Which iPhone is greater than 7 or 7

Updated cameras

The front camera has not changed. in both smartphones there is an identical 8-megapixel module. The main camera in the iPhone 12 is now more light-sensitive, but the sensor is the same as in the iPhone 11. But neural networks help to achieve better results: night mode appeared for both the ultra-wide-angle camera and the front camera, and the third generation Smart HDR analyzes the scene and adjusts the colors depending on lighting.

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If you take pictures every day, like to be confused with the processing of photos. take the iPhone 12 definitely. For all other cases, the iPhone 11 will be good.

Which one lasts longer

The battery life of the iPhone 11 is excellent, the phone can easily withstand a day of very active use or two days of vigorous load. Compared to it, the iPhone 12 performs less, but not much. According to my subjective feelings, the iPhone 12 will withstand a day and a half with a similar load.

Should You Buy iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 2020

Note that the iPhone 12 case now completely covers the bottom of the phone.

Now with 5G

At the presentation of the new products, a lot of words were said about the iPhone’s support for 5G networks. On the one hand, this is an obvious shortcoming of the iPhone 11, it does not support them. On the other hand, while living in Russia, you still will not be able to evaluate high-speed networks in practice.

The era of flat sides has come.

New design

While the iPhone 11 inherits the looks of the old iPhone XR, the iPhone 12 has completely new shapes. Instead of rounded sides, flat sides have appeared, the phone looks different and feels different in the hand. In addition, it has become lighter by 30 grams, having lost 15% of its weight, at the same time, its width and height have decreased.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 11.

Did you miss the new design? Now you can rejoice that the base iPhone looks no worse than the Pro version and differs only in materials: aluminum on the sides instead of steel.

iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

Another thing is that if you put the phone in a case, then it will be very difficult to find the difference between the iPhone 11 and 12 and no one will understand that you have a new iPhone.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 in cases.

Apple also improved the water resistance of the phone: the iPhone 12 meets the IP68 standard, but can withstand immersion to a depth of six meters.


The iPhone 12 is good for everyone, but it costs significantly more than last year’s iPhone 11, which fell decently in price. For example, I take the official prices: for an iPhone 12 with 64 GB they ask for 79,990 rubles, but an iPhone 11 with the same amount of memory costs 54,990 rubles.

Which iPhone is better: iPhone 11 or iPhone 12?

Buy a new one more expensive or an old one cheaper?

The new iPhone 12 turned out to be excellent in all respects, the new “base” iPhone now looks no worse than the more expensive iPhone 12 Pro, and there are enough differences against the background of last year’s iPhone 11. You can find out about all the details in the video, Valentin shares his opinion, and at the same time offers to take part in the drawing of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12:

Let’s go over the main points and highlight the main advantages of the new product. Phones for testing were provided by our friends from Biggeek.ru, as always, thanks to them for the excellent service.

Less bezel, stronger glass

The long-suffering display frames, for which only a lazy gadget writer did not criticize the phone, became thinner. At the same time, the display size remains the same, but the screen resolution has increased, and the matrix has also changed from IPS to OLED. Now the image quality of the “basic” iPhone is not inferior to the Pro version.

The notch remains, but the bezels in the iPhone 12 are smaller.

Both phones support P3 color gamut and also have True Tone, but the iPhone 12 has added support for HDR. Even in the pluses of the new iPhone, you can add a higher margin of brightness and a more contrasting screen.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 11.

The iPhone 12 also received Ceramic Shield, which protects the screen when the phone is dropped. Apple says it’s four times stronger than old glass.

Minimalistic kit

Apple has a new concept: together with phones, we get a minimal set of accessories, no more charging and headphones, just a cable. over, in such a minimum configuration, both the new iPhone 12 and the old iPhone 11 are sold. Therefore, if you suddenly come across the eleventh iPhone in a large box with a charger and headphones from the old batches, consider yourself lucky.

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New iPhones now without headphones and charging included.

iPhone 7 or 8? Definitely 7. Examples of photos and why I dropped the 8. Rose gold color.

It just so happened that at work I often need a second phone, I absolutely do not have one. What can I hide, but I am a lover of apple technology, however, I don’t particularly chase new products, I usually buy “new items” a year and a half after their start of sales. Of course, I could have taken some kind of budget phone, but I’m already used to ios, the convenience of the devices, and I also wanted the design to be good. For a long time, the second phone I had was the old man se, which still holds a special place in my heart. I parted with him, because for me he became too small, I wanted to read more documents on the screen.

At that time, I was already using the eight with might and main and decided to keep her company with a similar phone. Over time, I fell in love with the 7 iPhone so much, got used to it, the need for two phones disappeared and I decided to exchange 8 for 7 and today I will tell you why.

  • Display diagonal: 4.7 “
  • Screen resolution: 1334 x 750
  • Operating system: iOS 10
  • Number of cores: 4
  • Main camera resolution: 12 MP
  • Cellular standards: 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, GSM
  • Wi-Fi Calling: Yes
  • VoLTE: Yes
  • Number of SIM-cards: 1
  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi

It is no different from other models, except that the image of the iPhone itself. The same rectangular box. Minimalism in all its forms, but I somehow got fed up with it. The only thing I will note is that it is convenient to store a cord and so on in it. If you plan to sell your device later, then it is better to keep it.

iPhone SE (2020) Vs iPhone 7! (Comparison) (Review)

The familiar six. As a former owner of the eight, I will say that at first I did not like the back of the 7 (after the glass). But over time, I calmed down a bit and came to the conclusion that for me this is the best option. I was no longer afraid of accidentally breaking my phone.

The phone fits perfectly in my hand, it’s a pleasure to use it, my hands don’t get tired, I’m not afraid that at night it will collapse on my face while surfing at night) If I was afraid to take the eight with me for a run, then here I was not very worried about the glass I got rid of it, easily enters the belt bag, not heavy.

I didn’t think long about this and took the smallest one. 32 GB. For several years of friendship with apple smartphones, I realized that I stupidly do not need a lot of space. There will be 128. I’ll borrow it, but it will be stupid pictures, videos and applications that are not particularly needed. So even if the desktop is in order, everything is in order.

Battery. How long does the seven live.

It has to be charged twice a day. A couple of months after the purchase, the device began to slow down, I updated and the problem disappeared. With the update, the battery began to hold on much worse, initially I charged the phone once a day. During the day I manage to take a dozen photos, I sit on the Internet, talk on the phone, periodically play.

In 4 months, the capacity dropped by 3 percent, I couldn’t believe my eyes. For comparison, the 8 has only 2% battery wear in 5 months. I can’t stretch the charge for the whole day, so this is a problem and of course a minus.

Good, not much worse 8. I am completely satisfied. The pictures are colorful and clear. Slightly sticks out, but not critical.

Some movement in the frame: something may blur

Front camera: the photos are unclear, the quality is so-so, it comes out normally only with high-quality lighting.

Everyone scolds and I will. It is inconvenient to have one connector for charging and for headphones. If the figure eight can at least be put on wireless charging, then there are no options. I don’t like bluetooth headphones, not mine.

Not bad for a phone, but quiet for me, especially with an apple headset. I can’t call it great. The call is loud, everything is fine here.

These two phones do not differ much, but the difference in price is significant, I see no reason to pay extra for a couple of new functions that you can do without. Glass is great, but not practical. If you constantly twist the phone in your hands, then it will be safer. 7. For several months of acquaintance with the eight, it managed to break down, I had to carry it to the service center, eternal jambs, and this is for 55,000 (at that time). The only mistake of the seven I can note is the battery, but I will not say that the eight went very forward, I had to charge the same often.

I wear it in glass and in a case-book, everything is in order with the phone, there are no scratches. At the eight they appeared on the very first day.

This is probably the first of my iPhones, which I give a well-deserved five. It’s good for me, especially when compared to the iPhone 8. Now the price for the seven is much nicer and I don’t see anything wrong with taking this phone in the upcoming 2019, it’s still handsome.

Dimensions (edit)

As for the size of the new flagships, they remain the same as their predecessors. The total weight of the devices has changed slightly. They have become a few grams lighter than the 6 S, but still not as light as the sixes of the first generation. At first glance, the difference in the dimensions of smartphones is minimal, and, in theory, the covers from both versions of the sixes could be suitable for the new flagship. However, there is a small nuance. for the 4.7-inch modification, the manufacturer has shifted the camera socket closer to the ends, and the “eye” with the lens itself has become larger. Thus, it turns out that part of the camera will simply be covered with a cover.

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And in the plus version, and even more so, a non-standard dual module of two cameras forces you to purchase a new case.

New sound

The creators also did a good job on the sound quality of the iPhone. Instead of a separate audio jack, another external speaker was added, and the iPhone gained powerful stereo sound. The difference between the models is clearly felt, even not to a very demanding ear. But the most important thing is that Apple has left only one lightning port for connecting the iPhone with other devices: headphones, a charger, a computer.
Therefore, the new configuration will include headphones with a lightning connector. Also, in order to relieve the load on a single port, the company simultaneously introduced a wireless headset. Airpods. Always the main disadvantage of wireless data transmission was the inevitable lag of the sound track from the image on the screen. Apple claims that with the help of revolutionary Airpods, it managed to overcome this unpleasant feature.

The second controversial point is the limited duration of the autonomous operation of wireless systems. Pairing consumes the power of both the smartphone itself and the headset used. But here, too, the company assures that there will be no problems. you are guaranteed up to 5 hours of battery life, and another 3 hours during the day after a 15-minute recharge from the case.

Both of these factors are the reason for the very low penetration of wireless systems so far. there are too many limiting points. But, as we can see, Apple is breaking stereotypes again.


As already mentioned, the “seven” became waterproof, which both predecessors could not boast of. A special adhesive tape is laid under all the joints of the case, which makes the smartphone sealed. I wonder if it will be possible to restore it in the event of any service intervention? Or, after opening the iPhone, it will allow moisture to pass inside? We draw your attention to the fact that the “seventh” iPhone is not intended for long swims with the owner.

The protection of the gadget is more likely designed for short-term exposure to the aquatic environment. In this case, everything will go without consequences. The maximum that the new iPhone can withstand is a half-hour stay in fresh (!) Water, and at a depth of no more than one meter.

In addition to water, the seven will also be reliably protected from dust getting under the case. this is what the manufacturer’s declared level of tightness assumes. IP 67.

It will not be superfluous to cite a very interesting fact. even sealed “sevens”, somehow still drowned by users, do not fall under the service maintenance. Those. the presence of moisture under the housing cover is the basis for the refusal to repair or replace them free of charge. Therefore, we do not recommend too experimenting with immersing your smartphone in water to “test the strength”.

Comparison of iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 who is better

Once again, in mid-September, we observe the parade of iPhones across the planet. Even now, at the very start of sales, it is safe to say that the G7 will become a landmark device. It sets a new standard in mobile design.

What interesting Apple offers us in the next flagship, and how it actually differs from its predecessors?

Exterior functional

There is practically nothing to complain about in the design of the new model. the protruding camera was equipped with a neat sealing ring that ensures water resistance, the ill-fated antenna strips were made less noticeable by moving them closer to the ends, the Home button was “hidden” under the glass. As a result, the gadget looks completely monolithic, and, in fact, it is.

As experts predicted. the iPhone has finally become airtight!
Noteworthy is the highest build quality of “sevens”. there are absolutely no backlashes and “crunching” of buttons, as in the pilot versions of “sixes”.

The main button, Home, also received an update. Instead of mechanical, it became sensory. And to facilitate communication with the intangible button, the engineers have replaced the former mini-jack with an improved TapticEngine. Depending on the force of pressing, it generates vibrations of different intensities, based on which the user feels the response of the system. According to those who have tried it, you get used to it quickly, and in the future, “communication” with the button is intuitive.

In addition, the introduction of a touch button means eliminating at least half of the reasons for users to contact service centers. After all, it was not just a button, but also a “central lock” with a unique serial number, which could not be simply replaced without losing the lion’s share of functionality. Most often, in the event of Home breakdowns, the gadget had to be replaced with a new one. with an additional charge. Or be content with the limited capabilities of the “donor”.

This innovation made it possible to make the iPhone 7 sealed, since it simply became smaller with two holes (3.5 mm port and a recess for the “Home” button). But there is also a negative point in this. in winter, being in gloves, you will not be able to unlock your smartphone.

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Memory volumes

Another global update has affected the amount of internal memory. The long operating line “16/64/128” has been replaced by 32/128/256 gigabyte versions. In addition, from now on, the nearest predecessor versions will also receive a “new memory”. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer has doubled the capacity, without increasing the total cost of smartphones, in either case.

It is not yet known how such increases will affect the performance of devices, since predecessors with 128 GB of memory on board previously experienced stability problems.


Improvements have also been made on camera modules. They even outwardly became more massive and sturdier, or something. See for yourself, this is how they look in comparison with the 6 S. The selfie camera has now acquired a resolution of 7 megapixels (versus 5 megapixels in the 6S or the ridiculous 1.2 megapixels in the six). The resolution of the main camera remains exactly the same as that of the 6S (i.e. 12 megapixels), but the hardware has undergone significant improvements.

Cameras have become even more effective at suppressing any interference, better recognizing faces and shapes, and the color range has significantly expanded. The plus version generally received a dual wide-angle lens, on which at least shoot films. Also, the 7 Plus has added the ability to 10x zoom. Finally, the “younger” version of iPhones has received advanced optical image stabilization. Photos and videos are amazingly clear, even when shooting on the move. The iPhones now have a bright 4-diode flash built in, instead of the 2-diode in their predecessors, which means that the quality of night shooting will also be at their best. In addition to everything, a lot of hardware and software for image processing has been added. Including it became possible to edit the “picture” right during the shooting. In general, the seven can be taken only for a cool camera.

Recently, Apple has started producing two iPhone models a year at once, and in 2016 it even introduced another 4-inch device, but today we will not be talking about it. Consumers nowadays have to choose between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, and while this question is obvious to many, most are faced with a real problem. What’s better? user-friendly 4.7-inch phone or 5.5-inch dual camera shovel?

5 reasons why the iPhone 7 is better than the iPhone 7 Plus

It is more compact and more convenient to use
On our website there is a detailed comparison of the dimensions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in centimeters, as well as comparison with devices from other brands. Thanks to this, you will find out how much they differ and whether this or the device will be convenient for you. The smartphone fits into any of your jeans, jacket or jacket.

Its screen can be used with one hand
The iPhone 7 has the same 3D Touchscreen, but with a smaller diagonal, which, although not always easy with your thumb, can still reach the top of the display. There is also a one-handed control mode, but its presence on smartphones is considered by many to be controversial.

3.The iPhone 7 is noticeably lighter
If the whole phone matters to you, then you should definitely grab the lighter iPhone 7, which weighs only 138 grams. His sibling, with its 188 grams, may seem too heavy.

The iPhone 7 case is more durable and harder to break.
Due to its more compact dimensions, the smartphone is able to withstand more severe impacts. This is evidenced by numerous strength tests. It is the large display area with the same thickness and materials that is the reason.

4 reasons why the iPhone 7 Plus is better than the iPhone 7

Large and versatile screen
Apple iPhone 7 Plus is an ideal solution for people who use smartphone services very often. The large 5.5-inch display is especially useful if you don’t have a tablet. What’s more, this phablet has the best display-to-body ratio.

The iPhone 7 Plus camera has the best functionality
Unlike the iPhone 7, its enlarged copy, the 7 Plus, has a dual main camera, which boasts several advantages at once. First is the optical zoom, and secondly, the portrait mode, which allows you to take impressive pictures with a blurred background.

It is equipped with an enlarged battery
Due to the large dimensions of the device, the company’s engineers managed to place a battery of increased capacity inside the case. For example, the iPhone 7 Plus can work 21 hours of talk time, while the iPhone 7 can last only 14 hours. The 5.5-inch model has a 2900 mAh battery, and the 4.7-inch one is almost 1000 mAh less.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus outperforms the iPhone 7 in multitasking because it has more RAM. We have noticed this trend since the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which received 1 GB and 2 GB of RAM, respectively. Over time, the company had to improve the characteristics of its devices, so now the iPhone 7 has 2 GB of RAM, and its larger sibling received 3 GB.

This allows iPhone 7 Plus to store more apps in memory, which saves you time opening apps you use frequently. Even browser tabs will reload less.