Why the HP 415 printer does not print

The printer does not print, although there is ink

Any of the reasons described above is not excluded.
A working, charged printer should display a reminder:

  • out of ink
  • no paper
  • unidentified cartridge
  • there is no connection with the computer

These messages can provide guidance, but what to do if the printer won’t print or respond?
First, reboot the printer. This removes random errors and temporary files that could block the operation of the printing device.
If it doesn’t help, you need to check the settings using the following aLGorithm:

  • Start Settings Devices Printers & Scanners Printer Model.
  • Double click on the printer icon.
  • Activate “Use as default”.
  • Deactivate “Pause Printing” and “Work Offline”.
  • In properties, right-click on the printer icon.
  • In the drop-down rollout, specify the main default printer.

If it doesn’t help, we proceed.

  • Start Control Panel View Local Services.
  • In the search box, specify “services”.
  • Select “View Local Services”.
  • In the window that opens, double-click on “Print Manager”.
  • In the window we find the “General” tab. From the drop-down rollout in the “Startup type” select “Automatic”.
  • Click “Start” and “Ok”.
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If it doesn’t help, we try to reinstall the driver. If it does not help again, we carry it to the master.

Printer does not print in black ink

Advice! You can speed up the process by using glass cleaner instead of water. The head is cleaned in 20 minutes, but it is not known how the parts of the cartridge will react to the influence of an aggressive environment.

The printer prints blank sheets

This symptom is typical for malfunctions of cartridges, ink tanks, printheads. They are described in detail above. Also, white sheets can get caught during heavy printing. This indicates overheating of the print head. Let the printer rest for a couple of hours and it should start working properly.
If the problem persists, try printing a test page. The printed page indicates that the printer is working properly. Computer problem

  • whether the document was created correctly, sometimes it may contain missing pages
  • whether the saturation, contrast, brightness controls in the settings have gone to a minimum
  • whether the driver has crashed, it is better to reinstall it
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It would also not hurt to do all 12 operations from the previous chapter.


You urgently need to print a document, and the printer turns out to print or prints with defects. Do not rush to run to the service, the problem can be solved quickly, cheaply and on your own.

Printer does not print with color ink

Everything that applies to black ink cartridges is also true for color ink cartridges. But if all the colors stopped printing at the same time, then most likely the head is out of order.

Advice! Make sure Print in Grayscale is not enabled in the printer properties. In this case, only the black cartridge is forced to work.

  • Printer does not print in black
  • Printer does not print with color ink
  • The printer does not print, although there is ink
  • The printer prints blank sheets
  • Printer queues instead of printing

HP office equipment, according to experts, is the most frequent customers of service centers. Therefore, when buying an HP printer, you need to prepare for future problems and learn how to solve them yourself. Of course, complex malfunctions must be trusted by specialists, but in some cases, you can diagnose and fix the problem yourself.

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Important! When starting to repair the printer yourself, you should be aware that, due to inept actions, the device may never work again and is not subject to warranty repair.

Printer queues instead of printing

Typically, these problems are related to the printer properties settings set on the computer.

Advice! Verify that no other real or virtual printer is connected by default as the primary printer.