Which button on the printer to scan

Scan to Computer

To scan to a computer, both devices must be connected to the computer and turned on.

_ Load small photo paper or full-size paper in the input tray.

_ Load the original print side down on the right front corner of the glass.

_ Start a scan job using the Printer Software. Click the icon on the desktop to start the Printer Software.

You can also access the Printer Software by clicking Start Programs HP Deskjet 2050 J510 HP Deskjet 2050 J510

_ Select Scanner Actions. The screen will show the available scan options.

Copy documents and photos

All documents are copied in normal quality print mode. You cannot change the print quality when copying.

Do one of the following.

Load small photo paper or full-size paper in the input tray.

Load the original print side down on the right front corner of the glass.

_ Close the cover. in. Start copying.

Press Start Copy Black or Start Copy Color.

Press this button several times to increase the number of copies.

HP package software

First, you need to consider programs, at least by the example of one, which are provided directly by the manufacturer itself. You can download them on the official website or install from a disk, which must be included with the purchased device.

  • First, we connect the printer. If this is a simple model, without a Wi-Fi module, then we use a regular USB cable for this. Otherwise, a wireless connection will suffice. In the second option, you need to make sure that both the scanner and the PC are connected to the same network. If the device is already configured and functional, you can skip this step.

After that, you need to open the top cover of the scanner and put the document there, which should be transferred to electronic or paper media. Mandatory face down.

  • Next, we find on the computer the installed program for scanning documents. In almost all cases, it is called “HP ScanJet” or “HP Deskjet”. The naming difference depends on your scanner model. If such software is not found on the PC, then it can be installed either, again, from the disk provided by the company, or downloaded from the official website, where you can also find a huge amount of useful software.
  • Usually, such a program asks you to specify the settings for the file that should be obtained as a result of the scan. Sometimes these parameters are configured separately, before starting the process of transferring printed information to the electronic version. One way or another, in the running software we are interested in the “Scan” button. The settings can be left as standard, it is only important to keep the original colors and size.
  • At this point, the consideration of this method can be completed.

    HP deskjet 2050 how to scan

    Tips for copy and scan success

    Load the original print side down on the right front corner of the glass.

    Clean the scanner glass and make sure there are no foreign materials adhering to it.

    Click here for more information online.

    Start a scan job using the Software
    printer software. Click the HP All-in-One icon on your desktop
    desktop to start the Printer software.

    To access the software

    You can also click Start HP Programs HP
    Deskjet 2050 J510 HP Deskjet 2050 J510

    Select Scanner Actions. The screen will show the available
    scan parameters.

    Scanning documents can be both necessary and everyday. Methodological materials for lessons in an educational institution can be equated with the necessary, but the second case may concern, for example, the preservation of family valuable documents, photographs and the like. And this is done, as a rule, at home.

    Button on the scanner

    Most HP printers that perform scanning have a dedicated button on the front panel that opens the scan menu. It is a little faster than searching and running the program. No customization options are lost.

    • First you need to repeat all the points from the first method, but only up to the second inclusive. Thus, we will carry out the necessary preparation for scanning the file.
    • Next, we find the “Scan” button on the front panel of the device, and if the printer is fully Russified, you can safely search for “Scan”. Clicking on this button will launch a special program on the computer. The procedure in question itself will begin immediately after the user clicks the corresponding button on the computer.

    All that remains is to save the finished file to your computer.

    This scanning option may seem easier than the first one. However, there are some limitations that prevent them from being used. For example, a printer may not have a black or color cartridge, which is usually the case for inkjet devices. The scanner will constantly show an error on the display, which will cause the entire panel to become ineffective.

    As a result, this method is more convenient, but not always available.

    Scanning to an HP printer

    HP printers and scanners are a very popular technique among ordinary users. Such a product can be found in almost every home where at least one person has a need to scan documents. Such a device will perform even the above-described domestic need quickly and in several ways. It remains to figure out which.

    Which button on the printer to scan

    With the Perfection V350 Photo scanner, you can scan images in several ways. Choose the method that best suits your job.

    Using the scanner buttons, you can automatically launch the software to scan an image and then save it to a file or transfer the scanned image to the desired application.

    a. Scan to E-mail Button
    b. Scan to PDF Button
    c. Copy Button
    d. Start button

    With Epson Scan, you can control all aspects of scanning and scan in three modes.

    Full Auto Mode: This is the simplest scan mode without previewing the image, where you do not need to make complex settings. Epson Scan selects this mode by default.

    Home Mode: In this mode, you can adjust the basic parameters of the images and check the adjustment results in the image preview window.

    Professional Mode: In this mode, you have many options that give you complete control over the scanning process and checking the results in the image preview window.

    You can use Epson Scan to scan images to your computer as a stand-alone application.

    Epson Scan also starts when using the scan option in Epson File Manager.

    You can also start EPSON Scan from another TWAIN-compliant application such as Adobe Photoshop Elements.

    The Epson Creativity Suite lets you scan, save, edit, and print images. Using the main program, Epson File Manager, you can scan and save images and display them in an easy-to-use window.

    Using Epson File Manager, you can select multiple images, print them, drag and drop them into a document, or attach them to an e-mail.

    Use the following Epson Creativity Suite programs by selecting them in Epson File Manager or launching them as standalone applications from the Epson Creativity Suite folder.

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    Scan and Copy: This application is for printing the scanned image to a printer connected to your computer. You can enlarge or reduce an image, print color or black-and-white documents, restore faded colors, remove defects, enhance text, and adjust image brightness and contrast. For details, see Using the Scanner in Copy Mode.

    Copy to Fax: This application is for scanning an image and sending it as a fax if you have a fax software installed on your computer. See EPSON File Manager or Copy to Fax Help.

    Attach to e-mail: The application is designed to launch the mail program installed on your computer and send the selected image by e-mail. This application also allows you to optimize the size of an image before sending it by e-mail. For details, see Scan to Email.

    The availability of certain applications depends on whether the required software is installed on your computer. This list includes only those applications that are included in the software supplied with the scanner.


    It is not recommended to type on this at all:

    F1-F12. the functions assigned to these keys depend on the properties of the specific program currently running, and in some cases, on the properties of the operating system. It is generally accepted for most programs that the F1 key invokes the help system, where you can find help on the operation of other keys.

    F1. Calls Windows “Help”. When you click from the window of any program. call the help of this program.

    F2. Rename the selected object on the desktop or in the explorer.

    F3. Open a file or folder search window (on the desktop and in the explorer).

    F4. Open a drop-down list (for example, the list of the address bar in the window “My Computer” or in Explorer).

    F5. Refresh active window (open web page, desktop, explorer).

    F6. Switch between screen elements in a window or on the desktop. In Explorer and Internet Explorer, move between the main window and the address bar.

    F7. Check spelling (in Word, Excel).

    F8. When loading the OS. select the boot mode. Turn on enhanced text selection in Word. The selection of a fragment from the initial to the final position of the cursor occurs without holding down the Shift key. Pressing the F8 key a second time selects the word closest to the cursor. The third is a sentence containing it. Fourth. paragraph. Fifth is the document. The easiest way to clear the last selection is by pressing the ShiftF8 keyboard shortcut. You can disable the mode by pressing Esc.

    F9. In some programs, update selected fields.

    F11. Switch to full screen mode and back (for example, in Internet Explorer).

    F12. Go to the choice of options for saving the file (File. Save As).

    Esc. cancel the last command entered, exit the window menu (remove focus) or close an open dialog.

    Tab. Enter tab stops when typing. Move focus through items. For example, moving between the desktop, the Start button, the Quick Launch bar, the taskbar, and the system tray. Moving through the elements (including links) of an open document. AltTab. switch between Windows.

    Shift. upper case key (non-fixed switching). Used in conjunction with other keys to type uppercase letters as well as uppercase characters.

    The shortcuts CtrlShift or AltShift are usually used to switch keyboard layouts.

    Capslock. upper case (fixed toggle). Used when typing in CAPITAL letters. Pressing the key again cancels this mode.

    Alt. used in conjunction with other keys, modifying their action.

    For example, Alt letter. calling a menu command or opening a menu column. The corresponding letters in the menu are usually underlined (either initially, or become underlined after pressing Alt). If the menu column is already open, then to call a specific command, you can press the key with the letter that is underlined in this command. The same applies to the open context menu.

    Ctrl. used in combination with other keys. For example, CtrlC. copy, CtrlV. paste, CtrlAltDel. open Windows Task Manager.

    AppsKey. call the context menu for the selected object (equivalent to right-clicking).

    Scanning from an HP Printer in Windows with HP Scan | HP Printers | HP

    Enter. Confirmation of the selection. Same as double-clicking on an object. Clicking on the currently active button in the dialog. Often. clicking on the “default” button in the dialog. When entering commands from the keyboard. completion of the command input and transition to its execution. When typing. jump to a new paragraph.

    Backspace. View the folder one level up in My Computer or Windows Explorer. In text editing mode. delete the character to the left of the input cursor).

    Delete. Deletes the selected object, selected text fragment or character to the right of the input cursor.

    Up, Down, Right, and Left Arrows. Allows you to navigate through the menu items. Move the input cursor to the corresponding side by one position. The action of these keys in many programs can be modified using the service keys, primarily SHIFT and CTRL.

    Home. move the cursor to the beginning of the current line of the document or to the beginning of the file list.

    End. move the cursor to the end of the current line of the document or to the end of the file list.

    PageUp / PageDown. move the cursor one page up or down. The term “page” usually refers to the portion of the document that is visible on the screen. Used to “scroll” content in the current window.

    Insert. Switch between insert and replace modes when editing text. If the text cursor is inside the existing text, then in the insert mode, new characters are entered without replacing the existing characters (the text seems to move apart). In overwrite mode, new characters replace the text previously at the entry position.

    PrtScn (print screen). Takes a screenshot and places it on the clipboard. AltPrtScn. copy a screenshot of the currently active window (application) to the clipboard.

    ScrLk (Scroll Lock). refers to the service keys. Its short explanation is scroll lock. It is intended for such a mode of displaying on the screen, in which pressing the cursor keys leads to a shift not of the cursor as such, but of the entire contents of the screen. Now this key is used for this purpose very rarely, but, for example, in Excel it works. This is very useful when editing large tables.

    Pause / Break. pauses the computer (in DOS it worked everywhere, in modern OS. only during computer boot).

    Numlock. Changes the numeric keypad mode. When it is on, it switches the digital block to the mode of entering numbers, when it is off, the additional keyboard can be used to control the cursor.

    These keys are very popular with dexterous bankers and anyone with a lot of numbers. The numeric keypad resembles a calculator and is located on the right side of the keyboard. (However, for it to work, you must press the Num Lock key. If you do not, you will be dealing with the arrow keys.)

    When Num Lock is off, the keys on the numeric keypad will act as cursor keys. They show small arrows showing the direction of the cursor movement on the screen. (The key with the number 5, which did not get the arrow, does nothing, but only fights with low self-esteem.) In addition, the cursor is controlled by the keys with the words “Home”, “End”, “PgUp” and “PgDn”.

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    Canon DocSetter

    Used in the printing industry to speed up pre-press processes. Provides high-speed and high-quality printing, has an excellent user interface. Scan and clean documents at high speed. Offers full pre-press automation.


    The utility supports a large number of scanner models, including film ones. Designed for scanning images.

    • It will help to revive the old scanner, as it even supports those models whose drivers are already outdated.
    • Automatically connects scanner to PC, configures scan settings.
    • Has a wide range of image processing functions, you can correct colors, adjust exposure, do multisampling, select the maximum color depth, improve sharpness and contrast, etc.
    • There is a text recognition option.

    Advantage. available for free in Russian.

    Kofax eCopy ShareScan 6

    Allows you to efficiently digitize documents. Intuitive controls. easy-to-use buttons and an on-screen preview option. ECopy ShareScan OCR technologies help you to work clearly and quickly. Users can collaborate and customize access to documents using the Kofax Business Connect app.

    IRISXtract ™

    It makes it possible to quickly send information from any place where there is Internet. Classification of documents using artificial intelligence allows you to process large batches of different types of documents, without the need for manual sorting and identification. Easily interacts with most applications and integrates into your workflow. All technologies developed by Canon, including OCR and compression.

    ABBYY FineReader

    Multifunctional universal program for scanning, recognition, editing and other operations with paper documents. Provides the ability to automate repetitive processes.

    • All operations are consolidated into a single interface. digitization, editing, search, document protection, joint work on files.
    • PDF files of any size and origin are easy to edit. correct typos, change. add and move text blocks, change formatting, document structure.
    • The latest OCR technologies make it easy to digitize paper documents, which simplifies office work.
    • The program provides tools for effective interaction with each other of all participants in the business process.
    • The program is installed automatically, easy license management.

    Pros. versatility and sophistication. Cons. license cost.

    Scanitto Pro

    Convenient, concise scanning application. Has all the necessary functionality.

    • Allows you to configure scanning parameters, quickly copy a document, combine several documents into one PDF or TIF file at once.
    • Allows you to immediately save the scan in the desired format, supports export to JPG, BMP, TIFF, JP2 and PNG.
    • Can be printed instantly after scanning.
    • Automatically finds and recognizes connected scanners, loads the necessary drivers.
    • There is a basic graphics editor. You can customize the size, resolution, color mode.
    • Knows how to recognize text.
    which, button, printer, scan

    Canon PRISMAprepare

    This program is also used to speed up the prepress process, helping to save time and money. Automatic color detection allows you to abandon makeready, and automation of operations. to prepare documents for all manipulations up to binding, this makes it possible to increase productivity with less time.

    Document scanning software

    Looking for a decent document scanning program? Our selection will allow you to make the right choice, taking into account your preferences in terms of the necessary functionality of a particular utility.

    General information:

    ABBYY FineReader guarantees fast and efficient document scanning and text recognition. He is able to translate various paper documents and pictures into electronic form. Also, you can get instant access to edit such files at any time. The application demonstrates excellent performance with modern versions of the Windows operating system.

    Among the clear advantages of the program are the support of 179 languages. Any text can be saved, sent by e-mail, and also posted in the vastness of the World Wide Web. It should be noted that there is an extended modification of the application called ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional Edition, it has a wider range of features and has an increased license cost.

    • Fast scanning of a large number of required documents;
    • High speed of reading symbols and letters;
    • There is a Russian shell of the user-friendly menu;
    • Using the scanner, you can process images from mobile devices with rather weak cameras;
    • Conversion to editable text;
    • Integrates into the explorer context menu;
    • Can work with office applications Word, Outlook and Excel;
    • There is software to improve the quality of graphic files (noise reduction, 3D distortion correction);
    • Ability to keep the original layout of documents.

    With the help of CuneiForm OCR, you can perform high-quality conversion of scanned text documents, as well as photographed text into printed text. In the process of text recognition, virtually any font is perceived, while maintaining the original structure of the document.

    The application can send the finished material to various text editors, there is a system for converting electronic copies of paper media, as well as graphic files into an optimal form for editing. The developer has been consistently releasing updates for the CuneiForm OCR. It is noteworthy that it contains a specialized dictionary responsible for checking texts.

    • Maintaining the original structure of the fonts:
    • Both single and batch processing of documents;
    • Working with various office applications and text editors;
    • The program for working with the scanner can be downloaded for free;
    • Scanned documents can be saved in PDF and other common extensions;
    • Convenient search system for waste documents;
    • Document analysis tools (finding text blocks, graphic images and tables);
    • There is an intuitive Russian-language interface;
    • Program for working with documents, allows you to check the dictionary.

    If you are interested in a fast utility that can scan documents and efficiently recognize them, you should check out Scanitto Pro. The program does not have the most extensive functionality, but it does an excellent job of decoding any document. It is possible to make settings for specific copy and save characteristics in TIFF and PDF.

    The main advantage of this document scanning program is easy selection of the required area, as well as control of the saturation, brightness and contrast of the resulting files. There is also a stripped-down version of Scanitto Lite. It will suit unpretentious users.

    • Powerful scanning system, has a very simple implementation of the Russian-language interface;
    • Any received material can be edited;
    • Selection of scanning parameters according to user preferences;
    • Full integration with any modern Microsoft platforms;
    • Effective tools for recognition, scanning and copying;
    • High resolution of the received files;
    • Saving in jpeg, png, tiff, jp2, bmp and pdf formats;
    • Saving text to multipage PDF and TIFF documents.

    Readiris Pro is a versatile scanner for Xerox, HP, Canon, Epson and third-party MFPs. The software supports integration with Microsoft office suites, can create scans to PDF using a virtual printer, boasts functions for converting and compressing sources with minimal loss of quality, with the ability to adjust contrast, color temperature, etc. The small program boasts optical recognition functions from both a printout and a sheet of handwritten text. Digitization is quite accurate, of course, if you are not going to “feed” her a scan of the doctor’s prescription.

    • Work with any built-in twain scanner;
    • Ease of installation and use, low cost;
    • Color and black and white scanning is supported;
    • The ability to quickly preview;
    • Recognition of handwritten words and symbols from A4 sheet, etc.;
    • Integrated tools for compression, color correction and conversion of images.

    VueScan. a program that helps to expand the functionality of your outdated scanner, the list of compatible devices includes more than six hundred scanner models! During the scanning process, the program retains the high quality of the source material. It is noteworthy that this applies even to old photographs.

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    The functions of the program allow you to very quickly connect to the required scanner. There is a manual adjustment of the color rendering level, contrast, output resolution and so on. Any scanned text, you can save as PDF documents, as well as JPEG or TIFF. The scanner software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It is worth noting that VueScan is free to obtain, but the trial version is limited. The only drawback is the lack of a Russian-language interface.

    • Boasts an impressive number of supported scanners;
    • Fast enough text scanning;
    • Convenient scanner wizard;
    • The interface of the program, although it does not have the Russian language, is implemented quite simply and intuitively;
    • The finished material can be saved in PDF, JPEG, TIFF;
    • VueScan supports decryption option;
    • The application works effectively with scanners, has the function of deep setting of certain parameters.
    which, button, printer, scan

    Free program PaperScan Free, performs three main functions, which are responsible for scanning documents, editing them and the option of direct printing of the finished material. There is a system to simplify the process of connecting to various scanners.

    The program contains a good set of tools needed to configure the scanner. A clear drawback is the lack of Russian, on the other hand. the implementation of menu items will seem understandable even to users who do not understand English. For the most efficient work of the program, the developers have implemented a special function for saving scanned documents with a strong compression level JBIG2.

    The Free version is distributed free of charge, it is worth considering the presence of a paid modification of the PaperScan Scanner Professional Edition, which demonstrates higher scanning speed and has advanced functionality.

    • The application has the function of direct printing of scanned documents;
    • You can visibly compress the file size using a special compression technology;
    • Import of images and PDF files;
    • The free utility supports a large number of different scanner models;
    • Ability to edit scanned text files;
    • While working with the scanner, you can use the options for auto-rotation and alignment of documents;
    • Filters and additional effects;
    • Support for Windows 10 and earlier modifications of this platform.

    RiDoc. a document scanning program that can reduce file sizes during processing without the slightest loss. There is a functionality responsible for the output of text to a file, as well as the ability to apply watermarks on scanned material.

    RiDoc is distinguished by the option to export documents to pictures. Scans and digitizes paper documents quickly and efficiently. The application is valid for free for 30 days, after which you will need to purchase the full version.

    • Batch processing of documents;
    • The function of imposing watermarks on the finished material;
    • Transfer of content by email;
    • Recognition of Russian-language and various foreign texts;
    • Office document types can be converted to jpg, png, etc.;
    • High speed of document scanning, trial version is distributed free of charge;
    • Significant reduction in file sizes without loss of original quality;
    • Work with both manual and automatic scanners.

    In our selection, a list of the most popular text scanning programs was reviewed. An important factor for programs in this category is the ability to decrypt the text of documents, as well as the quality of scanning. it is necessary that the information is completely readable, and the image scanner clearly transfers each line of the picture into the document.

    Some applications have Russian-language design, which can be another significant factor when choosing the best scanning software. So let’s take a quick look again at the programs below that can properly recognize text and scan a document to a file:

    The computer program ABBYY FineReader 10 Home is one of the most common tools for scanning documents. Knows how to quickly and efficiently find blocks, translate text written in different languages. The advantage of ABBYY FineReader. the presence of an impressive language base. Do not forget about the availability of a version with advanced functions Professional.

    OCR CuneiForm stands out among the competitors for its good grabbing performance of photographed text. It is noteworthy that a photograph can be taken even with a 2MP camera of some rather outdated mobile device. The program boasts a dictionary check function, which guarantees a high degree of information quality of the finished material.

    Scanitto Pro will do an excellent job with narrower specifics of work. The application will recognize the text very quickly and will be able to save it in the required document format. It is noteworthy that the program can find a given area of ​​the paper medium and improve the display of the material before saving it to the information medium. One-click scan function available.

    VueScan has a strong base of comparable scanner devices. Among analogs, the program demonstrates the highest rates of connection speed to the scanner. Of the additional pleasant options, it is worth noting the convenience of manual color adjustment.

    When choosing free document scanning software, you should pay attention to PaperScan Free. The utility is quite simple in terms of functionality, on the other hand, it performs all the necessary scanning options, in addition, you will be pleased with the unique compression technology that can significantly reduce the file size, leaving the original display quality. If you like the Free version, you can always purchase an extended Professional modification with more impressive functionality.

    RiDoc. another powerful enough scanning tool. It is worth noting that Ridoc includes a specialized tool for reducing file sizes without noticeably degrading the display appearance. The information remains readable. If necessary, the RiDoc document scanner will help you export document formats to graphic extensions. The program can install watermarks on the finished material and send the document by mail.

    Note that we have not considered standard tools. manufacturer software, such as HP Scan, as well as applications whose main functions are aimed at solving other problems: Adobe Reader scanner, Nitro Pro. There is also BlindScanner, created to organize access to scanning devices over the network from different laptop computers.

    Also, the Winscan2pdf Portable was not included in the rating. It works without installing it into the operating system, but it lacks many necessary functions, in particular, it does not allow changing formatting, does not print, does not recognize words. But with ease of use, everything is in order here. It is enough to launch it, select a folder in the dialog box and click on the “Scan” button. However, in order to work, you need the OS not to disable the virtual printer.!

    Note that we have only considered PC solutions. Android apps were not included in the review. You can choose and download any you like from Google Play. Their aLGorithm of work is approximately the same. And all that they allow you to do. it is to digitize a sheet of paper into PDF format using a smartphone or tablet camera. To start scanning, you only need to take a photo. It will not be possible to fully process it or translate it into text. Some progs, of course, have a mode for converting a digital photo into a text format, but desktop solutions cope with this much better.

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