Why Does The Printer Jam Paper When Printing Canon

The printer chews on paper: what to do? We solve the problem together!

What if the printer chews on paper? Printer Paper jam. what to do? We will tell!

Users of both inkjet and laser printers often encounter paper jams. That is, during printing, the printer picks up the paper, but at the exit you get a poorly printed, wrinkled sheet. Naturally, this is NOT good, and this problem needs to be addressed. First try it yourself, if it doesn’t work out. Contact the specialists.

Canon printer jamming paper what to do

Home and office printers, as reliable and loyal assistants, help a person to cope with the task at hand and print any amount of information. Digital, inkjet and laser devices, working on different principles, are a set of spare parts, components and elements, they can riot salesmen and fail. Users often face situations where the printer has jammed the paper, it is easy to solve it yourself, and not to rush to choose a new printing device.

Incorrect paper stacking

The most common prerequisites for paper wrinkling are incorrect stacking of paper in a special tray and poor selection of the location for the printing device. It is recommended to choose a flat surface for the printer, without inclination and unevenness, before stacking sheets, they must be collected in a neat stack

The paper in the printer should be pressed along the edges with special edges in the tray, so that the stack of sheets becomes even, but do not press too hard

What to do if all of the above reasons are eliminated, but the paper is still wrinkled?

If all these points are eliminated, then most likely the reasons are in the “inside” of the printer. Overheating of mechanical parts, damage to any parts during operation. it can be anything. By the way, often paper jams also occur with jams: in this case, you should take out the paper as carefully as possible so as not to leave even the smallest pieces inside.

Why Does The Printer Jam Paper When Printing Canon

If all the Possible causes of such a problem have been eliminated, and the printer still DOES NOT want to print smoothly and still wrinkles the paper, then our specialists will be happy to help you, eliminating all breakdowns and malfunctions, repairing the printer and replacing all faulty parts.

Why does the printer jam and wrinkle the paper??

You can easily diagnose such a problem yourself: for example, the printer may wrinkle the paper if it was SIMply inserted incorrectly into the tray. at an angle. In this case, you just need to insert the paper correctly. The most problematic case is when the paper was inserted with a foreign object. a staple or a paper clip, in which case even the internal parts of the printer, as a result, can be damaged. Often sheets wrinkle due to poor grip from a too thick stack in the tray.

Clearing Paper Jams Correctly

When the printer has jammed the paper, it is necessary to correctly remove the crumpled letter, pulling it out and avoiding mechanical impact on the internal structural elements.

The device must be turned off from the network, Using the functionality of a computer or laptop, delete print jobs, then proceed to remove the jammed paper. Models of printers of the latest generations and well-known brands, equipped with a window, the necessary information is displayed in it, and the program will inform the aLGorithm of actions. If there is no window, it is better to use the instructions, which describe which panel printer needs to be opened for quick and neat removal of jammed paper. It is usually located at the back of the printer. You need to gently open the door from the back and loosen the special clamps of the drum. the paper can be easily removed with light pressure.

It is strictly not recommended to pull out and pull out the sheets forcibly, they can be damaged and torn, pieces of paper will remain in the printer and lead to serious damage.

After removing the jammed letter from the printer, it is important to inspect the device for paper jams, foreign objects, or other damage. Completed the inspection, you need to insert the cartridge and close the lid, turn on the printer and check the quality of work, start test print.

It is not difficult to eliminate the problems of jammed paper on your own, if you regularly find paper jams, it is recommended to contact the service center, where they will diagnose and repair the printer, eliminating the cause of the breakdown.

Printer Paper jam. what to do?

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Any technique is just a set of various parts and mechanisms. You shouldn’t think that your favorite device will work forever without breakdowns and misunderstandings. This also applies to printers.

If the printing device is jammed on paper, it will not be worth it, it will panic and run to buy a new one. You need to figure out why this happened, the concepts of what to do next and try to pull out the paper.

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There are several reasons why the printer jams on paper. First of all, it is bad or inappropriate paper quality. For example, the paper is too thin and thick. In this case, the device will NOT be able to capture it correctly. If the print paper is of poor quality, your machine will print on it for a while, but during this time the cellulose particles will adhere to the rollers and the second mechanisms of the printer. When there are enough of them, the letter will be chewed somewhere in the middle. In this case, pulling the letter towards yourself is contraindicated. What to do? Pull jammed letter out through the rear open panel or through the print tray.

If something foreign gets into the printing device (for example, a paper clip or a pen cap), the letter will be chewed at the very beginning. In this case, it will be easier to pull it out. Gently pull on yourself and that’s it. Abrupt movements will break the sheet. Then you should look at what is horrible and remove it from the printer.

There are situations when the letter is jammed at the very end. In this case, it will have streaks of ink. This indicates a problem in the oven with Teflon thermal film. The thin film may tear, fray, and the Teflon coating may wear off. In this case, you should not try to fix the printer yourself, get a letter or pull out the cartridge, but it is better not to do anything and immediately contact the specialists.

Common reasons for paper chewing are the wrong location for the printer, as well as careless stacking of paper into the tray. The printing device must be installed on a level, solid and stable surface. Any misalignment can interfere with proper operation. The paper in the tray should be stacked flat. It doesn’t have to be a lot or a little.

The aLGorithm of actions in case of force majeure with a printer is quite SIMple:

  • Turn off the printer. it is better to unplug the power cord. Many consider this to be an unnecessary measure, but jokes are bad with electricity.
  • Delete print jobs on the computer.
  • Open the housing cover of the device. In different models, it can be located on the top, side or back.
  • Get out the paper. First, pull out the cartridge and inspect the printer for foreign objects. And then pull out the chewed letter. The golden rule: if the letter is chewed at the beginning or in the middle we pull it towards the opposite of the seal; Jam at the end. you need to pull along the print. If, nevertheless, the paper is torn, the main thing not to do is to panic. You can pull out the smallest pieces using ordinary tweezers, previously wrapped with tape. This precaution will NOT damage the internal parts of the printing device.
  • Replace the cartridge and close the printer housing.
  • Turn on the device to check its functionality.

If the embarrassment with paper chewing happened to the printer once. do not pay attention. But if the situation repeats from day to day, it is worth contacting specialists and identify the cause of the problem.

Why does the printer chew on paper? What to do if the printer chews on paper?

There are three options here. First, you are using the wrong type of paper (for example, less than the recommended 80gsm. say, writing paper that is 60-70gsm). Second option: problems with the sheet picking unit. Third% problem with rollers in the sheet transport unit.

Solutions: in the first case, use normal paper, in the second and third. contact the service for replacement of rubber rollers and sheet gripper unit.

Sometimes it happens that the device does not pick up the paper or, on the contrary, when it grabs it, it chews.

One of the most common reasons is that the correct paper is NOT used for printing. Lightweight paper, check the paper. If It is not suitable, then just replace it.

The second reason for paper jams is a problem in the printer’s pick rollers.

Perhaps the rollers are just dirty, so they need to be cleaned. You can use alcohol and cotton swabs for wiping.

Another reason may be that the paper feed mechanism is loose. In this case, it would be better to contact the service center for a specialist to look at the printer and set it up.

Ingress of foreign objects

If the printer has jammed the paper at the very beginning of the letter, it means that a paper clip or other object has got into the printing device, you do not need to remove the panels to remove the paper. A hitch letter at the end, combined with defects and printing, indicate mechanical damage or physical wear of the Teflon thermal film that requires replacement.


Like any high-tech device, printers are prone to malfunction. The level of complexity of the breakdown directly depends on the operating conditions of the device.

They can be conditionally divided into two groups:

  • To bring the device into proper working condition, the intervention of a specialist service center (Canon, HP, etc.).
  • The malfunction can be eliminated by hand.

The second group (the so-called home breakdowns) includes mainly problems with print quality and with the failure of the paper sheet to pass through the device. In other words, the HP (Canon) printer is jamming the paper. In any case, both misunderstandings can hardly be called malfunctions. Rather, they should be attributed to improper use of the device, lack of preventive maintenance and the use of substandard or unsuitable consumables for this model.

Let’s look at the problem using the example of paper chewing by a Canon printer.

Why the printer jams on paper and how to avoid it

Before we start talking about one of the most common breakdowns (the printer jams the paper), let’s figure out what this device is. So. A printer is a device external (separate) location from a computer, designed to output encoded digital information from computer files, convert it into text form and print on paper.

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Why does the printer jam the paper and NOT print?

Often, office equipment users are faced with the problem of unstable operation of the printer or MFP, which manifests itself in the fact that paper jams periodically in the device. All this complicates the printing process and brings a lot of inconvenience. How to deal with this problem? And, most importantly, what are the reasons that the printer chews on paper?

Paper problems

Remember, the reason why the printer chews on paper can be quite SIMple. For example, the use of low-quality consumables. We are talking about cheap paper from unknown manufacturers. Of course, the printer will print on it for a while, and then begin to chew the sheets. The fact is that the cellulose particles gradually peeled off and adhered to the rollers and other important mechanisms of the printing device.

The use of paper that is too thick and too thick can also lead to unpleasant consequences. Often after that, the device crumples the sheets. Or does NOT print at all, but only writes about some kind of error. The easiest way to diagnose is that the paper class is NOT suitable in canon and HP printers. in this case, they chew the paper on one side.

Paper jams can also be explained by the fact that:

  • There was a folded corner of the sheet;
  • One of the sheets was wrinkled, damaged, or torn;
  • Some sheets sent to the paper tray were held together by staples or staples;
  • The stack of paper is too large in the tray, causing the print device to intercept multiple sheets of paper at once.

Survived is not worth it. Paper problems are quickly and easily resolved. In the worst case, chewing occurs somewhere in the middle of the leaf. You can pull it out both through the back panel and through the tray, where already printed sheets fall. In turn, in order to avoid subsequent jamming of the paper, it is enough to make sure that it is correctly inserted into the printer, its quality and parameters correspond to all necessary, there are no uneven or mint sheets.

Unpleasant consequences can only be in those cases if the paper is jammed due to the entry of foreign objects. paper clips, stickers, staples, etc. Office supplies. This can easily damage the feed sensors or drum unit. The for such components are quite high. And you can’t do without the help of specialists.

Printing device problems

If the printer jams or chews the paper, then problems in the device itself may be a prerequisite for this. These include malfunctions of some parts, internal malfunctions, contamination or overheating of devices, and more. Dr. Let’s consider the most common problems that lead to jamming of sheets in the printer when printing:

  • Overheating of the mechanical parts of the printer. It often happens when printing large and voluminous texts, which occupy about fifty pages or more. It is necessary to stop the operation of the printing device and give it time for all parts to cool down. In the future, you only need to print in small batches.
  • Brake pad wear. This error is especially common in Samsung printers. The fact is that a special rubber layer wears out in the brake pad. In total, it ceases to correctly hold the paper, several sheets are skipped at once. Because of this, chewing occurs. You need to contact the service center or replace this part yourself.
  • Dirty or worn paper pick rollers. Try cleaning the rollers with a cotton swab or cloth first, rather than leaving lint. If this does not help, then the reason may be the excessive wear of THESE parts. As a rule, the rubber coating on the working surface “suffers” in the first place. It is best to install news. By the way, if the rollers are malfunctioning, the paper is often chewed at the exit. It is worth remembering this in order to quickly determine the cause of the unstable operation of the printer.

Naturally, these are not all problems associated with the technical part of the printer, which can lead to paper jams. In fact, there are many more of them. At the same time, a significant part of such malfunctions can be diagnosed and corrected only in a specialized service center.

A paper clip is in the printer

How to Remove Foreign Objects from the Printer?

As we have already mentioned above, when foreign objects slip into the device with letters, this can lead to damage to the internal parts of the device. If it is, for example, scotch tape or a piece of paper, then they just need to be pulled out. And if a paper clip is stuck, such objects can scratch and bend parts.

In order to remove an object interfering with printing, you do not need to completely disassemble the entire device. You just need to take thick cardboard and:

  • The printer must be turned off.
  • Remove all paper from it.
  • Place cardboard in the paper tray.
  • Does not turn on the printer to gently push the cardboard into the printer to push out the jammed object.
  • Turn on the computer and make a test print.

During operation, both the laser printer and the inkjet printer can display the inscription “Error” on the monitor and at the output you will receive a letter in an accordion, waves, with crumpled edges or corners. In such cases, first of all, pay attention to the condition of the paper, carry out the above procedures with the utmost care. If the result is still unsatisfactory, this is a sure sign to turn to professionals.

Canon printer jamming paper what to do. Ways to get the paper out of the printer if it has jammed and stopped printing

In this article, you will find detailed instructions on what to do right away and how you can pull the page out of the printer if it is jammed and the machine does NOT print after that. Actions can be applied to any model of inkjet or laser equipment from HP, Canon, Samsung, Brother, Kyocera and others.

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The reasons why the printer jam the paper when printing inside or already at the exit, we will consider in detail in this manual. First of all, let’s pay special attention to the quality of the sheets used. Consider the main elements of the device itself, which can affect the possibility of a malfunction. We will tell you how to get Foreign objects that are not required to be inside the equipment. Let’s find out if the cartridge can release already jammed paper.

The problem is in the printer

If no paper problems were found, then the problem is most likely the printer itself. Most often it happens that the paper feed and paper feed mechanism installed in the printer is loose. Therefore, the paper is jammed. Also, the problem may be due to dirty paper pick rollers. This can happen, for example, due to the introduction of low-quality paper, the fibers of which remain on the rollers, or from scraps of paper. To find out and solve this problem, the owner needs to open the printer cover and clean the rollers from the paper.

In addition, such problems may be directly related to the fact that some of the mechanical parts of the printer overheat. This can happen if the owner of the printer is printing large amounts of text. This problem can be solved quite easily and SIMply. just print in small batches.

If the paper is already jammed in the printer or it has jammed it, it is not necessary to pull it sharply towards yourself, as such actions can cause various damage to the mechanism. The paper needs to be pulled out of the printer carefully and slowly, and if it does NOT go, then you can apply a little more effort. There is no need to pull out the letter of paper with the help of foreign objects, as they can also harm the mechanism of this peripheral device.

The printer is an irreplaceable device in many fields of activity. However, when working with it, extremely unpleasant problems often arise. One of them is paper wrinkling. This resource Provides reasons why the printer jams on paper when printing, and Provides solutions to this problem.

But first, a little about the devices themselves.

Unsuitable materials

Why does an HP printer or any other printer jam the paper? It may happen that the wrong type of paper is being used for the device. Either it is too dense or very thin. One way or another, the paper feeding roller is not capable of handling such material. As a result, the jam occurs.

Canon printer jamming paper what to do. How to fix the problem?

If you are faced with the question of why the printer is jamming on paper, and you cannot understand the reason, do not panic. First, inspect the device for any damage to the paper rolling mechanism. If they were identified and NOT critical enough, try to fix it yourself.

It is worth noting a few common actions that can resolve this situation:

  • If a sufficiently large amount of data is being printed on the printer, it is worth slightly changing the operating system. It is best to split the work into several parts, thus DO NOT overload the device and give it a rest.
  • If an interruption in work did NOT give any results, and the question of why the printer jammed the paper remained unresolved, try to solve the problem yourself. First, disconnect the device from the network. After that, extract the letter. Before starting work, check if the type of paper you are using is the same as the type of media indicated in the instructions for your particular printer model.
  • Inspect the paper feed roller. In the event that it leaves marks on the leaves, try cleaning in accordance with the annotation.
  • Check to see if the sheets are correctly positioned in the paper slot. Make sure there are no foreign objects inside.

Now it’s worth dealing with the most important point in this situation. removing the jammed paper from the printer.

Poor quality parts

Why does the printer jam the paper? One option is poor quality ink cartridges. Or, their type is incorrectly selected, such as Not suitable for a specific device. As a result, the parts do not fit snugly against the paper. This leads to the fact that the roller responsible for the sheet drive begins to get dirty with lumps of paint.

Types used

There are several of the most common types of printers today. Below is a short list of them:

Popular manufacturers

The market of equipment for printing and copying documents offers a fairly wide range of products. Every day there are a large number of companies trying to sell nameless products, the quality of which leaves much to be desired. Below is a list of the most famous and successful brands of printers:

  • HP (Hewlett Packard)
  • Canon;
  • Epson;
  • Samsung and some others.

Quick fix possible

In this case, the user has the opportunity to independently figure out why the paper is jammed in a Samsung printer or a model of another brand. The main premise is considered to be that when the letter passes through during printing, some difficulty arises. Often, such a malfunction occurs when the device is misused by the user.

This can be solved quite SIMply. you need to read the instructions. Another option that leads to breakage can be the use of the wrong material.

However, what to do if the printer began to chew on the paper, but all the conditions for working with the device were met? Let’s move on to consider the main reasons leading to this situation.