Why does not see the scanner but sees the printer

Adding a printer

You can do otherwise and try adding the printer yourself. Usually, the system automatically downloads the necessary components for the device from the official website.

    Open the Start Menu and select Settings.

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In the first section, click on “Add a printer or scanner”.

  • Perhaps the system will find the device itself. If this did not happen, click on the item “Required printer”.
  • Check “Select a shared printer by name” or your preferred option.
  • Enter a name for the device and click “Next”.
  • If after these manipulations the printer still does not connect, try installing the drivers manually. Just go to the manufacturer’s website and find drivers for your printer model in the appropriate section. Download and install them.

    Links to support pages of major printer companies:

    If the listed options did not help to fix the problem with displaying the printer in Windows 10, you should contact a specialist. The device may be physically damaged, inoperable or not at all supported by this operating system.

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    How to fix the problem with the built-in diagnostic tool

    Developers from Microsoft Corporation have included in the top ten a tool that is responsible for solving various malfunctions in the connected printer. How to start and use it, we will describe in detail:

    • The classic way to launch is through the “Control Panel”. You can open it through “Start” or hold down R and Windows, type the word control in an empty line and click on OK. Enter the command control and click on OK
    • Find the block dedicated to troubleshooting on the panel. If you have problems finding, use the line with the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen. In the panel, open the “Troubleshooting” section
    • Click on the second line from the left to view all categories. Click on “View All Categories”
    • Wait until the end of the search for all built-in diagnostic programs available for the “dozen”. Wait for the system to find all the packages for diagnostics
    • Click on the “Printer” utility (located almost at the end of the list) to launch the tool. Click on the “Printer” link
    • The same tool in Windows 10 can be opened through the Settings menu. you can launch it using the hot combination of I and Windows or through the Start panel (under the profile picture there is a gear icon). Open “Settings” via “Start”
    • Go to the tile to update and configure PC security. Go to the “Security Update”
    • The fourth tab will be devoted to the same diagnostic utilities. Find the line “Printer” in the list. click on it once. Find the line “Printer”
    • Click on the large gray button to launch the tool. Run a utility to diagnose printer problems
    • Wait for the utility to complete the initial analysis. Wait while troubleshooting
    • If you have multiple printers, the tool will ask you to specify which printing device you need to diagnose. Select and click on “Next”. Select the printer you are having a problem with, if necessary
    • If a problem is identified, the tool will either try to apply the solution on its own, or it will ask you to confirm the given solution in advance by clicking on the “Apply this fix” link. Apply the suggested fix
    • As a result, you will see a small report. be sure to read it. If all problems are corrected, re-send to print to check if the printer is working. Read the test results
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    Installing and updating device drivers

    Finally, we come to the most important issue related to the fact that the driver is not installed for the printer. You can check its status in the “Device Manager”.

    At least if the printer is marked as an unrecognized device, you can simply try to update the appropriate software for it.

    In some cases, the search for a non-standard driver by DEV and VEN identifiers helps. Windows 10 does not see the printer just because there is no such driver in its own database. When reinstalling after downloading the driver, use the indication of the location where the installation file is saved or, if possible, install it yourself from the EXE distribution or the INF information file (for an EXE object, using the PCM, run as administrator is selected, and for an INF file, the line “ Install “).

    But as for updating drivers, it is better to do it not using your own system tools, but to use specialized automatic update utilities. Programs like Driver Booster, Slim Drivers and the like have proven themselves quite well. Search and download will be carried out exclusively on the official resources of equipment manufacturers, and software of this type will be installed for absolutely all hardware and virtual devices present in the computer system, and not only for printers (although you can mark only the printing device, update the software for it, and after reboot see how it will function).

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    How to install a printer using advanced settings

    If the system does not automatically recognize your old printer, you can add it manually, depending on the type of connection and the age of the printer.

    Important: Before proceeding, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet and can download additional drivers via Windows Update.

    Diagnosing problems

    When the computer does not find the Windows 10 printer, the first step is to use the standard diagnostic and troubleshooting tools. troubleshooters. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Open Windows Settings (via the Wini keyboard shortcut or via the Start menu)
    • Go to the Updates & Security options and open the Troubleshoot tab
    • Then click on “Printer” and run the troubleshooter

    Diagnostics will check the hardware connection, services, drivers, and print queue. All found problems will be fixed automatically. If, after diagnostics, the Windows 10 computer does not see the network printer or local device, you will have to go to the following solutions.

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    Manual installation

    If the previous point did not help and everything also does not see the printer on the Windows 10 network, you need to download the device drivers from the manufacturer’s official resource. When choosing, pay attention to the bitness of the system. 32 or 64 bits. When Windows 10 doesn’t see a Canon or another manufacturer’s printer, go to that manufacturer’s website. Drivers downloaded from extraneous resources can pose a threat to the security of the computer and the network to which it is connected. Therefore, pay attention to the resource from which you are downloading the driver.

    Before installing the driver, you should uninstall the old version, if it was installed. To do this, in the device manager (devmgmt.msc command) select a device from the Print queues list and click the delete button in the application panel.

    If the manufacturer does not have a driver for Windows 10, you can use the version for 7 or 8, the developers have provided for compatibility of software products. In most cases, the problem lies precisely in the fact that the printers are not installed in Windows 10, and downloading the official drivers helps in restoring performance.

    What to do if Windows 10 stopped seeing the printer: fix the problem

    The user may need to once again print any important document on the printer. However, suddenly, when trying to perform an operation, the user discovers that printing does not start and the PC basically does not see the device, although the devices are correctly connected via a USB cable or otherwise (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) and everything seems to be functioning. How to quickly get your Windows 10 printer back online?

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