Which Printer To Choose For Printing Photos At Home

Epson L486

  • MFP;
  • Inkjet printing, color;
  • Maximum format. A4;
  • Speed ​​b / w printing 33 ppm, color. 15 ppm;
  • Tray capacity 100 sheets;
  • Resource of the cartridge is 6500 pages;
  • Weight 4.5 kg

One of the best printers for those who want to print a lot of color photos. This module is distinguished by its printing technology in numerous analogues. It does NOT use thermal inkjet printing, but piezoelectric inkjet technology. It allows you to produce higher quality prints, adjust droplet size and provide high print resolution. The printhead is attached to the printer itself, not to the replacement cartridge. This device can print at a maximum resolution of 57601440 at a fairly high speed. The minimum drop volume is 3 pl. Borderless printing is supported. It will take 69 seconds to print a photo. CISS is already installed on the printer, there is support for AirPrint and memory cards. All this is worth the money and will pay off with interest.

Canon PIXMA G1400

  • Printer
  • Inkjet printing, color;
  • Maximum format. A4;
  • Speed ​​b / w printing 8.8 ppm, color. 5 ppm;
  • Tray capacity 100 sheets;
  • Resource of a cartridge 7000 pages;
  • Noise 46.5 dB;
  • Weight 4.3 kg

An excellent option in terms of price / quality ratio. The printer is equipped with CISS, prints good photo quality, the minimum drop size is 2 pl, consumables are inexpensive, so if you have to print a lot, both in color and in black and white, this is a good model, only a copier and a scanner are not here. be careful.

Canon PIXMA G3400

  • MFP;
  • Inkjet printing, color;
  • Maximum format. A4;
  • Print speed b / w 8.8 images / min, color. 5 images / min;
  • Tray capacity 100 sheets;
  • Resource of a cartridge 7000 pages;
  • Noise level 46 dB;
  • Weight 5.8 kg

Samsung Xpress M2070W

  • MFP;
  • Laser printing, black and white;
  • Maximum format. A4;
  • Speed ​​b / w printing 20 pages / min;
  • Tray capacity 150 sheets;
  • Toner resource 1000 pages;
  • Weight 7.4 kg

A good device for a small office or home if you need to type a lot. The device is quite SIMple to operate, prints quickly, noises at 50 dB and consumes 310 watts. When copying, you can change the scale. In general, the device is very much even nothing, minor glitches happen, but they DO NOT spoil the impression of the device.

Ricoh SP 150w

  • MFP;
  • Laser printing, black and white;
  • Maximum format. A4;
  • Speed ​​of b / w printing 22 ppm;
  • Tray capacity 50 sheets;
  • Toner resource 700 pages;
  • Weight 6.5 kg

Good laser printer. At an affordable cost, users get an economical printing device. Black and white prints with a maximum resolution of 1200600 will be output at a high speed, and the printer takes 25 seconds to warm up. It is possible to print on labels, films, envelopes, cards. The printer has a Wi-Fi module, consumes 800 W during operation, prints quietly. Configuring the device is SIMple and easy, compactness is also an advantage, and the disadvantage is the lack of AirPrint technology, which is very strange in the presence of a Wi-Fi module. When you install a dedicated application, you can print wirelessly, but only images. Otherwise, everything is fine. this is a good desktop option for printing documents.

Print speed

If you are going to print a lot and constantly, then in order to save nerves and save time, it is better to take a device where the printing speed (measured in pages / minute) is higher. Even the SIMplest laser device won’t make you nervous. it prints very quickly. With inkjet everything is more complicated. If black and white printing is given to them even more or less quickly, then a color print has to wait up to 2 minutes.

Xerox Phaser 3020BI

  • MFP;
  • Laser printing, black and white;
  • Maximum format. A4;
  • Speed ​​b / w printing 20 pages / min;
  • Tray capacity 150 sheets;
  • Toner resource 1500 pages;
  • Weight 4.1 kg

Xerox focuses on professional printing equipment. This model, for example, is intended for a small office, but it will also work as a home printer. The device copes with its main task with a bang. it prints with high quality and quickly, it can print up to 15,000 pages per month, it allows you to print on films, labels, cards, glossy and matte paper, it has a Wi-Fi interface and the ability to print wirelessly AirPrint. It consumes 313 W during operation, one toner will last for a really long time. A great option for students, teachers, office workers and anyone who has to print a lot. As for a laser printer, this machine is quite compact.

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Ultra 4729

  • Printer
  • Inkjet printing, color;
  • Maximum format. A4;
  • Speed ​​of b / w printing 20 ppm, color. 16 ppm;
  • Tray capacity 60 sheets;
  • Resource of a cartridge 750 pages;
  • Weight 4.17 kgs

A decent inkjet printer that does a good job of printing documents and photos. Works quickly, does not make much noise, Takes up little space, is easy and convenient to use, great for home, economical. The cartridge has a sufficient resource, and consumables are not very expensive. In terms of price / quality ratio, a very good printer.

Printing technology

The following types of printers are suitable for home:

  • Inkjet printers. These are compact and inexpensive devices that print well both in black and white and in color. If you are going to print mainly photos, then it is better to take an inkjet printer. Printing technology consists of spraying ink droplets through nozzles with printheads. The main disadvantage you will encounter only some time after the purchase is the cost of replacing the cartridge, which is sometimes almost the same as the cost of a new printer. You can cheat and refill the device with paint yourself, but a number of manufacturers put special chips on the cartridges, and do not allow them to be reused. you will have to buy a new cartridge. Another problem is ink drying and printhead clogging, so it’s best to print regularly. It is possible to reduce the cost of each printed sheet thanks to the installation of CISS (continuous printing supply system). it is important for those who print a lot of photos;
  • Laser printers. The cost is higher than that of inkjet, and the price of each printed page, on the contrary, is very low. You do not have to refuel the printer every month and a half: the average toner resource is 1000 pages. Printing is carried out with powder paint, which is in the toner. If you need to print a lot of reports, abstracts and other black and white documents, then a laser printer is the most economical and Least Problem solution. You don’t need to clean anything, and the pages print very quickly. There are color laser printers, but they are NOT suitable for printing photos, as they transfer basic shades to paper. But they will cope with the printing of diagrams, graphs and other SIMple illustrations with a bang;
  • The dye sublimation printer uses the process of sublimation when printing, the transition of the dye from solid to gaseous state, and is fixed on paper. The technology provides very accurate color reproduction, but is expensive. This is an option for an enthusiastic photographer who wants to organize a whole studio for printing photos at home.

There are also thermal printers, which print checks in supermarkets and ATMs. They require special paper, and the text on it appears due to the point effect of high temperature. It is not a home option, nor is a solid ink printer. The latter is very SIMilar to laser, only its color printing is of higher quality, it prints quickly and is very expensive.

5 HP Deskjet 2630

  • Acceptable cost
  • Bright print
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Proprietary management application
  • Small paper tray
  • The need to use special cartridges with certain markings
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This MFP is rightfully considered one of the most affordable for home printing. The device costs only 4,000 but allows you to print, scan and photocopy. And you can even do it remotely: there is support for wireless connection to any gadget. The main thing is to install the HP All-in-One Printer Remote app.

The MFP is inexpensive, but if you want to save money, you will have to sacrifice the capacity of the trays. in this model there is only enough space for 25 sheets.

Best inkjet photo printers for home

  • 5. HP Deskjet 2630
  • 4. Canon PIXMA TS5040
  • 3. HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 ePrinter
  • 2. Canon PIXMA Pro-1
  • 1. Canon PIXMA TS304
  • 5. Canon PIXMA G1410
  • 4. Brother DCP-T310
  • 3. Epson L312
  • 2.HP Ink Tank 115
  • 1. Canon PIXMA G3411
  • 5. Epson Stylus Photo R290
  • 4. Canon PIXMA iP8740
  • 3. HP OfficeJet 202
  • 2. Epson Stylus Photo PX660
  • 1. Canon PIXMA-PRO-100S

High-quality photos in a family album, bright moments from travel. more and more people are fond of collecting printed photos. You can get them in Special Offices or at home if you have your own printer. However, not every model on the domestic market is capable of printing a high-quality photo. Print speed, ink quality and paper requirements play an important role.

So which printer is the best for printing photos? Let’s talk about it in the rating.

Best Budget Photo Printers for Home

What is required for a home printer The device should take up little space and be able to print an abstract, term paper or thesis. Or even a photo for home archives. At the same time, few buyers expect to spend a lot of money on the purchase. Especially for such readers, we have collected a whole rating of photo printers for home with good printing.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 ePrinter

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Emki paper tray
  • High print speed

HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 ePrinter Ranked for home photo printers. It is capable of providing professional printing at home. Engineers used proprietary inks in separate inkjet cartridges to achieve excellent image quality.

The device can print at up to 18 pages per minute. A wireless network or local Ethernet network is available to connect any device.

A large paper tray is provided. Requirements for it are minimal, but the manufacturer himself recommends using ColorLok paper.

Canon PIXMA TS5040

  • Wireless connection
  • Fast print
  • Ability to Scan and Photocopy
  • LCD display
  • Works loudly
  • Only 100-sheet tray

Canon PIXMA TS5040 Multifunction Printer WON’T TAKE UP much space on your desktop. The device is made of matte plastic, so there are no fingerprints on the case. A small 7.5 cm LCD display is provided for control. However, it is not touch-sensitive, so the control buttons are located nearby. There is also a slot for an SD-flash drive.

Five cartridges are used for printing, among which there is an additional black one. And this significantly improves the efficiency and quality of printing text black and white documents. The device is capable of Not only printing, but also Scanning, photocopying. over, this can be done in the usual or in a specially, quieter mode.

Canon PIXMA Pro-1

  • System 12 ink bottle
  • The ability to quickly sync with the camera
  • Takes up a lot of table space
  • Sun connection via Wi-Fi

The PIXMA Pro-1 professional printer is perfect for printing documents and photos. At the heart of the device is the Chroma Optimizer system of 12 ink tanks, five of which are responsible for the transfer of gray shades, six are necessary for the rest of the colors, and one more ink tank is useful for giving a glossy shine.

However, the stunning print quality will come at a cost to your desktop space: the printer’s dimensions and weight are large. Printing is possible only when connected to a gadget. There is no wireless support here, but you can connect to a smartphone, laptop or camera via a cable. Control is carried out via buttons on the housing lid: there are the necessary indicators that notify the status of the ink tank.

TOP 10 best MFPs for home

The time has long passed when a multifunctional device combined the capabilities of only a printer, copier and scanner and was intended exclusively for office use. Today on sale Structures suitable for home installation are presented. With the help of the MFP, you can convert an e-book into an ordinary paper format, print a photo, a postcard, and so on. There are a lot of equipment models on the market, so it’s easy to get lost in them.

HP LaserJet Pro M132a

There is also an Auto-On / Auto-Off system that monitors external signals. The product is automatically woken up from standby mode when a print is sent to it, in addition, this technology can significantly save energy. The model can work with various types of paper. from office and ending with envelopes, stickers, postcards and so on. For a maximum of one month, this printer is capable of producing up to 10 thousand sheets of A4 paper.

  • Ease of setup and management;
  • Stylish and attractive appearance;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Decent print speed;
  • The insignificant cost of the device itself and consumables for it.
  • The volume of the cartridge is NOT too large, so you will have to refill it quite often, especially with intensive use.

Canon i-SENSYS MF3010

It is one of the most economical laser printers, which are perfect for office use. In principle, it would also be useful at home, but significant dimensions will require a lot of space. The dimensions of the scanner are limited to A4, which is not always convenient, since many books or magazines are larger.

The scanner produces an image with a resolution of 600 600 pixels, which is quite enough for this budget device. All the default settings are well chosen, so the user in most cases does not have to play with contrast or brightness. The scanner works pretty smoothly, produces an image without glare. The device warms up very quickly. about 8-10 seconds.

  • Low price;
  • Good print and scan quality;
  • Compatible with non-original cartridges;
  • Durability;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Reliable body, no backlash.
  • Batch scanning is not provided;
  • It can be problematic to install drivers on a laptop;
  • There is no duplex printing function;
  • The cartridge runs out quickly when printing about 200-300 pages per day;
  • There is a digital panel.

Brother DCP-1602R

The products are characterized by an optimal combination of good equipment and high performance, and all the working elements are placed in a small housing. This provides the user with quick access to the paper tray and cartridge. Sheets are taken from the lower compartment, and go into a special niche. All controls are located on the top panel: in addition to a set of buttons, there is a small, but quite informative monochrome display. It does not have a backlight, but all the data is read with ease. All keys have pictograms and signatures in the language. Rubberized buttons, pressed with little effort. The products work stably regardless of the paper used. The device Takes up a minimum amount of free space, and all folding trays can be instantly folded if necessary.

You DO NOT have to install the drivers yourself. right after connecting to the computer, the system will do everything by itself. The device works with various operating systems. all drivers for them are on the official website. Print speed is quite high, it can reach about 20 sheets per minute. It is possible to copy documents without connecting to a personal computer. Photo printing is characterized by high detail, all halftones are preserved, the colors come out bright and sufficiently saturated, the resolution reaches 2400×600 dots per inch. The case here is plastic, painted in black with a matte finish, it looks quite strict, so it will organically fit into the interior of both home and office.

  • Quite cheap consumables;
  • Drivers are easily installed;
  • High printing speed;
  • Products are easy to operate.
  • The scanner cover folds down quite rigidly.

10. Canon PIXMA G2411

The main distinguishing quality of this device is the presence of a factory system of continuous ink supply, which makes it possible to make the prints more saturated, in addition, the ink will not dry out during the period of prolonged downtime of the equipment. The overall dimensions of the product are NOT too large, which allows you to comfortably place the product in your home office or in a compact office. The control panel is represented by several buttons with compact icons printed on them, there is also a small segment-type display with a diagonal of 1.2 inches. Pigment black ink is responsible for printing documents, color images appear thanks to the system of water-soluble ink. The minimum droplet volume is NOT too large. it is only 2 picoliters, so the image resolution is quite acceptable. It reaches a density of the order of 4800×1200 pixels.

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The print speed is not very high, which is quite typical for inkjet equipment. In one minute, the device produces up to 9 sheets of monochrome images (text, documents, etc.) or up to 5 sheets of A4 color prints. Also, within one minute, the device should produce at least one photograph of 10×15 cm format. The basis of the scanner is a CIS-matrix, which provides a scanning resolution of 600×1200 pixels. One A4 sheet is scanned within 19-20 seconds. These products are capable of working with paper of various sizes and weights. it is allowed to use matte, glossy, semi-glossy, photo paper, classic office paper, the density of which is 80 g / sq. M. The device is capable of working only with the Windows platform, it is connected via USB, there is no Wi-Fi module here, therefore it will NOT be possible to use the equipment as a network one.

  • Producers were able to achieve a sufficiently high quality of photographs;
  • Copies documents quickly;
  • Continuous ink supply system;
  • Economical paint consumption;
  • Long service life;
  • Informative display.

Cannot be used as a network.

9. Brother DCP-L3550CDW

Differs in a fairly decent ratio of price and quality, users also note the high reliability of this device. The model is equipped with a tray that has a capacity of 250 sheets of standard office paper, so you will NOT need to load it too often, even with heavy use. It uses laser printing technology, so there will be no need to refuel this product quite often. In addition, the cost of refueling is significantly lower compared to the jet models. The print quality of this printer is as close to professional as possible: the resolution is 2400 dots per square inch. For ease of operation, the products are equipped with a touch-type full-color LCD display, thanks to which you can get full access to all the necessary functions of the equipment.

The product is quite easy to set up. If necessary, it connects to multiple computers at once over a wireless network. The MFP comes with a cartridge designed to print 1000 full-color pages. There is support for fast printing from mobile devices. phones or tablets, manufacturers have equipped the product with an automatic sheet feeder for scanning and copying. about 50 sheets will fit here. There is also an automatic two-sided printing function. The product works almost silently, so it will not distract from work.

  • High quality printing and scanning;
  • Remote access capability;
  • Perfect for both home and office use.
  • To work with the MacOS operating system, you will have to configure this device for a long time.

List of the best MFP models of 2020

8. Epson L850

The first model equipped with six colors. As in the ones already discussed earlier, a continuous ink supply system is provided here. The devices are NOT too large in size and have good functionality: it can be connected using a wire or via a Wi-Fi or Lan channel. The MFP is equipped with a color LCD display.

The device uses piezoelectric inkjet technology, due to which the MFP allows you to get the excellent quality of any images, including photos, at the output. The manufacturer claims that this is a real full-fledged photo center. this is quite true. Photos are printed very quickly. the 1015 format is ready in 12 seconds. You can apply images to a variety of surfaces. cards, films, photo paper, disc surfaces, labels, and so on.

  • Good photo print quality;
  • Reliable work;
  • Low ink consumption;
  • Suitable dimensions for home conditions.
  • When copying photos, the quality is NOT the Highest;
  • Low yield black. only about 1,800 pages.

How to choose an MFP for home?

All MFPs are divided into inkjet and laser.

Which Printer To Choose For Printing Photos At Home

The former are much cheaper, provide high-resolution printing, and have a SIMple design that makes them easier to use. However, they have a high cost per print, ink is consumed quickly and dries up when the device is idle for a long time. A set of cartridges is cheap, but they will have to be refilled often, and you can do this yourself.

Laser MFPs print much faster, and one print is much cheaper due to low toner consumption, but they themselves are more expensive. They are suitable if you need to print large volumes of images. The cartridges are quite expensive, but the refueling is cheap, it is done less frequently than on inkjet MFPs.

An important role in the choice is played by the price of the device, the cost of maintenance and other costs associated with its operation. In addition, you should pay attention to a number of points in order to work with the device as conveniently as possible:

  • You should check if the MFP can be used in a network format;
  • The ability to send the scanned image by email;
  • Availability of USB ports for working with removable drives, but some devices are NOT compatible with all file systems;
  • Telephony functions that allow you to make calls, send a fax;
  • Device appearance.

8. Epson L120

This printer has a maximum load of 1250 pages per month, making this model ideal for home use, especially if it will be used frequently by school or college students. In principle, for an office with 4-5 employees, such a printer will also work. The device works on the basis of inkjet technology, it is additionally equipped with a continuous ink supply system. The containers with paint are NOT under the body of the device, but outside of it. This affects the increase in size, but it greatly SIMplifies the maintenance of the device, moreover, you can print a decent amount of documents at a time. Paper Tray Holds one hundred sheets at once.

For inkjet printer the print speed is very fast. standard A4 sheet with black and white text or image Prints in 27 seconds. Color images come out a little slower. printing speed is 15 pages per minute. The device is capable of working with photographic paper, but an equal size 10×15 image will be ready within 70-80 seconds. The design of the ink tank has been improved, so there are no blots or streaks on the paper.

  • There is a continuous ink supply system;
  • The paint is consumed quite sparingly;
  • Relatively compact dimensions;
  • The containers with paint are taken out of the body. it is much easier to control their consumption.
  • No connection cable provided;
  • If the letter gets stuck, it can be problematic to extract it.

HP LaserJet Pro M15w

Sufficiently compact printer, which practically does NOT take up free space on your desktop. It will be useful for both a private person and a small enterprise. With overall dimensions of 16x35x19 cm, the product weighs only 3.8 kg, so some people even take it with them on business trips when it becomes necessary to create a mobile office. The printer is used exclusively for monochrome printing of documents or images. Print speed is pretty decent. 18 sheets per minute. The device works only with A4 paper, but the manufacturer claims that you can print on envelopes, make postcards, and so on. Indeed, the printer is capable of handling paper weighing in the range from 65 to 120 gsm. M. There is a hinged tray for a maximum of one hundred sheets, but the designers did NOT provide for a single feed unit.

There is no cable for a wired connection to a computer. you will either have to purchase it additionally, or use a wireless Wi-Fi communication module. The cartridge resource is significant. up to 700 pages can be printed on one filling. Manufacturers also decided NOT to put the drum unit in a separate unit, which made the printer so compact. The device is highly economical thanks to original HP Auto-On / Auto-Off technology. With its help, the device independently monitors its workload. Depending on this setting, it will automatically stop or resume.

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Pantum P2207

Despite the fact that these products are made by a NOT too well-known brand, they have an excellent value for money. thanks in large part to these characteristics, they came to the first place in our review of the best printers for home use. First of all, the device has a significant operational resource. you can print up to 15 thousand pages per month. Not every model from well-known companies is capable of boasting such a volume. The print quality is also very high. 1200 dpi, and the device produces it at a speed of 22 pages per minute. Paper feeding is quite standard, the capacity of the tray is 150 sheets. The cartridge is durable and economical. one refill of ink is enough for high quality images on 1600 pages. The printer processor is fast thanks to its 600 MHz clock speed and 64 MB of internal memory.

A slot for reading SD memory cards is provided, you can print directly from them, it is connected to a computer via a USB 2.0 connector. The products work quietly, have small overall dimensions, the maximum paper size is A4, can work with envelopes, different types of printing paper, film and so on. Print format is black and white only. The design of the printer is standard, no frills can be found here.

  • A very powerful and high-speed device that consumes a minimum of electricity;
  • Decent print quality;
  • Installs drivers on its own. user participation is NOT required;
  • Can work with non-original cartridges;
  • Compact overall dimensions.
  • Black and white format only.

Canon i-SENSYS LBP7018C

This is the best full color laser printer. It has small overall dimensions and fits well into a small home office. The device is versatile in terms of the materials used. it supports Not only standard A4 paper, but also cards, labels, envelopes, applies a high-quality image on matte and glossy paper, the density of which ranges from 60 to 220 g / sq. M.

Resolution 6002400 pixels, SEPARATE pixels of the image are not visible. In black and white mode, it produces 16 sheets per minute, with full color printing speed is 4 sheets. Very long warm-up time. more than a minute. Input Tray Capacity 150 Sheets, Output Tray Holds up to 50 sheets. The device is equipped with 4 refillable cartridges, has 16 MB RAM, USB 2.0 connector, compatible with all major operating systems, almost no noise during operation.

  • Ideal value for money;
  • High quality printing;
  • There are no problems in the process of connecting and configuring equipment;
  • You can refill the cartridges yourself;
  • Good image quality.
  • No Ethernet connectivity, no Wi-Fi module;
  • Color images are prone to reddish tints. color reproduction needs to be adjusted;
  • High price for new cartridges.

Samsung Xpress M2020

It has not the highest print speed. 20 pages per minute, but for home use this indicator, as practice shows, is quite enough. The device is able to work Not only with ordinary office paper, but also with various other materials. cards, films, labels, envelopes. If necessary, you can load it with thicker glossy or matte paper, which is used in printing. The quality of images and printed texts is very high due to the high resolution of 1200 dpi. Thanks to this, the printer is able to work with pictures that are characterized by high detail. It prints well even very small fonts.

The manufacturing company provides a long warranty period of 3 years, and the printer itself can last about 10-12 years, depending on the workload. It can print up to 10 thousand pages per month. There is very little built-in memory. only 8 MB. The high speed of work is provided by a sufficiently nimble processor, the frequency of which is 400 MHz. The paper feed tray holds 150 sheets. During operation it is not very loud. maximum 50 dB, the printer is compatible with all modern operating systems. Overall dimensions are insignificant 332x178x215 mm with a mass of about 4 kg. A cable for connecting to a computer is included in the kit, no wireless modules are provided here.

  • High quality printing;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Works NOT louder than other printers;
  • Significant working resource;
  • Long warranty period.
  • You have to wait a while for the printer to wake up from sleep mode.

TOP 10 best printers for home

There are more than a dozen companies producing home printers around the world today, and there are even more models on the market. Choosing the best printer for home in this variety is not so easy.

HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw

suitable for an office than for an apartment, but more and more users buy it for themselves just for home use. The printer is designed for both color and black and white printing. Maximum per month it can print up to 40 thousand pages. The products are characterized by an insignificant amount of energy consumption. during operation only 381 W, the noise level does NOT exceed 50 dB. You can print on both office paper and cardstock and glossy or matte type printing paper. The equipment runs on a processor with a clock speed of 800 MHz, the built-in memory is enough even for very heavy images. 256 MB. It is connected to a computer via a cable or wirelessly Wi-Fi, it is possible to transfer files to print from the phone. Design is compatible with any operating system.

Print speed is fast. 21 pages per minute in black and white, up to 16 pages of color images. When working not with office paper, these parameters will be much higher. The resolution is 600 dpi. a little lower in comparison with other models, but still quite sufficient. The toner resource is 1400 pages without refilling, so the printer turned out to be quite economical. The case is plastic with a matte coating, its dimensions are 392x297x475 and weighs 14.8 kg. A network cable is also included. This allows you to connect the printer to a router so that you can start printing at the same time from different devices.

  • Sufficiently high print quality;
  • Decent speed of work;
  • Noisy is not very loud;
  • It is possible to connect to the network via the Ethernet connector;
  • DOES NOT freeze while in use.
  • Compatible cartridges are quite expensive, but the printer refuses to work with cheap non-original analogs;
  • Quite expensive compared to other models.

Brother HL-L2340DWR

The unit is compatible with all non-original consumables. The print speed is high even for a laser printer. about 28-30 pages per minute, a spacious paper tray: it can hold up to 250 sheets, the output tray is designed for 100 sheets. This machine has a duplex function, which is not found in every cheap printer. The internal memory is insignificant. it is 32 MB. For printing text documents, this parameter will be sufficient, but for images or files in pdf format, it may not be enough. It consumes about 455 W of power in operation and 58 W in standby mode, which makes the printer very economical. Works quite quietly: even with heavy traffic, the noise level does NOT exceed 49 dB.

The connection interfaces are standard, the printer uses a Wi-Fi module or receives data via a USB 2.0 socket, an Ethernet connector is not provided here. Direct printing is available, so documents can be output from a smartphone or tablet if you download the appropriate Brother iPrint Scan app first. The drum unit has a decent resource. it is designed for about 120 thousand pages. Despite the compact dimensions of the product 356x360x183 mm, the device is characterized by a decent weight. almost 7 kg.

  • Provides a wireless connection function, which even means printing from smartphones;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • The paper tray slides completely into the printer body;
  • Duplex printing available.
  • DO NOT pull out the paper tray, and you will not find out how much of it is left there;
  • Loses Wi-Fi connection after prolonged idle time.