Which Printer To Choose For Home Use

additional characteristics

Additional options include:

  • Design;
  • Bluetooth or infrared port;
  • Wi-fi receiver;
  • Fax machine;
  • Phone;
  • Delivery set (tray, interface cables)
  • Two-sided printing.

The more options are included, the higher the cost.

Which Printer To Choose For Home Use

How to choose an MFP for home use: brand rating

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Working on a computer involves working with text, pictures, graphics and photos. To transfer a document to the computer’s memory, or, conversely, to print, you need an MFP. The abbreviation stands for a multifunctional device that combines a printer, scanner and copier. These devices, intended for home use, differ in many ways from office printers.

Why choose an MFP for your home

Overall, it is a modern alternative to all printing devices individually. If you can still find a fax or a printer on sale separately, you will NOT be able to find a scanner and a copier. MFP displaces other printing devices not in vain, because if you take separately a scanner, copier, printer, fax, then the total cost will be much higher. In addition, this whole pile of technology will take up a lot of space.

Buying such a device has many advantages.

  • Saving money.
  • Ability to work with documents at home.
  • Compactness.
  • Some models are equipped with fax and telephone.
  • economical use of paint.
  • Some models have duplex printing.

Print type

Before proceeding with the review, we note that there are inkjet and laser MFPs. In terms of color, there are black and white and color. By the type of scan, scanners are distinguished in black and white or color.

Laser Printer Specifications.

  • Benefits: Laser printers offer high print quality in both Color and Black and White. High speed of printing. Economical ink consumption in cartridges. Powder fill cartridges.
  • Disadvantages: rather cumbersome. High price. New cartridges are expensive.

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Laser devices are more suitable for frequent use and printing on A4 paper. Inkjet Printer Specifications

  • Advantages: Small in size. Low cost. High quality photo printing. You can refuel yourself.
  • Disadvantages: Low printing speed. In order not to dry out the paints, you need to use it as often as possible, otherwise you will need to buy a new cartridge. For uniform paint supply, you need to install CISS. If there are adjacent ink tanks in one cartridge, then after at least 1 ink runs out, it will no longer be suitable for printing It will not.

Inkjet devices print very high quality photos and color images.

Print resolution

High resolution is needed for printing photos. Resolution indicates the maximum number of dots per square inch. For text, 300 dpi is sufficient, for graphics. 600 dpi, for photos. 1200 dpi. In terms of print resolution, inkjet devices are several times superior to laser ones. Standard printers are set to A4 landscape paper. If you plan to print on photo paper or A3 paper, then you need to consider that the printer supports this option.

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Printing speed and features

There are 3 types of printing: monochrome (black and white), Color and copy speed. The average print speed is 20 sheets per minute. Highest speed rating: 30-35 pages per minute. It should be noted that this indicator is rather arbitrary, since each page sent for printing has its own characteristics (the presence of colors, a different number of characters, different fonts, etc.). The average print speed is indicated in the technical documentation of the MFP.

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Connection interface

The most common connection interface is the USB port. In older models, I used LPT and COM ports. In addition, many MFPs are equipped with infrared, Bluetooth and Wi-fi, so it may be wireless, drivers need to be installed. Often they are installed automatically or they come with them.


Device health is interpreted as the number of pages printed per month. In order for the multifunction device not to fail, you need to print regularly, and if possible daily. If the device is used infrequently, the cartridge may break. Standard models withstand a light duty cycle, i.e. K thousands of sheets per month. Professional models can print 25-50 thousand sheets per month.

It should be noted that the cartridges are also designed for a certain number of pages (from 100 to 500). For home use, you can safely print up to several dozen pages daily.

Control Panel

Modern models have an LCD screen that displays commands. On the device itself there should be buttons for control. Some commands are set only by buttons, and some only using a specially installed program. For example, commands such as print or scan must be initially set up on the computer, and only after that on the MFP.

Criterias of choice

This technique is useful at home if your family has students, schoolchildren, since essays, term papers, tests and other assignments are submitted in printed form in all educational institutions. In addition, any of us may need to print or copy documents, or maybe just print photos.

It is important to decide what parameters it should have, what budget for the purchase and for what work it is purchased.

The different models differ in the following characteristics:

  • Resolution;
  • Print speed;
  • Print type;
  • Connection type;
  • Management program;
  • Other additional characteristics.

Which company to choose MFP for home use

Among all the brands for sale, several leaders should be distinguished. These firms have long conquered the international market. Many models are assembled in China, but this does not affect the quality, since the manufacturer is responsible for the production of parts.

Let’s list the top five leaders.

  • Epson. manufactures inkjet, laser and dot matrix printers. Produces a line of fairly high-quality and affordable printers and MFPs. This brand is famous for its combination of ergonomics and high quality photo printing. Models available for both home and office use.
  • Brother is an American company that manufactures high-tech multifunctional devices and printers, which are distinguished by wide print and scan resolution, as well as high print speed. The lineup is presented mainly for professional use.
  • Hewelett Paccard. abbreviated HP has been presenting its products on the technology market for a very long time. The line of models is represented by inkjet and laser multifunctional devices. In recent years, lightweight models have been produced, so they are very compact. Recently, consumer demand for HP models has increased, this is due to the mass production of budget models.
  • Samsung is a well-known South Korean brand. Recent developments include models that provide high printing speed and economical toner. As a rule, products of this brand occupy an average price level.
  • Canon is a Japanese company, the leader among the above companies. MFPs feature high productivity, print quality, remote control and multi-media capabilities.

MFP vs conventional printer

Why buy one printer when you can get both a scanner and a copier in one device? Indeed, this proposal is very tempting. It turns out, by the way, both more compact and cheaper than all this separately. It would seem that an ordinary printer can oppose such strong arguments? But still it is worth understanding the subject a little deeper.

Consumables: cartridges, toner, etc.

Color inkjet printers require a separate black ink cartridge. Choose an inkjet color printer with cartridges for each color separately. it is cheaper to replace one of them than to replace the entire cartridge. Replacing the toner of a color laser printer is much more expensive than replacing an inkjet cartridge, but the cost per page on a laser printer is lower. This is mainly the reason why many people prefer a color laser printer.

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Based on the information received, conclusions can be drawn. For example, Canon Color image CLASS LBP7110Cw and Brother HL-3170CDW are leading in quality.

Types of printers

So, let’s move on to the types of printers. Laser vs. Inkjet: Which Printer Is Better? Reviews on this matter are very different and controversial. What’s a good printer and which isn’t? It is worth understanding the subject. For convenience, we will further consider each of the questions in different categories.

Types of printers

Coming to the next question, which printer is better for home use: color or black and white, it is worth saying right away that it all depends on the purpose of use. In most cases, people take a printed assistant to print various kinds of documents. And getting a color printer is unwise. Of course, you will have to print color photos from time to time. But this happens quite rarely, so it’s cheaper to pay for a couple of shots in a workshop or photo studio than to spend on a whole car, which will be idle most of the time.

But those who print in color many times every day should think about it. Which color printer is best? In addition to all the parameters given earlier, it is also worth paying attention to a few more nuances. For example, permission should be mentioned. The resolution of a color printer is indicated in dpi (dots per inch). the higher it is, the better the image quality. The standard 600×600 resolution is suitable for most types of printing, with the exception of photographs. Also check if the printer offers a wide range of resolutions so you can use it for different types of printing. The most suitable resolution.

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Compactness vs reliability

A miracle of technology, rather than taking up a lot of space, saves money. This is a box containing a printer, a scanner, and a copier. At first glance, this is exactly how it is. However, is it really so?

Time has to be sacrificed to save space. Since if only one component breaks down, then the entire unit will have to be carried for repairs, and in total a much needed thing disappears from the house, also for an indefinite period. Of course, you can buy a very high-quality model, but this hits the wallet hard, besides, nothing is forever and even the most expensive device will fail over time.

Compared to an MFP, a conventional printer is not much smaller than its competitor, and has only one function. Compactness is out of the question, but it can boast of reliability. Too much multifunctional things, as a rule, do not have a particularly high quality of work, in comparison with themes, which have only one function and perform it perfectly. So you have to choose between the completeness of your own wallet after purchase, size and reliability.

However, all this needs to be considered in the context of home conditions. If you figure out which printer is best for the office, then, of course, it is better to have an MFP on hand. The office, as a rule, has more than one device, in addition, at any moment a technician can come there and fix everything. So it is better to give preference to MFPs, because saving on compactness does NOT hurt.

Print quality

Documents, reports, reports and other important papers Must be in excellent condition at the time of use. Therefore, it is not surprising that the consumer primarily focuses on print quality.

To understand, you need to delve into the principle of operation of both types of printers. Let’s start with inkjet. The print head inside prints the picture onto the letter in ink. And like any other Ink Text, this one can smudge, rub off, or run. Moisture is especially critical, so fans of inkjet printers will have to stock up on a large number of files.

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A laser printer, on the other hand, is a little more complicated. Toner is supplied to the drum and the laser prints text on it. The two exit rollers then heat up the letter and act like a press, anchoring the text. This work is of higher quality, so a couple of spilled water drops will NOT become the end of the world.

Also, a laser printer prints much faster, especially when there is little time and a lot of text.

Best printers for home 2019. 2020

A wide range of printers is not always pleasing to potential buyers, as you can SIMply get lost in search of a reliable and functional device for your home needs. We decided to compile our top 10 printers from different brands.

Famous brands are included in the rating of the best printing devices 2019. 2020. In the list of the highest quality and most productive, according to the opinion of the buyers of devices, we have included the printers that are available for sale and guarantee the best price-quality ratio.


  • Sometimes forgets to print all pages, but after waking up, returns to the process.
  • No USB cable included.

8 Canon Selphy CP910

Printing 10×15 photos at home is a pleasure when you own the Canon Selphy CP910 color desktop printer. Print information is displayed on the Color LCD. This compact device weighs 810 g. It can be operated from the mains and from the battery. Just insert a USB flash drive or memory card and Print memorable photos with a glossy or semi-glossy effect without changing paper.


  • Easy cartridge refilling.
  • Rich resource of materials.
  • Good price.
  • Fast and quality printing.

5 Kyocera ECOSYS P2035d

Kyocera ECOSYS P2035d will be able to provide black and white laser printing at home with a productivity of up to 35 ppm. You can choose the print format yourself, but the maximum print size is A4. The device heats up within 15 seconds and you receive the first document in 8 seconds. The bypass tray can be loaded with up to 50 sheets. Connection to the device is available via USB 2.0 interface and printing takes place directly.


  • Compact, fits easily on the table.
  • The ability to print directly from a mobile device via Wi-Fi.
  • Quick refill toner.


  • Separate ink tanks only let you change what is running out.
  • Data exchange and connection without wires.
  • Print quality and speed.

3 Samsung Xpress C430W

4 color laser printing up to 18 pages per minute. these are the main characteristics of the Samsung Xpress C430W printer with Wi-Fi, Ethernet. You can send up to 150 sheets to the paper feed tray. The device weighs almost 10 kg. You can start using your printer in 3 steps without having to connect via USB to your home computer. A special program will install the driver without a disk. NFC support allows one-touch printing from devices.

9 Ricoh SP 212w

The Ricoh SP 212w monochrome laser printer from a leading printing company boasts cost-effective and refillable cartridges. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to print the content you want directly from your tablet or smartphone. Printing is possible up to 22 pages per minute. The paper feed tray can hold up to 150 sheets.

The compact parameters of the device will easily allow you to place it on the table. Fanless dedicated cooling system makes the printer virtually silent.