Why does a color printer print in black and white

Advantages and disadvantages

  • the thickness of the output stream;
  • the amount of droplets emitted;
  • speed of ink on paper.

Piezoelectric printing significantly improves reliability over other solutions.

An important advantage is the maximum naturalness of color reproduction. This circumstance is especially important when working with photographs.

Epson technologists have managed to work out excellent printheads that are as reliable as possible.

Honor says that the piezoelectric printing technology used on Epson equipment is patented and cannot be found in other manufacturers.

In general, the technique of this brand is different:

  • stability of operation;
  • brightness and vividness of printed images;
  • optimal functionality;
  • the ability to connect CISS;
  • lack of any significant shortcomings.
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User’s manual

Epson recommends changing cartridges using the control panel or the software interface on your computer. Of course, it is also recommended to use original ink, which is kept in a vacuum package until it is placed in the device. The less time the cartridge is exposed to air, the better. Removing the old ink tank before the new one is ready for installation is also not recommended.

It is quite simple to connect Epson equipment to a computer and to a laptop. This procedure assumes the use of the USB port in most cases. All that is required in this case is to connect the devices using a working cable.

Important: Printers and MFPs must be connected to direct ports, not hubs. Otherwise, good stable performance cannot be guaranteed. If the package includes a CD, you must use it, otherwise the printer will not be configured correctly.

Downloading drivers even from the official site is not always reliable and convenient. The easiest way for many people to use the built-in auto-configuration tools. But some people are wondering how to turn off the monitor status on an Epson printer. This procedure is not particularly difficult.

  • go to the printer properties in the control panel;
  • select print settings;
  • go to the service section;
  • disable the problem monitor through the sub-item “print speed and progress”.

Print head alignment is done using Print Head Alignment. Plain white paper is used for the procedure. In the printer driver, go to the service section. There they press the Print Head Alignment button. Then you just have to follow the instructions that appear on the display.

Nozzle check is performed using special programs. To do this, they usually use the Nozzle Check utility or the controls on the front panel. If the indicators do not show errors, you need to load A4 sheets into the feeder. After selecting the printer icon on the taskbar, you need to run Nozzle Check. Then you only need to follow the instructions that appear.

Note: In OS X, EPSON Printer Utility3 must be used for the same purpose.

Further actions are the same. It is possible to connect printers of this company to Wi-Fi using a secure protocol. In this case, the security parameters will be set automatically. The LAN cable must be disconnected at such a moment.

After pressing the Wi-Fi button, the lights will flash in sequence. Successful network connection is indicated by alternating blinking. Blinking only the green light indicates that there is a problem with the connection. Failure to print anything means that you must first check the remaining ink levels. To do this, uncheck the box that disables the program monitor.

The chart in this monitor will indicate the amount of paint remaining. Important are the Honor and color profiles that are used in programs that support the ICC standard. But they are realizable only when using original proprietary drivers. Files of the icm standard must be transferred to the thematic directory of the operating system. The standard driver window contains the Main tab, in which you need to find the Custom section.

Next, you need to go to the Advanced window, select the media type, print resolution. Only after that a suitable color profile is selected. It is not possible to remove margins on all models; moreover, this mode greatly slows down printing. The quality of the lower and upper areas of the print is likely to deteriorate or these parts are smeared. Therefore, it is recommended to first print one page before starting to work with a large amount of text.

Epson pigment inks are compatible with a variety of media. with plain paper and photo paper in particular. They can only be used in inkjet printers. In some cases, it is necessary to replace the diaper. This is signaled by the proprietary program itself, which blocks printing.

If you don’t want to spend money on a replacement, you can rinse the felt block, then you will need to reset the counters.


The SureColor SC-F6200 sublimation printer (plotter) stands out in this category. The device is designed for A0 paper size. The connection to the sources of the displayed images is realized via the USB and LAN protocols. The diameter of the served rolls is up to 25 cm. The printer will print up to 63 square meters per hour. m images.

Other technical characteristics:

  • preferred outdoor installation;
  • the highest resolution is 1440×720 dpi;
  • 4 cartridges;
  • a drop of paint with a volume of 5 picoliters;
  • media width from 30 to 118 cm;
  • internal memory 0.5 GB;
  • sound volume 55 dB;
  • printer weight (excluding consumables) 85 kg.

But if you do not need to choose a large format printer for sublimation, then you should take a closer look at the Epson L805 inkjet machine. This model can connect to computers via Wi-Fi. A wired connection is allowed, but a cable for it must be purchased separately. L805 can run on Windows XP, Mac OS 10.6.8 and newer operating systems. The delivery set includes a disc with a complete set of necessary software.

  • print speed up to 37 pages in 60 seconds;
  • photo resolution up to 5760×1440 dpi;
  • 6 basic colors;
  • the ability to print on laser discs;
  • the largest size of A4 sheet;
  • paper tray capacity 120 sheets;
  • weight 6 kg;
  • dimensions 19x58x29 cm.

But it is worth remembering another Epson large-format color printer. the SureColor SC-T5200 MFP PS model. It is optimally suited for computer-aided design systems and can be used to solve engineering and technical problems. The delivery set includes 110 ml cartridges. An Adobe PS3 module is also provided. A0 print format allows you to produce even very large drawings and diagrams, demonstration materials.

The width of the print strip is 91.4 cm. The printing itself is carried out in color using inkjet technology. Nozzle spacing scheme. 720×5. Working resolution is 2880×1440 pixels.

The device uses pigment ink that is filled in 5 different cartridges.

  • the ability to network connection via Ethernet, Fast Ethernet;
  • borderless printing option;
  • width of paper sheets from 21 to 91.4 cm;
  • thickness of paper sheets from 0.008 to 0.15 cm;
  • option to print on rolls up to 15 cm in diameter;
  • built-in memory 1 GB;
  • sound volume during operation 50 dB.

WorkForce Pro WF-3720DWF can be considered as an alternative. However, this is more likely not a printer in its pure form, but a full-fledged MFP. It is able to work with A4 sheets. Connection to sources of texts and graphics via Ethernet, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, NFC is available. Four basic colors are enough for everyday use.

Like the previous model, the WorkForce Pro WF-3720DWF uses inkjet technology. The resolution of prints reaches 4800×2400 dots per inch. Maximum copying speed. 20 pages per minute (in color version. twice as slow). Borderless printing, double-sided printing and copying with a quality of 600×600 dpi are available to users. Its speed in color is 19, and in black and white 10 pages per minute.

Black and white

Epson has not abandoned even such a segment as dot matrix printers. One of the best models of this series is the PLQ-30. The 24-pin device is specially designed for keeping strict accountancy forms.

It is also suitable for the production of passports and visas, diplomas and certificates.

Compared to the predecessor model, the pace of work has increased in the same line. The engineers also managed to increase the memory size and increase the MTBF.

The LQ-50 is suitable for printing on narrow roll paper and Z-forms. The device is designed to print the original and 2 copies at the same time (as needed). The 24-needle head is designed for 200 million strokes. The compactness of the model makes it a very interesting choice for travel and transport use. An optional holder can be installed to protect the roll paper with a special cover.

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The Epson TM-T70II printer is designed for receipts. The thermal device is optimized for under-counter installation. Protection against excessive moisture is provided. Users can connect the printer via both the USB port and the older COM. Font scaling option provided.

  • auto cutter;
  • print speed up to 17 cm per second;
  • the ability to work in a Linux environment.

Very good prospects are opened by the modern monochrome device M1180. This printer is equipped with built-in cartridges. The designers have provided a connection to a computer via Wi-Fi. The warranty is given for 1 year of use or for 100 thousand printed sheets. Email Print, Epson Connect are supported.

  • printing without a computer is not supported:
  • resolution up to 1200×2400 dots per inch;
  • print speed in black and white mode 39 pages per minute;
  • printing in double-sided mode in A4 format at a speed of up to 9 pages per minute;
  • first page out in 6 seconds;
  • an automatic document feeder is not provided;
  • capacity of trays (together with optional trays) up to 100 paper sheets;
  • no LPT mode;
  • the ability to print on envelopes and cards;
  • the density of the processed paper is from 64 to 90 g per 1 sq. m;
  • use of pigment inks;
  • support for Linux, OS X.

Operating temperatures 10 to 35 degrees above zero.

Secrets of choice

Some amateur cartridges (and 100% professional) inkjet printers are equipped with separate ink tanks. This solution costs more money than devices with a combined cartridge. But it is much better suited for those who type a lot of text. The combined design of the cartridge means that even if the ink of only one color is completely depleted and the other reservoirs are completely safe, it will have to be thrown away.

Set Your Printer Default to Print in Grayscale Only. Windows 10 Tip

If you do not even plan to print something other than text, laser models will definitely be the best choice. They work faster than inkjet and at the same time allow you to save on each individual copy. But for printing graphic files, it is more profitable to use inkjet technology. This moment is especially relevant when sending photographs for printing.

Important: for home use, an MFP (and not just a printer in the traditional sense) is even more profitable and practical, because you do not have to look for additional options for the same scanning.

Those who are not going to work with color photographs can safely give preference to laser multifunctional devices. They are fast-acting and high-quality picture systems. They allow you to avoid overpaying for color, which is not needed anyway. Inkjet MFP is suitable for those who wish to print photos periodically. And for those who are keen on photography (or who are engaged in it professionally), specialized photo printers are designed.

Some of them, due to thermal sublimation technology, provide increased resistance to water. However, this solution is suitable only for small-format photographs. It will be impossible to print a “portrait on the wall”, all the more to print graphics or text on paper. Many people will be interested in the ability to print without going to a computer. This request is satisfied by printers with ports for memory cards or with wireless interfaces. Built-in LCD for minimal photo editing.

Important: printing pictures and photographs will be much better if you can programmatically set the absence of borders. Of course, the more memory and the more powerful the built-in processor, the better the printer’s performance. And when solving seemingly identical tasks, this allows you to increase performance.

It should be understood that the typing speed figures are given in the official descriptions rather for guidance. They refer only to the most favorable cases, in real conditions, reaching 85% of the declared rates will sometimes be an excellent result.

Print resolution is very important. in the case of a single image or text, the difference is easy to spot. But the quality of work is also influenced by the characteristics of consumables and the features of the file being processed. It makes sense to focus on the level of monthly load only when buying a printer for office use. At home, this indicator does not make much sense. The list of carriers of text information is much more important, because some people need to print on envelopes, postcards or on film.

All about Epson printers

Choosing a printer is very important, and there are no trifles in it. To properly understand this topic, you need to carefully study the features of specific brands. First of all, you need to find out everything about Epson printers, because this company is deservedly one of the market leaders.

How to make b & w printing on a color printer?

Any color printer can be configured to print in black only, without the need to install additional drivers. All necessary settings can be made on the computer with which your printing device communicates. We will tell you how to quickly and easily make b / w printing on a color printer of any model.

How to print in black and white on Mac

Many printers used with Mac support black and white or grayscale printing. Black and white printing can offer an easy way to increase the contrast of documents, but it can also reduce the amount of color ink used when printing a document, article, or web page.

Printing in black and white on a Mac is pretty straightforward, but this feature is sometimes hidden in the print preferences, depending on the printer that’s set up on the Mac and the print driver you’re using. We’ll look at two ways to print black and white from a Mac.

Keep in mind that the black and white printing method available for your Mac usually depends on the printer you are using, and whether that printer directly supports black and white printing or not. Some printers do not support black and white printing at all.

Go to printers and scanners

Go to printers and scanners using WIN S on your device. Or go to Control Panel and find Printers.

How to print in black and white on a color printer

How to print in black and white from Mac

Some printers make black and white printing easier. If you go to print the file and immediately see the Black and White radio button, set it to print in black and white only; otherwise, here’s how to print in black and white from a Mac.

  • From the file, document, web page or article you want to print, go to the File menu and select Print as usual.
  • On the print settings screen, select Show Details to display more information about print options. In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”
  • Black & White Printing Option 1. If available, select the Black & White check box.
  • Black and white printing option 2. Find black and white printing options
  • Expand the options menu and select “Paper Type / Quality”.
  • Now click on the small text “Color Options” and next to the “Color” box select “Grayscale”.
  • Optionally select Black Ink Only next to Grayscale Mode.

Now select “Print” as usual to print the selected document in black and white.

It can be used for black and white or grayscale printing on many printers.

Sometimes the black and white options will appear under Color Options as Monochrome or Black Ink Cartridge Only, and the vocabulary may differ slightly depending on the printer, printer drivers, and the version of Mac OS you are using.

This is a good printing trick in general, but is especially useful when you are trying to conserve ink when printing web pages or articles that do not benefit from using color ink.


In this article, we learned about how to set up a printer for black and white printing in Windows 10.

Advanced Printer Settings

If you want to enter advanced settings, click the Advanced button on the previous screen and you will see the following screen where you can set Paper Size, Copy, Graphics Settings, Document Options, Printer Features.

Possible solutions

Ways to fix the problem, why the printer prints in one color (epson), are quite simple and everyone can do it. First of all, you should clean the cartridges. With frequent refills, ink residues may accumulate as they are not used. To completely remove the remaining ink, you can use the cartridge holder or special clips that are used when transporting them. If these steps are ineffective, you can clean the cartridges with hot water.

In the event that the printer prints the wrong colors, using the same cartridges and setting the appropriate color profiles for them will help. It is important to use cartridges from the same set from the same manufacturer, since cartridges for the same printer from different companies can differ significantly in design. In case of problems with the print head, cleaning it will help so that all the air will escape through the special holes. First of all, it is necessary to perform a nozzle test, after which, based on the test results, determine the need for head cleaning or replacement of consumables. The same procedure applies when the printer ignores one or more colors. If the printer prints the wrong colors, it could also mean that the ink cartridges are out of ink. Sometimes the printer does not print a certain color, even if there is ink in the cartridge, but the ink level is below the minimum level. In this case, you need to refill the cartridge or replace it with a new one.

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To set color printing as the default parameter, you need to select the desired tab in the driver properties and change the Color value from black to color.

As a rule, you can solve most of the problems in which the printer prints in a different color yourself. Otherwise, you need to contact the service center for a more serious diagnosis.

Many modern printers are capable of printing in color. With a fairly limited number of cartridges, the devices are capable of reproducing very high resolution photographs. However, printing is difficult in some cases, such as when the printer prints in yellow instead of red, gray, or even black.

Mechanical error

Why the device starts to print in yellow and does not print in green or blue can be explained by the simplest thing: the red ink has run out and the device uses the closest ones, from its point of view, or those that still exist.

In such an elementary case, it is necessary to check the ink resource. If everything is okay with them, it is recommended to insert a pre-swift, valid, full yellow cartridge and print the text or photo. Thus, it is easier to determine why the substitution occurs: due to a malfunction of the cartridge or the machine.

Features of color reproduction

In fact, a photo in a camera, a photo on a computer and on a printout almost always looks different, and this difference is observed when using devices from any manufacturer. Canon, Epson, HP. This is not at all connected with the quality of the printing device, with different principles of color reproduction.

On a computer, colors are formed by additive mixing of monochrome colors, that is, with a kind of folding of shades. Paints are deducted on paper. The colorants in the device are opaque. They are superimposed on paper, not pre-mixed.

If I had to spray on the surface first, for example, red, and then green, then instead of the expected yellow, a dirty gray would appear. Therefore, printing machines use two-component inks. blue-green, for example, red-green.

To bring the printout as close as possible to the original photo image, 3 conditions must be met simultaneously:

  • calibrated color rendition on the monitor;
  • native toners in the printing press;
  • customized printer color profile.

This assumes full serviceability of Canon, Epson, HP devices. Otherwise, a variety of incidents arise: the device prints yellow instead of red, part of the spectrum disappears altogether, and so on.

Out of ink

Inkjet printers use four, and some use six or eight colors. These are mainly red, blue, yellow and black. But in pictures or photographs, we see different colors and shades. All this is possible if you mix certain paints in the right proportions. There are times when one type of ink goes more when printing, and therefore, it ends more quickly than others. The printer needs to use a different color in order to obtain the desired shades in the future. If it is red, the printouts end up with a pink or magenta tint. To solve such a problem, it is necessary to calculate which ink color has run out and refill the corresponding cartridge.

Possible color rendering problems

There are several popular situations that cause problems with adequate color transfer to paper.

The essence of the problem is that the cartridges of a standard 4-color printer are divided into two blocks: black and color. That is, one cartridge contains black, and the other contains the other three, cian, yellow, magenta. In the process of printing, colors are mixed with each other, creating all the necessary shades. When a problem arises, the device prints in only one color, ignoring all others. For example, users may ask why the printer prints in red, or mixes together to print only pink or only green. This is because the cartridges for other colors may become clogged. Also, work with one color is possible if the cartridges are not refilled correctly, the print head is littered or the jumpers between the cartridge containers are damaged.

This problem most often occurs with earlier models of devices due to the peculiarities of the print head or the installation of non-original cartridges or CISS. When the printer is idle, the print head moves to a position that prevents air from entering the nozzles to avoid drying out the ink. During this time, the ink in the nozzles enters the print head, and during printing, the colors may mix or change for a certain number of prints.

  • The printer does not print one or more colors.

Most often, such problems can occur after a long period of inactivity of the device due to drying or thickening of ink. It is also possible to air the print head after replacing one of the cartridges, or incorrect perception by the printer of cartridges from different manufacturers.

does, color, printer, print

When properly installed and the cartridges are full, the printer can only print in black. This problem often occurs at first use when the default Color is set to black in the printer driver.

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Color profile not configured

A color profile is a set of rules by which the printer decides which inks and in what proportion to mix in order to get the shades as close as possible to the original printed drawing or photograph. During any manipulations with the settings by the user or due to temporary problems with the PC system, damage or profile changes are generally possible. This can easily lead to improper mixing of the ink, resulting in overuse of red and corresponding magenta on the paper.

To solve this problem, you need to restore or download a new color profile file from the website of the manufacturer of the printing device, ink or photo paper, if you use one. According to the instructions for your printer model, all additional profile settings should be made.

Incorrect cartridge position

The cartridge position is standard in Canon, HP, and Epson. The tray looks almost the same, it may differ, of course, due to different dimensions, materials from which the equipment is made. But the principle is the same by different manufacturers. So if the position of the new cartridge is out of order, it is easy to determine. If the reservoir is in a slightly raised position, there is a risk of ink leakage into the mechanism, and the color printer will automatically block user commands. And only after aligning the position, the technician prints. When the reservoir is below the desired level, ink simply stops flowing from the cartridge into the writing head, the device prints only a part of the colors.

It is possible that the ink level has exceeded the required level during refilling. This can also be the reason. In this situation, pump the small compartment: use a syringe to gently push air into it. After that, the small compartment is closed, the large one is left open, the cartridges are put in place, controlling the position, the print is checked again.

Why does the printer not print in color if there is ink

If, after installing the color cartridge, the printer does not start printing, you need to perform simple manipulations with the equipment, after which the work will resume. Black is usually consumed faster than others, but this does not mean that it is the color print that is faulty. There may be a lot of reasons why black prints while others do not. Most often they are very commonplace. colors are consumed to a lesser extent.

The black color changes with the usual movement of the hands, but when setting the colors, the correct position of the cartridges is violated. The compartment surfaces where black changes regularly can be worn out, smooth, and easier to refill. In any case, if a color printer prints in black, you need to fix it somehow. The reasons for this behavior of technology can be more serious.

The writing head is clogged

Over time, ink can clog the nozzles on the print head. The likelihood of this is increased if the color printer has been used for a long time, and it works with water-soluble ink. Both the Canon printer and the HP printer will refuse to print. You will need to clean the print head of the printer.

It is recommended that you print at least once a week with a printer that uses water-soluble ink, or check the system with the appropriate driver. If pigment inks are used, it is advisable to print on the printer twice a week at least. In this case, both the Canon color printer and the HP color printer will last longer without pauses and stops, but sooner or later, you may still need to clean the print head and its nozzles. So it’s best to do preventive cleaning regularly. With proper care, your printer will always print much better.

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Continuous ink supply system

serious reasons can cause color or black-and-white printing to stop. There is a risk that replacing the cartridge at this point is a coincidence, and nothing more. In fact, the help of a specialist is needed. But before you sound the alarm, panic, contact the service center, you should do everything that depends on the user, is in his competence. Sometimes the reasons why a technique is idle are very simple. Easy to fix everything.

Air in cartridge plumes

The continuous ink supply system will wear out over time. One problem is air seals. Many printers of different brands fail due to this. A sure sign of a problem is that printing is possible only if the ink level is above the maximum mark. But even this trick helps only for a short time. Soon the air seals completely fail.

Air enters the plume of the cartridges and, during normal operation, in a small amount. For preventive maintenance, you need to open the list of printer properties from time to time, clean.

Plugs are not closed

Since the ink has been changed, there is a risk that it was placed unevenly, and therefore the printer does not print with color ink, although it was expected to be the opposite. This risk always exists. It is necessary to devote a few minutes to changing the paint. This rush is the reason why a color printer prints only a fraction of the colors after recharging the cartridges. No time for Honor instructions, manufacturer’s recommendations, inspect the compartment, all elements of the continuous ink supply system.

Correctly closed plugs in large compartments

So, if after replacing a color cartridge, the printer does not print with color ink, there is a chance that the new one is incorrectly installed. We need to check everything again. Perhaps large and small plugs are in the wrong position. This prevents the technique from getting to work. Details are fragile. Close them carefully, as shown in the photo. After that, ink will start flowing into the writing head.

If the CISS is supplemented with a chip zeroing lever, it must also be handled carefully. Sometimes filters are installed in the compartment instead of a small plug. They prevent small debris from entering the mechanism, clog up over time. These filters must be changed in a timely manner, otherwise the paint will stop flowing. Their condition also needs to be checked.

It also happens that the printing process is disrupted simply due to the fact that they forgot to remove the orange stripes from the cartridges. This is true if the HP printer does not print in color. The photo shows which strips are in question. They must be removed before installation. Otherwise, air exchange will be disrupted and the seal will be blocked. They cover the ventilation hole. This is a way to prevent drying out. Sometimes it is worth cleaning the holes with a regular pin. After this procedure, the technician prints better.

Black prints while others do not

Does it matter what color is not printed: all colors, or just the one that was changed, or only black, or one of those colors that remained in place? A color printer is a sophisticated, clever technique that, with the help of color, stopping the supply, can report the specifics of a breakdown.

Ink level problems. What can be done:

One should sin on the ink level when the printer started to print stripes on photos or documents unexpectedly. It’s not about ink if: you recently changed or refilled the cartridge, there was a malfunction (for example, the paper jammed and you pulled it out of the printer) or something happened to the printer itself (it was turned over, dropped, or was in the cold for a while ).

Check ink levels programmatically and replace cartridge.
From the printer control menu, select Maintenance or Service. Run an ink level check. If there is little or no more. replace cartridges.

Visually check the ink level in the refillable cartridge (if you are using one) and refill.
In refillable cartridges, the actual ink level may not match the meter reading, so remove the cartridges and visually check the ink level. If only a few are left, the cartridges should be refilled.

Check the efficiency of the CISS (for those who have it installed)
Make sure there is enough ink in the donor containers. Check if something is interfering with the flow of ink through the plumes, as well as at what height the donor containers are (sometimes it makes sense to raise them). If air gets into the plumes, it should be removed from there. For details, see the instructions for removing air from CISS loops for Epson. Or instructions for some HP and Canon models. If the plume is clogged with dried ink, it should be cleaned or replaced.

Change old ink (for holders of shut-off valves and CISS)
It is unlikely that streaks when printing “suddenly” appear due to old ink, but the expiration date should still be checked.

Printhead problems. What can be done:

You should pay attention to this item first of all, if the stripes during printing appeared after a long idle time of the printer (I did not print for more than a week, and I did not preserve it). The occurrence of problems with GHG can also be preceded by manipulations with the printer: transferring from place to place, changing or refilling cartridges, attempts to “get inside” without proper preparation.

Run “Checking nozzles / nozzles”
In the printer control menu, select the item “Nozzle check” or “Nozzle check” (depending on the printer model). A printout of a test page will help you identify the cause of the problem and possibly even fix it using software.

Run “Head Cleaning”
In the printer control menu, select the item “Cleaning the print head” or “Cleaning the nozzles”. You can run it several times, but always with pauses of 5-15 minutes. If several of these procedures did not help, proceed with cleaning with service fluid.

Flush the printhead (PG is located in the cartridge)
If you have a two-cartridge printer, then the PG is on the cartridge. Try to rinse it according to the instructions (point 1), if this did not work, then the cartridge will have to be replaced.

Clean the print head with service liquid (the SG is located in the printer)
The method is relevant when there is a strong blockage or air ingress into the print head. Use a syringe, cleaning fluid, and lint-free wipes to thoroughly clean the nozzles.
A step-by-step guide can be found in the detailed instructions for cleaning the steam generator.

Printer Prints Stripes. Troubleshooting

Possible causes of the problem:

  • Low ink.
  • Printhead (PG) nozzles clogged with dried ink.
  • Air is trapped in the print head.
  • Malfunction of the mechanics or electronics of the printer itself.

Other printer malfunctions.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the problem of streaking during printing is associated with the ink and the print head, but sometimes with malfunctions in the printer mechanics. In this case, we recommend that you contact the service specialists, since an attempt to “get inside” without special knowledge can lead to the final breakdown of the device.

Problem with reading encoder tape.
Encoder (raster) tape is a strip stretched inside the printer with strokes, with the help of which the device determines the position of the print carriage in space. By accident, ink or dirt can get on the tape, because of which the printer will stop “seeing” some of the strokes and will begin to “skip” part of the sheet when printing. As a result, one or more longitudinal (vertical) stripes will appear on the page.
The problem, in this case, is solved by cleaning the tape from dirt. To do this, wipe it with a dry cloth. If it does not help, wipe it slightly damp, and then dry. The cloth should be moistened with water, not a cleaning liquid, because aggressive liquid can damage the strokes on the encoder and it will have to be replaced with a new one.

Problems with reading the encoder disc.
The encoder disc is a wheel on the side of the printer that is geared to the paper feed motor. It also has marks by which the printer determines the position of the sheet when printing. If ink or dirt gets on it, it will fail to read and cause cross-stripes on the prints. The stripes will appear at an equal distance between each other, corresponding to a full revolution of the disk.
As with tape, the problem is solved by carefully cleaning the encoder disc of contaminants.

How to Print Black & White from Any Color Printers

Inkjet printer prints in stripes

Possible causes of the problem:

  • Toner low.
  • The tightness of the cartridge is broken.
  • Waste toner box is full.
  • Blade not installed correctly.
  • Defective magnetic roller or drum unit.