Which inkjet printer to choose for home

Best inkjet printers for printing photos

MFP Brother DCP-T510W InkBenefit Plus

Rating: 4.6

  • MFP (printer, scanner, copier)
  • for a small office
  • 4-color inkjet printing
  • Max. A4 print size (210 × 297 mm)
  • printing photos

A powerful and easy-to-use device for home or small office. Copes well with printing (including photos), scanning and copying. For ease of use, the ability to connect via Wi-Fi is implemented. This MFP uses water-soluble ink to produce richer, sharper images. The ink tanks of the DCP-T510W are inside the case, the risk of accidental damage is minimal. In terms of price and quality ratio, this model is one of the best for photo printing.

Best Home Printers in 2020 [Top 5 Picks]

  • the equipment does not include a USB cable;
  • the print tray holds up to 150 A4 sheets;
  • the possibility of manual loading of paper by 1 sheet is provided.

Canon PIXMA TS704 Printer

Rating: 5.0

  • a printer
  • for home, small office
  • 4-color inkjet printing
  • Max. A4 print size (210 x 297 mm)
  • printing photos

The smallest model for printing photos and text documents. Works only as a printer, there are no scanner and copier functions. The print quality is very high with good color reproduction and clarity. The printer uses 5 ink tanks, and in addition to standard cartridges, you can also use XL-volume containers, which reduces the cost of printing. It is possible to connect with other gadgets via Wi-Fi. Intuitive operation. with a few buttons and an LCD on the front panel.

  • two trays for paper (lower and rear);
  • any type of paper can be used for printing (including square format);
  • there is the possibility of voice control of the seal;
  • there is a sound alert about the content level of the ink tanks.

Best inexpensive but good printers

MFP Epson L3100. Printing photomap

Rating: 4.5

  • MFP (printer, scanner, copier)
  • 4-color inkjet printing
  • Max. A4 print size (210 × 297 mm)
  • Max. print size: 210 × 297 mm
  • printing photos

A good printer for regular home use. Functionality. 3 in 1: prints, scans, copies. The color print quality is quite good. The CISS system is built into the body of the device. Ink can only be used in special jars with “Key Lock” locks. Unlike the older model L3160, this printer does not have the ability to connect with other devices via Wi-Fi. it will not work to print files directly from a smartphone.

Canon PIXMA G2411 MFP

Rating: 4.6

  • MFP (printer, scanner, copier)
  • 4-color inkjet printing
  • Max. A4 print size (210 × 297 mm)
  • Max. print size: 216 x 297 mm
  • printing photos

Compact and reliable model with 3-in-1 functionality (printer / scanner / copier). Copes well with household tasks. The ink supply system is frontal, which makes it convenient to monitor the filling level of the containers and to top up pigments in a timely manner The ink kit contains separate cans of black pigment for text and photo printing. There is an option to print multi-page documents from the last sheet (sorts and produces pages from first to last).

  • no automatic two-sided printing;
  • the screen is small, monochrome;
  • connection with devices via Wi-Fi is not provided;
  • loading tray. one, upper;
  • color rendition of images with errors, which noticeably affects the quality of printing photos and pictures.

HP Smart Tank 615 MFP

Rating: 4.8

  • MFP (printer, scanner, copier, fax)
  • for home, small office
  • 4-color inkjet printing
  • Max. A4 print size (210 × 297 mm)
  • Max. print size: 216 × 356 mm

Simple and compact device for home or small office. Copes well with print, copy and scan functions. The quality and speed of text printing is excellent. The manufacturer promises a very good ink resource. up to 18,000 monochrome sheets and up to 8,000 color sheets. For the convenience of using the scanner, an automatic document feeder is provided. Unlike the previous model, this one can connect to other devices via Wi-Fi.

  • print quality is average, color rendering is far from the highest;
  • no USB cable and driver disk included (you can download them from the official website);
  • there is an option for borderless printing;
  • automatic two-sided printing no.

Canon PIXMA TS5040 MFP

Rating: 4.9

  • MFP (printer, scanner, copier)
  • for home, small office
  • 5-color inkjet printing
  • Max. A4 print size (210 × 297 mm)
  • Max. print size: 216 × 356 mm

Multifunctional device for home or office use. Unlike the previous model, it can print, copy and scan. Works over USB, Wi-Fi and memory cards. Print quality is high thanks to the built-in 5-cartridge ink supply system (separate black pigment cartridges for photo and text documents). Extremely simplified control. using buttons and an informative LCD screen.

  • unlike TS704, there is only one tray here. the upper one;
  • video tutorials can be viewed directly on the LCD;
  • the output tray must be pulled out manually before printing;
  • can print square and borderless photos;
  • no duplex unit.

Dye Sublimation Printers

Photos are printed much faster than inkjet. In addition, they do not have the disadvantage inherent in the previous type. print lane, which manifests itself when the nozzles of the device are clogged.
A low-resolution dye sublimation printer can produce high quality photographs, no worse than those printed on an inkjet counterpart at high resolution.

But besides the indisputable advantages, this device also has a disadvantage in common with the previous type. the high cost of consumables.

Inkjet printers

Are colored. They are divided into regular and those that produce high quality prints. If the word “printer” is preceded by the prefix “photo”, it means that this device can print great photos for you, sometimes even better than those that are created in dark laboratories.

But we should not forget that printing home photos, although convenient, is quite expensive. Usually this is done either when you need to get them urgently, without wasting time on a trip to the photo studio, or you need to print just a couple of pictures. If, on your return from vacation, you have several tens or hundreds of good shots that you want to print on photographic paper, then they will do it several times cheaper in a darkroom.

This is because replacement ink cartridges are very expensive and are the main source of income for printer companies. On the other hand, in photo laboratories, there is equipment that makes it possible to reduce printing costs to a minimum and, accordingly, reduce the price for consumers.
But, despite this drawback, this type of printers remains the most popular among the population for home needs.

What is a printer, varieties

A printer is a device connected to a computer through which you can print electronic information such as texts, letterheads, photographs, illustrations, tables and much more.

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Before choosing a printer for your home, you should think about what format of documents you need to print. The most common is A4, its size is 297×210 mm. All kinds of documents, letterheads, etc. are usually printed on this format. But for those who are not going to do this, but want to print only small photographs, the most suitable size may be 100×150 mm.

There are the following types of printers suitable for home use:

  • inkjet. good for printing small text files, color documents, pictures and illustrations;
  • inkjet photo printer. capable of printing high quality photos at home;
  • thermal sublimation. designed for printing 10×15 cm photographs at home;
  • laser, LED. suitable for obtaining high-quality and inexpensive text prints, tables, graphs and other documents;
  • multifunctional device (MFP). the device is able to print, copy, scan both documents and photos.

Laser printer

Maybe colored and black and white. For printing, it must be periodically refilled with a special powder. This can be done several times until the cartridge becomes unusable. Refueling is carried out not independently, but with the help of a specialist. But it still costs less than purchasing a new cartridge.

which, inkjet, printer, choose, home

A color laser printer is very expensive. It is used most often in organizations related to creative advertising, modeling business, for printing high-quality and colorful sketches, presentations, sketches. True, recently manufacturers have begun to produce budget models, but they are still quite expensive in comparison, for example, with inkjet printers.

Black and white laser printers are used to print all kinds of non-color documents.

This is a device of a completely different class. It is capable of performing many tasks, being at the same time a laser or inkjet printer, copier, scanner, and sometimes also a fax.

Choosing a printer for your home

Having a printer at home is as necessary as having any other equipment. It is very convenient to print just taken photographs, as well as forms and documents stored in electronic form, without leaving home. But how and by what criteria to choose this technical device? We’ll talk about this below.

Which printer to buy for home use?

The answer to this question depends on the tasks you need to complete:

  • If the device will be used occasionally and only to print a document, then purchase a laser black and white printer, for example, Samsung Xpress M2020. It’s pretty cheap and fast. Although the cartridge for it costs almost the same as the device itself, with rare use it will last for several years. In addition, it can be refilled 3-4 times.
  • If you print a lot of black and white documents at home and do not need color printing, then get a printer of the same type, but of a higher class, such as, for example, the Brother HL-L2300DR. It is slightly more expensive than its counterpart described in the previous paragraph, but it works much faster and is more economical. With it, you will change cartridges much less often.

Which printer to choose for home?

The issue of transferring images to paper remains relevant despite the increase in online services. The photos in the album still remain history, a chain of pleasant moments, even when all of them have long been scanned and transferred to a computer. I don’t want to interrupt this story, and more and more new photos are pasted into the album.

The coursework, despite the fact that it was sent by e-mail to the teacher for verification more than once, is accepted by him in paper form. I am sure that every computer user sooner or later faces the need to print something. Sometimes a neighbor with a printer comes to the rescue, and sometimes you have to make a decision that a printer at home is already a forced necessity, without which the result of work on a computer cannot be fully used.

After looking at the proposals, many questions immediately arise, the main one of which is “Which printer to choose for the home?” If you ask the buyer of the printer why he needs him. the answers will be very similar to each other, it all comes down to about two tasks.

Printing photos, sometimes documents in small quantities. This is usually the first printer purchased.

Printing documents in large quantities (often a printer already exists for photos).

Approximately the same answers will be received from you after a while.

Among printers, if we exclude completely exotic technologies for transferring images from a computer, there are two large families that get along well with each other and do not pretend to be each other, at least until the near future. The first family is laser printers, the second is inkjet.

What is a laser printer?

The principle of operation of these printers is based on the ability of an electrified drum to transfer powder (toner) from a cartridge to paper. Toner is transferred only in areas where the drum charge has remained, and has not been removed by the periodic laser beam running through the drum. The transferred powder is then rolled with hot rollers and baked on paper under high heat.

Distinguishing feature of laser printer technology:

  • cheap black and white printing;
  • high print speed;
  • high resource of the cartridge, where one refueling is enough for a large number of printed pages;
  • The resource of a laser printer cartridge can be tens of times higher than that of an inkjet printer cartridge.
  • poor color rendering. Commercially available laser printers used at home cannot reproduce the entire color gamut due to the fact that satisfactory color reproduction cannot be obtained due to the properties of the toner and the limitations of the technology itself. The toner cannot be mixed evenly before application, because is applied to the paper in turn, each of its own color, and by its properties it is opaque.
  • relatively high energy consumption during preparation for printing and the printing process itself. This is caused by the need to warm up the sheet after applying toner to it;
  • low resolution in relation to inkjet printers. which can make several passes of the print head, each time displacing it by a distance that is less than the printed point;
  • The ink itself, or a consumable of a laser printer. toner, black powder or color.

What is an inkjet printer?

An inkjet printer colors paper with ink, applying them in a non-contact way, “shooting” clearly measured portions of ink using nozzles moving above the paper, which, under the action of electrical signals, form portions necessary for color transfer from the incoming ink reservoir. The nozzles make up the print head. This head is a very delicate and delicate movement made at the factory with the utmost precision. The print head can be located on the cartridge and in the printer. Colored inks are transparent, can be combined on paper, forming any colors from the main ones. Only three colors are enough to get all colors, but recently up to six colors have been used. This ensures high color accuracy.

  • excellent color reproduction, allowing you to print high-quality photos;
  • the ability to print large format images without significantly increasing the cost of the printer;
  • the ability to apply paints to materials that differ in shape and structure, for example, printing on the back of CDs;
  • the ability to print at high resolution;
  • versatility. An inkjet printer can print both a photograph and any document, color or black and white;
  • high cost of consumables (ink cartridges).
  • the need to periodically (without long breaks) print on the printer.
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For dyeing paper in inkjet printers, ink is used, the composition of which is a great secret and is protected by the manufacturer very seriously.

If you turn to a consultant, the first question will be “why do you need a printer? Print photos or documents? ” The second question will be “are documents black and white or containing colored diagrams and pictures?” You can determine from the diagram below which of the devices suits you best.

Click on the picture to open it in large format.

What you need to look for when buying a printer for your home:

The most important indicator is the cost of consumables. Historically, printer manufacturers have not built a lot of profit into the cost of a printer. Their main profit comes from the sale of consumables. Do not be lazy, try to calculate how long a set of cartridges is enough, divide the total cost of cartridges by the number of pages printed, thereby getting the cost of 1 printed page.

If you have already looked at the diagram and decided to purchase a multifunctional device, please note that usually the scanner for such devices is significantly inferior to scanners made by a separate device in terms of technical characteristics and cannot be recommended for scanning high-quality color photographs and slides.

Do not forget to purchase connecting cables, printers are not supplied with them. The exception is specialized cables that can only be used with these printers and MFPs, but such printers have not been produced for a long time.

Inkjet print cartridges contain one or more ink tanks. When choosing, give preference to those printers where there is one cartridge for one color. Now the vast majority of such printers are produced, nevertheless, clarify this issue when purchasing. By choosing a printer where you can change the cartridges of each color, you thereby reserve the opportunity to purchase only those cartridges that have run out, and not replace it with a completely new one when the ink of only one color has run out.

Inkjet printers are designed in such a way that you need to periodically (about once a week) print something on them (on a color printer. in all colors, for example, print a simple color drawing).

Inkjet printers are designed in such a way that you need to print on them periodically, otherwise the dried ink in the nozzles through which it enters the paper will not allow the document to be printed when needed. Clogged nozzles appear as longitudinal white streaks in black and white printing, or color streaks in color prints. Sometimes the situation can be corrected by cleaning the nozzles (for which there is a special function in the software that comes with the printer). If cleaning the nozzles does not remove any horizontal gaps or color stripes, the printhead will need to be replaced if the printhead is on the cartridge. If the head is not located on the cartridge, but is part of the printer, then the printer will have to be sent to a repair shop. Replacing a printhead is an expensive repair and is not included in the warranty service, so often such printers are simply replaced with new ones.

An inkjet printer has already been announced and will soon be available, equipped with large cartridges and a simple refilling system, which will give a record low price for the resulting photo prints. Please note that you can save a lot if you print a lot of photos.

For many printers, cartridges are produced not only by the manufacturer, but also, the so-called “compatible”. Naturally, manufacturers claim that they cannot guarantee high-quality printing with cartridges not made by them, which makes sense, so be careful when purchasing “compatible cartridges” or refilled and refurbished cartridges (these are labeled “refurbished” on the packaging, these are sorted out and refilled cartridges of expensive models with replacement of worn-out parts).

After purchasing, first of all, read the instructions for the purchased device. In principle, a printer is a device that is quite simple to operate, but sometimes there are some subtleties at the stage of installing it as a device or installing cartridges. For example, there was an MFP model that used language readings to install drivers with a user-pasted bezel. The first item in the instructions said that it was necessary to select and stick from the supplied panels the one on which there are inscriptions in the regional language. A fairly large part of users ignored this item, and the device could not install correctly in the system (Windows), and did not function. This caused a large number of calls to service centers with this MFP. Another example. installing and connecting a printer before installing the software for it did not allow using the printer, there was a conflict at the software level. The issue was solved only by removing devices and “cleaning” the registry and folders with saved drivers.

We wish you a successful choice and an excellent result!

We thank the electronics supermarket Electrozon for the material provided.

TOP best printers

Xerox Phaser 3020

Best friend of students and accountants. Xerox Phaser 3020 black and white laser printer. The utilitarian blue and gray design does not cheat. it is an inexpensive and convenient device for a wide range of tasks. It is easy to carry with you as the printer weighs just over four kilograms.

At a class-average print speed of 20 pages per minute, the Phaser 3020 boasts good print resolution. 1200 dpi. Of course, this only applies to monochrome images and texts.

The disadvantages include a low resource, only 15 thousand pages per month.

Brother HL-L8260CDW Printer

A laser printer designed specifically for 4-color printing. Equipped with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB interfaces, which allows you to connect external devices to it directly. Although, of course, the connection with the iPhone and other Apple devices is most conveniently organized. it is worth saying thanks to the support of the proprietary AirPrint technology. The device warms up in just 29 seconds and gives the first print in 15 seconds. At the same time, the print speed is 31 pages per minute, and the resolution reaches 2400 by 600 dpi.

Solid makes the HL-L8260CDW, perhaps, too expensive for home use. But in a medium-sized office, it will look just fine.


  • Inkjet or laser. If you are printing a lot of documents. take a black and white laser printer. In case you want to work with both photographs and texts, but you don’t want to pay a lot. take a closer look at inkjet devices. Keep in mind that if you want to print a lot of shots, it’s worth shelling out for the Continuous Print Feed System.
  • Printer or MFP. It is always a pleasure to have all the advances in modern technology at hand. over, if you need to quickly make a copy of your passport, scan a visa form or send old photographs to your grandmother in Odnoklassniki. It will be difficult to do this without a scanner. Therefore, if you need all the functionality (and in Russia there is never an extra photocopy of a passport). allocate another 3-5 thousand rubles for the purchase of a multifunctional device.

Epson L810 with CISS

For lovers of photography, the Epson L810 inkjet printer with CISS is perfect. The L810’s price tag may seem overpriced, but don’t forget to save on paint. CISS allows you to reduce the consumption of cartridges by one and a half times.

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In addition to photographs (on glossy and plain paper), the Epson L810 can apply images to CDs and other surfaces. Print speed of 37 pages per minute in black and white and one page less for color prints. The printer spends only 12 seconds on a 10 by 15 centimeters photo.

Added to this is a large LCD display showing print status and file preview, support for virtually all types of memory cards and an increased print resolution of 1440 dpi.

HP Color LaserJet Pro M254nw

Printing photos. always a difficult process for the printer. But if you need to print a lot of images, the best option in our opinion is the HP Color LaserJet Pro M254nw.

The machine produces 21 pages per minute regardless of the type of printing. Pictures are printed at 600 dpi. The resource is standard for laser printers. no more than 40 thousand pages per month. The pluses include a voluminous, up to 250 pages paper feed tray, you don’t have to run from the pack to the printer every time.

Nondescript office design and 14 kg weight. these are the only cons we found. But if you plan to put the M254nw in your home office or under your desk, then this can be neglected.

Cheap, angry or all together

Today printers are made by almost all manufacturers of office equipment. In the sales areas, you can find familiar names. HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung and others. You can also find firms unknown to the Russian user. Ricoh, Brother, Kyocera.

Of course, branded printers are a little (by one or two thousand) more expensive than their non-promoted counterparts. But in return you get a reliable car that will delight you with hot pages for several more years. And if not, then a large number of official service centers in Russia will come to the rescue. Don’t forget about online technical support. It is much easier to deal with the printer when the instructions (which are always lost) are online, and the manufacturer has added a support chat on the site. Are you willing to pay for all these amenities. separate question.

How to connect the printer to the computer

Most mid-market printers are now equipped with network cards. The device can be wired or wirelessly connected to the network.

Below are the most popular types of connectors and connections:

  • USB port. When the cable is connected to the printer and the computer, the operating system automatically detects the hardware and installs the software. The interface also allows you to connect and print photos directly from your digital camera.
  • Ethernet / LAN. network connection is ideal for users with a local area network at home or in the office. An Ethernet cable can be connected to a Wi-Fi router to share the printer on a network with more computers.
  • Wi-Fi. The most convenient solution for wireless printing from mobile devices. We can place the device in a convenient place, not necessarily near a router or computer.
  • Card reader slot. convenient printing directly from a memory card of a camera or phone.

Print directly from mobile devices

Modern printer models are equipped with additional technologies that allow wireless printing from mobile devices:

  • Bluetooth. interface for printing files from a smartphone or tablet.
  • Pictbridge allows you to print directly from a digital camera or phone.
  • AirPrint Is an Apple feature that lets you print photos and documents from your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Without installing additional software.
  • NFC. a module that allows contactless printing. Just bring your smartphone or tablet to the NFC-tagged printer to quickly print documents.

How to calculate the cost of printing

The approximate cost of printing per page can be calculated by dividing the price of toner or ink by its performance, i.e. the estimated number of pages indicated by the manufacturer. The resulting value refers to text documents, without graphics and illustrations.

Calculations should be carried out separately for printing a black and white and color document, as well as for ink and toner cartridges of different capacities.

Currently, standard and advanced consumables are available for most printers. Increased page-to-page capacity may be a more cost-effective solution.

The cost of buying paper must be added to the cost of printing.

Focus on additional printer functions

Printers, in addition to traditional functions, have a number of additional features.

  • ADF. automatic document feeder makes it easy to scan, copy and fax. Without the need to manually feed each one.
  • DADF. autoloader with support for double-sided documents.
  • OCR. optical character recognition on graphic files to convert them into editable text document.
  • Duplex. automatic two-sided printing.
  • Built-in display. simplifies installation and maintenance of the device.
  • Printing on CDs and DVDs. special tray for printing on discs.

Which printer to choose for photos

A dye sublimation printer is best suited for printing photographs. Until recently, they were only used by photo studios and locations providing photography services. Currently, the price of the device has decreased, so they can be found more and more often in the homes of ordinary users.

The dye sublimation printer is designed for printing photos. It provides photographic quality and high durability. However, it is completely unsuitable for office printing, as the cost of printing is quite high.

Compact models with a built-in battery are available for sale. You can take such a device on a trip or to a party and preserve the memories without having to visit the photographer.

If you are looking for a versatile device for printing photos and documents, get an inkjet printer. Remember, however, that it uses a minimum of 4 cartridges of different colors (according to the CMYK model). The more ink colors the printer has, the better the print quality.

Inkjet or laser printer. what to choose

The choice of the appropriate printer depends on how we are going to operate the device. Whether it will be used for printing text, graphics or photographs?

The number of prints that we plan to create within a month is also important.

Operating costs of inkjet printers

For inkjet printers, the rule: the cheaper the printer, the higher the running costs.

Inkjet printers use two different types of ink containers. In the first, the ink is in two cartridges. black and tri-color. In the second, each color is placed in a separate cartridge.

The cheapest models use the first solution. When one color runs out, the entire cartridge needs to be replaced. Printers that have separate ink containers save on ink replacement.

In the field of inkjet printing, an alternative solution is CISS. continuous ink supply system. A device that uses silicone tubes to supply ink from external reservoirs directly to the print head. CISS is a guarantee of low operating costs while maintaining high print quality.

Operating costs of laser printers

The toner cartridge in laser printers will last for many more prints. The cost of its operation depends on the method of installing the module with consumables.

Models available with a separate drum unit and toner unit and products that offer an integrated solution.

The first option will be more cost effective in case of intensive use. In turn, the second solution is more suitable for home printing.