. Their specialization can be limited only to the purchase of original production laser and inkjet cartridges. In another case, for the purchase of compatible cartridges, you may be offered very small cash payments, and you will not gain anything, you will only waste time.

Return cartridges from the printer

Buying unnecessary cartridges

As a result of a breakdown, the remainder of the cartridges is formed, which must be put somewhere, and the best solution would be to sell cartridges. But not only the breakdown of the printer can serve the sale of cartridges.

The reason for the formation of the remainder of original and compatible cartridges, as well as their sale, may be:

  • too many cartridges with an expiration date;
  • purchase of new printing equipment of a completely different brand and manufacturer;
  • moving to a new workspace with an equipped space;
  • and many other reasons.

The only correct solution in getting rid of unnecessary consumables in these situations is to contact the organization for the purchase of cartridges.

Select a subcategory

Purchase of cartridges in Eurotoner

If all requirements are met, the purchase of laser and inkjet cartridges is carried out at the maximum price.

Eurotoner.ru. site for buying cartridges

In addition to our point of receipt of cartridges, we have a website that provides an opportunity to sell your consumables by leaving a request on it. In the application, it is enough to indicate all models of cartridges to be purchased. Our specialists contact clients and discuss the time of the transaction. The client chooses the time and day of the transaction himself. We work every day, seven days a week, on holidays and without a lunch break.

The site contains all models of cartridges accepted for purchase. If a client contacts us with the sale of cartridges of a different manufacturer, not listed on the website, we offer individual purchase transactions. Therefore, large organizations and other companies contact us that use consumables of other brands in large quantities, unknown to the common user of office equipment. All cash payments are made on the day of the customer’s request for the purchase of printer cartridges, regardless of the number of consumables returned.

Our box requirements:

  • a piece;
  • The box should be opened carefully with a knife at the place of gluing, the tear tape should not be torn off. You can see detailed instructions in the question-answer section.
  • Must not be over 3 years old.
  • Should not have any damage, neither outside nor inside.
  • There should be inserts inside the box that fix the contents, if provided.

What we look for when accepting used (used) laser cartridges?

  • We buy only original consumables that have exhausted their resource during one cycle. If we refueled, then we do not buy them.
  • There should be no damage affecting their performance.
  • There should be no scratches on the case and photovale.
  • The label must not be damaged.
  • Toner should not spill out.
  • We do not buy used (used) inkjet cartridges.

Purchase of original cartridges

Have you bought an original cartridge for your printer, but it doesn’t fit? Do not know where to put the consumables for printing devices left in the warehouse? Have you replaced the cartridge with a new one and wondering what to do with the old one? In no case do not throw it away, because you can make money on consumables!

Our requirements for new laser consumables:

  • The year of issue must be no earlier than 2 years. If the cartridges are older, they are discounted by 10 percent for each year.
  • The box should not have: dents, holes, tears, scotch tape and traces from it, inscriptions and other damage. If such defects are still present, a markdown will be made at the discretion of the company’s specialist. Markdown can range from 10 to 60 percent.
  • If the box is torn or very badly damaged, then the laser cartridge should be in intact technical packaging. in an inflatable or just a black bag with the manufacturer’s seals. for such consumables are also displayed in our price list.
  • The box of the new cartridge should not have been opened. If our specialist discovers non-factory glue, he informs you about it. After careful checking, it is bought at the discounted price shown in our price list.

What factors do we take into account when buying new original inkjet cartridges?

  • The box does not indicate the date of production, but the year and month. Our company buys consumables with an expiration date specified at least one year in advance.
  • The appearance must be perfect, the box must be free from defects. If damage is present, a markdown will be made that is between 10 and 60 percent.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with us?

Over the years, we have established ourselves as a reliable company. We are trusted by large banks, airlines, mobile operators, airports, MFC, institutes, hotels, private and public enterprises.

The purchase of cartridges is carried out not only

Recently, the share of customers from the regions of Russia has been at least half of all purchases. Detailed information in the section of working with regions.

Call our hotline 7 (495) 20-43-557 or tel.: 7 (916) 043-23-72, 7 (925) 578-39-44, ICQ 218066557.

Always at your service. the company “TonerService”!

Where to return cartridges from the printer

Today there are 3 options for legal recycling of laser cartridges:

Recycling printer cartridges

People have been using printers for decades. For this reason, today they can be found in almost every office. Unfortunately, not all people think about the fact that the cartridges thrown into the trash pollute the environment.

A cartridge is a removable container with toner that is needed to operate a laser printer. When the ink in the printer runs out, you just need to replace the old cartridge with a new one, after which the device can be used again. However, what to do with an old cartridge?

It takes several hundred years for the cartridge to decompose. This means that during the entire existence of printers, not a single such capacity has yet decomposed naturally.

Every year, people dump about 500 million cartridges in landfills, which makes this environmental problem more and more urgent with everyone.

Write-off of cartridges in the organization

If an ordinary consumer needs to contact the appropriate organization for disposal, then the legal entity will need to write off the property before handing over the used cartridges. It’s harder to do than it seems at first glance.

The complexity of the procedure lies in the fact that it is not easy to estimate the cost of the equipment that has served its life. If this procedure is carried out incorrectly, then there may be errors in accounting, which is fraught with sanctions:

  • A fine of 20-50 minimum wages for managers;
  • A fine of 50-1000 minimum wages for the organization.

Some enterprises are specially equipped with old equipment, as they believe that this will allow them to avoid the costs of disposal and write-off. In reality, everything is different. you have to pay taxes for the remaining assets.

Recycling programs from manufacturers of printing equipment and other consumables

Major manufacturers of printing equipment and other consumables are actively involved in laser cartridge recycling programs. Canon is the first organization to take the lead in this matter. Canon’s recycling program will provide each user with a free label that allows them to ship recyclable ink cartridges free of charge.

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In addition to Canon, the following companies are participating in the recycling program:

Dell. The company recycles not only cartridges of its own production, but also containers of other brands. To send an empty container for recycling, the user needs to bring it to one of the Staples supermarkets.

Lexmark. The Lexmark recycling program starts immediately after you purchase a cartridge. When someone buys this consumable from Lexmark, they automatically enter into a contract with the company whereby the user must return the empty cartridge after it has been used up.

Contact the customer service offices of your printer manufacturer located in your city


Spent consumables are restored. To do this, they are cleaned, repaired, and then refilled with toner. After that, the cartridge can be used at least 1 more time. Depending on the manufacturer of the consumable, as well as the printing method, one consumable can be restored no more than 2 times.

Toner protection methods

Many people mistakenly believe that it is safer to refill in a well-ventilated area, but this is not the case. Draft will only increase the circulation of harmful substances. Even after a week of airing, toner particles will remain in the air of the room, and at the slightest fluctuations, granules that have settled on objects will begin to rise into the air.

Gas masks will not help protect against printer ink. This is due to the fact that their filter cells are 5 times smaller than toner granules. In addition, the toner is a neutral substance, thanks to which it can easily pass through the filters of the most serious military gas masks.

If toner spills on the floor or any other surface, do not vacuum up it as this will make the situation worse. After the toner enters the vacuum cleaner, it comes back through the filter, but in the form of microscopic granules. You can collect toner with vacuum cleaners with water filters, but even they are not able to collect all the substance that gets into the room air.

It should be noted that a person who disposes of toner or replaces it on an ongoing basis, after a couple of years will begin to experience health problems, in particular with the respiratory system.

Danger to the environment

Many people who do not know where to put used cartridges simply throw them away. The discarded containers, in turn, inflict a big blow on the environment. This is due to the fact that plastic is used for their manufacture, which completely decomposes in about 300 years. As mentioned above, these consumables are widely used, and therefore they are thrown out in large quantities every day.

Not only plastics are dangerous to the environment, but also small quantities of toner, even in empty cartridges. It contains a number of harmful substances (soot, ethylene, vinyl acetate, etc.). However, even without these substances, the toner is dangerous due to the fact that it consists of small particles. The size of one granule of toner is 3-4 microns, which is 10 times less than the size of dust. In addition, toner is also volatile.

How to Dispose of Printer Cartridges

At this point, we will take a closer look at what to do with the used cartridges. There are several options for further actions: disposal, replacement with new ones, sale and reuse.

The safe processing process includes several stages:

  • Disassembly and sorting of components.
  • Toner or ink residues are being cleaned.
  • Toner is melting.
  • Mechanical crushing and remelting process of plastic elements.

Why you shouldn’t throw cartridges in the trash

Disposal of cartridges should be carried out using special technology. This is due to the fact that the composition of its toner and components contain substances harmful to the living organism and the environment. The coloring powder belongs to household waste of III-IV hazard class. If you throw cartridges into a regular trash can, then the plastic of which it is composed will decompose in the landfill for more than 200 years, and toner particles, entering the atmosphere, will become source of its pollution.

If we take into account the number of cartridges thrown out daily, then it is not difficult to guess what harm is done to nature. The toner contains a huge amount of harmful substances:

  • magnetic additives,
  • titanium dioxide,
  • ethylene copolymers,
  • soot,
  • alumina,
  • vinyl acetate,
  • magnetite.
return, used, cartridges, printer

With daily exposure to the human body, these substances can lead to serious respiratory diseases and allergic reactions in the body. Therefore, before choosing an easy way to throw this kind of waste into the trash can, you need to think about the consequences.

Sale of used cartridges

There are companies that buy used printer parts.

Two well-known companies can be considered as an example:

  • EcoCartridge.rf. purchase of original cartridges. Price range. 50-500 rubles.
  • Kser. purchase of used cartridges at 80 rubles apiece.

Inside scoop: how HP Printers & ink cartridges are recycled

Full recycling cycle

The cartridges received for recycling are sorted by manufacturer, model and size. After that, a complete disassembly into component parts, mechanical crushing is carried out. The resulting plastic granules are sent to special furnaces, where they are melted at temperatures above 1000 degrees. This heating is quite enough to neutralize the hazardous substances contained in the toner. It is also ideal for melting plastics that do not release toxic elements.

Famous brands programs

Many global brands of printers and other peripheral equipment recycle cartridges at special factories. To do this, they use well-known methods and know-how.

To involve citizens and companies in the safe disposal of their products, such firms arrange actions and programs:

BrandManufacturerProcessing costBonus
Xerox Xerox Is free Not
Sharp Sharp Is free Not
Others Paid
Samsung Samsung Is free Not
Others Paid
OKI OKI Is free Discount on own products
Others Paid
Lexmark Lexmark Is free Discount on own products
HP HP Is free Discount on own products
Others Paid Not
Epson Epson Is free Discount on own products
Others Paid Not
Dell Dell Is free Gift card
Others Paid Not
Canon Canon Is free Not
Others Paid

Reuse or recovery

Currently, printers and MFPs are widely used that use only two types of cartridges: laser and inkjet. Each container that has run out of toner or ink must be refilled, but the number is limited.

In the case of inkjet printer containers, refilling is allowed only 5-6 times, and the recovery process is not more than 1-2 times. If the printing device has not been used for about 4-6 months, there is a huge chance of ink drying in the cartridge, which must be replaced.

Replacement of used ones with new ones

Some large firms are engaged in the acceptance of used cartridges. Then they recycle and dispose of them in accordance with all safety rules. As a rule, in the process of handing over the old cartridge to such companies, an acceptance certificate is issued. It is necessary for the receiving party for reporting, and the handing over receives papers confirming the disposal.

Often, such firms hold promotions aimed at encouraging citizens who hand over old accessories for recycling. For this purpose, gift cards, discounts on the products of this company may be provided.