Which Laser Printer To Choose For Home

Choosing the best laser printer for your home! Reviews, rating TOP 7

Technological progress, which has stepped forward significantly, makes it possible to use printing equipment not only in offices, but also at home. We want to print documents, photographs, reports and other papers we need without leaving our apartment. For this we need modern printers. There are many types of printers, for example: dot matrix, inkjet and laser.

Matrix are outdated and are out of date. Inkjet machines are cheap, but they use a cartridge very quickly and its refilling or replacement entails costs, which level out the cheapness of the device itself and make its purchase unprofitable. Therefore, the most profitable printer for us will be a laser one. Choosing the best laser printer for your home! Reviews, TOP 7 rating and characteristics are considered below.

Xerox VersaLink C400N. A3 printer

The impressive size and wide opening of the tray of this machine allows you to make posters, drawings, wall newspapers and other large-format products. Designed for use in production, print shops.



The device has a pleasant black color, a standard design and a well-known manufacturer, just asks to buy and use it at home.

Good print speed, excellent quality and compatibility with the operating systems of computers and mobile devices make it a very profitable purchase.

Printing b / w
the size 18.3×35.6×36 cm
speed 26 pages in one minute
cartridges 1 PC
resource 1200 pages
load 12000 pages per month
tray 250 pages
The weight 7 kg
Resolution 2400 × 600 dpi

Price list: 8990 rubles.


  • High print speed (26 ppm)
  • Large paper tray (up to 250 pages)
  • Ability to connect seamlessly to a computer or mobile devices.


  • Low cartridge yield (1200 sheets).
  • Top 7 best laser printers
  • HL-L2340DWR
  • HP LaserJet Pro M402n
  • HP LaserJet Pro M15w
  • Canon iSensys LBP212dw
  • Samsung Xpress M2020W
  • Brother HL-3140CW
  • Canon i-SENSYS LBP611Cn
  • Comparative table of the presented models
  • Best lists
    • Ricoh SP 150w. Budget
    • Epson L805. Printable photo
    • Xerox VersaLink C400N. A3 printer
    • What to look for when choosing
    • Comparative table of the presented models

      Below is a brief description of the above items.

      Model A type Resolution, dpi Speed, ppm Load, pages per month. Cartridges, pcs Weight, kg
      Brother HL-L2340DWR b / w 2400 × 600 26 12000 1 7
      HP LaserJet Pro M402n b / w 1200 × 1200 38 10000 1 8.6
      HP LaserJet Pro M15w b / w 1200 × 1200 eighteen 8000 1 3.8
      Canon iSensys LBP212dw b / w 1200 × 1200 33 80,000 1 9.5
      Samsung Xpress M2020w b / w 1200 × 1200 20 10000 1 3.97
      Brother HL-3140CW color 600 × 2400 eighteen 30,000 4 17.4
      Canon i-Sensys LBP611Cn color 600×600 eighteen 30,000 4 15.5

      Best lists

      We have highlighted in a separate list:

      • Ricoh SP 150w. budget;
      • Epson L805. for photo printing;
      • Xerox VersaLink C400N. A3 printer.

      Let’s consider them in more detail.

      HP LaserJet Pro M402n

      A high-speed model of a printer with a fairly good cartridge resource just asks for a purchase. And the display and control buttons make it especially attractive.

      The weight 8.6 kg
      Resolution 1200 × 1200
      resource 1,500 pages
      speed 38 ppm
      seal monochrome
      cartridges 1 PC
      the size 22x38x36 cm
      tray 250 pages

      Price: 17 190 rub.


      • Sufficient work speed (38 ppm)
      • Large paper tray (up to 250 pages)


      • Low cartridge yield (1,500 sheets).

      Canon iSensys LBP212dw

      A decent laser printer with a modern interface. Able to print from digital network media, namely Apple and Google cloud. A good home printer for those who value print speed and quality.

      Printing monochrome
      resource 3100 pages
      speed 33 pages / 60 sec
      cartridges 1 PC
      tray 250 pages
      The weight 9.5 kg
      Dimensions 250х400х370 mm
      Resolution 1200 × 1200 dpi

      Price list: 14,590 rubles.


      • Automatic two-sided printing;
      • Support for various media;
      • Color display
      • High cartridge yield (3100 sheets).


      • Not found.

      Canon i-SENSYS LBP611Cn

      A color printer with two modes of operation allows you to print both color documents and photographs, and monochrome (black and white) text. It is very convenient when various types of printing products are needed.

      Print type color, monochrome
      Dimensions 27.4x43x41.8 cm
      speed 18 pages
      Resolution 600×600
      load 30,000 pages / month
      display 1
      cartridges 4 things
      The weight 15.5 kg
      tray 150 sheets



      • Color print;
      • Acceptable speed (18 ppm)
      • Availability LCD display.


      • Average print resolution (600×600).

      Types of MFP

      Before buying complex equipment, you must carefully study some of the criteria that may affect the choice. First of all, you should understand what types of printers, scanners, copiers are for home. In total, there are 3 types of printing devices: matrix, inkjet and laser.

      Dot matrix printers are the first generation of peripherals. Today they are very rarely found on sale, since they have long lost their relevance. The main advantage of this technique is the low price of both the device itself and consumables. Matrix models do not have color printing and produce poor image quality.

      Inkjet printers are the most popular choice for color and black and white printing. They work at the expense of Special cartridges, which, when printed, spray ink onto the paper. This variety has a wide range: from budget to professional models. However, among the significant disadvantages are the high price of consumables, fragility, low print speed and high ink consumption.

      Laser MFPs are the most expensive ones. The principle of printing in this technique is based on the properties of reflective substances. A cartridge or toner in laser printers is rated for several thousand pages. Therefore, the high cost of the device pays off with the low cost of printing. Unlike inkjet counterparts, laser devices do not know what dried ink or clogged nozzles are.

      Which printer-scanner-copier is better for home: inkjet or laser

      For a long time, technology, which was previously considered the prerogative of offices, settled in our homes. This is especially true for families with schoolchildren or students. Thanks to the printer, you can print an abstract or term paper. The scanner allows you to overtake photographs or printed publications into digital format. With the help of a copier, you can reproduce the documents you need. However, buying each unit separately is expensive, and you will have to allocate a lot of space to accommodate all the equipment. Therefore, if you want to have all 3 devices at your disposal, you should pay attention to the multifunctional device (MFP). And so that the chosen technique does not cause trouble, listen to the advice of experts, which printer-scanner-copier is better to choose for home.

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      Those who prefer high speed printing and the person is not worried about the brightness of the image, should purchase laser MFPs. Pictures and photographs reproduced on such a device are not afraid of moisture and are NOT smeared. This happens due to the fact that the coloring matter is NOT sprayed on the paper, but is imprinted into it.

      Due to the low consumption of dye, you will have to refill the toner of the laser device 2-3 times a year (assuming daily printing). Most often, laser MFPs are sold for black and white printing. The price for color models is very high. Therefore, buying such equipment for the home is impractical.

      In terms of the number of available functions, laser MFPs are NOT inferior to inkjet ones. Some models have a built-in fax and telephone. Some laser devices have the ability to print documents and photos not only from a computer, but also from other media (camera, phone, flash drive, etc.). If you often work with transparent materials such as photographic film, slides or plastic film, it makes sense to purchase a device with a built-in slide module.


      The inkjet MFP requires ink cartridges containing 3-4 colors. When choosing, keep in mind that the more colors, the more economical the printing will be. Especially black and white documents. Among the advantages of this technique are the low price and excellent quality of color printing. Images printed on an inkjet printer are much brighter and better than on a laser.

      Disadvantages of inkjet MFPs include slow printing speed and expensive consumables. It is also worth considering the fact that the inkjet image is very sensitive to moisture and can be easily smeared if a drop or two of water gets on it. If you plan to permanently print the captured images, look at the Epson models. A special accessory is sold for them to ensure uninterrupted ink supply. With this optional system, you can save a lot on ink and not have to mess with manual refills.

      Images printed on an inkjet printer are better and brighter than on a laser.

      It should be noted that inkjet devices are designed to print on a variety of paper sizes (A4, A3, envelopes, cards, labels, etc.). If you plan to print business cards, choose models with borderless printing. The most common inkjet printers used are water soluble and pigment inks. The disadvantage of the former is that the image is blurred on paper. To avoid this effect, use coated paper. Pigment ink is NOT afraid of moisture, light and mechanical stress. They can be used on any paper. To prevent the ink from drying out in the inkjet device, be sure to print at least 1 sheet of paper once a week.

      Equally important Pay attention to the MFP scanner. It can be flatbed and drawn out. The principle of operation of the flatbed type boils down to the fact that the photosensor, while in motion, reads information from the document placed on the glass. In broaching scanners, the photosensor is fixed.

      Main characteristics

      When choosing a printer-scanner-copier for the home, it is equally important to pay attention to such characteristics as the resolution and print speed, as well as the type of connection to the computer. Here print resolution depends on image quality. The higher the number of diopters by 1 mm, the better. There are 4 types of resolution: 300, 600, 1200 and 2400 dpi. If you plan to print only texts in low quality, you can opt for a budget model with a resolution of 300 dpi. To print graphs and pictures, you should choose devices with a resolution of 600 dpi. For those who are fond of photography and want to hang their favorite images at home, models with a resolution of 1200 dpi are suitable. If you need high quality drawings, 3D models, etc., get professional devices with a resolution of 2400 dpi.

      When it comes to print speed, it all depends on your preference. Please note: the data indicated by the manufacturer in the technical specifications may differ significantly from the actual capabilities of the device. If you don’t really care about the time interval after which printing will start (after 6 seconds or faster), then you can completely ignore this parameter. Remember, though, laser printers print faster. If you want to get a picture or photo on paper using an inkjet machine, be prepared to wait a while.

      According to the type of connection to a PC, there is a USB port, bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The first option is slowly losing ground. Recently, more and more preference is given to transferring data via wireless connections.


      To avoid the disappointment of your home printer / scanner / copier, take the advice of a copier specialist. Remember: when choosing a device, do not buy the cheapest one. Giving preference not to home models, but to multifunctional office equipment.

      Decide in advance what kind of documents you will work with: color or black and white. If you need to transfer color photographs and documents to paper, choose models for black and white printing. They are cheaper, more economical and faster.

      The difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer: which one is better?

      Inkjet printers use liquid ink sprayed through microscopic holes (nozzles) onto the paper, while laser printers use a toner cartridge (fine powder) that is heated by a fuser. The difference in approach to printing leads to a different set of tasks that can be performed by these two types of printers. How do you know whether an inkjet or laser printer is best for you? Need to dive a little into design features.

      Inkjet printers

      Inkjet printers come in three types: document printers, photo printers, and MFPs. They all print using the same technology: liquid ink from a cartridge is applied to the paper in the form of tiny dots from which an image is formed.

      Inkjet MFP prints color images well.

      • Document printers are the cheapest of them. They do the best job at printing text documents. It can be either black and white or color.
      • Photo printers are slightly more expensive, and are focused on high quality color printing of small photos (up to 8×10). This is usually sufficient for home printing or small photo business.
      • Multifunctional devices (MFPs) at a low price combine the functionality of a printer, scanner and copier, and sometimes a fax.

      The advantages of inkjet printers include the following:

      • Small size. Most inkjet printers are small and can fit in tight spaces. MFPs are slightly larger, but generally smaller than a laser printer and much smaller than a standard office copier.
      • Low price. Inkjet printers are generally much cheaper than laser printers. If an inkjet printer breaks down, it is much easier to replace it with a new one.
      • Inexpensive consumables. Inkjet cartridges have dropped in price in recent years. An ink cartridge costs about half the price of a laser toner cartridge. over, it is easier to replace.
      • Excellent photo quality. Inkjet printers designed for photo printing can produce stunning results, producing images with vibrant colors and high contrast with almost no pixelation.
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      Inkjet printer inside view.

      Among the disadvantages of inkjet printing are the following:

      • Waste ink. In order to print one page, an inkjet printer requires much more consumables than a laser.
      • Slow printing. An inkjet printer copes with printing multi-page documents much slower than a laser.
      • Cartridge problems. At times, ink cartridges can leak and dirty the printer, hands and paper. In addition, ink cartridges tend to dry out if used occasionally.

      Overall, an inkjet printer is a popular consumer choice for home use. Buy an inkjet printer if you:

      • Choosing a printer for your home;
      • Want to print photos;
      • Are you going to print small documents often;
      • Limited in funds.

      Inkjet or laser printer: which is best for home and office?

      Whether you are looking for a printer (whether for home or work), you are bound to be faced with a choice between an inkjet or a laser device. Let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses of each technology.

      Modern printers are very affordable. you can choose a completely economical model for 4000-5000 rubles. But this is not so easy to do, especially if you are going to buy a color printer: which is better laser or inkjet?

      Laser printer

      Laser printers are classified into document printers and MFPs. For printing, they use a dye powder (toner), which is heated by a laser and adheres to the paper, forming an image.

      The laser document printer allows you to print text documents quickly and very clearly.

      Laser MFPs, just like inkjet printers, combine print, scan and copy functions.

      Among the advantages of a laser printer are:

      • Economical use of toner. Consumables for a laser printer are more expensive, but they last longer than an inkjet printer. In general, toner is cheaper to print one page than with ink.
      • High print speed. Laser printer copes much faster with multi-page documents.
      • Clean and accurate printing. Toner is dry powder.It does not smudge or smudge if a newly printed document, for example, is placed in a folder.
      • Clearer printing of documents. Laser printer prints fine print and details more accurately, so toner documents look much more legible.

      Inside the laser printer.

      There are also enough disadvantages.

      • Expensive consumables. Toner cartridges are very expensive, at least double the price of ink cartridges. But, as already mentioned, they last much longer.
      • Big size. A laser printer, especially an MFP, is rather bulky. He’s not easily squeezed into a tight corner.
      • Noise. Laser printers make noise during operation, which cannot be drowned out (inkjet printers have a silent mode of operation).
      • Very expensive color printing. A laser printer is not the best choice for printing photographs; color toner is very expensive. Many inexpensive lasers do NOT support color at all.

      We can say that laser printers are the best choice for printing large amounts of text. Therefore, they can often be found in offices, libraries, educational institutions. A laser printer is worth buying if:

      • You need an office device;
      • You want to print large documents;
      • You want a printer for your home, but you will rarely use it;
      • You don’t really need color printing capabilities;
      • Are you willing to spend more money.


      This “workhorse” will print in monochrome or color with high quality, quickly and without unnecessary noise. The user does not need to rack his brains, figuring out how to operate the device, nor does he need to call the wizard if necessary to replace or refill the cartridge.

      Note: the base resolution of the model with 16 MB RAM is 600×600 dpi, and the maximum resolution is 2400×600 dpi.

      The manufacturer has equipped the device with a tray for 150 sheets and a compartment for receiving printouts for 50 sheets. The device is connected using a USB 2.0 connector. First monochrome page prints in 13.6 seconds.

      What is good about the device: 3 features

      • Speed ​​- CANON I-SENSYS LBP 7018C prints 16 sheets in one minute in black and white and 4 in color.
      • Knows how to work with different sheet formats: prints on A4 / A5 / B5, so it is suitable both for printing abstracts, term papers and reports, and for booklets, brochures.
      • Ease of installation. to start working with the equipment, you just need to install the software from the disk, which is included in the package.
      • Machine Do not apply images to sheets on both sides;
      • The device does not connect wirelessly.

      HP M102A

      This printer with 128 megabytes of RAM works well: fonts and graphics, text on documents. all this is visible quite clearly thanks to the patented technology that improves resolution. HP FastRes. So, the base resolution is 600×600 dpi, but the technology is able to double it.

      Paper feed tray Holds 150 sheets and the waste tray holds a hundred. The progress of the M102A can be seen on the LCD. The device is connected via USB. Indicators of maximum load are 10 thousand A4 pages.

      • You DO NOT have to wait long to print a course or quarterly report: in just a minute, users receive up to 22 pages, and the first printer gives out after 7.3 seconds.
      • It is possible to print booklets, pamphlets and brochures: the device prints not only A4, but also A5, A6 and B5.
      • Supports Apple AirPrint. you can print from Apple gadgets “over the air”.

      Note: when the device is working, it consumes 380 W, while in sleep mode it is only 0.5 W.

      • Duplex comments;
      • DOES NOT connect via wi-fi.


      This monochrome version doesn’t need a lot of space to sit on your desktop. At the same time, the model works well and quickly: prints on A4 sheets (1200×1200 pixels).

      The printing device is connected to the media both via USB and using a wireless network. This helps to save space in a small apartment or office: it is not necessary to put CANON I-SENSYS LBP6230DW near the computer.

      6 advantages of a printer

      • High productivity. prints up to 25 pages per minute. First page prints in six seconds.
      • It starts quickly: it exits the standby mode instantly, and when turned on, it only needs to warm up for 10 seconds.
      • Saves sheets: can print on both sides, and this option works automatically.
      • Improves the quality of prints by developing Automatic Image Refinement: you can forget about dull text.
      • Capable of accepting user commands via a PC via a local network or wirelessly, from a smartphone or tablet using Canon Mobile Printing software.
      • Ease of use: the universal cartridge contains toner, drum and cleaning tools: consumables change and maintenance takes less than a minute.
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      SAMSUNG SL-M2020W

      The budget “monochromatic” will fit well in both home and office environments. A lot of device space is not needed, it works quickly and quietly, and also high-quality: prints are clear.

      The printer works with A4 format, and the resolution of this model is equal to 1200×1200 dpi. The manufacturer supplied the device with a tray, which can hold 150 sheets. The device is capable of printing 10 thousand pages per month.

      Note: when SAMSUNG SL-M2020W prints, it spends 310 W, and when “asleep”. only 30 W.

      • Fast response: the first page comes out in 8.5 seconds, and in a minute the device will be able to print 20 sheets.
      • Editable. remove unnecessary images or text, convert images from bitmap to thumbnails using Samsung AnyWeb Print software.
      • Synchronizes quickly with your PC: you just need to press the WPS button on the printer. and everything works.
      • Connects via both USB and Wi-Fi: using cords is not necessary.
      • Prints from any media: even from a computer, even from a tablet or smartphone thanks to the support of modern communications NFC, Wi-Fi direct, as well as Google Cloud Print.
      • Saves toner, paper, energy with Samsung Easy Eco Driver waste.
      • Quiet as a mouse. in active mode, the printer operates at volume up to 50 dB, and in standby mode. at 26 dB.
      • Duplex comments;
      • Starter cartridge lasts only 500 pages.

      HP LASERJET P2035

      This reliable technique will print everything you need quickly and quietly. The device is connected via USB or LPT-port. The device prints images in 600×600 dpi resolution. But thanks to the development of the manufacturer. FastRes 1200. a result is achieved with an indicator of up to 1200 dpi.

      6 advantages of the device:

      • Print quickly. HP LASERJET P2035 can handle 30 sheets in 60 seconds.
      • Works almost silently (54 dB).
      • Ease of control of consumables: “smart” cartridge monitors the consumption of materials. the printer gives a signal to fill the system.
      • Easy to care for and maintain: easy access to the cartridge allows you to replace quickly and independently.
      • Ease of Navigation. Function navigation is provided by an intuitive LED panel.
      • Convenience of printing. the printer prints on sheets of various sizes. In addition to A4 standard, the device can easily cope with prescription forms and even postcards.
      • Cannot be printed on both sides;
      • Can’t connect via wi-fi.

      Interesting to read: Review of HP Deskjet 5820 MFP

      PANTUM P2500W

      This is a compact, easy-to-use device that works quietly, quickly and efficiently without being tied to an outlet. The printer is connected Not only via USB, but also wirelessly. via Wi-Fi. PANTUM P2500W prints monochrome images on A4 leaves. Technology resolution. 1200×1200 dpi.

      The device is equipped with a strong metal frame, which protects it from mechanical damage. With a standard cartridge, the printer can print 1600 pages.

      What makes the device good:

      • Fast work. the first page Printed in just 7.8 seconds.
      • Wi-Fi direct and Mobile Printing. options that make it possible to get a quick printout from any gadget: laptop, camera, or smartphone.
      • If the device is NOT used for several minutes in a row, it will automatically “fall asleep” and thus save energy.
      • Works quietly (54 dB): even a whisper cannot be drowned out by printers.

      The disadvantages of the device include the lack of a function for printing on both sides of the sheet: it will NOT work to save paper.

      TOP 8 best laser printers

      Need to print your thesis? Preparing weekly meeting reports? A good laser printer will definitely come in handy. It is suitable for both black and white documents and color images. The SIMplest equipment is connected to a computer using a cable, more expensive options use a wireless connection.

      The article presents 8 models of the best laser printers, which are characterized by high print quality, speed and endurance. The review examines the main parameters, features that each model boasts, as well as the disadvantages of devices.

      An overview will help you decide which laser printer should be chosen for home or office.

      Which Laser Printer To Choose For Home


      This budget option is designed to work with A4 sheets. The model is designed for monochrome printing. The device can be easily connected to any PC or laptop via USB. The device is capable of printing with a resolution from 600×600 to 2400×600 pixels.

      • Productivity. after exiting the “sleep mode”, the technique starts immediately. The first print appears in less than 8 seconds. The device easily prints 18 pages per minute.
      • Development of “Automatic Image Refinement” automatically improves image quality: add clarity to text or picture.
      • Energy efficiency. CANON I-SENSYS LBP6030B consumes 0.8 W in sleep mode, 1.8 W in standby mode, and 330 W when working.
      • Quiet operation. in standby mode the device does NOT make any noise at all, and in active mode it works at a volume of 49.2 dB: It will not interfere even if it speaks in a whisper.
      • Easy to clean. the universal cartridge eliminates the need for maintenance. The original cartridge contains not only a drum and toner, but also contains cleaning elements. Replacement Takes less than a minute.
      • There is no double-sided printing;
      • Wireless connection available.

      BROTHER HL1112R

      This monochrome machine is easy to maintain and operate. The capacity of the trays is standard: 150 sheets fit in the feed slot, and 50 sheets in the receive slot. This equipment is capable of making prints with a resolution of 600×2400 dpi.

      The HL1112R cartridge lasts 1,000 pages and the drum unit lasts 10,000. Such a robust printer is perfect for students to print term papers, abstracts and presentations.

      • Productivity. prints 20 pages in one minute in A4 format.
      • Easy installation. to start working with the equipment, you just need to connect it to the computer and install the drivers from the CD, which is included in the package.
      • Compatibility. the printer is connected via USB and works correctly with any computer OS.
      • Lack of double-sided printing;
      • Wireless connection available;
      • No way to print without a computer.

      Each of the laser printers presented in the review deserves to be called the best and deserves to be bought. However, if you need a super-fast option whose consumables are easy to change, you should choose CANON I-SENSYS LBP 6230 DW. This printer connects via Wi-Fi, and also independently improves the quality of prints. If you need a SIMpler option, the HP LASERJET P2035 will do. It is also capable of improving print quality, and also produces 30 sheets in just a minute. True, this device does NOT connect wirelessly and does NOT know how to print on both sides, but it costs less.

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