Which printer is better for home

How to choose a printer for your home? Types of printers, which is better


I don’t think I will open America by saying that a printer is an extremely useful thing. over, not only for students (who simply need it to print course papers, reports, diplomas, etc.), but also for other users.

Now on sale you can find various types of printers, the price of which can differ tenfold. This is probably why there are a lot of questions regarding the printer. In this small reference article, I will cover the most popular questions about printers that I am asked (the information will be useful for those who are choosing a new printer for their home). So…

The article omits some technical terms and points in order to make it understandable and readable for a wide range of users. Only the actual questions of users that almost everyone encounters when looking for a printer are analyzed

1) Types of printers (inkjet, laser, dot matrix)

On this occasion, the most questions come. True, users are not asking “types of printers”, but “which printer is better: inkjet or laser?” (eg).

In my opinion, the easiest way is to show the pros and cons of each type of printer in the form of a plate: it turns out very clearly.

Inkjet (most models are colored)

1) The cheapest type of printers. than affordable for all segments of the population.

1) Ink often dries up when you have not typed for a long time. In some printer models, this may result in a cartridge replacement, in others, a printhead replacement (in some, the cost of repairs will be comparable to buying a new printer). Therefore, a simple tip. print at least 1-2 pages per week on an inkjet printer.

2) Relatively simple refilling of the cartridge. with some skill, you can refill the cartridge yourself using a syringe.

2) The ink runs out quickly (ink cartridge, as a rule, is small, it is enough for 200-300 A4 sheets). The original cartridge from the manufacturer is usually expensive. Therefore, the best option is to give such a cartridge for refueling (or refuel it yourself). But after refueling, often, the print becomes not so clear: there may be stripes, specks, areas where characters are poorly printed, text.

3) Ability to install continuous ink supply (CISS). In this case, a bottle of ink is placed on the side (or behind) of the printer and the tube from it is connected directly to the print head. As a result, the cost of printing is one of the cheapest! (Attention! This can be done not on all printer models!)

3) Vibration during operation. The fact is that the printer moves the print head left-right when printing. because of this, vibration occurs. This is extremely annoying for many users.

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4) Ability to print photos on special paper. The quality will be much higher than with a color laser printer.

4) Inkjet printers last longer than laser printers. In a minute you will print

5-10 pages (despite the promises of the printer developers, the actual print speed is always slower!).

5) Printed sheets are susceptible to “spreading” (if, for example, drops of water from damp hands accidentally fall on them). The text on the sheet will blur and make out what is written will be problematic.

1) One refill of the cartridge is enough to print 1000-2000 sheets (on average for the most popular printer models).

1) The cost of a printer is higher than an inkjet.

2) Works, as a rule, with less noise and vibration than an inkjet.

2) Expensive refill of the cartridge. A new cartridge on some models costs the same as a new printer!

3) The cost of printing a sheet, on average, is cheaper than on an inkjet (excluding CISS).

3) Inability to print color documents.

Best Home Printers in 2020. How to choose a Printer to print from the comfort of your home?

4) There is no need to be afraid for the paint “drying” (laser printers use not liquid, as in an inkjet printer, but powder (it is called toner)).

which, printer, better, home

5) Fast print speed (2 dozen pages of text per minute. quite within reach).

1) A very expensive machine (although recently the cost of a color laser printer is becoming more affordable for a wide range of consumers).

2) Although it can be printed in color, it will not work for photographs. The quality on an inkjet printer will be higher. But printing documents in color is just the thing.!

2) How to connect a printer. Connection interfaces

The vast majority of printers that can be found on sale support the USB standard. Connection problems, as a rule, do not arise, except for one subtlety

If you are planning to print to the printer from several computers in the local network, you may need to opt for a printer with support for the Ethernet interface. Although, of course, this option is rarely chosen for home use, it is more important to take a printer with Wi-Fi or Bluetoth support.

Ethernet (printers with such a connection are relevant in local networks)

The LPT interface is now less and less common (it used to be a standard (a very popular interface)). By the way, many PCs are still equipped with this port for connecting such printers. Looking for such a printer for home nowadays makes no sense.!

expensive printers are often equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetoth support. And I must tell you. the thing is extremely convenient! Imagine walking around your apartment with your laptop, working on a report. then you press the print button and the document is sent to the printer and printed out in a moment. In general, this add. the option in the printer will save you from unnecessary wires in the apartment (however, the document takes longer to be transferred to the printer. but in general, the difference is not so significant, especially if you print text information).

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3) MFP. is it worth choosing a multi-functional device?

Recently, MFPs are in demand on the market: devices in which a printer and a scanner are combined (fax, sometimes also a telephone). These devices are extremely convenient for photocopies. put down a sheet and press one button. the copy is ready. For the rest, personally, I do not see any great advantages (having a separate printer and scanner. the second one can be removed altogether and taken out when you just need to scan something).

In addition, any normal camera is capable of taking excellent photos of books, magazines, etc that is, practically replacing the scanner.

HP MFP: Scanner and Printer with Auto Sheet Feeder

4) Which brand to choose: Epson, Canon, HP?

It is even more difficult to name a specific model: by the time you read the article, this printer may no longer be on sale

That’s all for me. For additions and constructive comments, I will be grateful. All the best

Print speed and quality

The next important factors when choosing an MFP or printer are print speed and quality. Resolution (clarity and detail) of the print and its format are responsible for the quality of work. Please note that the higher the print quality, the lower its speed, therefore, when choosing a printer, decide what is more important for you. printing high-quality color images or quickly printing a large volume of documents.

Wireless connection and printing from memory cards

Wi-Fi printer with AirPrint for Apple devices will allow you to quickly print documents and images from multiple printers from anywhere in the office or home, where there is a network.

At the same time, the ability to print from memory cards can be very useful. Just insert the card into the special slot of the printer and print any files directly.

If you want to equip your home

printer, scanner and copier, then a universal inkjet or laser device is your choice. Such an MFP should have a print speed of up to 30 ppm, a print resolution of 600×1200 dpi, a paper feed of 150 pages and a cartridge resource of up to 1000 pages.

Device type: inkjet or laser printer, or MFP

First of all, you should decide what kind of work you need a printer for. For example, do you plan to use it to print documents or photos? Should it include a scanner and copier? Are you going to print posters or posters on it??

Fast and high-quality printing of black and white documents for a large office can be easily provided by a monochrome laser printer. Such a printer uses powder (toner in a cartridge) for work, the resource of which will be enough to print a large number of documents, including on thin paper. However, such a printer is not efficient for printing color images.

Therefore, if you are planning to print good quality photographs or color images, then you should choose an inkjet printer.

Such a printer uses liquid ink cartridges in its work, which you can change together or separately as needed. In addition, such a printer can easily cope with printing black and white documents at home or for a small office.

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Please note if the printer of your choice can use special paper for printing photos, which is usually 200-250 g / m3 and can be glossy or matte.

If you are looking for versatile equipment for home or office that would copy, print and scan documents, then take a closer look at the MFP. a device that includes a printer, scanner and copier. Just like printers, they can be laser or inkjet.

Choose a versatile inkjet or laser device based on the type of documents or images you print most often: for a large volume of black and white documents, choose a versatile laser device, while for printing color images or black and white documents for a small office or at home, a universal inkjet device is suitable. Typically, the scanner is in such a versatile device. tablet, i.e. reads text and images from flat surfaces (sheets, spreads of books). In addition, the MFP makes high-quality black-and-white and color copies of documents at speeds from 50-125 ppm.

If you plan to use the printer to print high-quality color images, posters or photographs

take a look at a color inkjet printer, with a print resolution of 2400 dpi, with support for A3, A4, A6 formats and a large resource of color cartridges. Also, make sure it supports printing on thick paper, corrects colors, and provides borderless printing.


the most suitable is a laser printer with a speed of printing black and white documents of 40-50 ppm, a resolution of 600×1200 dpi, a standard A4 print format. By the way, for a large office the function of double-sided printing of documents will be very useful. the fewer pieces of paper, the more difficult it is to lose them, and besides, it is much more economical. If, in addition to texts, you plan to print drawings, graphics or photographs, then the printer must have a resolution of 1200×2400 and the ability to print A3.

Resource of paper and cartridge

Laser toner printer or inkjet printer with ink cartridge differ in cartridge or toner capacity. The volume depends on how many documents a particular printer can print using one cartridge or toner. Depending on the purpose of the printer, these parameters may vary, for example, the average volume of toner for an office laser printer or a universal laser device is 2000 pages, while the resource of a black cartridge for an inkjet cartridge is 1500, and for a universal inkjet multifunction device is 1000.

Paper feed volume. also an important parameter that indicates how many sheets can be loaded into the printer at one time to last for a whole day or a week. For example, for printers or MFPs for large offices, the volume can be 500 pages, and for home use. 150 pages.